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man, how do people work at the computer all day, this a killing my neck and shoulders...gonna log off soon, but, I'll keep checking this bitch all the time...

keep the questions coming

I got love for you

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Do you still smoke weed? 311 used to reference it all the time back in the day and I was curious as to what your current stance on it and if it was still a daily thing for you?

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I smoke, I vape, mostly everyday. As i've been a touring musickian almost all my life now, I can attest that marijuana is wholesome. hehe. legalize it america

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How do you feel about the band Anal C&nt and their rendition of "Down"?

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I wanted to hate it more but more than anything it was kind of sad, hehe.

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What's the color of your energy?

iampnut311214 karma

blacker than the blackest black times infinity hehe #dethklok

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Can I have an old bass of yours? Please?

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Much love from NOLA! We are so happy you are bringing 311 day back to our city!

You guys have been together a long time now, something other bands have had difficulties with. How do you maintain good relationships both working and personal? How have your growing families impacted your relationships with one another?


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gotta maintain honesty and sometimes it's tough to confront someone you love with the reality, we all slip up and our friends should put our feet in the fire every once and a while

family has made this life worth living and the fact that I get to make people happy (most of the time) for a living is, I think, a great model for raising a child or two

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You still haven't verified that you can squat.

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Oh yeah? Well how tenacious is your skiing?!

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On be half of the reddit community and as a nearly 20 year 311 fan Thank you for doing this AMA.

Has anyone from saturday night live ever contacted you guys about being on the show? I know i have personally signed a few petitions and the 311 familia made a major push with requests on the SNL page for the current season. I've always wondered why you guys were never on there, especially given that its a live performance show and you guys put on one of the best live shows in the business.

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we've never been contacted by them and look forward to the day that they do. cries into his keyboard

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Wanna hoop sometime?

iampnut31144 karma

yes, yes I do

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311 has always been one of my favorite bands. If you could jam with any modern band or artist outside of your "style" of music, who would it be?

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band of horses

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P-Nut, during the last few years 311 has been experimenting with jamming on a few of the songs, Welcome, Nick Hex, Plain... can we expect any more jam's on any of the other songs in the near future?

My opinion, I would love it if 311 became a little more experimental, engaging in longer live jams on stage. Whether it would be with existing songs or on-the-spot jams. I think the combination of the rock and the spacy sounds could lead into a flow that would be some seriously awesome music. Please consider jamming Life's not a Race into Let the Cards fall if you could for 311 Day 8)

P.S. The Imperial March Bass solo was awesome this summer, you guys should do a full band jam of that @ 311 Day =D

*edit - typos

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we need to stretch out and jam more, I think the audience (some of them at least) would love to be taken on a unique ride that only happened that one time at that one particular show. sounds fun and risky to me.

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If you could describe the new upcoming album with 1 word or sentence, what would you say?

Ween fo' life, my brother from another mother.

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exciting, we have, what I feel is a ton of momentum, we know what kind of album we're capable of. And SCOTCH does, too. we got the team back together, and I could be more excited

ween for life

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P-Nut, thanks so much for being willing to do this. Simple question: what made you guys want to go back to Scotch for the new album? What is it that you enjoy about working with him?

Thanks again. Much love.

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SCOTCH is behind the live console making sure every show sounds great, it's a natural progression to have him at the HIVE (or up a chad's place) recording our new stuff. But the real breakthrough is how much writing he's doing, and digging up old stuff and giving us a reason to be badass hehe

SocialCOmotion23 karma

Favorite movie? What can you watch over and over again?

iampnut31143 karma

2001: a space odyssey

beyondwithinitself23 karma

P-Nut, I love your sound!! How did you decide on Warwicks?

iampnut31145 karma

I saw norwood from FISHBONE kill it on stage in OMAHA at the ranch bowl and I knew I had found my bass...cause I couldn't copy flea, I was too big of a fan, had to step away from his massive influence on me hehe

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I used to chat with your mom and step-dad on AOL, back when they were helping with the fan club. What part, if any, do they play in working with the band these days? Do they still run the fan club?

iampnut31139 karma

my mom runs our board on

she's the angry monkey

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When's the last time you talked with Shaq?

iampnut31154 karma

when he saw me with a flat tire on Ventura Blvd about ten years ago, i yelled 311 to him and he turned around and offered to help, best guy ever, biggest silliest teddy bear.

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Has the 311 cruise replaced fall tours? Those have been my favorite, most intimate shows over the years.

iampnut31132 karma

seems kind of like that huh? but, no, just taking a break from theaters, we'll be back. I promise

tl34tf20 karma

Is it true that you once broke your wrist on Scott Stapps face?

iampnut31150 karma

no, that fucker could never hurt me, hehe

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Hey PNUT! 311 is the reason I became a musician, specifically you for making me want to pick up a bass and make sounds like that so thank you for doing this!

If you could only hear one more song as your time was winding down, what would it be?

What's the funniest thing to happen to you guys on the road?

Best act of kindness bestowed upon the band? (Before or after "making it")

When you're bummed, what lifts you back up?

iampnut31122 karma

last song: by your side SADE, abby and my wedding song

funniest thing ever on the road: that it's lasted this long

best act of kindness, was a promoter in canada that housed us for a week while our RV axle was rebuilt...I spent the week in a pair of russian wool army pants, hell on earth it was...but we are forever thankful for their kindness

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What surprises are in store for 311 day this year? The MB club show are so amazing this summer why do you guys destroy that place every time and what makes it so different than other venues.

PS Huge fan and been to almost 50 shows and 5 311 days!

iampnut31118 karma

can't give away surprises, but, more than that, just get ready to sweat and sweat and sweat and dance

iampnut31117 karma

shout out to GIF @ nexttopnut who got this whole thing going

love you mang

crabmusic14 karma

311 connected with me on a spiritual level so thank you for that. What's one piece of spiritual advice you would offer?

iampnut31174 karma

be yourself

everyone else is taken

DomVictor14 karma

What are the chances I can get 311 to be the band for my wedding?

iampnut31134 karma

it's not chance, it would be a hell of a lot of money, hehe

DomVictor7 karma

Ok. When I earn that money (and I will) you and I are getting the rest of the band to play Prince's "You Don't Have To Be Rich" sung by S.A. . THAT'D BE DOPE!

iampnut31114 karma

great choice, song is called


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I always heard, that 311 was actually a subtle racist reference. Three of the eleventh letter of the alphabet is "KKK" I obviously assume this isn't true, and I was wondering if you hear this sometimes, or know where the rumor started.

iampnut31126 karma

I remember hearing that it was penitentiary slang, way after the fact that we started the band as a positive force in musick. most unlikely rumor for a multicultural band.

Pisces4212 karma

So I already know that you are a GoT fan. Are you into any other sci-fi/fantasy geekery?

iampnut31122 karma

plenty, that's what I read when I grew up, that's how my mother molded my mind, thanks JOAN, I love being a semi educated nerd

hemisemidemi12 karma

When they say "lost a lot in Vegas, plays a lot of SEGA", how many clams are we talking here?

iampnut31113 karma

eight hundey hehe

good Q

Goestoeleven1112 karma

Hey PNUT, are there any other bands from Nebraska/Omaha that you enjoy?

iampnut31119 karma

back when we were on the scene there were lots of great bands, support your local rock band...bright eyes gets me here and there but I'm jealous of his local support. good for him (punch in the arm, not too hard not too soft) hehe

Pisces4211 karma

Have you tried any amazing craft beers lately?

iampnut31119 karma

I had a BOOTLEGGER'S brewer knuckle sandwich last night, damn, those rule, i'm gonna find and drank more for sure

Surftaco_9611 karma

P-nut I was never massively into 311 but as an amatuer performing musician can you give me advice on getting rid of stage fright?

iampnut31132 karma

nothing to it but to do it

realize that the audience is there for you, and you aren't perfect so get up there and have fun be yourself, if they don't like it, fuck em. be happy you're not a comedian, that's a really tough gig

MikeTobacco10 karma

Pnut, thanks for doing this. I’ve been a fan of 311 since All Mixed Up came out, and your bass playing on that song (and every other song) is like 80% of the reason why.

Is there any chance that fans will one day see instrumental versions of past albums? I'd pay you $100 right now if it meant I could get an instrumental version of Uplifter.

Will any of the earlier stuff that didn't make Omaha Sessions (Independence Day, Cosmic Utopian Thrivin' Mission, Thrive Not Sink, etc.) ever see the remastered light of day? Or maybe an Enlarged to Show Detail 3 with some of the unreleased tracks off the last few albums?

iampnut31128 karma

I think instrumental versions of the song would allow the music geeks to really feel what c/t/and me have put in the songs without all those pesky lyrics, hehe.

MikeTobacco15 karma

OK so should I just PayPal you the money or...?

iampnut31118 karma

hehe i should just leak them, but, that would get the frowny face

Liquidretro10 karma

Some bands feel really strongly (Negative) about music piracy others don't mind it so much. Where do you fall?

iampnut31155 karma

it's going to happen here and there, screw it, as long as they come to the shows, it's all to the goodness.

neekgarcia9 karma

How much gas do you think 311 has in the tank, how long do you think you guys will keep touring?

I really want to see you guys live sometime soon. Thanks for the AMA!

iampnut31123 karma

good question, easy ten more years, and I don't see us destructing, maybe just slowing down, living some life outside of the road. But I love traveling the states and seeing the faces and getting paid. hehe. it's all too fun to ever think of quitting

kingevrock9 karma

If you could have any super power, what would it be? And why?

iampnut31119 karma

bass is my super power and I use it only for evil hehe

bhollar9 karma


your bass solo on the cruise with the Stars Wars theme was epic and yea all the rest of your bass solos are fucking awsome too.. Cannot wait till 311 day to see your surprises.

iampnut3116 karma

thanks for the love

Fap2theBeat8 karma

You guys are awesome. I was introduced to you maybe 15 years ago when my then cool, now crazy aunt was like, check out this song, Down.

I listened and listened. And then I eventually realized Beautiful Disaster was my favorite song of yours.

Years later I saw you at the Sprite Remix Tour or something or other at Nissan Pavillion in VA. Awesome show with you guys as one of the headliners.

Anyways, no question really, just wanted to say you're awesome! and thanks for what you do!

iampnut3118 karma

thanks for following us around for so long, see you soon

Dmatt5758 karma

Will there be any singles from the new album released?

iampnut31128 karma

sure, but will anyone listen, hehe...we make albums for the stage

dsitt78 karma

Got quite a few for ya. Hope you don't mind:

When was the last time miT cut his hair?

What is your favorite song to play live?

How did you get the nickname P-nut?

What is your favorite 311 song overall?

Biggest Musical influence for you/the group?

iampnut31115 karma

mit never cuts his hair, it gets burned off hehe...favorite song is a list of about one hundred in a giant carousel that never stops or grows up

Sarahsmydog8 karma

PNUT what's up? What are you doing in your offtime?

iampnut31117 karma

making the best 311 album that we are capable of, and I mean that

fucktopia6 karma

I've seen you guys for the last 4 years on your summer tours in Philadelphia and each is better than the last.

My only question, why not play Guns (Are For Pussies)? You even mention Philly in the song, it would be magical!

You should get Flying Lotus to open for you next summer.

iampnut31111 karma

matter of time I suppose we love rocking your pier

big respect

I always buy shoes when in philly

JerseysFinest6 karma

Hey PNut, love the music. When you get into a solo, is what you're going to be doing planned or do you just improv with what you're feeling at the moment?

iampnut31113 karma

mostly sloppy but motivated improv, hehe, I have a nonesense group that helps me stay loose when at home, so when I get on stage I know that I can just let go, cause I've practiced enough (since I was eleven). but I enjoy the response from the crown when they recognize something that I offer as a melodic treat

BruceWayneCampbell6 karma

Pnut, 311 is my favorite band and you are by far my favorite member of the group.

That being said, every time I’ve seen you guys in concert, I try to get to your side of the stage to watch you play, but I find it nigh impossible to avert my gaze from SA’s sick dance moves. Do you get that a lot?

Also, how come nothing ever happened with the DTOM demo Go? What I heard was incredible!

iampnut31115 karma

GO has been reborn...and no I don't get to hear that much, but, I'm not surprised, he's dreamy hehe

aday366 karma

Mr. Nut, Any insight on chads switch to Sabian? Us drummers are curious as to why the switch.... much respect.

iampnut3116 karma

I think it was just time for a change

a3s1g16 karma

Hey Aaron, thanks for doing this! How would you describe the new 311 material? Is it a continuation of the 'UP' style or something fresh & new?

And when will we get a sample??

iampnut3114 karma

it's 311 on point

rhcpdude6 karma

Hey, Pnut. Enormous fan!

  1. When you guys write songs, is it more collaborative or do you guys trust each other to come up with their respective parts?
  2. Which album are you most proud of?

iampnut31110 karma

most of the parts are very well thought out so if something gets changed, it's pretty minor usually

i'm proud of the first ten and stoked for the eleventh

xamountofaction6 karma

  1. The opening guitar riff to Homebrew is awesome. Who wrote that riff?

  2. Could you see 311 ever opening for huge bands?

  3. How do you think the the Lakers will do this season?

iampnut31110 karma

mit wrote that riff, I like doing our own shows, but, if the rolling stones call we will answer, hehe.

the lakers will suck this year, at least I'm prepared for that eventuality, if it is an eventuality

311man846 karma

Can you tell us on how the new album is going to sound? In Universal Pulse it seemed you guys were going back to the Transistor sound. Heading into another trippy direction I take it? It's also great you guys are finally on your own label. With that being said was Scotch Ralston your first choice to produce this album? Are you guys bringing back some funky tunes on this album?

iampnut31149 karma

a little funk, lots of groove, plenty of heavy...I'm stoked for any and all 311 fans, the new shit is fire. But I always say that. Hell, I'm 311's biggest fan, I've been to every show.

Clayfool96 karma

HiverX here from the BB, started that envelope filter thread awhile ago.. Two quickies.. Will you be using your MXR and/or others on the next album more? And 2, what's your absolute favorite song no longer played at shows, B-sides or otherwise?

From one thumper to another, thank you for being my initial and continuous inspiration and we'll see you in Chicago!

iampnut3115 karma

mxr is a permanent resident on my pedal board, I miss can't fade me

Sonicdissent5 karma

P-Nut, change it time from your mind, watch out!

311 holds a really special place in my heart. My very first concert was a 311 show in November 1999 (Pittsburgh/Metropol) and it was surreal and made even more special by most of you guys taking time out to meet fans afterwards. You guys even spray paint autographed someones car (that wasn’t me, but some dude did try to sell me herion later that night, so there’s that). The album Transistor holds an especially important significance to me and certainly accompanied me through some tough times. I even did my senior class project on 311’s history. First and foremost, I want to thank you for being a part of that.

  1. 311 has a history of opening bands that have gone on to be huge. In my experience, I have seen both Incubus and The Roots open for you guys before they broke big. Any under the radar music that you would currently recommend?

  2. 311 has gone through several different (sometimes radically so) phases throughout their history, both musically and personal. It is cleared that you guys have matured on both of those levels. Do you have any regrets about how things have gone? Any albums or songs you are expecially proud of, or any you are especially not proud of?

  3. Who’s got the herb?

iampnut31111 karma

and as far as where we are now, and where we've been...I love the whole journey, nothing like it...just selling UNITY in high school was a kick, playing red rocks, selling million of albums, I will never complain (at least not in public)

iampnut31111 karma

the cool thing about musick, is that there's always good underground jams, one just has to have an open ear...

TheGreenViper5 karma

Gahhh!! P Nut!

I just want to say that 311 is my absolute favorite band. The first song I ever heard was Nutsymptom and I fell in love. I see you guys every time you come to Chicago.

What is your favorite song to play live?

And who do you feel helped shape your playing style? It's so unique.


iampnut31110 karma

nutsyptom up there with the rest of my favorites, kind of has it all...spitting lyrics slap line in the verse bass solo guitar solo drums off the chart...good times

kingevrock5 karma

Have you had a chance to read any good comic books recently? I'm really digging on Mark Millar's stuff (Kick Ass 3 and Jupiter's Legacy especially). Nemesis was cool as well. Also, just picked up Justice, by Alex Ross. Best comic book artist ever IMHO. Also a HUGE fan of Alan Moore's stuff. You have a fav author and/or artist?

iampnut31110 karma

I need to see all of that, I'm more than a little out of the loop and I shouldn't be, cause I really want to make a graphic novel someday...I've talked to BOOM and they were really cool, now I just have to write it.

Circusmoth5 karma

Who were your early bass player influences and who influences you today?

iampnut31115 karma

steve harris flea cliff burton

youtube bassists that could smash me

THREE11Fan4Life5 karma

HEY YOU! just wanted to say hello and can't wait for the new album....

iampnut3115 karma

I can't wait for you to hear it, big hug.

_ruinr_5 karma

Listening to "311" and "Grassroots" as a kid skating in front of my house will always be some of my fondest memories. First time I saw you was at Warped way back when, I believe it was 2000? One of the best first times seeing a band ever. Drove 8 hours to St.Louis to see you guys last summer also, it was fucking awesome. No question here, just a thank you for playing a big roll in my musical life growing up. 311 forever.

iampnut3116 karma

you rock you grown up skating kid, thanks for the love for all these years and traveling to the shows is why we're still around making new tunes.

JonJonThePhenomenon5 karma

Hey PNut! Big fan of the band here.

Most of your albums seem to have a glint of references to a higher power or a universal existence of some sort. I've been curious, how would you describe the spirituality of 311? Yourself?

iampnut31110 karma

we are open to the fact that we don't know shit, certainly not the big answers. that will allow knowledge to come in, if one believes the answers are here already, then what is left to learn?

suchafunnylady5 karma

What was the lightning strike incident like for the band members? As a fan it was a large bang followed by being called off of the deck of the ship. We didn’t realize how close it was until later.

iampnut3116 karma

I was walking with Nick off the deck into some cover when it happened and i grabbed him like it was the end...fucking loudest thing ever, and I'm loud for a living.

sounds like an album title, maybe not for us, but...hehe

Transistor9654 karma

DUDE. pnut huge huge fan. I have seen 311 38 times live. I love your music so much. i saw you guys in 2007 with two broken knees and stood fron row and center for 3 hours in knee braces to see you guys play. you looked at me gave me the knod and smiled.. That made my day/ year. thanks for that and being so awesome to your fans. I have two quick questions.

I am representing the 311 Familia out in North Carolina. What is your favorite venue/memory from NC?

What was your last job before playing with 311?

Also, " Cross this line you die" in etsd still cracks me up.

iampnut3114 karma

we love asheville love eating at ZAMBA, great city great people ORANGE PEEL for life

derleek4 karma

What inspires you?

iampnut3118 karma

my sons and my wife

x4candles4 karma

Could you guys please NEVER give up making/composing music?!?!

iampnut3115 karma

I plan on dying someday so, sorry.

Guitardude19954 karma

What made you wanna be a musician? What were the biggest roadblocks? (Curious as an aspiring musician myself)

iampnut3116 karma

we are all musickians, it looked like too much fun, and as a teen I really enjoyed being able to create on my own without the hindrance of words and meaning. give me some tones and some emotions and I'm instantly in a better place. being a musickian allows for at least some control in your emotional life.

the only roadblocks are your fear and over ambitious expectations

just play

Sparticuss274 karma

Why is there no Cruise DVD/BlueRay?

iampnut31118 karma

cause we're stupid

Jordan311R4 karma

Hi Pnut,

I ran across this song on YouTube the other day. And I couldn't help but notice the bass line is extremely similar to WWIT. Any influence there? or is it purely coincidental?

The song is "Love Games" by Level 42

Not trying to call you out, just legitimately curious!

Thanks brutha

iampnut3114 karma

I had a teacher way back in omaha that was obsessed with mark king, taught me the bass line, I've tried to play it exactly the same way, but, it always came out a little different (vanilla ice moment, hehe) the band heard me play it so much it found it's way into a song (or three).

his original line is way more swinging than my straight version and he's an incredible player and writer, I am just an ambitious student with no shame. hehe

TakeItSleazyBro4 karma


iampnut3119 karma

my influences mostly, Robert Anton Wilson, Aleister Crowley, the PUNISHER and then random art from my guy TOM TILDEN

JD21524 karma

Pnut, I've seen 311 a bunch of times in the DC area, this past concert your bass crapped out during your solo I just wanted to say the way you handled it was awesome KEEP JAMMING!

iampnut3115 karma

hehe, the show must go on, even if it doesn't for a sec, I can juggle, I've always got a trick or 23

TheInternetIsAwesome4 karma

Hey, P-Nut! I was curious of the last 3 albums (Don't Tread on Me, Uplifter, Universal Pulse) what are a few of your favorite bass lines? And, a few songs as a whole? Thanks for everything, man. Can't wait for the new CD!

iampnut3115 karma

it's getting ok now

timebomb wildnights

get down sun come through

VernacularRobot3 karma

Why is the band 311? Why not just go straight for 911?

iampnut31111 karma

room to grow

xJAMES311x3 karma

Good morning pnut

I know the 311 live site has been a hit with fans, and all shows are recorded. Will we ever see all shows commercially available, like metallica and Pearl Jam as opposed to choice picks?

iampnut3117 karma

if the traffic to the site and the downloads reach a point that we should flood you with everything, we will. I think it's the right size now, but, hell you tell me. much love

ejstylee3 karma

Two questions from me! How/by whom are each night's setlists chosen? Do you reflect on how each city reacts to certain songs or just randomly diversify?

I've noticed you and Tim don't move around the stage as much as you did years ago. And, at least at some shows recently, you both haven't really had spotlights on you. Any reasons?

Thanks for the positive vibes and changing my life for years!

iampnut3119 karma

we make the list together, we have last night, the last time we played there, and the master can be a chore. I wish we could just randomly play everything, but, that would be a shitty show. hehe.

mit doesn't like spots, I'm gonna will him out of that, cause the pix that I see, it's hard to notice him and myself...and we look good if you could see us, hehe

Dmatt5753 karma

Have you guys listened to my band yet? Hehe

iampnut3118 karma

you're in fudge tunnel, right? love that band, hate songs in E minor FTW

noshunintended3 karma

What is your craziest/scariest groupie encounter? or even just most memorable?

iampnut3113 karma

getting mobbed can be unsettling, but, i'm a bigger guy, if it gets too strange I just split....laters hehe

That_Network_Guy3 karma

Hey PNUT! I just wanted to say thanks for all the great music that you, Nick, Chad, Tim, and SA have made through the years. I've been a true fan ever since i first heard the blue album in 1995, and have loved every album you guys have ever put out. Your music has really had a tremendous positive effect on my life and personality through the years. You are also one of my biggest inspirations as a bassist and musician! Thank You for the music and i hope i get to meet you next time i get to come to one of your shows!

Now for the question: What was it like being so much younger than the rest of the band in your early years? Did you ever have much trouble getting into venues where you were performing in the first few years?

iampnut3118 karma

I got into trouble here and there being younger but, mostly I learned from their fuck ups and steered clear.

scuczu3 karma

really upset I missed red rocks, hoping you go back sometime, and thanks for throwing the cruise, one of the best weekends I've ever had.

How do cruises like that work out for you as a band, do you just get set up with sixthman and they set up all the details, or do you have any say in what boats are chosen or what destination you get to go to?

Seeing you guys on the beach from the water was one of the best concerts of my life.

iampnut3115 karma

sixthman and 311 work together on the logistics but mostly we nod and smile and say thanks for all their hard work and belief that we could pull off such a thing. totally beyond fun

311man843 karma

Do you have any idea if SA will be rapping a lot more on this new album? You said lyrically that this album is darker too. Any examples of what is so dark about them?

iampnut3115 karma

it's not that it's so.......dark, it just contains that element more than in a typical 311 album. sa has a couple raps that are earth shatteringly cool

wanna hear one?

I bet you do

hehe I suck

klown_133 karma

Thanks for doing this!

What is your go-to key when you start composing?

iampnut31122 karma

I don't think like that

jeffiroth3 karma

311 is and always will be my favorite band. You guys have been nothing except a positive influence on my life, as with many people, and your music had gotten me through some bad times and made some good times even better.

It seems like so many bands fall apart after a while for various reasons, but 311 has been together for a long, long time, compared to many other bands. I'm sure there has been some personal and/or artistic differences that have come up but you have obviously been able to move past it. What do you think has allowed you all to stay together as a band and keeping not only making music but touring all the time?

iampnut31113 karma

we love it too much to let stupid shit get in the way, and we were raised right. to appreciate what we have and augment anything that needs a change.

xamountofaction3 karma

  1. Do you ever watch old bootleg concert videos of 311 on youtube? There's a ton, especially from the early 90's.

  2. What's it like being the youngest member of the band? Did your bandmates ever mess with you (like how an older brother would mess with a younger sibling)?

  3. What's your favorite song off of Transistor?

  4. How does the song writing process work? Also, it seems Chad and Nick write the most music...why is that? (not that they're bad haha, but why aren't there more songs written by you or miT?)

iampnut3113 karma

I love the fact that those shows are playing in someone's house at any given moment

I am the youngest but I am the biggest


they can concentrate longer hehe

hostileapostile3 karma

Hey P-nut how many of the new songs will we hear at 311day2014?

iampnut3119 karma

probably five or six, I would bet.

how's that sound to you?

gregdoom3 karma

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

iampnut3114 karma

macaroons and or wantons

mays883 karma

When are you guys gonna throw another 311 pow wow? I had a blast at the first one!

iampnut3115 karma

who knows? we'll do it someday, deftones killed it.

Jabber093 karma

Hey PNUT, what is the backdrop from the new album? Is it about the 311 day experience? Fans? your thoughts.

iampnut3114 karma

it's about being motivated for the future

Ruabadfsh23 karma

Thanks for doing this! I'm a huge fan. Two questions: How is it being a part of Ghostwolf with SA, how would you describe the evolution of 311's sound. Can't wait for 311 Day back in NOLA! Keep livin and rockin!

iampnut3115 karma

it's fun playing those songs, I hope they ask me for more, always a kick to work with SA

aStonedDeer3 karma


iampnut31116 karma

your lungs

HeBoughtALot2 karma

Hey man. I worked as a runner at NRG Recording in North Hollywood in 1999. I just wanted to say that I admired your work ethic because you were the first one into the studio every day. Your first task was bong hits but at least you showed up on time!!

iampnut3115 karma

hehe, that's still my method, much love.

TheSuperDanks2 karma

311 was the first real show I ever went to. Greatest shit ever.

iampnut3113 karma

that's how we do, hehe

thanks for the love

Squatch-holio2 karma

Squatch loves PNut!

iampnut3114 karma

big love to SQUATCH

DDDavinnn2 karma

Hey! Thanks for doing this...

1 - How is the Tesla? Still loving it?


2 - When is the next album heading our way?

iampnut3113 karma

the teslas are dope

new 311 album 3/11/14

neekgarcia2 karma

Honestly, how often and how much do you guys toke before concerts?

iampnut3115 karma

mit and I, just the perfect amount

Randum3112 karma

Hey PNut! Loved you guys for a long time like everyone else - serious question, NOLA '08 tickets were $45, why are they now $101? A big thing Nick always pushed was how ticket prices won't get too high. Just curious!

iampnut3117 karma

I think you're picking and choosing: the 08 tickets, that sounds on the low side of things, like the cheaper seats and I know your price for the '14 311 day show is the high ticket price so give me apples and apples or answer the question yourself.

everything is more expensive now than it was five years ago


love you

iCombs2 karma

I work as a producer/engineer these days and I'm wondering if you could talk about how the business aspect of 311 works. When bands ask me about business stuff, I hold you guys up as an example of a band that clearly has its head on straight from that side of the game. It sure seems like you guys have made a bunch of really smart business moves and have carved yourself a really nice niche where you can record, tour, and make money with a VERY high degree of freedom from external pressures.

I'm still a little bummed I never got the chance to meet you when I was in LA and working on a session with John Feldmann (playing bass). He couldn't dig up a fretless and I jokingly said "Well...I could DM P-Nut on Twitter and see what happens..."

...Lemme just say this...when a dude whips out the phone number of one of the 2 guys who made you really get serious about's a bit of a trip. I think UP was being mixed or tracking was finishing up or something so it didn't happen...but regardless...woulda been a big highlight for me.

Anything you feel is important in that world?

iampnut3118 karma

sorry I couldn't get that bass to you faster, hehe. I remember that cause that never happens.

I try my best to ignore the business, but, beyond that escapism I have always felt like, if we own as much of ourselves as possible, we cannot go wrong.

and stay away from hard drugs and crazy bitches

obnoxious22 karma

311 was the first concert I went to. EVER. Never heard of you guys but that concert was pretty rocking. 2006, 2nd row seats Virginia Tech.

iampnut3113 karma

thanks for coming, I remember that show. long live the vols right?

Shauncho2 karma

I fuckin love you guys! Awesome music. Thanks for being in my life.

iampnut3112 karma

we feel the exact same way

Cioran_2 karma

PNUT, when 311 plays Offbeat Bare Ass, do you guys smoke the joints that are thrown on stage? If not, what happens to them?
Also, you guys rock!

iampnut3114 karma

crew town usa hehe

bhollar2 karma


How long of a setlist can we expect at your return to the great city of New Orleans.

iampnut3114 karma

hard to say, i'll be pushing for as many as possible

the_rev_282 karma

You guys have toured near constantly for a long time now. What's your personal favorite song to throw down live? Do you guys write new stuff on the road?

iampnut3112 karma

I love playing hive and nutsy

writing on the road is impossible


harumph_harumph2 karma

Hello there! Just wanted to mention that your music has brought me up from the lowest of point of my life and kept me elevated ever since. It is rare that a band can constantly make me smile and cover me in goosebumps as much as 311 does. That being said, just a quick question... When did you realize you were an absolute and total badass?

iampnut3112 karma

I am only as badass as you think I am

being humble was never my point, but, more and more, I am just thankful for the opportunity to keep playing and raising my sons.

televised_aphid2 karma

I really dig you guys, just wanted to say thanks.

iampnut3112 karma

hell yeah, it's been a dream come true and it will continue that way

until it stops

firematt4222 karma

Hey PNUT, no question. I just want to say "311" was my first CD, followed almost immediately by "Grassroots" and "Music." You guys always have and always will rock. Keep it up, and thanks for making Kansas City such a frequent stop. We appreciate it!

iampnut3114 karma

we love the KC

thanks for allowing us into your heart

elbs50002 karma

Caught you guys on the Unity tour back in the day. Any chance of another round with Matisyahu? Greatest 1 2 punch I've ever experienced. Much love.

iampnut3114 karma

yeah, those we're some unreal shows, what a great performer

thatshowweburn2 karma

thank you for showing me on how to make a mute

iampnut3113 karma

you're welcome

Jints4882 karma

pnut what other bassist were inspirations to you, i used to fool around with one back in the day you were on my list

iampnut3113 karma

anyone with some personality and some balls


cmykenny2 karma

Hey Pnut! thanks for checkin in! I was just curious as to what bassists/particular bands did you listen/follow to in your formative bass player years that really had an influence on your own personal style? much love \m/

iampnut3113 karma

steve harris flea cliff burton mark king

robah2 karma

What is the ETA on ETSD 3 and the transistor b sides (any other b sides as well)? Also why did the 311 familia get Simplify and Week of Saturdays before anyone else?

iampnut3112 karma

those b sides weren't put up by us, so don't think they had an intended target...etsd 3 is being batched and edited as we breath, I think. hehe, we have so much footage it's insanity. know how to edit?

xJAMES311x2 karma


The full band acoustic sessions that were done for radio stations in the From Chaos days are pretty legendary (q101 for example). Will we ever get to see a full band acoustic tour in smaller venues?

iampnut3114 karma

I sure hope so, other than playing every song the same way over and over, we need to play with the format in ways such as that, and more. I want to hear nick do amber without the band. place would go nuts

JLDubbZ2 karma

Pnut! Thanks so much for doing an AMA! Here's my question

Which song gets you the most amped when you perform it live?

iampnut3113 karma

hive as the first song

Br3wtus1 karma

P-Nut! What's man up man? Coming to you from Jersey. Your show at PNC last month was sick, as always. Went to see you guys for the first time back in 2001 at Asbury, and been seeing you pretty much every year since. 311 has pretty much been the soundtrack to most of my teens-20's, just wanted to say thanks and keep doing what you're doing :). All that being said my question to you would be: Which other band out there influenced you growing up, and has that same kind of nostalgic effect for you?

iampnut3115 karma


taiyedbrodel1 karma

What's up Pnut! First Question: How is it that certain songs come to be retired? I recall you and Nick saying You Get Worked in prep for the cruise just didnt work...was this because it sounded weird or something? Also I remember Nick saying "Tune In is weird" before Powwow. How's so?

iampnut3114 karma

here and there we just find ourselves not satisfied with the end result, and we aren't into faking it, so songs get shelved...just makes it more exciting if they ever get played again

WritePcola1 karma

I saw you, most recently, in Pensacola, FL. You guys put on one helluva show!

At the end, you held your bass up, kind of like you were thanking it for a great show; then you stood and soaked in the love while showing sincere appreciation to the fans for being there.

What's the most gratifying moment you can recall--on stage or off, but music related?

iampnut3114 karma

seeing happy sweating faces all summer every summer is the best thing ever that I could do outside of hanging with my WILLS'

playing with the CHILIS at the forum on the millennium was without a doubt the most gratifying moment for me, even if the show was lackluster...such a feeling. I love you FLEA

MatthewWho131 karma

Long time fan from the early music days. As an established band that has been a few different record labels, put out your own stuff etc, do you see the major record label as a dying breed or still a necessity? Myself Playing in a regional band I see a lot of musicians that still have that pipe dream of getting signed, but it seems having good PR, distribution, tour support (booking) and publishing would be far more beneficial than having to try to get recouped with a label. Thoughts?

iampnut3115 karma

own everything screw the label system, it's been dead for a long time.

MrTovson1 karma

Favorite few songs to play from your massive repertoire?

iampnut31111 karma

I just watched a link on our sub page here from japan when we played can't fade me, that's the jam...we're out cutting heads off on that one

Kirky03311 karma

Hey Pnut, 311 fan right here.

311 is a fusion of so many genres, including ska, a scene that is predominantly in SoCal. How did you guys blend ska into your music?

iampnut3114 karma

what ska? I hear rock steady.

stillcole1 karma

What is your favorite city to perform in?? Do you have a favorite performance??

iampnut3114 karma

something about NYC is great, the summer stage in central park was unreal.

poochie3111 karma

I think what all the die hard fans want to know is: Will we be hearing the new album in its entirety at 3-11 Day?

iampnut3113 karma

do you want to? tell us, I think it'd be cool but, could be awkward.