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Asking more personal questions, since I'm in/interested in the field myself:

  1. Vaguely speaking, how did you get to your current position? You don't have to be specific, but ex. Bachelor's -> Job -> Job -> Promotion, or Associate's -> Internship -> Job -> Job -> Promotion -> Job, or Master's -> Job, etc.?

  2. What does your typical day look like? Do you work normal 9-5 hours, and are you mostly out on the field sampling, meeting with city planners, or processing data using software programs?

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If you only had one shot to convince some random gamer to play No More Room in Hell, what would you tell them?

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What have you found to be the biggest changes for you two on the job between the first and second incarnation of the show?

Are there any off-camera stories you'd like to tell, with Drew/Aisha, the actors, the audience, etc.?

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I'm sorry for what you've been through and are going through now. You're a good writer from what I can tell, though--what sparked your interest in writing? What kinds of stories do you think are missing from the world that people need to read more? What's your favorite book?

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That's a beautiful answer; thank you for sharing your viewpoints and reading memories.