I love what I do and I have 3 websites and a free site and a porn review site and I loved loved loved working for brazzers. Check out all my work at:

www.kellymadison.com and www.pornfidelity.com and www.teenfidelity.com and www.kellyfind.com and www.thekellyblog.com and www.kelly4free.com

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Mr_Propane56 karma

Do you prefer charcoal or propane?

kellymadison49 karma

Green side of me says propane but love the taste of charcoal

th1121331 karma

Ok, you might actually be able to answer this...

Why are boobs treated as decoration-only in porn? Yeah, occasionally there's some boob sex, but generally guys in porn seem to all-out AVOID touching them, or sucking on them or whatever. Even in Brazzers stuff which you'd think would be all about boobs, they hardly ever get touched. All those wonderful boobs are just terribly neglected! Why IS that???

kellymadison61 karma

Not in my Brazzers scene. My breasts got violated

brazzersofficial37 karma

Brazzers here! We do have sites specifically for tit worship - like Baby Got Boobs for example. Don't worry, we love tits too.

th1121312 karma

Oh I know there are some speciality boob-related things, but this is what I'm saying, they're all speciality. When I watch regular ol' vanilla porn, I just don't know how the guys can ignore the boobs so much.

kellymadison30 karma

I dunno, maybe they are scared of the boobs. I dated a guy once that was terrified of my boobs.


Youre not watching enough porn.....

th112139 karma

In "normal" porn, guys practically ignore boobs. They're almost purely for display. I'm not saying there is NO porn where people are all over the boobs, but normally it's not like that. Hell you get a porno called "boob bangers", and yeah they get some boob sex but dude grab and suck on those things! I mean seriously you have those beautiful tits right in your face! I just don't get it. I was wondering if it's something girls in porn really hate, or if it's not considered visually appealing, or what.

kellymadison27 karma

Maybe because there is such an emphasis on ass worship over the last few years. I am married to a tit man so I can't keep his hands off mine. Titty fucking is great especially if you are on the tired side and it is really early in the morning. Hey, I can just lay there and hold my tits together, awesome...

Stiffstick20 karma

What was the first thing in your career that you had to draw the line in the sand for so to speak?

kellymadison58 karma

Don't go on dates with the girls, just fuck them on camera!

basilwrathbone19 karma

hello, kelly I love watching your scenes & think that you're a gorgeous, gorgeous woman. Will you ever do a scene w/ a male performer other than your husband?

kellymadison66 karma

You available?

pistalpete18 karma

What made you want to shoot for Brazzers?

kellymadison33 karma

Cuz they are awesome and they let me produce, direct and edit my own scene and they treat me like gold

Amorphously14 karma

How do you feel about /r/gonewild? Do you think the posters there should be considering pornography? Do you think there's a requirement to be a pornstar? Also, how do you feel about porn and it's false portrayal of sex?

I ask because I would assume you're doing it because you love having people watch you have sex, and I would also assume people on GW also enjoy having people "admire" them.

kellymadison10 karma

I think nudity isn't porn. I like making art and when I make my porn I'm always thinking of it as so. I don't really do for admiration, I do it for self expression and for a business. It is a great business. I spend so much time on wardrobe and sets and lighting to make sure that the viewer gets something that took effort. For instance, we worked our butts off for this brazzers scene and spent a lot of money doing so. It wasn't because we were making a lot of money to do it, we did it for the art and we did it because we respect Brazzers so much.

Kirky033114 karma

Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor? Also, how do you feel about the industry's treatment of actresses?

You're an A+ MILF. Sorry, had to say it.

kellymadison29 karma

They don't get paid enough and as a producer it pains me to say that since I have to write checks to them every week. Also, they need a union to be able to get benefits such as medical, dental, etc. Call me a big fat commie!

kellymadison18 karma

a milf, geez I'm practically a gilf! Strawberry is my favorite. Actresses get treated well from us. We treat them like princesses. You get the best performance from people that are treated with respect and dignity.

Kirky03315 karma

How can a male get into the industry?

kellymadison14 karma

Get an agent and make sure you can fuck with a crowd watching and cum when you are told to. not easy, guys have it the hardest

_Revenge_12 karma

Are they all natural as claimed? (be honest pls) and when did it start getting big compared to other girls your age?

kellymadison29 karma

Yes, very real and they didn't start growing until I was 17 and they haven't stopped. I did the cover of Tachen's Big Book of Breasts a few years ago and I was so proud of it. Now I look at the cover and think, "geez they are small". No kidding. They just won't stop growing even though the rest of me stays the same, no kids, no big weight gain, just crazy radioactive spiderman shit breasts.

feelmemortals10 karma

Worst thing you ever had to do?

kellymadison25 karma

total bummer but just had to put my dog down. Do you mean in porn or in life?

feelmemortals12 karma

Damn :/, what happend to him?

Both really, but this is reddit, we love porn :)

kellymadison22 karma

He was 13 and just couldn't hang on any longer. Worst in porn I cannot say. I really have had wonderful experiences. No drugs no bad relationships, always worked with great people. I'm the fucking poster child for what works in porn

throwaway4redd9 karma

Huge fan here. Thanks for doing this. Do you and your husband have an open relationship outside of camerawork? How do you not get jealous of him sleeping with other women?

kellymadison23 karma

We used to have sex with other people but now that we film so much there is no need, we get our fair share! Easy, I know he loves me...

throwaway4redd4 karma

Wow that's amazing. One more question. As a woman who's had a lot of sex, do you have any tips or advice for a man about to engage in relations for the first time? Thanks for the response btw.

kellymadison20 karma

You are going to be nervous so don't be nervous about being nervous and just go slow. Be sue to feel everything and appreciate being in the moment. You'll do great.

Ellohwell4 karma

Is your hubby in the industry too?

kellymadison13 karma

Yes he is the only dude I have sex with on camera and I've been with him for 14 years. I met him when he was only 22

racinggerbils8 karma


kellymadison11 karma

in what? I like specifics : )

racinggerbils18 karma

Nostrils would be fun.

kellymadison32 karma

Woah, is that a new kind of blow job?

uberlad7 karma


kellymadison27 karma

Be kind to others and don't have any prejudices

Ellohwell7 karma

Can you walk us through what a shoot is like? Behind the scenes? I'm sure it's a little different than just having a camera on while having sex or fooling around.

Also - where do you buy your bras and lingerie? I'm large-breasted too (36 G), and am always on the lookout for pretty / sexy bras that fit or are comfortable and do a good job of supporting the girls.


kellymadison14 karma

Panache makes awesome bras that fit.

kellymadison10 karma

They carry them at nordstrom and online at various online stores. They are amazing. They even make bathing suit tops

kellymadison11 karma

I probably spent the prior days setting up the set. I also went out and purchased wardrobe for myself and the other girl if it a pornfidelity.com shoot. I scheduled the productions staff and the day of the shoot I arrive in hair and make-up and greet the talent and get ready and then I go on set and I have so much fun that I get in trouble and I laugh on camera and I have to re-take shots because I'm goofing around too much and then I have sex, great wild and exciting sex and then I get to dance around and goof off some more and kiss the girl goodbye and take a shower and make dinner either for me and my husband or the crew and/or the talent. Life is good.

Dank_tank6 karma

Would you rather watch your parents have sex everyday for the rest of your life or join in once?

kellymadison16 karma

Oooh, gross neither so I guess death is my only choice : O

Salacious-5 karma

If you could star as the lead actress in any major (non-pornographic) movie from the past 30 years, which movie would you pick? And why that one?

kellymadison29 karma

Girl with the dragon tattoo.

mjh844 karma

Big fan here...the Matt who buys all your stuff, haha....I'd love to see you do a 'Married with Children' scene...I think you and Ryan would be perfect for it!

kellymadison9 karma

You are awesome and I'm sure you would buy the leopard print Peggy Bundy pants!

Due14 karma

would you rather have sex with one horse sized duck or one duck sized horse?

kellymadison31 karma

Dude, duck sized horse, totally. Then I could fuck it and carry it around in my purse

HiImDan7 karma

You just came from 4chan, didn't you?

kellymadison15 karma

I'm a dork. What is 4chan?

dakkeh7 karma

Would you rather have sex with one horse sized dick or one dick sized horse?

kellymadison20 karma

horse sized dick but I would need a wheelchair afterwards...

COCAINE___waffles3 karma

Kelly, What's your opinion on cuddling in porn? Not enough? Too much?


kellymadison7 karma

No need for it unless the scene calls for it afterwards. I like cuddling in my personal life but it always leads to sex.

kellymadison3 karma

Hey everyone, thanks for showing up! I am sorry if I missed any questions. Be sure to check out my new scene on Brazzers.com.

chromebook13 karma

Do you have a scene with Audrey Bitoni? I think that's where I've seen you before. I would look it up myself but, I'm at work and ya know, porn. Nice tits!

kellymadison3 karma

Yes, we had a serious make-out session in the back of my husbands Range Rover. That was a long time ago, thanks for remembering.

chameleonito3 karma

Is every woman in the industry bisexual? It seems like every female pornstar does lesbian scenes too.

kellymadison13 karma

No they are not. Some girls don't do girl on girl at all. Some are just gay for pay. I like girls, I like them a lot

mjh843 karma

Do you think the unionization of the porn industry is possible?

kellymadison6 karma

No because we are such a radical group and don't like people telling us what to do that a union may be too difficult because it may be perceived as intervention of some sort

kellymadison3 karma

I love what I do and I have 3 websites and a free site and a porn review site and I loved loved loved working for brazzers. Check out all my work at:

http://www.kellymadison.com http://www.pornfidelity.com http://www.teenfidelity.com http://www.kellyfind.com http://www.thekellyblog.com http://www.kelly4free.com

CanadianVelociraptor2 karma

As someone who makes a living by showing everything on the internet, what is your stance on digital privacy with regards to the recent NSA controversies? Does it creep you out to know that the government is likely collecting information about you and the people who watch your videos?

kellymadison10 karma

I'm torn. I believe in privacy but to think we have it in this modern world is ridiculous. With the recent lock down on embassy's around the world and the threat of terrorism do I really care if they listen or watch what I'm doing. As long as it can't be used in a court of law against me for anything other than a terrorist act, I'm OK with it.

Fillard_Millmore2 karma

Hey Kelly, if you had to give any piece of advice to 10-year-old you, what would you say?

kellymadison11 karma

Nothing. They aren't old enough to speak to me. 18 or older

Harrold902 karma

How's your day going? My question is do you honestly like it when a guy cums on your face?

kellymadison6 karma

No I don't like cum in my eye but I do like it when a guy come on my tits. Totally hot and satisfying to watch. Plus no red eye!

Redditor_for_19mins2 karma


kellymadison7 karma

Finishing the Brazzer's scene. It took place over 4 days in 3 locations and was very intense. I wanted to make the best scene that I could

spacce2 karma


kellymadison3 karma

Not predicted but hoped. We work really hard pretty much 7 days a week and we do everything. Total control freaks...

[deleted]1 karma


kellymadison2 karma

Thank you so much. We just came out with our pornfidelity.com 500th scene. It ended up being so big that we turned it into 3 episode, 2 aired last week and the gran finale this Friday. Go to the free tour and check it out.

DWild_12 karma

Ever any jealousy in letting your lucky ass husband bang all these hot pornstars with you? Would you let him do it without you being involved?

That scene with Eva Notty and you making your man bust multiple times is an all time classic. Not to mention, Eva Notty and Kelly Madison tits on the same bed was the best 4 tits ever to grace the porn screen!

kellymadison8 karma

Thank you thank you. Yes, he has sex with so many hot pornstars where I am not in the scene. Especially if I am doing other things for the business or building sets or handling the business end of everything. It's nice to send him out a stud horse!

AndrewIsMyName2 karma

What is it like being a porn star? Do people ever recognize you in public and ask for autographs or a picture?

kellymadison14 karma

Oh good one. No autographs because I think they are nervous because let's face it, if they know me then they watch porn and people don't like to advertise that. They do say hi and I have taken photos with people. I never ever mind doing anything like that for a fan. Only if I'm with older people who are parents or grandparents or if I'm with children. Then it is disrespectful. Other than that, please please say hi if you see me out and about

[deleted]2 karma


kellymadison9 karma

Getting your hair and makeup done and wearing sexy clothes all the time. It is really fun for a girl to play dress up all the time.

mjh842 karma

Do you do the convention thing? (I think you have) I've never been to the Vegas one, and the Jersey one is relatively new, but I'd love to meet you (and Ryan for that matter!) if ya came out!

kellymadison6 karma

We have done the Vegas show for the last 10 years or so. Jersey sounds like a great fucking time. I love the East coast.

GeorgiaBulldogs2 karma

What's your favorite scene?

kellymadison7 karma

The brazzers scene because it was so sexy and intimate

chameleonito2 karma

How much does the average female earn in porn?

kellymadison6 karma

1000 to 1500 for one scene for your average actress. Higher for the actual "pornstars"

david___2 karma

What do you do to prepare for a scene? Is there much porn produced outside of California?

kellymadison11 karma

Nails, spray tan, shower and lots of makeup and hair. On a non-shoot day I have on sweats or yoga pants and no makeup and my hair up in a clip. Super sexy

jhonowns1 karma

how do random people in the street treat you if they recognise you?like they show respect,talk to you,ignore you?

kellymadison2 karma

Very kind, respectful, adorable. Never a bad episode.

Random4521 karma


kellymadison9 karma

We do a scene every week on pornfidelity.com and teenfidelity.com where we introduce a new woman or girl. We'll take your girl but sorry no dudes.

bluesman301 karma

Hello Kelly, hope you are having a great day! What is your favorite type of scene to shoot? Also if you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead who would it be? Good luck in your future!

kellymadison8 karma

Alive, Obama, dead Ghandi

BettyButtHurt1 karma

What are your long term plans and do you suffer from back problems?

kellymadison4 karma

No, my back is great. I have shoulders like a football player so they compensate for the large breasts and I continue to be a producer of porn as long as I can.

westcoast_eastsider1 karma

Has there ever been a request of you during a shoot that you absolutely would not do? If so, what was it?

You are gorgeous, by the way

kellymadison5 karma

Wouldn't do a 3way ass licking scene in the very beginning of my career. It was a friend of mine I was doing the scene for who decided to spring it on me right before going on set and Ryan told him no way in hell and we left. It wasn't the request, it was the last minute springing it on me when I had at the time NEVER done anything like that.


The set for Off The Rails was pretty elaborate. How do you come across such great places to shoot?

kellymadison4 karma

I made it with my own two hands, thanks. We work really hard on building our sets. Home depot is my home away from home, literally

chameleonito1 karma

Someone wants you to do something for a scene. Where goes the line?

kellymadison5 karma

I only work for myself so I get to draw my own line. Love it.

lonewolf901 karma

Hey kelly, do you prefer blondes or brunettes?

kellymadison2 karma

Both. Really porn like fake blondes with big 'ol tits and tan and all natural no extensions brunettes with pale skin. Yep, I like variety

[deleted]1 karma

If you could think of one song to describe your porn career, what would it be and why?

kellymadison2 karma


theswashbuckler941 karma

Have you ever had to deal with people 'looking down' on you for being in pornographic scenes? If so, how do you react/what do you say?

kellymadison8 karma

Not to my face but I know what people say. I only have to answer to myself and to those I love and as long as I am good there then it doesn't matter what other people say

myspamhere1 karma

Does your family / long time friends know what you do for a living?

kellymadison6 karma

Yes and supportive. I don't put it in their faces and I am respectful and they respect me.

BettyButtHurt12 karma

Put... put what in their faces?

kellymadison6 karma


Crackerjack51 karma

What's your favorite (nude or not) photo of yourself?

kellymadison5 karma

The one on my blog where I am hugging my dog

Crackerjack51 karma

Care to post?

kellymadison2 karma

I can post photos? Hey, I'm a newbie

Crackerjack51 karma

Lol it's cool. Post the link to the blog where the picture is at.

BootyMasterJon1 karma

Pics please...

kellymadison2 karma

SpankYouVeryHard1 karma

Do you have a "Don't do list" and if so what is on it?

kellymadison3 karma

Not big on anal. I don't like to get spanked, rarely only if I'm feeling really naughty.

basilwrathbone1 karma

kelly, if you could make a celebrity sex tape with anyone, who would you choose?

kellymadison2 karma

Channing Tatum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!