Hi All, I am a male life model for bachelorette/hen parties and have been posing nude for giggly groups of women for almost a year now. At first I was secretive about what I did, I didn't tell me mates or my family but the last year has been amazing - I have so much fun doing it and now want it to become my full time job.

Apologies - website is having difficulties at the moment, sorry for the last few hours any who tried to get on, i have uploaded some of the photos to my flickr account so if you still want to see the photos follow the link


Here is a link to my website which has a gallery you can check out


Any questions, please get in touch!


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-Calidro-58 karma

How do You manage not to get an anxiety boner??

garymilne95 karma

The first few times I kept a towel close to hand, just in case and was very careful of the poses I did. The more you do it though the easier it is to control things, sure some things make it harder (no pun) like if I'm doing a naughty pose with one or more of the girls or if they're in skimpy sexy costumes (sometimes they've been doing a burlesque class or something) but you just have to get on with it, try and keep your mind active on other things and be professional

Ottertude101 karma

Close your eyes and think of England!

garymilne11 karma

gotta think of something! I'm used to it now but even so it can still be difficult, every class is different and all sorts of situations come up that dont expect!

vitalious9 karma

all sorts of situations come up

garymilne26 karma

you've no idea, wee strokes and pats happens all the time, girls wrapping their legs around me is common too, sometimes it can get very weird though, coaxed into a game of twister with the bridesmaids, having a grandmother sit on my knee - you just never know!

-Calidro-8 karma

Thanks for the answer! So you just tried not to think about it and that worked? Id be hard the whole time haha

garymilne22 karma

Sometimes its easier said than done admittedly, I am human and straight after all! trying not to think about is fine if other things are going on but when attractive women are running their hands over you it can be tough not to think about it! I've learned a bit of control but there can be a breaking point!

isotaco19 karma

sorry for the stupid question, but why is it not ok for you to have a boner in these situations? it'd be a lot sexier

garymilne7 karma

Maybe your right, I'd just feel a bit self conscious tho

Alpharoth14 karma

I hear a good way to keep a boner down is to sing Spongebob Squarepants theme in your head.

garymilne26 karma

I've heard a few things but never that one! I asked an anatomy model once if he had any tips before I'd started and he said pick a number and number the higher the better and try to keep adding it to itself. I guess this works if you're in a lecture or proper class but with everything that goes on I cant do it. Anytime I try to drift away I always seem to get pulled into a conversation. music helps, i normally tell them to keep the music on, or put music on! I've bitten the inside of my mouth or pinched myself really hard at times to try and stave it off, just on occasion when it gets a bit steamy!

Ferinex11 karma

If you tense any large muscle group, it will redirect blood flow and prevent & terminate erections. Thighs work well.

garymilne10 karma

you find you do this as a natural reaction, you're right it does help- its also something else to focus on

tamman20005 karma

What do you do when you do get to the breaking point? How do the women react?

garymilne20 karma

A couple of times i've had to cut poses short and come up with some different ideas, sometimes the girls can tell and they'll happily give me a moment! I've had the odd girl who doesn't know when to quit, a couple have even started to kiss me, i have to be honest with them and ask them to sit down - its not why i'm here

im_her_father3 karma

Isn't the whole point to get a boner and let the ladies touch it?

garymilne4 karma

thats not what I do, not why i'm in it. not having a go at guys who do that but i wouldnt feel right charging for that sort of thing

Exploden3 karma

Has there ever been a situation where you did get a boner? And how did you get out of it?

garymilne18 karma

its happened a couple of times, and the girls noticed - theres no way out really, I just asked them to excuse me as I stood up grabbed a towel then wedged it between my legs. I'd normally try and get them all laughing - "thats your fault" or "one of the hazards of the jobs" is the kind of thing I say, after a minute it goes away and we can get on with things

inthetealeaves57 karma


garymilne72 karma

I love meeting people, its such a great environment, everyone is so friendly and happy. I was quite shy before so its really helped my social skills

Hawkonthehill172 karma

Meeting people

*Meating people.


garymilne30 karma


inthetealeaves29 karma


garymilne39 karma

It was, I'd tried to do different things before and never had the guts to follow through, the first few times I did it i gave myself a different name- it was like i was acting or something, i soon got to realise I was the centre of attention, my social anxiety used to stem from worrying about being ignored

jakielim7 karma

So do you start stripping whenever you feel anxious?

garymilne32 karma

I don't see it as stripping, why should I be seen as different from a life model at any other art class? Social anxiety is a common problem, I was never comfortable in big groups because I felt I was always ignored - i dont expect anyone to understand this unless you've suffered from it. Doing what I do makes me the centre of attention, people listen to what I say, laugh at my jokes and appreciate my time, it makes me feel good and has helped me in the rest of my life. Maybe its not a textbook way of dealing with it but I dont care, it works for me

TongueDartTheFartBox4 karma

everyone is so drunk


garymilne13 karma

I certainly don't drink before a job, maybe i'll have a shot or something with the girls if its offered but only out of politeness. Yes a lot of them can be a bit merry but this is generally an afternoon or early evening activity for them, they've got their night out to come so the drinking hasn't long started!

Micelight33 karma

What kind if criticisms do you encounter and how do you get around them? I imagine there's always that one person...

garymilne45 karma

you're right, often there is that one person, i am criticised for all sorts of daft things - my tattoos, my 'boring' poses, not saying much. Most of the time the rest of the group will come to my defence, not in a serious way, just with a joke or something. People are there to have a good time and they always seem pleased in the end

abelcc22 karma

Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?

garymilne13 karma

of course there is, and i dont see myself as ridiculously good looking, i think i'm a fairly average looking guy. as for girls - yes physical attraction is important initially but conversation, sense of humour, likes/dislikes are far more important in the long term. I've heard it said - its easier to find someone you'd like to sleep with than to sit and have a coffee with, and its true

Soliz_20 karma

can you do blue steel

garymilne11 karma

as in zoolander?!? never tried!

LordTyrannid18 karma

Good on you mate. They all look like they're having such fun.

garymilne13 karma

They sure are, like I've said 99% of people who come to the parties have a ball, its all just good natured fun and I get a lot of bookings from people who've seen me before. It's a big night for the ladies and I'm glad I can be part of it

anal_trainer40 karma

have a ball

( • _ • )

garymilne6 karma


micheal_squintz16 karma

I've heard there are a lot of crazy sexual experiences male bachelorette dancers supposedly encounter, how much of that is true? Also give a good story subject related? , thx in advance

garymilne42 karma

I'd just like to clarify I'm not a dancer, I do not offer erotic services - I simply pose nude and allow myself to drawn or painted. Even when I pose with one of the women its strictly that, just posing. I tell them at the start "I dont work hard!" and its on my website too, thats not the kind of guy I am. sorry to disappoint! Some of the ladies can be a bit keen or frisky but thats another story!

cuzzard13 karma

do tell that other story...

garymilne37 karma

dont know what to tell you, i've let them tie me up to a chair, pose like a dom, lick body chocolate from me, paint on me with their hands feet, dress my up in bits of costumes - firemans hats/boas/sailors, even blindfold me. It can be very interesting sometimes!

fenton858 karma

I must ask more about the bodypainting - you allow yourself to be painted on at these parties? with hands and feet?

garymilne17 karma

Yeah I've done this a couple of times, some parties have asked for a bodypaint model, i think there is a market for it on its own to be honest. Its a lot more intimate as the girls spend the time actually fondling me and painting on me. Its a wonderful experience. Mostly this is done with fingers but one time the bride to be was encouraged to leave footprints all over me, this was a bit strange - laying on the floor whilst she pressed her feet all over my body, quite an experience!

b3n5p34km4n30 karma

"Come fondle paint on my balls while I try not to get a boner!"

new slogan?

garymilne19 karma

could be! you'd be surprised how women react to this though, at first its a bit of a joke with shouts of things like "oh i think he likes that" and "careful i've had the carpet cleaned" but I think they're really appreciative of it, like I've said the girls who come to a party like this know they're not getting a stripper, it makes it more relaxed and if they see I just take things in my stride they tend to get involved a bit more. Dont get me wrong, there's been times when I've had girls touch me, stroke me with a paint brush and felt the urges, i'm a normal guy! I'm a professional though, its not what they want to see.

Stuppyhead9 karma

Since when are chicks not into boners?

garymilne20 karma

there's a type of woman who are not into erotic dancers, sexual expression, anything like that. thats who typically book these classes, they are happy to look, maybe even have a free touch but they don't want it to turn into anything too sexual, there is a market for both, and I'm involved in this one

Diiiiirty7 karma

bodypaint model, i think there is a market for it on its own to be honest.

So would a fatter person make more money, since the canvas is larger?

garymilne3 karma

maybe! could be worth a shot

fenton8515 karma

I must ask you more about some of the kinkier things you mention - the tieing up dom stuff, surely that is quite sexual?

garymilne16 karma

I've done it once or twice, yes i suppose there is a sexual element to it but i've never really been into bondage or anything like that so I just go with the flow, its just a bit of fun nothing serious

fenton857 karma

Do you allow yourself to be tied up whilst naked? is this not quite uncomfortable or potentially revealing for you?

garymilne15 karma

Not sure what you mean by revealing, I'm always in control and like i say its only been a few times the groups have done this. Yes I am naked, I am always naked when I pose, I been tied to a chair using stockings and pantyhose - its not like I couldn't set myself free if i absolutely had to!

fenton854 karma

By revealing, I was thinking if you were tied up you'd have no means of covering yourself up if you suddenly became aroused, has this really never happened in this situation - i would find it quite sexy, especially if the ladies are using their pantyhose to tie me up

garymilne7 karma

Like i've said its all part of the job, of course i've been nervous about getting an erection but not just in this situation in any pose. A couple of times i've had my legs tied to chair legs I have felt exposed I guess- theres obviously no way of covering up, you just have to keep focused.

aidrocsid4 karma

Wouldn't an erection sort of be expected?

garymilne11 karma

before I started I saw a few sites where guys were doing this, some of them flaunted erections and some didn't. Its a personal choice, like i say i'm no exhibitionist and don't do erotic services, i make it clear on my website and when booking. I'm not having a go at the other guys who do do it but its not me. That said, some of the girls maybe do expect it, and some of them definitely try make me hard, i've had hands sliding up thighs, feathers tickling me, feet flicking at me - I try to laugh it off, sometimes it is difficult to stay focused but I find it worth it in the end, it earns respect and I feel better in myself. I dont have it in to flaunt an erection in a room full of women, i'd feel quite sordid.

thegirlstoodstill15 karma

I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party...

garymilne5 karma


RedditsLord12 karma

Ok, so they touch you?

garymilne40 karma

Always! though most of the time they'll just stroke at my chest and face, some a bit more daring will grab and pinch my bum, and yes there is the odd one who'll think nothing of having a quick feel of my penis - this is mostly done with a boa or feather or some kind of prodding device. Its a tough job sometimes!

NerdMachine6 karma

Do you react to this? Or just stay stoic the whole time?

garymilne15 karma

I try to stay professional, not always easy though!

20meter11 karma

Did you ever fuck/get a BJ/etc. from any of the girls at the party?

garymilne25 karma

certainly not during the party, as i've said my parties are not erotic so i don't go down that road. for the record - yes i have scored with a couple of party guests after hours, and dated a few too, its a good way to meet women!

krixen12 karma

you are my hero

garymilne10 karma

Thank you!

phillybluntz9 karma

How big is your wang?

garymilne15 karma

do you want an honest answer?!? Only joking you can catch a glimpse in a few of the photo's, i'm big enough thank you, no self consciousness here!

jimbob19794 karma

This was my first question too - just figuring out whether I could get into this line of work...

garymilne11 karma

for the type of classes i do size isnt important (within reason) its all just fun, if you're good looking and have good chat that could more than compensate

NessaBlue8 karma

Have you ever had to bounce or reprimand any unruly or overly aggressive ladies?

Also, have you ever had any males attend one of your sessions?

garymilne16 karma

I've never asked anyone to leave, and I find they are all good at self-policing if it gets a bit wild! As for males, i get a few, sometimes gay friends of the girls will be there, that doesn't bother me. sometimes i've done birthday parties though were there is a mixed crowd and boyfriends/husbands present - thats not cool, thats why i normally stick to hen nights

NessaBlue14 karma

Why a boyfriend/husband would ever want to attend such an event is beyond me. That seems like it would be incredibly uncomfortable for everyone involved. Your entire night would be focused on not making eye contact with the dude whose wife is drawing your junk.

garymilne13 karma

exactly, like I say if its a birthday party i say it has to be girls only, have learned that lesson!

sfitzknott6 karma


garymilne21 karma

go to my home page now, have left you a message!

short_and_thick6 karma

If you could spend the day as any fictional character who would it be?

garymilne14 karma

I would go for the vampire lestat, for his knowledge and super human abilites - flying/mind reading/etc. He can get people to do whatever he wants, definitely be him!

NessaBlue5 karma

Lestat is also very sexually indiscriminate, so there's a bit of a trade off.

garymilne7 karma

thats true, i'm strictly straight but he has his share of women, plus the choice would be mine!

garymilne2 karma

That's not me and not my website! Maybe you should ask that guy

childshMan-He-Bro5 karma

What's your most embarrassing boner story from one of your gigs?

garymilne5 karma

its not happened that often, I suppose the first time it happened i was pretty embarrassed, it totally sneaked up on me, took me by surprise, the girls had done a burlesque class and were still in skimpy costumes (pretty much in their underwear) I stupidly ended up in a pose with 4 of them laying all over me - honestly took about 10 seconds!

MisanLycanThrope3 karma

How did the ladies react to it? We're there excited, shocked, embarrassed? Did you just continue like normal?

garymilne5 karma

A wee bit embarrassed to be honest, perhaps a little shocked but didn't make a big deal of it

iindieRAAV35 karma

How much do you get payed per year?

garymilne20 karma

Like I say I'd love to do it full time, and I'm getting closer to being able to. I've had nearly 50 bookings this year at about £150-£200 a go. Maybe £10k so far then. Realistically I could probably do max 6 classes per week between about March and October so in theory I could make up to £25-30k per year, if I got to that level I'd quit my day job (IT Tech before you ask!)

catlinfd3 karma


garymilne3 karma

yes i have, after a party of course, and i've dated lots of girls who have been at parties. I know i aint got a perfect body, never bothered me or held me back!

ruthless753 karma

Do you have a partner? If so how did they feel about your job? If not, how will you deal with it when you do?

garymilne11 karma

I've had a couple of relationships over the last 3 years since i've been doin this, one quite serious. I'm open and honest about it, and like I said, I'm not doing erotic services, its harmless. When I've been single I've dated girls who have been at a class, they've never had a problem. I'm still young, i'm not looking to settle down yet, maybe in time when I meet the right girl if she wants me to stop i will

sin_eater823 karma

So you're an art model for bachelorette/hen parties specifically where they hire you to be the model, they pose you, and draw you.

Is that correct?

Is this common in England or the U.K. in general? and other parts of Europe?

"This" being women hiring nude art models and having drawing/painting sessions as part of their bachelorette/hen party.

I've never heard of this in the U.S. so i was a little confused reading the responses. I had "male dancer" in mind, but you were talking like an art model and referring to "classes", but talking about hen/bachelorette parties in the same comment. Then i looked at your website and it was much clearer.

And maybe they do this in the U.S., and i just haven't heard of it. I'm a guy so my experiences with what happens at these things is limited to what i hear.

Have you done any life modeling for legitimate art classes?

garymilne3 karma

I've done a few legit art classes, just for a bit extra cash but i dont enjoy them the same, they are quite boring. As for my work, it is quite common in the UK, not too sure about elsewhere in Europe but I know of about 10 other guys in my area who do this too, it started to get popular about 3/4 years ago, not really sure why it took off. There's agencies set up now specifically for it, i think its probably to do with the recession here, used to be groups of hens would go somewhere like spain for a week, these days a lot more tend to stay at home and so the market for 'home entertainment' has increased.

prmaster232 karma

I am still shocked as to why this is so popular. Women painting men in a bachelorette party? WTF. Is the service available with women?

garymilne3 karma

There are a couple of agencies who provide female models yes, always with a chaperone of course. I didn't invent this, I'm just making a buck of it- it's always enjoyed though, from my experiences its growing in popularity

qqqstar3 karma

What's a hen party?

garymilne2 karma

its a party a bride has with her mates before she gets married (bachelorette party)

teeBoan2 karma

What would happen if you DID get a raging boner? Would it be unacceptable? What follows?

garymilne1 karma

I guess most folk would just laugh it off, still rather not go down that road

skitterbutt2 karma

What's the worst thing about your job?

garymilne6 karma

Thats a good question, had never really though. At the end of the day its still a job and sometimes there's things i'd rather be doing. Especially as its Fridays and Saturdays i typically get bookings, sometimes 3 different parties on a saturday then I'm too tired to do anything the rest of the night.

slayvelabor1 karma

Have you ever just had to walk out/leave of a party before?

garymilne2 karma

no actually, thankfully has never come to that

SecretarySlayer2 karma

How big is your penis?

garymilne6 karma

big enough thanks!

NessaBlue2 karma


garymilne5 karma

it happens a lot, i am often given numbers and have dated severla girls who have been at a party

Froggiefied2 karma

What's your opinion about nudity in our society?

garymilne5 karma

I think there's a place for it, I've been all over Europe and in some countries its normal to have open saunas, nude public parks etc. I think its a shame when it becomes taboo in certain societies, that makes it seem a bit sleazy when it neednt be

SireSpanky2 karma

Curious about body image issues. We're very similar in build (in shape but certainly not 8% body fat), and I feel like I could never charge people to see me nude - perhaps it is just low esteem on my part, but curious the emotions you feel with regard to body image

garymilne3 karma

you're not charging to see you nude, you're providing a service, i never had any issues with this. I'm happy in my body- yes there are guys with better toning than me, bigger biceps, whatever, but i'm ok with who i am

lawrnk2 karma

Is male life model a nice word for stripper?

garymilne6 karma

Not at all, if you look over my photo's and read through some of the posts on i've tried to be clear on what I see is the difference. My classes are not erotic, I make a joke of it that "i don't work hard!" and stick to this, my performance is that of a life model as you would get in art class. I do not flaunt erections around the room or engage in any simulated (or non) sex acts with any of the ladies. I am there for their entertainment, and aim myself at those who do not want a stripper and all the sleaze which it often entails. for the record I'm not having a go at male strippers, its just something i'm not keen on, you'd be surprised the amount of women who appreciate people like me (and the several other guys who do this) its fun, raunchy, yes you get an eyeful, but there are boundaries and a bit of decorum. its a totally different thing

shyplant2 karma

How do you not feel awkward around these ladies?

garymilne11 karma

At first I did, and even now arriving at a job there is a bit of a adrenaline - there is an element of not knowing what kind of crowd they are going to be. Sometimes its awkward if they're an older crowd (i've had 50's-70's before who were so out their comfort zone!) sometimes there'll be a "over friendly" few who can make things awkward - hijacking every pose or getting a bit touchy feely, you just have to be professional

minos163 karma

What do over 50 women do ? Bake you cookies

garymilne6 karma

50 is a bit much admittedly, it was outdoor to in the ground of a stately home they had hired. it becomes a performance then, there's no real conversation and no one really willing to get involved. I prefer classes of around 10-15

ocon6013 karma

Maybe a joke flew over my head, but I think he was referring to age, not class size.

garymilne6 karma

i think you're right reading back, was getting confused as another question was about class sizes. sorry!

SublethalDose2 karma

What is the vibe at these parties? Are people just having a good time in general, or is the focus entirely on you? What kind of appreciative or critical comments do you hear from your customers? Are there many people who are repeat customers, not necessarily of you (gotta have variety!) but of male life models in general?

What body type is most popular among your customers? What kind of physical training do you do to enhance your appearance?

Do you see yourself as part of a community or a tradition of performance? For example, have you heard of Eugen Sandow and the posing sessions he did for society ladies?

Have you ever been tempted to cash in on ladies' sexual desire for you, and if you did want to go down that route, do you think you would have many opportunities?

Great AMA!

garymilne4 karma

lot of questions, thanks, Its all good vibes at the parties, initially there is a bit of a focus on me but throughout the hour or two it becomes a good time for all people aren't too critical, and I get a lot of compliments about my body and my chat, I do get some bookings from parties who want me to appear at another friends hen night/birthday or something, there is a lot of word of mouth. I keep myself in good shape, I do weights and play football and squash I've never read about Eugen Sandow, I will look into this though, i see myself as more of a performance not really i'm part of their society I think opportunities have presented themselves before but i'd never do this- i'm not going to judge those who do, its just not for me thanks!

mdflmn2 karma

It has to be asked... Have you ever fucked any of the hens?

garymilne4 karma

no, several bridesmaids but no hens!

mdflmn5 karma

I am reevaluating my career choice...

garymilne2 karma

go for it!

Bassdude91 karma

is it anything like Dancing Bear?

Sorry had to ask

garymilne3 karma

i've just googled that cos no idea what you were talking about, thank god no one was looking over my shoulder! no its nothing like that!

ToastyXD1 karma

How can I get into this business?

garymilne2 karma

put up some ads on local notice boards, you'd be surprised how many enquireis you get

ToastyXD1 karma

Is it seriously that easy? How much is the demand such a job field?

garymilne1 karma

i get about 4/5 enquries a week - sometimes they all come in sometimes just one or two, sometimes people are just fishing asking questions

BlazerGigTx1 karma

Can I have your Job!

garymilne1 karma

you can if you believe you can!

teeBoan1 karma

How did you get you first gig in this?

garymilne1 karma

I put ads up online, got some enquiries and just bit the bullet and went got it, it was surprisingly easy

DinosaurVendetta1 karma

Hi, just browsed the gallery. The red towel image, was that taken after your breaking point? And if so, was she actually trying to take off the towel?

garymilne1 karma

No that was at the start of the gig, I normally start with a towel then make a bit of a deal of the hen taking it off, good for stirring up a bit of fun

thegreatgazoo1 karma

What types of costumes do you have?

Also, £150-£200 sounds kind of low for that sort of thing.

garymilne2 karma

I do a per head/per hour hour rate. typically 10 people one hour I'll go for £100 + expenses (travel). Maybe I could push it further, some bigger classes 25/30 its obviously higher, and some book for 2 hours, I had one group booked for 4 hours before so it can add up. As for costumes, I don't bring any myself, if the girls have anything they want me to pose in I will, within reason!

thegreatgazoo4 karma

You need to do some market research and see what others are charging. You probably couldn't get 10 people into a strip club for £100, and you are doing a lot more (and can do a lot more) than what they can do in a strip club. Plus they are paying a lot less for booze doing it at home.

Perhaps have a 'craziness' factor. If they are going to tie you down, you charge more for it.

garymilne7 karma

Thanks, thats part of the reason I put this up today, get a feel from outsiders what poeple thought about it. Thats quite an interesting idea, have a staggered pricing model depending on what they want to do, I appreciate the feedback. even having hands on/hands off prices or something, could get an idea of what sort of party the girls want in advance

Keldon8881 karma

You ever run into anyone you did work for elsewhere?

I imagine you can business the whole thing in your mind up until you see them like in a subway or something.

garymilne4 karma

I do from time to time, and once or twice there's been mates of mates or something. That can be a bit awkward at first. As for on the tube or that its funny, sometimes i'll catch girls looking at me, i've got a terrible memory for faces but I get the impression I'm recognised by them on occasion. I do get people introduce themselves and tell me they've seen me pose, its a weird feeling, quite nice actually, no ones ever had a bad word to say

Keldon8882 karma

Good on you man, I'd probably be more flustered running into people later on when im just kind of being a slob getting food than actually posing.

garymilne3 karma

its funny if they see you in another context, like if i'm on the tube with a suit on going to a meeting or something, I've been out running before and literally bump into someone too, all sweaty and out of breath doesn't make for a good impression!

Zak371 karma

What is the craziest request you've gotten?

garymilne2 karma

there's been a few weird ones, i've let girls paint on me with their feet, ive played twister, i've let them eat fruit off me, i've given (and recieved) massages. The absolute weirdest tho was allowing girls to draw a ouija board on my body then sit around me trying to conjure up something!

uk2knerf0 karma

What's up man? I just did my first strip show about a week ago. It's not my job or anything, a girl just asked me if I wanted to strip at her party. Anyways, just wanted to say it was fun as hell and harder (hah) than it looks.

garymilne1 karma

good for you mate, hope you enjoyed it. Sure it was some experience!

xZora0 karma

Is this a job/lifestyle that you would recommend to other people? I always had an interest into it, but the thought of stage fright has always deterred me.

garymilne2 karma

i'd certainly recomend it, I have a great time doing it, i'm sure its not for everyone but if you're interested at all you owe it to yourself to give it a go

lems2-7 karma

why does the gallery on your site suck? I can't click on the small images without it scrolling really fast.

garymilne7 karma

use the arrows to flick through them, I'm sorry I'm not good with html and just keep adding pics to it, I've made my mind up I'll get a new website for next year. appreciate the feedback

lems20 karma

no worries. was just a joke lol. gl on website.

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