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A few questions actually.

  1. What inspired/caused you to enter this field?

  2. What is the worst case scenario you see happening to socal/California in general?

  3. How likely is rationing at the point?

  4. Is desalination a viable solution to this and future droughts?

Thank you for this AMA.

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What are your views on the new president of Iran, Mr. Rouhani?

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I am glad that you are visiting my country. Throughout the past hundred years politicians have treated it the same as countries in underdeveloped Africa. This led them to make irrational decisions that have crippled my nation. The country hasn't advanced is 34 years, because other governments put things in their favor, not a mutual one. Mr. Rouhani isn't much, but he is the best we have.

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Shiraz is one of the hotter cities in Iran. Since it's later in the year it shouldn't matter too much, since the daily mean is 18.4C(65.1F) in October.

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Look up the green movement. Tens of millions of Iranians in Iran protested against the rigged elections and chanted for freedom. One of the popular chants was "Obama ya ba moni ya oona". It translates to, "Obama, either you're with us or with them(IR Regime)". This was all over the mainstream news and talkshows for weeks. Obama didn't even acknowledge it. When it was brought up in the 2012 US Presidential debates, Obama changed the subject.