Andy Milonakis

Andy milonakis by gage skidmore %282%29
is an American actor, writer, and rapper. He is also a comedian of Greek descent best known for creating and starring in The Andy Milonakis Show on MTV and MTV2.

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andymilonakis2044 karma

shes chill, I smoked a joint with her

andymilonakis1931 karma

haha dope

andymilonakis1922 karma

Free drugs

andymilonakis1921 karma

The vaginal opportunities were multiplied by a large number...yes

andymilonakis1656 karma

Every movie besides Waiting haha

andymilonakis1540 karma

I guess I can bust a rap for reddit cuz if it sucks I can re-edit, go back and time and make the rhyme much tighter, but I don't have to cuz I'm an ill writer. Fuck this A-M-A I need to hop in a Phantom, eat some hookers out till they throw a tantrum...make them cum in the backseat while I bump Backstreet, I only pack heat, like De Niro, I'm an internet hero, makin panties wet cuz I'm an internet vet...I wanna fuck Acid Burn, leave that pussy dead in an Urn, these bitches never learn.

andymilonakis1464 karma

I like it, it's one of my favorites. My twitter bio is probably better though "rappers used to be notorious and now they're no Biggie"

andymilonakis1131 karma

I smoked weed out of a pepsi can with Quentin Tarrintino

andymilonakis1089 karma

only if it happens naturally

andymilonakis1044 karma

hahah I harassed her a lot......I was kind of a dick in her class....but I'm glad she didn't take it personally.