My real name is Jason Heuser and I really enjoy history and drawing over the top crazy stuff. I've been working on compiling an alternate history book " THE UNABRIDGED SECRET HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" that includes time traveling presidents, aliens, the undead, werewolfs etc. I've gotten a few PMs asking for an AMA so go for it! Ask me anything!

My Deviantart gallery which has some of my early work(Which is terrible):

My Etsy store:


I've never done this before so Mods if you need anything else for me to confirm my identity let me know.

Ask away, I'll do my best to answer everything question and maybe we can talk about RAMPART.

EDIT: Mods removed the thread(not really sure why) but were back up now. I added more proof hopefully to appease the Mods.

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treemeizer50 karma

Jason, would you care to comment on my own President-Picture-Predilection?

Teddy Roosevelt

Also, love your work.

Sharpwriter30 karma


Alfred_Hitchdick31 karma

Can you paint a picture of Snowden punching Obama in the face? I will pay for it.

Sharpwriter42 karma

I'd probably get a visit from the CIA if I did, get taken away to some undergound base and experimented on. They may even turn me into some alien human hybrid.

BUT that would be an awesome painting.

anonisland57 karma

well, how about Snowden punching a MIB in the face instead?

Sharpwriter7 karma

That could work.

SMZ7225 karma

Can you draw a picture of Taft, stuck in a bathtub, on top of an elephant, covered in stars and stripes, piloting a drone?

Sharpwriter31 karma

That may break the internet if it I do that.

SMZ728 karma

True... Can't plunge the world into darkness... just yet.

Sharpwriter21 karma

I should have uploaded it at midnight on December 21, 2012 and if it did break the internet people would have thought the world was ending.

yeaitsaddy20 karma

I just want to start by saying that your paintings are awesome. Where do you find your inspiration?

Sharpwriter24 karma

I've always gotten inspiration is history, myths, stories etc. History has so much room for interpretation that I can start with a real story and by the time I'm done drawing it I have a photo of JFK on the moon riding a robot unicorn.

SMZ728 karma

What was your first Presidential drawing? Doodle... finished product... whatever?

Sharpwriter15 karma

That would be the first president I painted, but theres so much wrong with it.

poutinethrowaway10 karma

You had just read "Life of Pi", didn't you?

Sharpwriter7 karma

haha nope.

poutinethrowaway11 karma

Damn, there went my karma train. Ben Franklin vs Zeus is my favorite of your work btw. Just because I know Ben wins. He can only be brought down by his one weakness...women.

Sharpwriter9 karma

Where do you think all the greek gods went?

Sharpwriter8 karma

Oh I guess that makes sense.

lttankor713 karma

Please paint a picture of George W. Bush in a Mechsuit shooting a flamethrower at the Loch Ness Monster. which in turn has lasers shooting from his eyes.

Oh, and GWB MUST have a lightsaber in his other hand.

Sharpwriter14 karma

This. This is an idea I can get behind.

shaggorama13 karma

I think you should do Hillary next. Maybe with her fist in a yeti's face.

Sharpwriter13 karma

She can have frost powers like sub zero and freeze him and punch him into a million pieces like what happened to the T1000.

SMZ7212 karma

What is your opinion of Jon McNaughton who does controversial presidential art?


shaggorama21 karma

Sharpwriter4 karma


Sharpwriter17 karma

I've seen his work before its very well rendered. As far as his message a lot of seems to go for shock value.

Paintings like that also do not reflect what the founding fathers wanted, they wanted a country of intellectual people not christian zealots. I'm all for religion and freedom of it but painting Jesus as the savior of America is wrong.

SMZ722 karma

Well said. As a right leaning (non-religious zealot) I think his messages are insulting.

Sharpwriter2 karma

Agreed. Well executed painting but insulting message.

G0ldenBanana8 karma

How much to get a painting done with me riding a monkey fighting Stalin?

Sharpwriter7 karma

PM me and we can talk details.

Frankietee1018 karma

I don't want to sound queer or nothing but your paintings are bad ass.

kyclef5 karma

Love the President series, and have used them as backgrounds on several occasions.

What are you working on now, and what sort of projects do you have planned for the future?

Sharpwriter7 karma

Right now im actually painting some breaking bad art with a twist. Should have it done thisbweekend. After that I'll get back to compiling my alternate history book which will tie all the pieces I've painted so far.

pchfsh3 karma

You should send it to Bryan Cranston's people and see if he'll sign a print.

Sharpwriter2 karma

I would shit in my pants if that happened. How does one even get in contact with his people?

goldleaderstandingby2 karma

Oh just send me a bunch of originals, man. I'm very good friends with Vince, Bryan, Aaron, the whole gang! Don't even worry about it, you're welcome.

Sharpwriter8 karma

Not sure if serious....

smellyrebel5 karma

Where do you get your inspiration? Also have you painted any with Teddy Roosevelt? The reason I ask is that he was so bad ass, that there would seem to be no situation you could put him in that wouldn't leave me saying, "Sure, that probably actually happened," which would seem to defeat the purpose.

Sharpwriter9 karma

TR has been painted though it was my third painting and it has a lot of flaws IMO. I want to redo a proper a TR now that I've grown as an artist and make it more badass.

smellyrebel4 karma

Also, your Paul Revere/Tron painting is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Thanks for that.

Sharpwriter7 karma

I love that one too, I learned a lot while doing that.

huhuhu1324 karma

Do you paint for the spiritual gratification, or for dem bitches?

Sharpwriter4 karma

I paint because I can get to zone out and go into my own little world, what i get the most satisfaction from is making people laugh and happy with my crazy art.

starscreamsghost173 karma

Big fan of your artwork, i have all of your presidential drawings saved as my desktop backgrounds. Any chance you'll be doing one of Richard Nixon, or maybe CYBORG RICHARD NIXON!!!???

internetQTpi3 karma


Sharpwriter4 karma

You can download them all at wallpaler size on my deviantart and I've seen a few imgur albums but I can compile one.

raven124563 karma

Have you ever considered drawing one of the presidents no one knows (say, Benjamin Harrison), just to see people's reactions?

Sharpwriter8 karma

absolutely, Millard Filmore is on the list strictly because of his name, Andrew Johnson as well since he was pretty much the most useless president in history.

perseus2871 karma

I'd love to see Filmore riding a mallard.

Sharpwriter5 karma

haha a horse sized mallard right?

andlyB1 karma

downvoted because i am an actual fan of A-Jacks. be easy with your criticism mannn :(

Edit: missed a viwel

Sharpwriter2 karma

Johnson, You read that wrong Andrew Jackson was a badass, except for the trail of tears.

JLaVoice3 karma

Sharpwriter1 karma

Thank you!

AustinnnnH3 karma

I think you're fucking brilliant! Would you ever allow someone to use your work as a tattoo or be down to commission a design?

Sharpwriter4 karma

Yeah, a guy is getting Reagan Tattooed on him. Feel free to tattoo any of my art on you and I'll send you some free art.

I do also take commissions but at the moment I am super busy with a child about to pop into this world.

JacksonGuitarguy3 karma

I feel as though Volition should be using you to make Saints Row IV art.

Sharpwriter3 karma

I feel the same to, Maybe Saints Row 5?

Sharpwriter7 karma

Maybe i'll make a petition on the white house website and see if i can get 100k signatures.

black_floyd3 karma

What is your process like? Start thumbnailing,then research? What program do you use and do you make your brushes?

BTW, I think the Ben Franklin one is spectacular.

Sharpwriter4 karma

My process changes everytime for the most part. I'm very ADD but typically thumbnails then once I have an idea I like I'll take it into photo shop and start cleaning up the line art and the rendering. But some times ill sketch lines and values in black and white then clean it up and add color. Its kind of hard to explain and easier for me to demonstrate I have a few hundred hours of footage of me painting that I need to condense down and add to youtube.

orvil2 karma

do you currently have a youtube channel with painting/illustration videos?

Sharpwriter3 karma

Nope, but I do have a lot of footage of me painting I need to mash it down and post it.

bearded_bastard3 karma

what is the most disturbing one you've done to date?

Sharpwriter5 karma

None have been really disturbing, some of my first ideas are quite disturbing though. I was apprehensive at first of painting FDR in a transforming wheel chair because I wasn't sure how'd people take it, but I thought it was badass and everyone seemed to like it.

Disturbing to me is sometimes how long these take me to do since I constantly am not satisfied with what I do and often end up redoing a lot of work to get it right.

bearded_bastard3 karma

have you ever done one of Harrison just looking at a calendar with the grim reaper standing behind him? that would be bad ass

Sharpwriter3 karma

Not yet, but I dont plan on stopping anytime soon and if I get ambitious I may do a painting of all the presidents. I'd have to carve out a few months of my life though.

shaggorama3 karma

Have you ever received complaints from anyone who thought your paintings were offensive (maybe some loonies who sanctify the founding fathers)? What's the weirdest response you've received from your art?

Sharpwriter11 karma

Great Question!

Never had any people get offended, I did have someone say I was racist for the painting of Thomas Jefferson though. Thats it.

Weirdest response is this, hands down:

Apparently Obama is the anti-Christ and you're able to tell through my art. I'm also part of the Illuminati apparently.

I also had some girl that wanted to marry me based on my art, wasn't sure if she was trolling or not but it was like something from r/creepypms.

heartshapesANDninjas3 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA, I am a big fan!

I was wondering about your stance on the fact that your art is reposted and used all OVER THE PLACE:

  • What is it like seeing your work used all over?
  • Do you take it as a compliment or do you find it insulting that you are often not credited?
  • Do you find that you wish you were able to get compensation for it more?

I always wonder this about popular artists, given the nature of the internet. Thanks again for taking the time to do this!

Sharpwriter7 karma

  1. Its weird for me, its like seeing someone you know on the news. Its the "I know that! I've seen that before!" kind of feeling
  2. I'd like to be credited more but I know how the internet works, people crop and change stuff so by the time a lot of people see it they have only ever seen the cropped version and they repost that and it keeps going and going and going. Really though I like that people like it enough and enjoy it so much that they share it. The best feeling for me is making people chuckle and happy so for me its worth it.
  3. I sell prints as it is so I'm not super concerned with it. If people buy prints...awesome. If they just download them and use them as wallpapers and don't want to buy em that's fine too. As long as I can make a living, support my family that fine. Now that's not to say I'd be fine with companies using it for advertising or in anyway making them money that's not cool with me.

Hypohamish2 karma

Have you ever considered expanding into other political heads? Such as British Prime ministers? Churchill riding a T-Rex would be pretty sweet. Or David Cameron being eaten by one...

Sharpwriter2 karma

Churchill for sure. That guy was a badass

MLeibovitz2 karma


Sharpwriter3 karma

I'd pretty much say all my art is Kitsch and thats what makes it art I suppose.

I don't really get held down by definitions though, and I pretty much paint what I think will be funny and epic.

MLeibovitz1 karma


Sharpwriter1 karma

Thanks :)

SequorScientia2 karma

In your painting of Bill Clinton spraying what looks like an Uzi, there is an object in the upper right hand corner just above lady liberty's torch. What is that?!

And why Ronald McDonald?!

Sharpwriter6 karma

Its a ufo.

I was watching Ancient aliens when I painted, then I watched the debunking ancient aliens after.

Dirty Ron was originally going to be fighting along side Clinton but his coloring was waaaaay to distracting so I put him in the background.

SequorScientia2 karma

Thanks for the reply!!

Sharpwriter3 karma

No problemo :)

thethealaska2 karma

hey sharpwriter, do you plan on making more of these? i find them really entertaining and would like to see more!! :)

Sharpwriter3 karma

Yep, no plans on slowing down. An Art/alt history book is next where I'll compile them all.

thethealaska1 karma

awesome!! thanks for the reply

Sharpwriter1 karma


cpunk1212 karma

Are you self taught? Also you're pictures are awesome. I used to have one of your paintings as my background!

Sharpwriter4 karma

Thanks! I went to college for art but in pencil illustration, digital painting was all self taught.

TheBaconator19902 karma

Can you paint one of LBJ and his general disregard for anything in his way?

Sharpwriter2 karma

Driving a dumptruck through a group of people?

TheBaconator19902 karma

If he can piss on the Secret Service's show, I wouldn't put it past him assuming the dump truck is full of Congressional bills that he wants passed by dinner time.

Sharpwriter1 karma


enjoistevo2 karma

Your paintings are really good, do you ever do any unusual paintings surrounding horror movies?

EDIT: Are these done through software or do you do do them the ol' fashion way? If software what do you use please?

EDIT 2: So yeah, Rampart..

Sharpwriter1 karma

No horror movie paintings yet.

Most of these are done totally in photshop, but sometimes I draw with pencil then color it in PS. Below is a process shot of a chick I painted for work.

enjoistevo1 karma

That's fucking crazy, you're really talented. I'm a huge horror movie fan so if I had your talents I think that's the route I'd definitely take.. Do you take requests for this sort of stuff? I imagine you've got a lot on with this AMA n'all

Sharpwriter1 karma

I'm always up for crazy ideas and I do take commissions Im just uber busy at the moment so it would take some time. I appreciate the compliments as well :)

ItsScotty2 karma

I love your work and it makes me bust out laughing every time I see it. What was your inspiration for all this? And also, I was wondering what the gator with the nuclear launch button and the McDonald's arch in the background had to do with president Clinton in his picture. That always confused me.

Sharpwriter3 karma

The gator has a name tag named Hillary. Instead of him having a briefcase with the nuclear football hes strapped it to a gator.

My inspiration is people like you that enjoy it, and get a kick out of it. Its also a small business I run (selling prints of them) so its also a way for me to support my fam and hopefully one day I can be my own boss.

ItsScotty3 karma

That's awesome! I guess I never looked too close. I had no idea it had a name tag. And hey, I'd buy from you ;)

Sharpwriter2 karma

its hard to see in the digital version its the 24x36 is when its easiest to view all the details and stuff.

Kellywho2 karma

Props man. I love this stuff. Do you have any plans for Jimmy Carter or Ulysses S. Grant?

Sharpwriter2 karma

Yep, both of them. U.S. Grant was a badass.

perseus2872 karma

Just wanted you to know your poster of Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor is framed and hanging above my bed. Just yesterday I said to my ladyfriend (in a joking manner) "I always pray to Ronald for Liberty before I sleep."

The question: Any chance of getting the Lincoln Matrix poster without the movie stuff added? (i.e. just as a cool picture, not as a movie poster)

Sharpwriter4 karma

I can find the PSD and do some tweaks and make that possible. Shoot me a message on etsy for a custom request and I can get it started for you.

haha and I'm sure Reagan appreciates your prayers.

perseus2871 karma

Awesome! Thank you.

Sharpwriter2 karma

Anytime. :)

theglazedlizard1 karma

Thank you for being a constant source of joy for my boyfriend! He loves your stuff SO much.

Sharpwriter2 karma

I'm pretty sure you are more of source for joy for him but thank you! :)

OverlyLenientJudge1 karma

How do you determine which president gets to fight/ride which animal?

Sharpwriter2 karma

I do research and read up on who I'm gonna paint then decide from there. To be honest most of the times its random and whatever I think would be badass at that moment in time.

LD_in_MT1 karma

Some people think that the best art is photo-realistic. But I think that's just technique. I think art should show us more -- something that can't be photographed -- because it doesn't exist except in the mind of the artist. What, if anything, are you trying to say through your art?

Sharpwriter1 karma

To be honest I don't have much to say I'm more an illustrator rather than a fine artist. My art is for the viewer to decide what they take away from it. I could make something up about having some political message to say and what not but that's just not me.

BigTayTay1 karma

Any tips for an aspiring illustrator?

Sharpwriter2 karma

Never be satisfied with what you create, always be trying to improve with your work.

Grow thick skin and start getting crits, if you're new they will be harsh but its the way to learn. I still have a lot of stuff I'm not good at painting but its the drive that keeps me going and keeps me improving.

What kind of illustration are you wanting to get in to?

BigTayTay1 karma

Concept illustration, very similar to your work (from what i've seen). I've had a fairly large exposure to how the art world works ( I used to work with illustrators), so I'm used to the critiques they give out.

Sharpwriter2 karma

perfect, also be sure to check out Gnomon workshop they have many good videos that are super helpful.

quitesaucy1 karma

no question just wanted to say that i have very large not easily visible tattoos and whenever anyone asks me what they are i say abraham lincon fighting some bears. not sure if you drew that just thought i would share.

Sharpwriter1 karma

can you post a picture?

quitesaucy2 karma

haha its not ACTUALLY abraham lincon, its a bunch of flowers but when say a bunch of flowers i feel like an idiot so its my go to lie. edit: i get tired of people asking me the same questions so i make up answers on the spot. i broke my thumb and told people it was run over by a jet ski, that i caught it in a basketball net when i was dunking a ball, ect. its quite fun

Sharpwriter1 karma

haha well get it covered up with Lincoln on the bear.

quitesaucy1 karma

yea i figured if i got bored of it i could change it to slash fighting bears at some point

Sharpwriter1 karma

well if you ever do and need some art get ahold of me.

quitesaucy1 karma

cool thanks. are you really a redditor or did you just make an account to do an ama?

Sharpwriter2 karma

Redditor, been here for a while. I dunno what else to do with the internet now.

quitesaucy1 karma

no other part o the internet understands my sick sense of humor or love of debate haha. plus it really has EVERYTHING.

Sharpwriter2 karma

Reddit is like the borg, resistance is futile.

shmameron1 karma

I'm a bit late, but just wanted to say: You're a badass.

Sharpwriter2 karma

its never too late, Im doing my best to respond to everyone. I appreciate the compliment sir/ma'am.

MattsyKun1 karma

Sharpwriter, you're freaking awesome. :D what's something that you'd like to draw involving our political overlords?

Sharpwriter3 karma

I have a good idea for George W. Bush but I feel like the internet would take up their collective pitchforks against me if I in anyway way painted him.

grandma_takeme_home1 karma


Sharpwriter2 karma

Because its fun and awesome.



Sharpwriter2 karma

I'm flexible on cost but thats super low for a commission.

Robby19111 karma

How much to commission a piece? Seriously.

Sharpwriter1 karma

PM me with what you'd like and we can discuss.

I_do_not_like_me1 karma


Sharpwriter2 karma

Definitely a good idea to have a strong base of traditional art I recommend that. After you have the basics form,color,anatomy, etc then move into digital. I've been drawing all my life and went to art college for drawing but as far as digital goes that's all self taught.

I_do_not_like_me2 karma


Sharpwriter2 karma

Everybody has what it takes to be an artist, as long as you continue to stay focused on improving and busting ass you'll do it. You have a good base but it takes a lot of work its not something that happens over night. Keep it up and you'll make it, and feel free to contact with if you ever need any crits or help I'd be glad to offer my assistance as much I can.

I_do_not_like_me1 karma

Thank you for your advice and wisdom, I appreciate it very much.

Sharpwriter1 karma

No problem.

santaSantana1 karma

Why no love for Joe Biden?

Sharpwriter13 karma

I may paint him standing on a firebird with no shirt on.

kritza083 karma

Pulls credit card from wallet How do we make this happen?

Sharpwriter6 karma

Put your information below credit card, SS number, etc and I'll email my contacts in Nigeria to get it going.

Seriously though hes on the list to paint so really its just a matter of time.

Teabaginz2 karma

With a double barrel shotgun

Sharpwriter7 karma

quadruple barrel shotgun.

Teabaginz2 karma

But nothing automatic or a handgun because that would be hypocritical of him

Sharpwriter2 karma

He should have a bow and arrow.

vagabondhermit1 karma

Can you do writers next? Hemingway, Firzgerald, Percy Shelley, Burroughs, HunterSThompson, Asimov, etc

Sharpwriter1 karma

Im gonna eventually spread out into historical figure writers are a great idea. Thank you.

rlouisbarrett1 karma

Why are you so gay Jason?

Sharpwriter5 karma

haha because I'm so joyous and happy I get to draw and paint stuff all day.

Gorge20121 karma

No question here. I just want to let you know that I bought 4 of your prints a few months and they are now prominently displayed in my living room. Nothing starts a conversation like looking at a picture of Jefferson showing a gorilla what's up with the Declaration of Independence.

Keep making crazy stuff.

Sharpwriter1 karma

Will do, thanks for the support.

LordHellsing111 karma

Wow, you have some great work. Btw, we're you the mastermind behind this piece of patriotism?

Sharpwriter2 karma

That was not me but its awesome!

VioletViper1 karma

Of those which you've painted so far, which is your favourite? Additionally, is there something that you have wanted to create, but haven't done so yet?

Love the Colbert painting!

Sharpwriter5 karma

My favorite at the moment is between Nixon and Clinton. The Nixon painting is the first that was done for the book. Time travel can be very tricky.

I've got this idea that involves Jesus and Dionsaurs but it will piss off every Christian I imagine haha.

timo1031 karma

Would you consider making some shirts? I'd buy them, I bet other people would too.

Sharpwriter2 karma

I have a full line of shirts coming out for christmas 2014 through the mountain, the company that makes the 3 wolf moon shirt. They're gonna be awesome, I believe JFK is already on their online store.

oakshaft1 karma


Sharpwriter2 karma

I'd have to talk with my print shop and see. I can say for sure it probably wont be cheap but it would be epic. Are you thinking just on photo gloss paper or canvas?

oakshaft1 karma


Sharpwriter3 karma

alright shoot me a message on etsy for a custom order request and I can get the ball rolling and see what I can do for you sir.

ajtexasranger1 karma

You might want to go over to /r/Murica and do an AMA over there. I know they love your work. You may want to ask the mods first though.

But question time: What go you interested in drawing and art?

Sharpwriter2 karma

Will do.

There wasnt anything in particular that made me want to draw I just started when I was able to hold a crayon. TMNT definitely kept me going since I constantly was drawing them when I was little, my mom also was very supportive of my desire to draw and always made sure I had what I needed to get better. When I got older Greg Capullos illustrations in spawn were what started me on my detail kick, I loved drawing all the bits and pieces thats most people left out of their final drawings.

LordTwinkie0 karma

Are you planning on eventually doing a painting for every President? Also I came here from the Ron Paul AMA would love a Ron Paul painting!

Sharpwriter1 karma

Its a lofty goal but its something I'd like do for sure that includes the RP piece.

Rylos7172-1 karma

Could you draw a picture of one of the founding fathers writing my username on the deceleration of independence

Sharpwriter3 karma

haha I can do a sketch but I'm on my way to work right now I can do it in a few. Paging A Wild Sketch Appeared.