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Is there anything, since becoming blind, that has actually improved?

For example, I have a friend who suffered an accident and became blind at the age of 17. From what he tells me, his imagination has become more vivid. When I read to him, or when he reads brail, he claims to be able to visualize everything with much more detail than when he could see. He guesses it has something to do with less outward stimuli, so there's more brainpower to focus on imaginative visualization.

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That's so wild for me to think about. I love visualizing what I read or hear, and to think it could somehow be more vivid is beyond me. Obviously I know what happened to you isn't a "good" thing, but it's amazing how even when someone terrible happens, there are always unforeseen benefits as well as negatives. Keep on keeping on! Wish you the best of luck!

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Governor Johnson, I remember hearing during the election that you were going to sue the National Debate Committee after they said you could not participate in the debates. Is this still happening? If so, what do you hope to accomplish?

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Wait, really?

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