Hello! We are Matthew Senreich, Eric Towner & John Harvatine IV, the Co-founders of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.

We are the creators of the Emmy and Annie-winning series “Robot Chicken” and the web series Friendship All Stars!

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We had a great time--we are signing off for now! Thanks people of Reddit!

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Moxxitron1050 karma

What the hell is an aluminum falcon?!

iamstoopidbuddy634 karma

This is Matt: Whoever wrote this! You are the most awesome person ever!

Moxxitron357 karma

Me?! I believe all 3 of you are the most awesome people ever! Thanks for the AMA and for Robot Chicken!

iamstoopidbuddy297 karma


TotallyNotSethGreen916 karma

I heard that Seth Green is actually highly intelligent and articulate, has a very warm personality, and is surprising good in the sack. Any truth to the rumors?

iamstoopidbuddy594 karma


LegendarySamurai216 karma

Good cause it was hard to watch Entourage with him acting like that. I'm glad he is an awesome guy.

iamstoopidbuddy485 karma

That's called acting. lol

FriendshipPower670 karma


iamstoopidbuddy629 karma

This is Härv: That almost didn't air! Too hot for TV, but Matt n' Seth really fought to get that one on.

iamstoopidbuddy118 karma

So do we.

MissMelody627 karma

I shared "Lil. Hitler" with my history teacher and the "Giraffe Stages of Grief" with my psych teacher. Both clips are now shown as teaching examples every year.

How does it feel knowing your sketches are being used to educate?

iamstoopidbuddy1279 karma

This is Towner: Those teachers should be fired immediately.

inkypinkyblinky494 karma

Whoever came up with Grand Theft Mario was a genius. Are we going to see more video game crossover scenes in the future?

iamstoopidbuddy372 karma

This is Towner: What games would you like to see cross'd over'd?

inkypinkyblinky156 karma

Crash Bandicoot, Tekken, Bomberman, Earthworm Jim, Battletoads, Final Fantasy....The list can go on. These are just a few that come to mind!

iamstoopidbuddy244 karma

This is Towner: Yeah!! Love those games. We did a pretty silly Team Fortress crossover in season 6. Season 2 there was a Final Fantasy sketch of them working in a burger joint.

citizenkane86361 karma

Have you ever been in the middle of actually animating something and then determined it either sucked or was too offensive or going to be too hard to bother with completing?

iamstoopidbuddy507 karma

This is Matt: Duh. Every day.

iamstoopidbuddy266 karma

This is Härv: Back when my body wasn't shot and I was an animator, the worst feeling was being in the middle of a shot and noticing that it kinda sucked. BUT you still have to finish.

My_Jizz_Has_Fizz314 karma

Have any celebrities ever come directly to the show asking to be on it? And if so did they ever have a skit or character in mind?

iamstoopidbuddy490 karma

This is Matt: First off, fantastic name. Second, we have had a bunch of people wanting to do the show. But NOT first season. First season we were begging people!!! Cee-Lo yelled it out across the room at the MTV Movie Awards to Seth that he wanted to do the show. Christian Slater stalked one of our writers at a party begging him. It's kinda surreal!

whereyat253 karma

I like y'all shit

iamstoopidbuddy486 karma

This is Härv: Thanks! You should check out the shows we produce as well.

bijjj253 karma

Would you rather fight 1 robot sized chicken or 100 chicken sized robots?

iamstoopidbuddy282 karma

This is Towner: Do we have to fight? I'd rather just take 100 chicken sized robots to the movies.

iamstoopidbuddy255 karma

This is Matt: Holy shit! I want to fight both! Now! Make this fucking happen now!

iamstoopidbuddy263 karma

This is Härv: Matt, can we swear on here?

awsome617289 karma

Course you fucks can. Jesus shitfuck.

ill go now...

iamstoopidbuddy220 karma

This is Härv: :O

iamstoopidbuddy166 karma

This is Matt: Make it so!

mbreezyy247 karma

This is to Matthew, your father is my Mother and Sister's gynecologist on Long Island and is how I heard about Robot Chicken in the first place. That is all.

iamstoopidbuddy269 karma

This is Matt: Tell them to say hi to my Dad. It's his fault I'm doing this job. :)

iamstoopidbuddy110 karma

This is Härv: Oh DISS Matt!

BklynWhovian184 karma

When will we see a feature length mockumentary on the rise and fall of Palpatine?

iamstoopidbuddy297 karma

This is Matt: No joke, that was kinda my original pitch for our 3rd Star Wars Special. Seth and I went to George and pitched him on the idea of a 2 hour feature of the Emperor's story. I wanted it to start with him being thrown down the chasm and that freeze frame moment of "how the fuck did I get here"? He liked it a lot, but Robot Chicken/Star Wars was NOT going to be a feature thing. So we adapted it into our 3rd Special.

Nolano150 karma

It delights me to know that George Lucas approved your parodies. Say what you will about him, he's a good sport.

iamstoopidbuddy184 karma

This is Matt: Seriously funnier than you'd ever expect. A wonderful man.

darthjon129 karma

Now that Disney owns it, will you still be able to do parody Star Wars stuff?

iamstoopidbuddy227 karma

This is Matt: We haven't asked yet.

iamstoopidbuddy161 karma

BTW: Twitter handle is @wizmatts @townertime @majikman89 for later. hahaha.

Evildead818151 karma

Are there any toy brands that you are forbidden to use ? (Copy right infringement )

iamstoopidbuddy292 karma

Parody laws.

Frajer148 karma

If a Robot Chicken skit is a minute long how long does it take you to animate it?

iamstoopidbuddy196 karma

This is Härv: Hmmm, not good at math...but we do about 10 seconds a day per animator. Who's good with numbers?

hooof_hearted149 karma

David Krumholtz.

iamstoopidbuddy116 karma

This is Matt: Who is David Krumholtz? Should Harv know that? Is he neglecting you?

hooof_hearted169 karma

Sorry matt, David Krumholtz was in a TV show called Numbers. My attempt at humour failed. I apologise.

iamstoopidbuddy258 karma

This is Härv: You would fit right in the writers room!

iamstoopidbuddy67 karma

This is Härv: I bet he's good with numbers...

Acidsparx145 karma

Who draws the monkey graphics at the end of the shows? I always see something different and look forward to them.

iamstoopidbuddy201 karma

This is Härv: You are the ONLY One.

sloballonmyknob122 karma

How do you guys come up with the ideas for Robot Chicken? Just seems like a bunch of random with some ball kicking

iamstoopidbuddy211 karma

This is Matt: We have a room of writers. Literally next door to us right now. They sit in quiet most of the day typing as FAST as they can any ideas they can think of. At around 4pm, everyone hands in their ideas and me, Seth, Tom Root (head writer), Doug Goldstein (head writer), Zeb Wells (our director) vote. You can spend all day working on something and it can be as simple as a no, no, yes, no, yes and boom, it's DEAD. It's a miserable process.

iamstoopidbuddy76 karma

This is Härv: Don't forget fart jokes!

hooof_hearted106 karma

How much freedom do your famous voice over artists have when they're in the studio recording for the show? Is it fully scripted or is there room to breath?

iamstoopidbuddy226 karma

This is Matt: It's fully scripted, but we LOVE when our actors go crazy and ad lib. A perfect example, Breckin Meyer at Boba Fett. Another is our Gummi Bear. Michelle Trachtenberg came in and it just said to scream in pain. It just said to sing a song version of that line. Next thing you know, she's a huge part of our show. Magic!

lordmalifico101 karma

Who's idea was it to carry on the season-end cancellation running joke?

I love the show!

iamstoopidbuddy82 karma

This is Härv: That is a great question, hey Matt, answer this!

iamstoopidbuddy122 karma

This is Matt: That sprang out of our first season when we really didn't know if we were getting another season. So we did a "You Can't Do That on Television" sketch where we were cancelled. Then we just kept doing it...over...and over...and over...

lordmalifico37 karma

Thank you gentlemen for this IAMA and the answer to my question!

I hope you guys have a good weekend!

iamstoopidbuddy59 karma

This is Härv: We're here all weekend! What are you doing tomorrow??

Nigel_Vertigo89 karma

Matt, I remember hearing somewhere (twitter?) that one of the sketches of season 5 really offended you. Was it the veggie tales one?

iamstoopidbuddy67 karma

This is Matt: That was not the one.

cat-lady-child74 karma


That's all. Thanks for the AMA :)

iamstoopidbuddy65 karma

This is Matt: Ok Cobra Commander. Please don't do that.

masteractor74 karma

Hi guys, love the shows.

One question, what happened with Titan Maximum? Why did it not continue? I loved the show!

iamstoopidbuddy91 karma

This is Matt: We LOVE it too! Start a letter writing campaign to Adult Swim!!!!!!!

iamstoopidbuddy117 karma

This is Härv: Let's give out some email address's. They LOVE personal emails.

iamstoopidbuddy57 karma

This is Matt: Did you start that campaign yet? LOL

onefactorial73 karma

What's the coolest toy you've ever gotten from a company that you had to wreck to use on Robot Chicken?

iamstoopidbuddy132 karma

This is Towner: For the Robot Chicken Couch Gag on The Simpsons we got to literally blow up a toy of Flanders. His head may have then caught on fire.

iamstoopidbuddy202 karma

This is Härv: Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNdNLNFZBmk

iamstoopidbuddy52 karma

Mego Batmobile.

iamstoopidbuddy68 karma

Check out the Stoopid Buddy Stoodios website to keep current with what we're up to! http://www.leagueofbuddies.com

iamstoopidbuddy61 karma

Thanks all! We'll be back another day! Off to make the show! We love you!!!!!

Iamtim9255 karma

Can you please make a portal 2 skit?

iamstoopidbuddy80 karma

This is Towner: LOVE that game.

philipquarles53 karma

You know that chicken is clearly a cyborg, right? Before it was run-over, it was a regular chicken, and most of it still appears to be made of chicken flesh.

iamstoopidbuddy78 karma

You do know our twitter account is @cyborgturkey

iamstoopidbuddy54 karma

And is a cyborg technically a type of robot?

alexiares0850 karma

Hello great fan of your work. Just curious what was the inspiration for the name of your studio? The name of the show?

iamstoopidbuddy69 karma

This is Towner: Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is the love-child of Buddy System Studios and Stoopid Monkey Productions. The show title came from this menu: kpbistro.com

iamstoopidbuddy38 karma

PS Twitter for the company @stoopidbuddy @cyborgturkey

vibrantorange37 karma

Hey Matt, did you ever get anything for the airline when they left you in that airport for like 39 hours?

iamstoopidbuddy158 karma

This is Matt: That experience was insane. It made me realize the power of Twitter!!! JetBlue did give everyone a voucher for the insane way that situation was handled. I still can't believe that they announced in the airport over the loud speaker "we understand that someone is tweeting this event live and we'd like to ask that you stop that."

ianjthor24 karma

What are you guys talking about? Is there a link, it sounds hysterical

iamstoopidbuddy29 karma

This is Matt: Check my twitter feed. Literally like 3 years ago, I was stuck at JFK airport for almost 15 hours. I tweeted the experience.

SlimandNone36 karma

"Who wants to see where daddy works??"

iamstoopidbuddy39 karma

This is Härv: Is this a trick question? What happens if I say yes?

ibelieveinbatman35 karma

how awesome is Bryan Cranston?

iamstoopidbuddy62 karma

This is Matt: AWESOME! We are having so much fun working with him on Ubermansion. You almost forget that Walter White was on Malcolm in the Middle! Watch his genius in our new show with him here! http://video.adultswim.com/promotions/201307_pilots/ubermansion.html

iamstoopidbuddy35 karma

This is Towner: Everyone should watch our pilot and VOTE!

Inb4toofast32 karma

How did you come up with the idea for Robot Chicken?

iamstoopidbuddy76 karma

That's a long story...a long long long story that's not easy to type...gosh...must find a DVD behind-the-scenes or something. Basically, it was just a bunch of friends saying "we should play with action figures" and make something stupid.

ImOnTheWeed28 karma

Are the eyes added in post effects? Or do you actually paste little eyes on them?

iamstoopidbuddy44 karma

This is Matt: Not often. We try to do everything in camera on the stages!

EtherStar31 karma

May I work for you?

iamstoopidbuddy65 karma

This is Härv: Nope, but you can work WITH me.

iamstoopidbuddy63 karma

This is Towner: Putting the ME in team. And the meat.

Your_Favorite_Anon30 karma

Would you guy ever consider making more of the humping robot skits. There must be more humping robot.

iamstoopidbuddy42 karma

This is Matt: Perv. But yes.

TheFakeSpiderman29 karma

How do you come up with some of your ideas in RC, like what fuels your fire?

iamstoopidbuddy55 karma

This is Matt: The lame answer, it's just a bunch of friends hanging out and trying to make each other laugh. Hopefully by doing that, it makes everyone else laugh.

iamstoopidbuddy90 karma

This is Towner: Sounds like a bunch of dudes hanging around having tickle fights to me...

TheAmazingJesusC29 karma

Any chances of animating another Weird Al video in the future?

iamstoopidbuddy41 karma

This is Matt: We love Al!!!! He was involved with Detours with us. I'm sure we'll find other ways to play with him! We are always looking for ways to play with him!

prof_chinstrap27 karma


iamstoopidbuddy45 karma

Are you!?

iamstoopidbuddy25 karma

Never. Welcome to the party, pal!

raoulduke2526 karma

Do you guys do all your own claymation/stop-video work? Do you use any special tools or software to make the process go by any faster?

iamstoopidbuddy61 karma

This is Towner: It helps to jab animators with hot pokers to get them to go a little faster + they really like it!

iamstoopidbuddy44 karma

This is Härv: We do it all baby! And one program we use that we love is Dragon Frame. http://www.dragonframe.com

Jints48821 karma

what other shows you guys into at the moment ?

iamstoopidbuddy64 karma

This is Matt: Breaking Bad! Homeland! Game of Thrones! And Big Brother!

iamstoopidbuddy40 karma

This is Härv: NFL Football, Mr. Belvedere, and Full House.

iamstoopidbuddy30 karma

This is Härv: We also do Spy Vs. Spy on MAD....and LOTS of secret projects. Find out more here: www.leagueofbuddies.com

benboy5519 karma

Why do u do two 15 minute episodes of Robot Chicken instead of one 30 minute episode. And how did you come up with intro?

iamstoopidbuddy42 karma

This is Towner: People would get bored after 23 minutes. By people, I mean me...

johnnybgoode175 karma

I came for Seth Green but was disappointed.

iamstoopidbuddy25 karma

This is Matt: :( Why don't you love me? Sniff sniff...

iamstoopidbuddy25 karma

This is Härv: Actually, that's why Towner and I showed up as well...

johnnybgoode172 karma

Sorry Matt, don't mean to offend. I know I'm an ass, but I'm working on it

iamstoopidbuddy22 karma

Knowing is half the battle.

AceTrainer_Alex4 karma

Where can I get one of those humping robots?

iamstoopidbuddy8 karma

This is Matt: Online. hahaha. Go to Amazon and type in "Humping Robot" and see what comes up. I think you can even get a Halloween Costume!

Dirtyinthesandbox3 karma

Hello!!! And thanks for doing this AMA. I was wonderif there were any other "Robot Chicken" sagas in the works?

iamstoopidbuddy8 karma

This is Matt: We are working on a RCDC2 Special! Villains in Paradise!

Dirtyinthesandbox2 karma

Sounds awesome!!!! Also, While doing the Star Wars Series, which scene did you have the most difficulty/fun creating??? Mine has to be drunk Boba on #3

iamstoopidbuddy9 karma

This is Matt: Personally, anything with the Emperor just makes me happy!! That said, I love that Wampa sketch and that Ponda Baba sketch where he loses the arm and just seeing what his normal day was like.

Dirtyinthesandbox3 karma

"No, There do and fuckin up royal. and you are fuckin up royal!"

iamstoopidbuddy5 karma

This is Matt: Breckin Meyer is loving you somewhere in the world right now as he makes our Boba Fett come to life!

horse_you_rode_in_on2 karma

How do you feel about the use of "quotation marks" for emphasis?

iamstoopidbuddy5 karma

This is Härv: "love it"

WhatDoesYourHeadSay2 karma

I heard that someone from Robot Chicken came from Toyfare magazine. The Twisted Mego Theatre and many of the comics in that mag seem to strike a similar cord with the humor from RC. Is it true and if so, whom?

iamstoopidbuddy3 karma

This is Matt: Tom Root, Doug Goldstein, Mike Fasolo and I all worked at Wizard and ToyFare magazine.

SuperMegaD2 karma

What is the most useful tool you use in your character fabrication?

iamstoopidbuddy3 karma

This is Towner: Ingenuity! ...and armature wire.

MooseRacks2 karma

Big fan! What's your guy's favorite figure, model, toy you use for the show?

iamstoopidbuddy6 karma

This is Matt: Our scientist. Now our cyborg scientist!!!!

iamstoopidbuddy6 karma

This is Härv: Man, the He-Man figures we make are pretty amazing. The puppet department molded them off the originals so they look just like the real toys, only super poseable.

steelcurtain871 karma

Huge fan. You guys have had some amazing guest stars? Who was your favorite to have in the studio?

iamstoopidbuddy3 karma

This is Matt: For me, it's the classics. It was Burt Reynolds and Dom Deluise. Or Don Knotts. Or Pat Morita. Those are the ones that get me tongue tied. Oh...and Sung Kang from Fast & the Furious is coming in. I'm geeking out to meet him!!! FF6 was the lead in to Tokyo Drift!!! Crazy continuity! Must talk to him about it!!!!

SillySladar1 karma

With success of the Neverhood Kickstarter and Adult Swim becoming a video game publisher why haven't you guy started working on a fighting game in the Robot Chicken universe.

iamstoopidbuddy3 karma

We're pretty lazy:(

Glasseye001 karma

Hey guys! How did you guys get Les Claypool to do your theme song?

iamstoopidbuddy6 karma

This is Matt: Ring, ring, ring...hello Les, do you want to write a theme song for a sketch comedy show with toys?

SuitedRIP1 karma

I would just like to say that your show has made me laugh in some of my darkest times. It is ALWAYS my go to for late night tv. So Thank You!

My question would be what is your guys favorite episode(s)?

iamstoopidbuddy3 karma

This is Härv: Favorite episode, easy. Butchered in Burbank: http://robotchicken.wikia.com/wiki/Butchered_in_Burbank

jokerZwild1 karma

Do you have a set amount of seasons for Robot Chicken or just gonna run it til it kills itself? BTW, I do love the show.

iamstoopidbuddy3 karma

This is Matt: As many as SNL has!

myxfreakyxself1 karma

Would you ever consider making a robot chicken movie? I l love me some robot chicken but those 13 minutes are such a tease.

iamstoopidbuddy3 karma

This is Matt: Hmmm...for something we call ADDTV that maintains something super fast-paced, it kinda defeats the purpose of doing a movie. But heck, sure. We'd do one. lol.

RinInABin1 karma

If Robot Chicken wasn't a success, what would've been your backup plan?

iamstoopidbuddy4 karma

This is Härv: I would be just as happy working at Toys R Us. Think about all the free toys!

iamstoopidbuddy3 karma

This is Towner: I'd probably be a farmer.

MrDrumzOrz1 karma

Do you ever feel contested by shows like South Park or Family Guy?

iamstoopidbuddy4 karma

This is Matt: Contested? Nooooo. We LOVE those shows. South Park is inspiration! Family Guy is like playing with friends since we all know each other.

YordleBountyHunter1 karma

Will you fuck my bitch?

iamstoopidbuddy3 karma

This is Matt: Tsk tsk.