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Yes, I spent a whole summer just trying to make out sounds alone. When it's first turned on everything is beeps and whistles. Imagine everything sounding like fire alarms going off. After a couple of months your brain works its magic and everything starts to sound normal. I'm still getting used to hearing sounds 11 months on now.

Edit: Yes, I can turn it off and get the best nights sleep ;)

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blink-182: Feeling this. Over and over and over and over...

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you sound like my dad

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That's a toughie, I missed a lot of stuff but I think I missed the sound of farts the most.

Just kidding! I missed peoples voices, it's an absolute nightmare not to be able to hear people speaking.

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When I first started losing my hearing I used to sit and listen to blink and foo fighters non stop trying to make the most of it. Safe to say I was not missing the opportunity to hear those songs again. Huge blink-182 and foo fighter fan!