Gary Earl Johnson

former Governor of New Mexico, and the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Yes, I would support a pardon for Edward Snowden based on what I know. Watch Citizenfour (and I’m looking forward to the new movie).

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You may disagree with everything I have to say, but you’ll see it done in complete transparency and honesty. The only wasted vote is to vote for someone who you don’t believe in.

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I've come out in favor of legalizing online poker. I think sports gambling should be legal, too.

GovGaryJohnson2865 karma

Shedding the social conservative dogma of the Republican Party. (On behalf of Gov. Weld, he feels the same way.)

GovGaryJohnson2820 karma

I do believe that marijuana should be legalized, and I do believe California will legalize it in November, which will be a tipping point. An example of a black market in marijuana is Washington state where a black market still survives due to too many taxes.

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Count on my support for majority vote. Count on my support for ranked voting. I believe it would have to be done via an amendment to the Constitution.

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Sounds like you should be a member of our administration! I agree with your premises. I don’t know the details of the 1968 bill, but I’ll become more in tune with them.

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No, we would initially target a 20% reduction in those bases.

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I would be Jon Snow. My favorite Game of Thrones scene is Jon Snow, holding his sword, ready to be slain, only to survive.

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As it should be: unmatched.

Since it all took place from Nepal, I saw happy people with nothing material. We have everything material and we don’t seem as happy as we should be.