I have about a dozen YouTube channels, including Numberphile (mathematics and stuff), Periodic Videos (about chemistry), Sixty Symbols (about physics), Computerphile (well, computers), Deep Sky Videos (astronomy)... You get the idea.

There's a full list at my website. http://www.bradyharan.com/

Ask me (almost) anything about my work - but remember I am the film-maker, the interviewer, editor, etc... I am not the expert who knows how Quantum Mechanics works!


(proof - I tweet at @periodicvideos) https://twitter.com/periodicvideos

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MindOfMetalAndWheels409 karma

Could you describe what an average working day looks like for you? Basically, I want to know how on earth you can produce as many videos as you do on such a regular basis.

JeffDujon228 karma

Hmmm, I guess my life isn't really broken into typical days like that.

Sometimes a day is mixed and what you might expect... Going to meet people for filming, coming home and editing, etc.

Then some days might be back-to-back interviews all day... Maybe 3-4 subjects covered with each person... Filming 12 videos worth of stuff....

Then I might have 3-4 days straight just bunkered down in my office editing various films....

Then I might go away on a trip for a week to some cool place and film loads of material... Then occasionally I might pull an all-nighter editing various videos - or one long one!

I don't make many films in such a linear, one-day kind of way... The whole process has become kind of scattered!

I am able to produce many I think because I work quite quickly (journalistic training!?) and I work very long hours!

JeffDujon210 karma

Oh Grey - I didn't realise that was you. I've told you this already!!!!

thesoundandthefury222 karma

No one on YouTube runs so many successful channels. Do you see that growth continuing? Is this kind of thing infinitely scalable? I hope so, because I love your work.

(Misuse of "infinitely," but you know what I mean.)

JeffDujon120 karma

I think I am at pretty close to capacity. I'm working with another film-maker (called Sean) on Computerphile, because I could not have done all of that on my own.

But I think it is important that I'm still involved with making and discussing the films on any channel associated with me, so I guess it is finite... (and computerphiles are fun to make!)


But if I find the right people, more can be done!

JeffDujon60 karma

ha ha - I didn't actually know it was John... Who runs more successful channels himself! :)

FreeAsInFreedoooooom214 karma

Would you ever consider making a child-centric channel?

JeffDujon230 karma

I see what you did there.

QuiteBoringName135 karma

I just want to show my appreciation for Professor Poliakoff. He's simply astounding. Please let him know!

JeffDujon67 karma

I am sure he will read this eventually! :)

Wiltron71 karma

Hi Brady

Love the 9000 different channels you have, and I sub to all of them. As an Astrophysicist, I especially love the periodic videos, and even if the element in question is boring, the professors hand motions are what keeps me tuned in.

Just wanted to say thanks, and if you could, extend my thanks to the professor :)

If you're curious (both Brady and any redditor), visit my website, www.everydaysciencestuff.com)

JeffDujon40 karma

Thank you - I will make sure this full AMA (when it is over) is sent to all the profs so they can read through your comments - so anything addressed to them will probably be seen by them!?

Of course they are the real heroes!

Emighty15 karma

Man, if I wasn't an Economist, I'ld have been an Astrophysicist. Just writing to say, I'm in awe of you!

JeffDujon30 karma

Well I'm not an economist or an astrophysicist, so don't be too impressed! ;)

wosel65 karma

Hi Brady,

I know you can't answer specifically, but do all your channels sustain themselves money-wise? Does the Youtube model work for you, or have you considered things like kickstarter, patreon or subabble?

I also wanted to say I love your channels, they show me every day that YouTube is not just for cats on roombas, but also for valuable, well-made educational content. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

JeffDujon71 karma

Thanks for your kind words. YouTube advertising would not sustain the projects, but luckily I have partnered with great organisations like The University of Nottingham and they help make some of the channels possible.

Down the track I guess I might need to look at other options like the ones you mentioned... I guess we'll see.

MindOfMetalAndWheels62 karma

I do not understand your username. Please explain.

JeffDujon65 karma

Childhood hero - sounds like you need a big cricket lesson! ;)

TrueBuckeye48 karma

Sixty Symbols is just fantastic, thank you!

How often do the professors go over your head and you have to stop them and have them simplify an answer?

Do you use your own admitted amateur knowledge as a guide for when the answers are too complex?

JeffDujon60 karma

That happens - if they lose me (because I am too dumb or I got too bored) I tell them so and ask them more questions.

I see it as my job to keep asking and probing until I feel like I understand... And I think if I understand, the viewers probably will!

My amateur knowledge is very helpful in that regard! :)

djlsthlm46 karma

I am quite often impressed by your questions. You might be an amateur, but you're very good at asking the "right" questions. I'm sure it's a mix of the journalist in you, and knowing quite a bit about the topics for an amateur.

Watch most of your channels, and enjoy them all. And all of your professors/experts are wonderful. The topics, but also all the people and their enthusiasm and knowledge makes it all very fun and engaging. Really like them!

JeffDujon4 karma

thanks - very kind

AeVeeO41 karma

Do you come up with the subjects for the videos or do the experts suggest you about the ideas?

JeffDujon67 karma

That's a mixture...

Sometimes I will contact someone and say "I think we should do this" or "we haven't done anything in this area for a while" or "I saw this in the news" or "the viewers have been asking about that".

But often they will contact me and say "I really want to do X,Y,Z"

Perhaps over time I think the balance has moved more towards suggestions from the experts, but that is because they are learning more and more about how the whole process works.

JustChris2441 karma

How did you start the collaboration with Dr James Grime for numberphile?

JeffDujon55 karma

James actually watched some of my other channels and had contacted me just to say he liked them, etc.

We had a bit of contact after that....

Some time after, the idea of Numberphile came about and James was my first port of call!

I think we discuss it somewhere in this rather lengthy video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IOaoK2MMoI

Phaereaux32 karma

Brady! Man, I've been a hardcore viewer of Sixty Symbols since you were only 30-odd symbols in to the project. I love all of your projects and am curious about a couple things:

0) How do you get paid? Does Nottingham toss some coin your way, or are you solely ad-supported?

1) Can we learn something about Neil some day?!

2) Why no more foodskey?

3) Will there be more Markus Eich- the Tree guy - any time soon?

Thanks, Brady! Love your work!

JeffDujon48 karma

0) How do you get paid? Does Nottingham toss some coin your way, or are you solely ad-supported?

The university supports some of the projects - they have made so much of this possible and are brilliant.

1) Can we learn something about Neil some day?!

Well this is an AM(a)A - you can try your luck while I'm still here!

2) Why no more foodskey?

It is having a rest, but will be back!

3) Will there be more Markus Eich- the Tree guy - any time soon?

I think so - although he made a joke about the Australian cricket them this morning on my Facebook page, so he is in the dog house... ha ha!

Thanks, Brady! Love your work!

You are welcome.

DeliBelly14 karma

Good job on the formatting! Just wanted to say I'm a big fan, thanks for the videos!

JeffDujon19 karma

Am learning!

btcprox26 karma

  • What happened to Foodskey and Philosophyfile and Psyfile? Not enough interest? :(
  • Are there still new channels in the works?!?

JeffDujon32 karma

What happened to Foodskey and Philosophyfile and Psyfile? Not enough interest? :(

No they were always smaller projects with less resources dedicated to them - but the great thing about YouTube is that you can just start them again at any time (and maybe keep some of the subscribers, if they have been loyal and patient!). And I can tell you the people involved with all three of them are keen to do more.

I think all three are great topics and would love to see more on them!

http://www.youtube.com/foodskey http://www.youtube.com/PhilosophyFile http://www.youtube.com/PsyFile

Are there still new channels in the works?!?

Not just at the moment - well, there is one idea maybe!?

That reminds me, I have started a personal channel to just put stuff on that has no natural home... Like this video I made about George Everest's Grave...


RMackay8826 karma

As an Nottingham physicists Graduate, do you realise how many lectures stated with "Bloody Brady took my pen again and told me no equations, so I am going to make up for it by making you lot write lot of equations". Most Roger Bowley and Moriarty lectures started this way.

Also why no Geography videos?

JeffDujon11 karma

ha ha

matko521 karma

Brady, I just wanted to say hello. As a physicist, I have to say I love your videos and I'm thankful for spreading science in a way that is more acceptable for curent and future generations! Say hi to prof. Moriarty!

JeffDujon11 karma


orbitalsideburns21 karma

What type of videos to you enjoy making the most?

JeffDujon40 karma

That is hard to answer - I guess because I make quite a lot, I always enjoy ones that are a bit different from the norm - for example yesterday's music video...


Those ones keep me kind of fresh and thinking in new ways.

But I enjoy any video that I think the viewers will find interesting... If some professor tells me a cool fact or shows me a cool demo, I just can't wait to get home an editing so I can share it with all you guys!

radoskan20 karma

Do you stay in touch with some people featured in your videos?

Tell me 2-3 interesting facts about either Dr. James Grime and Prof. Philip Moriarty.

Best wishes!

JeffDujon39 karma

James loves the Eurovision Song Contest and always sounds like he is in a hurry to get off the phone.

Phil always tells people who knocks on his door to come in without looking up to see who they are (despite having a big window in the door) and his whiteboard is covered with drawings by his kids.

camoceltic18 karma

How the [CENSORED] do you keep track of all of your channels?

Do you keep a few spare videos made at any given time, in case you can't upload a new one on time?

Do you think you make more videos of stuff that is new to you than stuff you already knew about?

Roughly how long does recording an average video take? Drawing diagrams? Editing?

How do you get ideas for new channels?

What inspired you to do this to start with?

JeffDujon38 karma

How the [CENSORED] do you keep track of all of your channels? It is honestly hard sometimes. Do you keep a few spare videos made at any given time, in case you can't upload a new one on time? Well I don't have deadlines or set times I have to put videos up, so I don't usually sit on them for long once they are ready.... Though I must have a dozen or so in various stages of completion at any give time! Do you think you make more videos of stuff that is new to you than stuff you already knew about? More stuff that is new, definitely. Roughly how long does recording an average video take? Drawing diagrams? Editing? Some take a few hours, some take a few days. How do you get ideas for new channels? You can do channels about anything you find interesting - and I find almost everything interesting... The hard part if having the time, resources and will to make it happen.. And the right people to work with, of course! What inspired you to do this to start with? I kind of fell into it when I started a little side project called Test Tube - http://www.test-tube.org.uk/ (which is still going, by the way!)

JeffDujon50 karma

Gosh sorry for the formatting there - I do use reddit a bit but not like this! I will try harder next time!

cypressious17 karma

How did you become film maker? Did you study any of the things you interview the people about?

JeffDujon42 karma

Well there is a long version and short version...

Basically I worked in newspapers in Australia... I had always wanted to be a newspaper journalist. When I moved to the UK in 2002 I started working for the BBC website.

Some of the stuff I was doing was a bit quirky and creative, and I think the bosses figured it should be done for TV too, so I was sent off for training as a video journalist.

And from there things have just kind of snowballed!

SuckyPoemWriter14 karma

What kind of cameras and lenses do you use the most?

And how do you contact places like CERN for videos? Was it easy?

Also, just saying, you've made youtube a much better place.

JeffDujon22 karma


I am just changing camera at the moment - for ages I used a Sony Z7, but I am trying out a Canon C100 - I have various lenses but a 24-105 seems to be my current workhorse.

regarding places like CERN, I guess you just make contacts through contacts and meet people, etc, and you also develop a reputation for being okay to deal with.

We made a bunch of video at CERN a while back: http://www.sixtysymbols.com/LHC/index.html (CERN videos)

So when I contact people about the music video I guess they knew I was okay: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRdh8gmVR90 (music video)

But sometimes people say no - that is life!

And then sometimes they say YES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTtf5s2HFkA (gold vault)

ThatInternetGuy14 karma

Oh Brady, thank you so much for all the channels and videos. In a sense, your videos humanize science education, that was personally used to be quite abstract and boring.

I have always been wondering about two things.

  • You seem to travel a lot across the globe for the videos. Was it paid for by any of universities or was it from the revenue of the videos?

  • People in your videos appear to be so at home with you. Even the new guys appear to be like old friends to you. What's the secret, man?

JeffDujon14 karma

You seem to travel a lot across the globe for the videos. Was it paid for by any of universities or was it from the revenue of the videos?

Different for different projects.

People in your videos appear to be so at home with you. Even the new guys appear to be like old friends to you. What's the secret, man?

I don't know - I guess that is just part of my job, to help people be themselves!?

Alt0192lex12 karma

Do you have any science background or is it just a interest that got you involved in the youtube channels?

JeffDujon26 karma

It is more of an interest.

I did physics, chemistry and mathematics to the highest level in high school because I found them easy and fun, but I always wanted to be a journalist so after high school that was it for proper science.

However in newspapers I eventually gravitated to science and was the science reporter for my paper for a year or two!

So I guess it depends on your definition of science background!?

(I have co-authored in both Nature and Science, but that was about my videos so I guess that is cheating!!!!)

JustChris2410 karma

Do you mean the journals Nature and Science? Could you please provide any links to them or the abstracts? Would love to give them a read!

Dream_Panda12 karma

Is anyone else reading all the answers in his voice?

JeffDujon10 karma

ha ha - I never thought of that.

that-is-itutu11 karma

Brady, I am a long time watcher of numberphile, and it more than amply satisfies my number based fetish, if you like. You hail from Australia yes? I was wondering from where in our great land do you hail from?

JeffDujon21 karma

I am from Adelaide.

furionking11 karma

More sixty symbols? There used to be a lot more content, now it seems like there isn't as much.

JeffDujon9 karma

We will be upping the Sixty Symbols content a bit this year I hope... that is the plan.

mudze10 karma

Who are the top three (or five, or seven, whichever) YouTubers you want to collaborate with that you haven't already? And why?

JeffDujon14 karma

I guess I don't really think about collaborations like that... All the collaborations I've done so far have resulted in meeting the people face-to-face at events, etc, and just enjoying their company...

Then when you become friends, you later start sharing ideas... And some of those ideas result in you saying "hey, let's do that one together".

I do quite enjoy collaborating with artists and musicians - people who have skills very far from my own!

lichorat8 karma

Brady! It's awesome to be able to hopefully communicate with you.

What keeps you from becoming distracted while you edit?

JeffDujon21 karma

Nothing - I get distracted all the time! In fact I am doing this AMA to avoid editing!

robdotcom718 karma

JeffDujon? Hmmmmmm... something tells me you're a bit of a cricket tragic (shame about us aussies with the Ashes.) and a fan of Jeffrey Dujon. :)

JeffDujon13 karma

I met him once - legend!

edhiggins8 karma

Hi there! For someone who isn't super familiar with your videos, which ones would you recommend?

JeffDujon15 karma

Gosh, I have done something like 1,600 YouTube video I think... It depends what you like?

BiitterCold8 karma

Which channel do like making videos for the most?

JeffDujon25 karma

That is like asking someone to choose their favourite child!

I like the variety... I like that I can do Numberphile one day, periodicvideos the next, etc.

Borskey7 karma

When is Moriarty's "slower light in glass" video going to be released? Been waiting for it it eagerly.

snusamera7 karma

The good professor on your chemistry channel. Has he ever lost his temper or gotten annoyed during a shoot? The guy seems so calm and composed all the time.

JeffDujon9 karma


on the other hand, I am a grouch!

nongrockle7 karma

  • How did you end up in the UK?
  • How's Bristol?
  • Who would win in a face-off between Dr. G and Simon Pampena? (I was a die-hard Dr. G fangirl until I saw the vid on transcendent numbers, and now I'm all confused)
  • Any caravan updates coming soon?
  • Airbus or Boeing?
  • Seriously...why Bristol?!

JeffDujon17 karma

How did you end up in the UK? 747 How's Bristol? Lovely - I had forgotten what the sea looked like. Who would win in a face-off between Dr. G and Simon Pampena? (I was a die-hard Dr. G fangirl until I saw the vid on transcendent numbers, and now I'm all confused) A physical fight or mental one? Any caravan updates coming soon? A bit busy at the moment Airbus or Boeing? I am really into planes (I spent this morning filming planes land with a high speed camera!!!) That is a huge question! Seriously...why Bristol?! What's wrong with Bristol? I think it is great!

17_2326 karma

How did you end up in the UK?


How's Bristol?

Lovely - I had forgotten what the sea looked like.

Who would win in a face-off between Dr. G and Simon Pampena? (I was a die-hard Dr. G fangirl until I saw the vid on transcendent numbers, and now I'm all confused)

A physical fight or mental one?

Any caravan updates coming soon?

A bit busy at the moment

Airbus or Boeing?

I am really into planes (I spent this morning filming planes land with a high speed camera!!!) That is a huge question!

Seriously...why Bristol?!

What's wrong with Bristol? I think it is great!

JeffDujon18 karma

Must learn to do that!

JeffDujon14 karma

Again, sorry about the formatting there!

gojeda097 karma

All right Brady, after all the proof your numberphile videos have presented, which do you prefer: -Pi or Tau? -Base 10 or base 12?

Love all of your videos. I wait for them to add up and then binge on a channel for a few hours.

JeffDujon7 karma

I'm pretty traditional - I like history and heritage!

MutatedGamer7 karma

How did you start out? I mean like, when you first started making your first channel, how did you get in contact with these professors (or whoever you're talking to) and have them agree to make some videos? I imagine when you have 2 subscribers on YouTube with under 10 videos it's hard to get some interviews.

JeffDujon10 karma

That's a really long story and maybe too much for this fast growing comment thread... But indeed I recall when periodicvideos had just a few subscribers.

Professor Poliakoff and I would excitedly phone each other when a video reached just a few hundred views, etc

That was still the most exciting time - much more exciting than videos now occasionally passing a million, etc.

You are right, it gives you clout to ask for help/interviews when you have a big audience... But it can also be more intimidating... Some people will happily chat to some little film-maker, but get scared by the idea of a huge audience!

It cuts both ways.

lachiester7 karma

How do you find all the people in your videos? Do you have connection at the universities, or are they your friends?

JeffDujon17 karma

I just ring or email people I want to speak with... It is amazing how few people think to do that!

Didgeridoox7 karma

Hi Brady! Huge fan of Periodic Videos, Numberphile, and the rest. All of these other questions are interesting and all, but the one question that really needs to be answered is - How does the Professor maintain his luscious and voluminous hair?

JeffDujon16 karma


MelonSponge7 karma

Was it difficult convincing the experts to make videos with you? Have they come to terms with how popular and liked they all are?

JeffDujon16 karma

Some people take persuading (I remember Roger Bowley was very sceptical of me when I tried to explain my plans for Sixty Symbols, and now he loves it!) and others just love it immediately!

Some people I just can't get interested!

I think the "internet fame" is a weird one but secretly I think they like the autograph and photo requests! It is not like they can't walk in the streets or anything! :)

YouTube comments probably take some getting used to - but they are old hands by now and I warn new contributors what is about to happen.

megrimlock6 karma

When I first saw a Computerphile video my first thought was, "huh, I guess Numberphile is doing well enough to get ripped off." I was happy to find out that it was you doing it.

Any big plans for Computerphile, are you as into the series as much as your others or will you be leaving a good chunk of the work to Sean?

JeffDujon8 karma

I really want Sean to lead it and he is a talented guy... And knows computers!

But I talk to him a few times a week about it... Give him my feedback and thoughts... And of course I make a few videos too... In fact, I have 2-3 of my own coming in the next few weeks, including yesterday's video about the Universe being a computer simulation.


Exploden6 karma

Do you have different fan bases on each channel, or is it mostly the same crowd on each one?

JeffDujon11 karma

I honestly don't know the answer to that! I think there is a bit of both.

PurpleMistet6 karma

why so many channels?

JeffDujon24 karma

I could have just one mega channel, but I think people who like periodicvideos might not like numberphile, etc, etc, so don't want to irritate people by having them sub to stuff they don't want!

faceman2k126 karma

Love your work man! i'm subscribed to most of your science channels.

Recently i've been digging the new computerphile channel!

I'd love to see more Deep Sky Videos.

JeffDujon11 karma

We are heading to Chile next week to film at ESO and make a stack of new Deep Sky Videos!!!!

Alienturnedhuman6 karma

Given that I saw the figure of you putting out an average of 26 videos per month, how much downtime do you actually get?

Obviously YouTube has facilitated this explosion of educational videos like yours (and CGP Grey, Vihart, minutephysics, the vlog brothers etc etc) but to those who don't know about them YouTube is pretty much known for videos of cats riding Roombas - do you think this image conflict inhibits the potential growth to wider audiences?

Do you think that sites like Subbable and Kickstarter are the future towards improved quality and production values?

How long before the TV networks start getting involved / competing / infering? Do you think that the the online brands, which with their sizeable audiences now rivalling successful TV programs, will have more clout online, and what about the YouTube creators crossing over to TV?

Do you think that the explosion in interest of channels like yours is more of a consequence of the geek revolution, or more that they have have helped add momentum to it?

After revealing in your "making of Scale of the Universe" video that you put Dave in touch in Vihart how many more people have now asked you for the same favour?

JeffDujon10 karma

How much downtime do you actually get?

Not enough

do you think this image conflict inhibits the potential growth to wider audiences?

I think that problem is fading away - people now realise there is a lot of good stuff on YouTube among the less useful stuff!

Do you think that sites like Subbable and Kickstarter are the future towards improved quality and production values?

Anything that helps good film-makers make their films can only be good... I do wonder what will happen when lots of people are on things like Kickastarter and Subbable - will just the top few get all the money? But I am sure things will work out. Cream always rises, etc.

How long before the TV networks start getting involved / competing / infering?

Well that is clearly happening - they're all over YouTube now and it will be interesting to see what results!?

Do you think that the explosion in interest of channels like yours is more of a consequence of the geek revolution, or more that they have have helped add momentum to it?

I don't know - I'd love to think we helped but that would probably overstate our case!

After revealing in your "making of Scale of the Universe" video that you put Dave in touch in Vihart how many more people have now asked you for the same favour?

ha ha - none! And I have no such powers... that was just coincidence!

Kwpolska5 karma

Are you going to do more Computerphile on the current state of the universe? For example, the x86 or ARM architectures and how, EXACTLY, ACTUAL processors work.

JeffDujon11 karma

Hi... Do you mean computerphile? They sound more like computerphile topics?

chameleonito5 karma

My favorite video you did was the "what does scientists eat for breakfast?"-video. Can you please do one more? Love your stuff, welcome to reddit.

JeffDujon8 karma

thanks - I loved that too - I have enough footage for about 10 more of them!!!!

InfamousBLT5 karma

Dude what, seriously? Brady I discovered your channels back in, oh, February maybe. I finally finished watching all of your videos (yeah, all of them) a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for your hard work! Keep it up!

My big question is who pays you for this? Do you really make enough off Youtube monetezation and the occaional Audible ad to live off of? You do have a lot of videos so I could believe it, but that just seems crazy. Really living the dream no doubt!

JeffDujon9 karma

All of them - no way!!!!?

I have other resources through partnerships with the University of Nottingham, etc. It is indeed very difficult to survive on advertising - I imagine only the very biggest YouTubers can do that and I certainly couldn't!

yelron5 karma

What's it like meeting all of these experts in the various fields that you make videos of?

JeffDujon11 karma

It's great. I am lucky that I can have all these questions in my head and ask for answers from people who actually know! :)

g1984marko4 karma

Hi Brady, How much money have you earned from posting on YouTube?

logic_alex_planation4 karma

When you ask questions in your interview-type videos, do you have anything written down or are they all spark-of-the-moment questions?

JeffDujon7 karma

no I never write anything down or plan - I just ask what is in my head!

ViktorWase4 karma

How did you get into science? Do you have an education in one of the natural sciences, perhaps?

JeffDujon6 karma

I studied science at high school and was later a science writer for my newspaper - but I have always had an avid interest.

PurpleMistet3 karma

like the interview you did with minutephysics and veritasium, will you be doing more behind the scenes interviews with other educational channels?

JeffDujon8 karma

I have done some also with a few of the others - maybe I'll do some more... I think we're all meeting up later this year!?

SoggyE3 karma

Hey mate. Just wondering about the process of making the videos. How exactly do you plan out the video content? Do you consult the experts upon what they'd like to share, or are you assigned certain topics to create a video about? Or is it something completely different?

JeffDujon13 karma

The video are deliberately very unplanned. I like that about the style of my channels.

I basically interview and film everything on the fly, then come home and edit it into something that reflects the experience (that sounds a bit more naff than intended - "reflect the experience" - but you get the idea)

It is also worth pointing out the scientists do not watch the edit before you all see it! They usually see it after you!!!

phuhcue3 karma

Are you planning on doing an in depth interview with retiring professors? I'm thinking along the lines of that wonderful Feynman interview.

The professor has stories, I know it.

edit: the man's name. don't rush people, don't rush.

JeffDujon8 karma

I did a sort of retirement video with Roger Bowley, but he still comes to the uni every day and we do more videos!!!

robdotcom713 karma

Is there any one you would dream of working with to make a video, ie: Brian Cox, David Attenborough, Stephen Hawking, The Stig? (Ok... I was kidding about The Stig... it'd be quite boring since he doesn't really say much...)

JeffDujon16 karma

Not much point making videos with people who are already on TV loads! I want the person we never hear from!

Wish2MeetJohnGreen3 karma

Brady, I am huge fan of your work in general but esspicaly of numberphile, not that I am not a mathematician who could be biased. More interesting then the videos though is the channel as whole. You seemed to have moved the channel from why certain numbers are cool to math culture and recently some philosophy of mathematics. Is this a movement that you wanted to make or is one that you made because of the community? Should I expect more philosophy of mathematics and less number facts? Also 1 is prime. Also would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

JeffDujon5 karma

I always wanted Numberphile to have some flexibility - not just be about mathematics and not just about specific numbers.

I feel like the channel now has enough "runs on the board" to delve into other areas, as long as we have a touchstone of either mathematics or numbers in some loose way.

I don't know if the viewers always agree!

lululaplap3 karma

Hi, a while ago I was talking about your videos to a professor at Glasgow Uni (I can't remember his name) and was told you were thinking of possibly making educational videos for school children, is this true? and if so when will we likely see them? and if not, would you consider it?

JeffDujon11 karma

I think many school children like the existing videos - I think kids like stuff that is not "made of kids"!

pwnage902103 karma

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

JeffDujon12 karma

Umm, I think I'd love to live in New York at some point...

labinojha3 karma

Hi Brady, great work with the Channels. I saw couple of your videos about Nepal and you seemed really enthused. I'm from Nepal. Any suggestions to Nepali people and Nepal in general, anything you saw that could have been better from your POV. :) And I know the cities(Kathmandu especially) here suck, mainly cause of pollution.

JeffDujon7 karma

I think your country is great! You could make it quicker to get in at the immigration desk though!!!


What was your favourite subject at school and how did you come up with the idea for your channels?

JeffDujon10 karma

I think I liked physics - but not so much for the day-to-day stuff, but for the chats we'd have with our teacher about more far-out stuff...

By the way, my old physics and chemistry teacher features in this video:


Jwoey3 karma

Only recently discovered Numberphile and have watched dozens upon dozens of your videos. Very big fan!

Have you considered joining CGP Grey and working with Subbable? I'm sure you have tons of fans who'd be willing to throw some extra money your way in the form of a voluntary paid subscription. Anything to help keep the quality of your content high.

JeffDujon6 karma

Yes I saw Grey had huge success there - he has very loyal fans (rightly so!)

I hope to chat with him about it soon - being a reddit guru, he is also currently messaging me advice on how to do this AMA! One thing at a time!

Omni3143 karma

Who would you like to have in one of your videos, someone from youtube and/or someone outside of youtube?

JeffDujon8 karma

Hmm, I'd love an Apollo astronaut! Not that I' could ask much that hasn't been asked before - but I just love Apollo.

Andrew Wiles for Numberphile would be interesting and a challenge I bet!?

Tim Berners-Lee for Computerphile?

Although sometimes it is the unsung heroes that appeal to me more!

Who would you like to see in one of my videos?

Boxthemuppet3 karma

What's your favorite pizza topping?

JeffDujon7 karma

as meaty as possible!

qhemist3 karma

I just want to thank you, and say that I have followed Periodic Videos since my gymnasium years, and they have been one of my major inspirations for studying chemistry! I just finished my bachelor's degree, and I've spent many, many hours watching professor Polyakoff and the rest of the staff at Nottingham University.

I think there is a lot of interesting research going down there, and I feel you have done a very good job in showing that both in a general way and for the special interested. I have a small hope that some day I could even visit the faculty over there, an interest solemnly based on your videos :)

JeffDujon6 karma

great message - hope to see you at Nottingham some time!

UnreliableWindmill3 karma

Why do you publish videos as HD when they're just really low-resolution material scaled up to blocky HD size?

JeffDujon13 karma

Moving to better full HD now... I am just a Tetris fan at heart.

zosma3 karma

What happened to Kylies Caravan?

JeffDujon5 karma

It was a loyal servant at Glastonbury!

watdahel3 karma

Why there are no subtitles on your other channels except numberphile?

JeffDujon7 karma

The Numberphile subtitles are done by some organisation that has nothing to do with me - I don't even put them on...

I think YouTube were involved with organising it?

It is very hard for me to do captions as my videos have no scripts and I have little time...

Many periodicvideos have them though.

malachymac953 karma

Sorry that I don't have any questions, they all seem to have been answered already, I just want to say you have to be my favourite "Youtuber" for want of a better word. Your videos are brilliant.

JeffDujon3 karma

thanks so much

JustChris243 karma

Now that you reside in Bristol, are you think of collaborating with any departments at the University of Bristol?

JeffDujon7 karma

I'm open to it, for sure... It is just down the road!

But I am still super involved with the University of Nottingham and go back once a week for stuff like periodicvideos and sixtysymbols!

Floodman112 karma

Hey Brady! I've been subbed to Numberphile, Periodic Videos and Sixty Symbols for about the last year or so. Thank you for doing such a great job on the channels and giving a bored guy who's just finished highschool some awesome learning material!

Of all the things you've learnt while doing these videos, what was most surprising to you or the people you were working with (like the professor)?

Shout out from Adelaide!

JeffDujon3 karma

Hi to Adelaide! Too many surprises to recall just one!

leogorerd2 karma

What would you say is the most difficult part about making your videos? What was your favorite moment while making your videos? Also, I just want to say that I really enjoy your videos, keep up the great work!

JeffDujon4 karma

The most difficult part is finding the time to do all the work - not just the filming and editing, but the websites, social media, administration.

The best bits are being out and about chatting with people, the editing (when I can be more creative) and the moment you put a video live and people start seeing it!

Thank you for being of the people watching!

mivtachyahu2 karma

What would you have wanted to know when you were first starting out at this educational youtubing business that you only know now through hard won experience?

JeffDujon17 karma

That is a good question.... Rather than deep philosophical stuff (which I could easily start!!!) I will say this: choose a good name and brand and style for your channel, because you are kind of stuck with it!

You don't want to go viral and suddenly become a big deal with a username like fartmonster433317 and an archive of previous videos which you are ashamed of!

nickgray19952 karma

How much have you learnt whilst making these videos? Like could use explain some of the uses of unusual elements or remember particular mathematical proofs?

JeffDujon3 karma

I think I have learned lost of nuggets... When I watch University Challenge these days (a pretty tough quiz show) I sometimes amaze myself with obscure bits of trivia.

I hope I have also developed a deeper knowledge of some topics and become a better journalist.

Indydegrees22 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA!
Talk us though a typical day in your life.

JeffDujon4 karma

You're welcome - I wrote an earlier answer about this already in the AMA

You might also find this video interesting, which shows me editing a video and discussing a few workflow issues...


ElectricGhostPunk2 karma

Looking through all of your work, I feel there's a lot of skills you possess and intergrate them well into your productions. My question for you is (and I know it's not a simple answer), how did you focus your skills into putting food on the table? Assuming you didn't start knowing clients and having a huge budget to work with.

JeffDujon3 karma

I just kind of fell into it really... There was no plan!

MrSunshoes2 karma

Hey, I am a huge fan of Periodic Videos.

What has been your favorite moment filming with the professor?

JeffDujon5 karma

It was pretty cool to get into the gold vault. We were pleased!


D_P_T2 karma

Hi Brady!

I've watched your videos for a while now - we've actually chatted before, when I asked for (and you very kindly provided) a photo with a message from the Chemistry department. I was very sad to miss you guys when I was up at Nottingham university for Medlink in December, as I would have loved to chat with you and the Professor or Neil (not even in my dreams...)!

I wanted to say a big thank you for providing entertaining and informative videos on most aspects of science! Now, all that's left is starting foodskey again and a medical/human bio channel!

Thanks again!

JeffDujon2 karma

thanks - and bold text duly noted!

tipitown2 karma

Hey Brady, big fan of your videos.

I work for a science filmmaking company and we're toying with the idea of moving to an online platform. I was just wondering how you square the financial aspect of filmmaking with the creative aspect, do you make any money from your channels and if so is it enough to live off of? Sorry if that's a bit gauche! We're just in the quandary of wanting to make content, whilst also needing the funding to pay for the filming + salaries etc. Would be nice to have some insight into how you manage it all.

Thanks man, keep up the good work!

JeffDujon3 karma

I survive but I am one man - I can imagine it is harder for companies which are less lean. But I am no expert.

propelol2 karma

Who do you work for? I thought you made videos for the university, but lately you have been advertising at the end of the videos.

JeffDujon2 karma

I am self employed... but a number of projects (like periodicvideos, sixtysymbols) are collaborations with the University of Nottingham.

FavScientist is with Nottingham Trent University and PsyFile with the University of Manchester.... You get the idea.

Numberphile and Computerphile are more independent - but lots of Nottingham people are still involved!

DatLXGFrost2 karma

Thanks for doing this :)
Any new channels in the pipeline?

JeffDujon3 karma

not at the minute, but always open to new ideas!

N1koPeN1 karma

Hey Brady! Thanks a lot to you and the people you work with providing interesting and cool content! Say hi to Professor Poliakoff for me! - Regards from Brisbane!

JeffDujon1 karma

you're very welcome _ I think The Prof is going to Brisbane some time in the next year or two!?

Follow periodicvideos on Twitter or Facebook, because I sometimes point out these things for people who want to meet up!

https://www.facebook.com/periodicvideos https://twitter.com/periodicvideos

weggy1 karma

Brady! Big fan of your videos - I watch every one. Computerphile is fantastic!

I hope you can continue doing what you do and reach an even bigger audience.

JeffDujon3 karma

thanks - you can help with the audience part by telling people about videos you like! :)

poincare_theorem1 karma

Hey man awesome work. Love the videos. Thankyou!

JeffDujon1 karma


MPS1862821 karma

Brady, my question to you is why am I just now finding out about Deep Sky Videos?

JeffDujon4 karma

I don't know - spread the word!

Next week we are off to Chile and will be filming some awesome stuff for DSV


bonez6561 karma

Will you be joining Subbable anytime in the near future?

JeffDujon1 karma

I don't know yet - it is a good idea.

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