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Guys, guys, this is just his AMA announcement. Maybe a mod should contact him if he'd like to get it scheduled.

h1p1n376 karma

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I was on the toilet when I read that.. when I saw that this was only an hour old, and only had like 80 comments I got out of the bathroom faster than an asian teenager pulling out of a gas station sideways in his souped up honda. Hell, like them, I even left skid marks.

After running to the laptop in hopes to ask the (former) Stig a question in a slight chance that it Miiiiiiight be seen let alone answered, my excitement level went from extreme to very low by the time the toilet bowl even refilled.

bencollinsakastig4 karma

i'm sorry for your pain - i look forward to your question if / when i ever get set up. !!

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bencollinsakastig4 karma

yes it is - i messed up. It reminds me of my first car crash where a little more attention to detail would have prevented me from hitting the wall at 120mph - plus ca change.. etc

CRWBNU1 karma

Am I the only one wondering how a link to an old youtube video qualifies as proof of anything?

bencollinsakastig0 karma

nope i didn't get it either - how does one prove one's ID on the web though? making a total hash of the Reddit system should verify me to anybody that knows me but any suggestions of proof would be appreciated

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Some say, he did his AMA without doing his AMA.

fun-da-mental121 karma

Some say he also posted an IAMA request... for himself.

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All we know is he's called The Stig! Because he didn't actually provide any other name.

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I believe his name is Ben Collins. But seriously who needs to post their name when you are The Stig.

bencollinsakastig16 karma

another omission - yes Ben Collins is my name - AKA Richard Jameson which was the extra persona i created (out of the presenters names) to book into hotels for Top Gear jobs so that the press didn't put two and two together. I even had a BBC ID card made it was cool

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I'm gonna go ahead and get my question in: how much of a cock is Clarkson really?

Also nicest person you've worked with?

throwawaygoawayjamal84 karma

I think Clarkson is the voice of a generation, he says what all the passive aggressive 40-60 year olds wish they could.

fabianwood47 karma

No. He pointlessly rallies against an innaccurate perception of "political correctness" that he himself has defined, for money.

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health and safety prevents natural selection

Dont_Be_Like_That-1 karma

Not to mention he himself doesn't believe much of what he's saying; particularly the anti-environmentalist stuff he's always putting out there.

The man is an entertainer, and an excellent one at that. He's protecting his brand. The problem is he wields a ton of political power and people buy in so readily to his character.

I would love to see some of that on the AMA. What is the guy like in real life? Is he really the government/environment/foreigner hating cock we all know and love or is he really a normal dude with a ton of charisma and a fantastic schtick

NSRedditor11 karma

Wrong, Jeremy Clarkson is actually a piece of performance art. The artist (who's real name is Tarquinius Farquah) created Clarkson on the wake of the Cold War to represent the mindless jingoism the state had nurtured in the popular consciousness.

The artist himself is a vegan activist who owns a successful chain of kitten, puppy and pony sanctuaries up and down the UK.

bencollinsakastig6 karma

I believe that Jeremy actually passed away some time ago but he is still being held up by a stick and propelled by a hoover. It's the only way to explain the sound he makes

bencollinsakastig29 karma

Guys i'm really sorry - i thought this was just a submission that had to be approved before it went live..

To the man that left a trail in haste from the bathroom - my condolences to your floor!

I'm hoping to schedule this for September 24th but after causing this much havoc i imagine i will be moderated into extinction. I'm usually not allowed near a computer after the whole blackout thing i caused a few years ago.. ;)

ecklcakes19 karma

Seriously, did you guys really think he was going to say anything?

bencollinsakastig18 karma

... --- ...

RandomNobodyEU17 karma

Are the mods just as confused about this as we are?

bencollinsakastig8 karma

I sure hope so

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Some say that you once fantasized all week about what Rubens Barricello would look like in a ham slicer, and that you are afraid of the BBC revealing your former salary, since it was strong pornography. Is that true?

bencollinsakastig5 karma

Rubens cheated. Well not really - they made the track wider but he made a great lap and then i wasn't allowed to try and beat his lap time. Then i left the show.. i'd better break into the track or something

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Ben emailed me to tell me this went up, I just emailed him back to explain why people think this is the actual AMA. Also, in the meantime, here's one he did with us earlier this year:


bencollinsakastig3 karma

Hardigree is like my Web Jedi Master - thank you Obi Wan

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Hello bencollinsakastig! Your submission was removed from IAmA because if you want to set up an AMA, please use this link to set it up - http://goo.gl/gzvSa

bencollinsakastig5 karma

ok - i will do that. Please enjoy the rest of your evening guys. Sincere apologies for messing this up and i will be back if you'll have me!