Brady Haran

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is an Australian independent film-maker and video journalist who is known for his educational videos and documentary films produced for BBC News and for his YouTube channels.

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I see what you did there.

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Hmmm, I guess my life isn't really broken into typical days like that.

Sometimes a day is mixed and what you might expect... Going to meet people for filming, coming home and editing, etc.

Then some days might be back-to-back interviews all day... Maybe 3-4 subjects covered with each person... Filming 12 videos worth of stuff....

Then I might have 3-4 days straight just bunkered down in my office editing various films....

Then I might go away on a trip for a week to some cool place and film loads of material... Then occasionally I might pull an all-nighter editing various videos - or one long one!

I don't make many films in such a linear, one-day kind of way... The whole process has become kind of scattered!

I am able to produce many I think because I work quite quickly (journalistic training!?) and I work very long hours!

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Oh Grey - I didn't realise that was you. I've told you this already!!!!

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I think I am at pretty close to capacity. I'm working with another film-maker (called Sean) on Computerphile, because I could not have done all of that on my own.

But I think it is important that I'm still involved with making and discussing the films on any channel associated with me, so I guess it is finite... (and computerphiles are fun to make!)

But if I find the right people, more can be done!

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Thanks for your kind words. YouTube advertising would not sustain the projects, but luckily I have partnered with great organisations like The University of Nottingham and they help make some of the channels possible.

Down the track I guess I might need to look at other options like the ones you mentioned... I guess we'll see.

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That's a mixture...

Sometimes I will contact someone and say "I think we should do this" or "we haven't done anything in this area for a while" or "I saw this in the news" or "the viewers have been asking about that".

But often they will contact me and say "I really want to do X,Y,Z"

Perhaps over time I think the balance has moved more towards suggestions from the experts, but that is because they are learning more and more about how the whole process works.

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I am sure he will read this eventually! :)

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Childhood hero - sounds like you need a big cricket lesson! ;)

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That happens - if they lose me (because I am too dumb or I got too bored) I tell them so and ask them more questions.

I see it as my job to keep asking and probing until I feel like I understand... And I think if I understand, the viewers probably will!

My amateur knowledge is very helpful in that regard! :)

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ha ha - I didn't actually know it was John... Who runs more successful channels himself! :)