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I don't think this is the corporate media hiding facts, but rather having no reason to report on it. Get more mayors in bigger cities, state legislators, or better yet, major politicians like governors and Congressmen, and the media will want to mention you. Right now, the local elections you've won aren't interesting, and are therefore not worth reporting on.

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Is this going to be a thing‽ Holy shit, I don't even know OP but this makes me so excited!

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Yeah, looking at that one I think I've mainly been too desensitized. This must be what happens when you read C&H throughout your adolescence.

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So… what happens now? Are you capable of getting a birth certificate/SSN now? What's the process of doing that?

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I've noticed that recently your comics have had less fucked up humor that made me initially love them (though it's possible my I've become very desensitized to dark jokes and there hasn't been a drop in quality), while at the same time a lot of comics just seem to be a pun or form of play on words in the form of a comic. Is there a reason for this change in direction, or did it just kind of happen amidst the other projects you've embarked on?