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AubreyPlazasButtHair19 karma

What would be your national plan for health care?

Also what is your favorite Christmas song?

GovGaryJohnson13 karma

A genuine free market approach to health care. Favorite Christmas song is the Twelve Days of Christmas.

securetree18 karma

You talk a lot about the abusive surveillance and police state as well as increasing bureaucratic control of medicine. On the other hand, there are issues that you've been advocating for a while now, namely marijuana legalization and marriage equality, that now have a real foothold in politics. It is hard to tell whether the cause of liberty is ultimately gaining or losing ground.

So where do you see the United States, and the liberty movement in particular, 5 years from now?

GovGaryJohnson39 karma

Liberty is losing ground. The Liberty MOVEMENT is becoming more and more noticed. Let's not forget there are still 1.8 million drug-related arrests/year.

churchillin17 karma

Hey Gov. Johnson, As a college-aged libertarian, What can I do to get involved? I feel like a lot more people would side libertarian if they knew what it entails, but no one wants to hear our message.

GovGaryJohnson18 karma

The fact you are on here tonight qualifies as being involved. Keep it up.

Grateful_Floydian12 karma

Gov. Johnson, how do we begin to propose there be a mandatory law stating that: any third party candidate that receives 5% of the vote (electoral or popular) must be recognized as a major political party, participating in the major debates? Also, what is your view on Ron Paul's status as a Libertarian rather than a Republican (vice versa)?

GovGaryJohnson25 karma

I believe if you can mathematically qualify to be President, I believe the law should require inclusion in any polls used to determine debate participation. In 2012, that would have been Obama, Romney, Jill Stein and myself.

___square12 karma

What's your opinion on bitcoin and would you consider taking donations in bitcoin?

GovGaryJohnson18 karma

The verdict is still out on bitcoin, and any donations, including bitcoin, are fantastic.

xandersmall11 karma

Are there any circumstances in which you would advocate armed revolution against the United States Government?

GovGaryJohnson33 karma

I like to think that a revolution is what we are doing right now, except with words rather than guns.

gjbrown2711 karma

What are your thoughts on deregulating the wireless telecom industry?

GovGaryJohnson7 karma

Deregulation of anything ends up being positive for the consumer. However, I always keep an open mind on regulation from the standpoint of keeping a fair and level playing field.

GovGaryJohnson11 karma

That's it for tonight. Thanks everybody. Great questions. Happy Holidays all around!!

jelvinjs711 karma

My friend is always criticizing my association with Libertarianism (which isn't even a fully accurate statement, but nevertheless) because he calls it's "extreme far right". I've constantly tried to persuade him that he's misinformed, and stating the "socially progressive, fiscally conservative" argument, but he never budges. What would you say the best argument to convince him otherwise would be?

GovGaryJohnson27 karma

Libertarians have always stood for legalized drug use, military non-intervention, and marriage equality. Libertarians are flaming liberals when it comes to civil liberties.

blaze889 karma

Hi Gov. This is your first IAmA I have caught. I have always wanted to ask you how you compare your views to the general public's notion on what a libertarian is. I voted for you and got 97% of the same answers as you on one of those political quizzes but I find myself alienated from libertarians on many levels.

GovGaryJohnson20 karma

I think the baggage that Libertarians carry is the perception that they believe in "survival of the fittest". I believe there are people who are truly in need of help, and that government has a role in providing help that is truly warranted.

Porsche1of109 karma

I understand that you're against FDA regulation of food, but for honest and informative labeling. What do you think is the best way to go about making these changes, and how soon can we make it happen?

GovGaryJohnson14 karma

I support legislation to make it happen, and that we as consumers demand that those changes be made.

concertthrow8 karma

What are your thoughts on the minimum wage? Totally voted for you by the way.

GovGaryJohnson5 karma

I oppose the minimum wage. Tongue in cheek, why not raise the minimum straight to $75?

tehrealmccoy6 karma

Hey Gary,

As a fellow cyclist, what bike do you ride? Any cool adventuring stories?

GovGaryJohnson12 karma

Specialized S-Works mountain bike and Specialized road bike. Just got back from Indonesia where I climbed Carstensz Pyramid. The 12 days in and out for the climb were the toughest of my life.

Zobrem6 karma

May be off topic but...

What do you think about the fast food workers on strike? Wouldn't it be best, for the rest of us taxpayers, if those people were paid more? If the companies’ paid more it would make their employees less dependent on government assistance. Sure the "job creators" are less profitable but what were they going to do with that money? Create more crappy jobs? Mcdonald’s could double the wages of all their employees and still have profits. I don’t think the government should step in rather the two parties negotiate, I was just wondering your opinion.

GovGaryJohnson18 karma

I'm opposed to a government-set minimum wage, and if you have a model for paying substantially more and still being profitable and competitive, you will be extremely successful.

uberlad6 karma


GovGaryJohnson26 karma

Whatever it is you do, do it entrepreneurally.

Seamitch516 karma

Now I'm not in your state, and this will probably be skimmed over. But I have an issue with a current policy in my state, how effective is writing to my governor or senator? Is it better to petition?

GovGaryJohnson6 karma

Depending on the time and effort you put into your letter, it could have a profound impact. I would suggest giving that a try.

pvtmichaeljcaboose6 karma

Governor Johnson thank you for your time,

Recently Mayor Bloomberg banned firearms (able to hold more than 5 rounds) in NYC. What is your opinion of this and private firearm ownership in the U.S. in general?

GovGaryJohnson21 karma

I absolutely support the 2nd Amendment, and oppose limiting the number of rounds a weapon can hold.

Eagle9825 karma

Governor, what do you think is the best free-market solution for making healthcare affordable in America to as many people as possible?

GovGaryJohnson15 karma

Pay as you go in a system that has 10X the choice and 10X the competition.

Spliffum4 karma

Gov. Johnson, I appreciate your fight for liberty in this country. Many people often focus on the negatives when discussing politics and, in particular, individual liberty and personal freedoms. Have there been any recent events or news that have restored even the slightest bit of faith that this country may be slowing its transition away from a free nation?

GovGaryJohnson10 karma

The fact that Washington and Colorado have legalized marijuana, and that marriage equality is passing in numerous states are both signs that restore that faith.

ElQuesoBandito4 karma

What's your favorite kind of music? And what was going through your head when you reached the top of Mount Everest?

GovGaryJohnson5 karma

Top 40. On Everest, just the whole notion of a dream come true. Very thankful!

AustrianSchool3 karma

Hello, Governor Johnson. What is your stance on illegal immigration, and immigration policy in general?

GovGaryJohnson21 karma

It is safe to say we are all opposed to illegal immigration. However, we should make it as easy as possible for someone to enter the country and get a work visa -- and that should include allowing a path to citizenship. Totally oppose the building of ever-larger fences.

Karekenj3 karma

When do you climb Vernon Massif?

GovGaryJohnson5 karma

Vinson Massif in Antarctica is planned for one year from now.

cranberryfree2 karma

What 3 pieces of advice would you give a young entrepreneur just starting out in business?

GovGaryJohnson6 karma

Be on time. Do what you say you will do for people. Do a little bit more than what you say you will do.

Grateful_Floydian2 karma

Governor what is your view on the Peace Corps (or other American organizations involved in supposedly "helping" foreign areas)? Are they a useless organization succeeding in our dominance hungry scheme? Or is the Peace Corps. a rightful organization, that is not a waste of American tax dollars (like the military industrial complex)?

GovGaryJohnson9 karma

Let's first stop our military interventions, and then take a hard look at a foreign policy that "helps" other countries.

emilyjanesquires2 karma

Do you believe going back to the older 'mutually owned' Insurance companies owned by the 'premium paying members' might reduce some of the long increasing Health insurance costs?

GovGaryJohnson6 karma

Yes. I believe that a free market in health care would bring about an insurance market that would only be necessary for catastrophic illnesses/injuries, and pay-as-you-go for other services -- with many many more choices.

simontnyc2 karma

Sir, what is your diagnosis of the reasons for the continued increase in social inequality? Is inequality on the rise for reasons that that are out of the government's control or are there steps which can be taken to promote a more equitable society?

GovGaryJohnson8 karma

I don't buy the notion of increased social inequality. I believe there is more social equality than ever before. To the extent it exists, it boils down to choices the individual makes. No government policy can change that reality.

Deus8222 karma

How do you feel about the iron curtain between consumers and healthcare providers? You advocate for a genuine free market economy in healthcare, does this include full disclosure to consumers about the various options they have as far as care is concerned?

GovGaryJohnson7 karma

A genuine free market approach will result in many more choices, with the responsibility for learning about those options resting with the consumer.

backpack1 karma

What do you think will come first: no fed or no taxes?*

*Even if it takes a million years.

GovGaryJohnson6 karma

No Fed.

angry_but_content1 karma

It seems like the two party system is being stressed in ways that it hasn't been for a while. If you were to predict the future, do you see either of the two parties splintering, or a third party gaining influence, or do you simply see the two main political parties realigning themselves to each get ~50% of the electorate, and leaving it at that? What are your thoughts?

GovGaryJohnson7 karma

Let's recognize that the #1 political affiliation today is Independent. I believe there will be a third party that will emerge, and may be called the Independent Party.