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And I'm a leftie, so I loved hearing that because I come with built in deception. I did love learning about how to blend in with a crowd and not stick out in someone's memory, though.

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What is your opinion on the student loan crisis? Is it a bubble? Should the government intervene to stop it?

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As a followup... if elected, how do you propose to fix it?

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Going to Thailand in a month. Can't wait for the food!

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I want to encourage you to see a therapist and talk things through. You may develop PTSD. This doesn't mean you are weak. It means you have a wound - a wound that is open and hurting and debilitating and unfair - but you're still strong enough to keep going despite this wound. With therapy, you can close this wound. You'll always have a scar that you carry with you as a testament to your strength, and sometimes that scar might hurt, but it's no longer the gaping wound it was.

And now for my question - what's the most fun you ever had as a little kid?