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I can already imagine this going down in HR.

"Ok, we need to figure out who this employee is. Let's get a couple people to read through the post to see if he posts anything personal, a few others will Google his userna--"

"Got him"

"What? Like...you found out who he is?"



"I asked him for a picture of himself in his uniform. Picture has his face, badge, and him in full uniform. Get this, his name is Tymel, I don't think we'll even have a hard time looking him up!"

"Are you serious? Show me the picture, that can't possibly have worked..."

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i agree. When I was watching it, there were strong moments where I felt you could see where the writers were going...and then saw where an executive smashed the storyline over the head with a metal baseball bat because they thought their ideas would garner more viewers.

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I just recently started watching American Horror Story. I was caught completely off guard when Quinto popped up out of nowhere, and was extremely excited. He's great at Spock, but I still miss Creepy Quinto so much, and it was great to see him in AHS.

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Patents can be so vague these days, I'm sure we could even make a few 'Block websites' patents and be safe on that end as well for at least another 20 years.

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All we know is he's called The Stig! Because he didn't actually provide any other name.