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unknownman1940 karma

Gary, could you please reconsider running for the open senate seat in New Mexico for the 2014 election? Myself and quite a few others at /r/GaryJohnson and elsewhere believe you could make a much bigger difference running and getting a high vote total/winning rather than running for President.

GovGaryJohnson25 karma

I believe the root of all evil is Congress, and at the end of the day, they are judged by how much money they bring home to their state -- and I can't be a part of that, given that we need to balance the budget NOW.

Concordiaa34 karma

Governor Johnson, what is your opinion on the NSA's intelligence gathering programs (PRISM, XKeyscore, etc.) that have been revealed over the past two months by Edward Snowden? How can individual citizens help in the restoration of fourth amendment rights (if you believe that they are at jeopardy) and how would we know that progress is being made (due to the secretive nature of these operations)?

GovGaryJohnson42 karma

I am opposed to the government gathering massive amounts of data regarding us. What we can do is, first, be aware. Then, we need to be screaming at our elected officials and active in the process to stop these abuses. We must be engaged!

Troop-the-Loop26 karma

Governor Johnson, I remember hearing during the election that you were going to sue the National Debate Committee after they said you could not participate in the debates. Is this still happening? If so, what do you hope to accomplish?

GovGaryJohnson33 karma

Yes, we still have a pending lawsuit with the Debate Commission, and we hope to gain access to the debates.

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GovGaryJohnson17 karma

That is certainly possible, but it will depend largely upon raising a lot more money than we were able to raise in 2012.

GovGaryJohnson10 karma

Re literature, I find the best sources to simply be on the Internet, where ideas and information are flowing freely and quickly.

Tornado110216 karma

Governor Gary Johnson, what are your thoughts on Russia's new Anti-Gay law and how it could affect the Olympics? Also, thanks for doing the AMA, I am a huge fan!

GovGaryJohnson51 karma

Of course, I am opposed to any anti-gay law, in Russia or anywhere. However, we should go to the Olympics and kick ass!

ryanripley16 karma

Gov. Johnson, I write for www.wearelibertarians.com and would like to know your take on the main stream media and how they covered your 2012 presidential campaign. Who was willing to cover your events and do you feel that some outlets are forced to look over 3rd party candidates? Thank you, sir, for your thoughts.

GovGaryJohnson21 karma

Fox was the most fair. CNN was the least fair. And those decisions were made in the boardrooms, not by the reporters and media we actually see and read.

CaizaM12 karma

Gov.Johnson, what do you think about Rand Paul running for President? Would he be a great candidate to run as a Conservative Republican or Libertarian? And, Mr.Johnson, this is probably early but have you discussed with your team about possibly running for president again (yes, i know, raising money for a presidential campaign could be quite tough)?

GovGaryJohnson14 karma

He would be running as a Republican.

musicheck12 karma

If you could design the American healthcare system, how much role for government would you have? Would there be transfers or subsidies as well as a free market?

GovGaryJohnson-3 karma

I would absolutely leave it to the free market, believing the result will be much better service at lower cost.

bucherman710 karma

What's your opinion on how the US government is treating Snowden?

What would you do differently?

GovGaryJohnson25 karma

Snowden is the canary in the coal mine -- not the problem. 1.4 million people with security clearances is crazy, and there are just too many "secrets".

elauro8 karma

Hello Governor,

It's a pleasure to speak with you! Will you please talk about where you stand with regards to GMO's and big bio-tech as well as the overuse of Pesticides and Herbicides which are killing major pollinators? What would you do if you were the POTUS?

Thank you and go Gary Johnson!!

GovGaryJohnson20 karma

I believe government should require labeling of food products. I do not view doing so as big govt; I view it as providing information that lets us make our own decisions.

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GovGaryJohnson9 karma

Hi Neil, we are planning our campus visits for the coming term, and will definitely make a note about Iowa State. I would thoroughly enjoy coming there. We will be in touch.

GovGaryJohnson7 karma

Thank you all. Great questions, and see you next time.

The_Queen_Of_Wands6 karma

If you were elected president in 2016, what would be the first issues you would try to fix and how would you do it?

GovGaryJohnson15 karma

I would submit a balanced budget to Congress.

Lemelak6 karma

Greetings Governor Johnson, with the stacking evidence that marijuana has significantly more healing properties than damaging properties, as well as with no known long term effects of usage, it’s no longer of a question of if, it’s a question of when. When do you think marijuana will become, at the very least, decriminalized? Also, if you haven’t seen it, Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s documentary called “Weed” is phenomenal. Really caused a massive stir, I highly recommend watching it if you can find the time.

"Weed"- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-bYi-LkDTo

GovGaryJohnson2 karma

Within 10 years. And yes, Dr. Gupta's documentary and statements of recent days are excellent.

DeathStrikeVirus6 karma

Hi Governor Johnson, I voted for you this past election and was hoping to find out your stance on sanctions. I tend to think of sanctions as little more than economic terrorism on the people. Is there a better way to deal with nations? Do you consider sanctions an act of war?

GovGaryJohnson13 karma

I am opposed to sanctions. I advocate trade over sanctions. It is much less likely that we go to war with trading partners.

TILopisafag5 karma

What are your views on the new president of Iran, Mr. Rouhani?

GovGaryJohnson11 karma

I will hopefully know a great deal more in a few weeks, since I plan on traveling to Iran very soon.

RoosterCogburn10085 karma

What economist has had the biggest effect on your views?

GovGaryJohnson-1 karma

Milton Friedman

TrueBlonde5 karma

What would you do to fix the student loan crisis?

GovGaryJohnson14 karma

The reason for the high and rising cost of tuition is guaranteed student loans. Without those loans, tuition costs would be much lower and affordable.

libertarianfinnegan4 karma

Good evening Gov. Johnson.

Do you think that the 17th Amendment, changing how US Senators are elected, should be repealed?

TE Finnegan, Houston, Texas When are you coming back to town?

GovGaryJohnson1 karma

It would dramatically change things for the better.

luckyjinxer3 karma

What is an issue that you think is very important, but isn't discussed enough by those in the liberty movement, or just isn't getting the attention it deserves?

GovGaryJohnson9 karma

The nuts and bolts of actually getting elected and creating change. Too many seem to believe nothing will help, but getting elected will make an enormous difference.

Petrosian3 karma

As president, how would you handle the current situation in Syria?

GovGaryJohnson25 karma

I would NOT be intervening.

Ellby3 karma


GovGaryJohnson9 karma

I would be running the federal government and hiring the heads of agencies. If I were unable to dissolve TSA or any other agency, I could certainly have a profound effect in running them differently.

Squirming_Coil2 karma

Governor Johnson; the increase in technological capability has shed light on an issue that has been going on for decades - police harassment. Yet when these incidents come forward generally officers are sent on paid vacations while IA determines there is not enough evidence of foul play.

Is it time for the federal government to act? The last thing this nation needs is another 3 letter entity however it is also apparent that local precincts, police department's, internal affairs and states cannot appropriately address this issue.

GovGaryJohnson4 karma

I fear there will be more abuse, not less, if the federal government becomes more involved.

Ashboxlive2 karma

hey governor! i question whether libertarianism works within the confines of a stand-alone political party. for ex. you started your national campaign as a GOP candidate. am i full of it? thx for doing this.

GovGaryJohnson4 karma

I believe it can function as a stand alone party, but desperately needs candidate who can and are elected.

csevans2 karma

Hey Gov. Johnson, whats your favorite ski mountain?

mine's jackson hole.

GovGaryJohnson8 karma

Taos Ski Valley, which is where I live and ski.

mostlyambivalent2 karma

If the IRS were dismantled, how many people would lose their jobs? I've always been curious about this when listening to people who would like to see this as a reality. And due to it's size do you think this is part of the justification for not doing anything different with it? Thanks for not being a pandering, cookie cutter, joke of a politician.

GovGaryJohnson11 karma

A pittance compared to the tens of millions of jobs that would be created by eliminating the agency, income and corporate taxes.

D_Farmer1 karma

What are your thoughts on the Federal Reserve Banking system?

GovGaryJohnson5 karma

I would abolish the Fed if given the opportunity. In the meantime, it is an inside game and creating bubbles in sectors of the economy into which their printed money is going.

KamikazeRhombus1 karma


GovGaryJohnson9 karma

Associate yourself with someone in office or running for office who has a good chance of being elected. That experience is invaluable.

crazy0aces0 karma

Governor Johnson. It is common knowledge that libertarian party votes (whether we like it or not) take away from the Republican party. If Rand Paul is the nominee for the Republican party, will you run for president and risk "taking away" votes from him?

GovGaryJohnson2 karma

What you have stated is the overwhelming perception, but the reality is that libertarian candidates take equally from both parties.

LST2340 karma

Governor Johnson, what is your opinion on government spending? What certain things would you decide to add/remove from the budget?

GovGaryJohnson3 karma

I want to remove a LOT from the budget. If given the opportunity, I would immediately submit a balanced budget, which would entail cutting 30% of current spending.

ByteZombie-1 karma

Hello Gov. Johnson! I simply want to know if you believe in evolution or in creation? Do you hold religious beliefs? if not, would you come out as an unbeliever in this political environment?

GovGaryJohnson5 karma

I believe in evolution, and I will not come out as an unbeliever.