ElectricSeal2589 karma

Me and my ex-girlfriend used to use your name as our safeword, just to let you know.

andymilonakis1931 karma

haha dope

toolzyy939 karma

Would you agree that "I'm clean and dope like heroin soap" is your best line thus far?

andymilonakis1464 karma

I like it, it's one of my favorites. My twitter bio is probably better though "rappers used to be notorious and now they're no Biggie"

andymilonakis918 karma

I also, welcome questions about life....not just about my retarded show......but it's your account you can ask whatever you want

jay_bro875 karma

Do you remember one of your high school teachers named Mrs. Archer? I went to the same high school that you graduated from, and had her as well. She would tell stories about you. And whenever she was busy with something, we'd bring up a photo of your face on all 25 computers lining the room at the same time then act casual. She'd notice and freak out about how she had way more than enough of you back when you were her student. She thought you were crazy but I think in a motherly way. Or maybe she just thought you were crazy.

EDIT: I had her 5 years ago, so you definitely left a lasting impression on her

andymilonakis1044 karma

hahah I harassed her a lot......I was kind of a dick in her class....but I'm glad she didn't take it personally.

nesner0s828 karma

Did the andy milonakis show get you hella laid?

andymilonakis1921 karma

The vaginal opportunities were multiplied by a large number...yes

miqers245 karma


andymilonakis327 karma

dope I love helping people get laid

KTambo725 karma

Favorite part about working with dirt and Riff Raff?

andymilonakis1922 karma

Free drugs

interrupting_candy596 karma

What do you think of Miley Cyrus?

andymilonakis2044 karma

shes chill, I smoked a joint with her

andymilonakis574 karma

Thanks everyone, I'm gonna take a break. My penis has carpel tunnel syndrome.....I'll come back in like 15 and try to answer a bunch more

ambivalentanglican572 karma

What movie are you embarrassed to be a part of?

andymilonakis1656 karma

Every movie besides Waiting haha

internet_butt_raper483 karma

Can we hang out?

andymilonakis1089 karma

only if it happens naturally

rice9195417 karma

What is Lil B the Based God like in person?

andymilonakis662 karma

Very sweet dude, I took him and his manager out to lunch, they were really cool. I asked Lil B if he wanted anything in the studio, and he just asked for some bud, so I brought a bag of some kind OG Kush..we made the song at Dirt's house to Dirt's beat and made the video in the same day.

killerbuttonfly414 karma

How did voicing NEPTR come about?

andymilonakis527 karma

Penn Ward asked me to be on his show on Twitter. It was such a G way to ask someone to be on a real show. I saw his pilot and said yes immediately

GOOOOBY349 karma

What did you do for work before The Andy Milonakis Show?

andymilonakis778 karma

I worked on Jimmy Kimmel live and then before that I was a network admin for an accounting firm in NYC

caseyrain318 karma

Do you still eat pancakes with Hyrup? Where's Ralphie at these days? If they made a third "Waiting" movie would you be in it?

andymilonakis603 karma

I don't know where Ralphie is, I miss him. I would do a third waiting, why not, but this time I would want to graduate and be a cook so I could put my balls on food

breadcamesliced302 karma

Does Nicholas Megalis have bed breath? He looks like he might be one of those people who does, but no one ever tells him so he just lives his life with bad breath.

andymilonakis362 karma

nah, he's a chill dude. very minty breath

mritsabigdeal291 karma

I saw you walking in Little Tokyo once and wanted to show some love. Is this normally a good idea or do you like to be left alone?

andymilonakis863 karma

I'm always really nice to my fans and it's not fun for me every time but I make sure I'm nice and always take a picture and treat everyone with respect.

HeyImEricV263 karma

andy! can you bust out a rap for reddit!?

andymilonakis1540 karma

I guess I can bust a rap for reddit cuz if it sucks I can re-edit, go back and time and make the rhyme much tighter, but I don't have to cuz I'm an ill writer. Fuck this A-M-A I need to hop in a Phantom, eat some hookers out till they throw a tantrum...make them cum in the backseat while I bump Backstreet, I only pack heat, like De Niro, I'm an internet hero, makin panties wet cuz I'm an internet vet...I wanna fuck Acid Burn, leave that pussy dead in an Urn, these bitches never learn.

FlyDave232 karma

Any new Three Loco material coming soon?

andymilonakis393 karma

Yes, we're working on something really big but can't talk about it yet

Snowman24221 karma

what is the craziest thing you have done with another celeb?

andymilonakis1131 karma

I smoked weed out of a pepsi can with Quentin Tarrintino

Eat_Bacon_nomnomnom211 karma

Good guy Andy Milonakis responds to every comment in his AMA.

andymilonakis343 karma

Yeah thanks unless i answered it already or its rude

FucksHisThighs183 karma

No question. Just wanted to say I love your shit and thank you for all the laughs growing up. Also I follow you on vine and its the only reason I check it anymore.

andymilonakis176 karma

thanks dude

dahrull182171 karma

Man, the theme tune to your show has been stuck in my head for like the last 6 years

andymilonakis224 karma

dope, it worked

GManSta169 karma

I've seen you post some fucked up as shit tweets (but funny as fuck nonetheless) only to see you come off as 'offended' when someone insults you in a very, at least in my eyes, mild way.

Do people really get to you over twitter when they insult you?

andymilonakis531 karma

No, not normally. When I respond to someone insulting me and I diss them back, I don't do it because I'm super offended, I do it because it gives me a creative way of writing some funny shit to say back to them. People misread that as my being offended, when I just think it's fun to talk shit back

lucifer-obgyn160 karma

When Diplo asked to rap on "We Are Farmers", were any of you like "uh, are you sure that's a good idea?"

andymilonakis165 karma


k3mp150 karma

How rich are you?

andymilonakis909 karma

Extremely rich, emotionally.



andymilonakis322 karma

Kimmel hired me to do bits for his late night show and then saw potential in making my own show so he sat me down with MTV

realchinky137 karma

Do you miss the Andy Milonakis Show?

And was hotbox with Dumbfounded as fun as it sounds?

andymilonakis164 karma

I miss it I guess. Dumbfounded is dope, yeah it was fun

universal_buttplug117 karma

will you be my friend if i pay you

andymilonakis302 karma

Probably haha

rbourette113 karma

How do people usually react to your actual age?

andymilonakis377 karma

People are annoying and pushy.....Even if I shrug it off and tell them that it's annoying, they still continue to push.....Not a lot of people are really cool, socially....my biggest problem with going out is dealing with idiots.

2TrikPony106 karma

If you had to force your entire life philosophy into a single sentence, what would it be?

andymilonakis497 karma

Regret is a waste of time and never stop pushing the limits of your open-mindedness

ilovemytigerfeet105 karma

I loved waiting, very much a happy movie for me. Is that really what you were like as a teenager or is it all part of a bigger stage persona? Either way brilliant film, hilarious part played by you.

andymilonakis329 karma

I started smoking weed at an early age, and I started drinking 40's at probably 14 or 15, so yeah, that was pretty much what I was like....I also worked as a busboy. Damn, that was my life.

Scuttle99105 karma

Will you come to my birthday party

andymilonakis376 karma

yeah just send me 20K

TheGIddinge101 karma

does twin steven try to have sex with you? if so whos on the bottom and whos on top?

andymilonakis294 karma

He's not my type, cuz he has a weewee

LC_Music97 karma

Dude, why are you a Lee-head?

andymilonakis150 karma


Jefrock95 karma

I remember I once crushed the spirit of two pre-teen girls wanting to catch the new episode of Degrassi by claiming the remote, switching it to The Andy Milonakis Show and chuckling to the beat of Slim Jim Dolly. No question, just reminiscing.

Good luck with everything you're up to nowadays man.

andymilonakis77 karma

haha sweet.

vijayrules3295 karma

can you rap over my beat?

andymilonakis227 karma

probably not, but you never know

andymilonakis95 karma

K guys, thanks for all the questions. I'm going to be gone for awhile......maybe later tonight if I'm sauced up i'll come back to revisit this and answer a few more...

Clambulance185 karma

Exactly who are you?

andymilonakis329 karma

I'm an alien pimp from the future that creates ill rhymes and strange comedy

DavidOfBrooklyn85 karma

Can you acknowledge my existence?

andymilonakis185 karma


toolzyy75 karma

Which dude's fish food?

andymilonakis139 karma

A rich dude's fish food of course

cyberchief73 karma

Dear Mr. Alien pimp from the future that creates ill rhymes and strange comedy,

Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? If not, then what is your favorite pizza topping?

Thank you,


andymilonakis108 karma

I like black olives and pepperonchinis (spell check)

SUPGUYZZ72 karma

Andy, what are the best AND worst parts about being famous?

andymilonakis234 karma

best part is freedom and having awesome fans, worst part is being bothered by annoying people who don't understand respect.

waff1ecopter72 karma

What's your favourite vine that you made?

andymilonakis247 karma

I like breaking dishes and piss people off by making lazy vines

all_nines71 karma

How did Three Loco come to be? How did you meet Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty?

andymilonakis259 karma

Dirt saw Riff on youtube and Riff put his number out there like Mike Jones, so we called him up and started making videos with him....then we formed like Voltron

internet_butt_raper64 karma

Serious question: On average, how many titty pics do you receive a week?

andymilonakis156 karma

It depends if it's a week when I put my email on twitter or not. I get enough

EASam62 karma

Do you feel your condition had been exploited by others?

Or is it something you simply embrace?

andymilonakis163 karma

I get away with murder, it inspires me to act crazy in public......some people in Hollywood might try to exploit it, but who cares.

cocomilk62 karma

How bummed are you about all this talk of radiation in the bluefin tuna? IT'S MESSING WITH MY SUSHI.

andymilonakis113 karma

very bummed....I'm staying away from sushi for now but...FUCK

holographictesticles55 karma

On average how much do you pay for strippers?

andymilonakis378 karma

0, I actually got a free lap dance from a really hot stripper once because I told her if she guessed my age within 5 years I will pay her double, if not I get a free lapdance. She lost. It was extra hot cuz it was free haha

nesner0s55 karma

You still good friends with Ralphie from The Andy Milonakis Show?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

andymilonakis119 karma

I don't ever see Ralphie but I love him. no problem

DrEnrique51 karma

What does Riff Raff smell like?

andymilonakis181 karma

baby sunflowers

eyeamteh148 karma

What was it like working with Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Lion on Mac and Devin go to high school?

andymilonakis217 karma

both really cool. Me and Snoop rolled a joint in the class room while security was waiting outside, then we went behind the locker to smoke it....in real life we were acting like we were badass high schoolers hahah

3DOGG46 karma

Have you ever shot a music video with your parents?

andymilonakis116 karma

no but I put my dad in some youtube videos, because he's a funny Greek

FreeOJ43 karma

How does one go about making beef stew out of lemons?

andymilonakis79 karma

You have to use your imagination

MellowYellow42042 karma

What was your favorite sketch from your tv show?

andymilonakis155 karma


GodLeeBarnes41 karma

Are you going make a season 3 of The Andy Milonakis Show?

andymilonakis146 karma

I did, it's on itunes

hineybush38 karma

What's it like working with Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty?

andymilonakis166 karma

Riff Raff is bouncing off walls like a super human, and Dirt is circling around like an advanced jew...and I'm sitting in a corner like a weird meditative greek

TheHappyMonkey36 karma

What is your drug of choice?

andymilonakis103 karma

Does alcohol count? Weed is nice but I have been slacking on my weed skills......I also am very careful but once in awhile a Norco is pretty nice.

jonnierios34 karma

Any plans to return to TV?

andymilonakis104 karma

Yes. Definitely

Oscar_Zeta_Acosta34 karma

Where do your vines come from

andymilonakis136 karma

God's weewee

iwatchyoupee23 karma

If you put some cheese on your head, can I call you a cheesehead?

andymilonakis81 karma


Riddikulus6244219 karma

I always wonder if your own drugs, or not, or if its part of the comedy act.

andymilonakis36 karma

depends what you think drugs are...im not always completely clear headed but I don't do hard drugs

FUCaseyK17 karma

Were you ever bullied in high school? I imagine there would be at least some extra attention because of your condition.

andymilonakis90 karma

not really, I had a lot of black friends haha.

Jlovering514 karma

Are you upset with Hollywood with their recent fascination with Abraham Lincoln? We all know you started it with Karate Lincoln!

andymilonakis28 karma


graci55612 karma

Andy! I am one of your biggest fans. I ESPECIALLY love your Vines! Do you make your Vines up on the spot? How's being friends with Marlo Meekins? Thanks so much for doing this! You rock!

andymilonakis20 karma

Marlo is awesome. I make vines on the spot, I think there is a nice payoff sometimes when you think things out but it makes me just want to put less effort into it, and be like fuck it, whatever is on my head, I'll just spend 2 seconds on and vine it. It's more natural and less punch liney

Checkoutrspacedicks9 karma

Whenever anyone asks me who I would punch in the face if I could, the answer is always you

andymilonakis12 karma

You should pick someone else because I would see to it that you would be hospitalized.

laurenlovesunicorns4 karma

I just wanna say how much I love you. So funny, dude. I sing your theme song all the time!

andymilonakis3 karma

thanks! :)

interrupting_candy3 karma

Are you a better rapper than Lil B?

andymilonakis7 karma


Reeboot2 karma

You still hang with Ralphie?

andymilonakis2 karma

nope :(

mandypandy422 karma

How is/was hanging out with Nicholas Megalis? Any drugs involved?

andymilonakis2 karma

He's a really dope dude.....I forget, I don't think drugs were involved

mcyale22 karma

Any rapper or producer you really wanna work with that you haven't yet?

andymilonakis9 karma

I'd like to sip lean with lil wayne and make a chopped & screwed track with him hah

MidnightNightmare2 karma

What motivates you to keep doing what you do? What's it like working with riff and dirt nasty?..also, your vines are funny as fuck

andymilonakis2 karma

Sometime it's pure passion, and sometimes, it's the fact that I want to continue making a living off of being creative....