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Fucking this. Good on you, asking the moat important question.

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I used to work at Target, and one of my buddies left Target to work at Amazon. This was a little bit before Target's "Modernization" and basically the elimination of our job titles.

After a week he came back to Target. Said Target was a paradise compared to Amazon.

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As much as the whole GDPR is annoying for us in the US providing goods and services over there... I like the idea. Yang's idea, if it also includes the "right to be forgotten" (ie, we can have our data deleted since it it's ours) would be awesome.

This age of data and how it's used grew too quickly for people to realize what companies were doing with it, I think. This is a great step towards controlling our data in the US.

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What good news is there? My anxiety already can't take much more of this. I've essentially lost one of my jobs because all events are canceled, and will be canceled for almost half a year? I'm already staying home (I quit my job before all this started because I have another one lined up) but with the incubation period so long, what do you suggest to help the mind alongside the body?

(asides from washing hands yadda yadda)

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That's... So silly but really nice looking.