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What is your opinion on the internet censorship in North Korea? What is the general public's attitude toward such practices? (Do people try to circumvent it, or just live with it?)

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What sort of programming jobs are there at Naughty Dog? What programming languages and other technologies are used to create your games?

How often are you hiring?

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Cool, thank you for doing an AMA! I'm currently a Computer Science major (starting this fall!) and have always been interested in a career in computer security. Some questions come to mind:

  • What resources would you suggest for learning about security programming? Any go-to tutorials or must-read books? (Besides Metasploit Unleashed) ;)

  • What's the best way to gain experience in the field of security? A lot of the things seem to be legal grey-areas unless you are working for a security research company or similar. What sort of things can an individual do to learn the ropes?

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Thank you for Ubuntu, and for doing this AMA! I started using Ubuntu at a young age, and it's what got me interested in open-source software. Canonical does great work! Some questions that come to mind:

  • Where would you recommend someone get started if they were interested in contributing to Ubuntu or similar?

  • Will the Edge's "desktop" OS have as much functionality and compatibility as the current Ubuntu operating system releases when the phone is docked? What functionality will be lost when the phone is mobile?

  • Do you think the transition to Unity on the Ubuntu desktop has turned out okay, or is the community still too reluctant to change?

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Question for the cast members (if they are here):

  • How familiar were you with gamer culture before working on VGHS? What video games, if any, do you play in your free time?

Questions for the producers/writers:

  • I noticed that a lot of Video Game High School looked more like a college or university (acceptance letter, dorm roommates, TAs, etc.) Was this theme intentional? If so, why didn't you decide to make VGHS look more like a traditional high school?

  • Why is Brianpalooza's Rock O' Clock at 3:32? Half past rad, quarter to score... if that's a puzzle, I can't figure it out!

Question for everyone:

  • What’s your favourite song? What music do you listen to on and off the set of VGHS? I really liked some of the song choices for the series, and I'm curious about the musical tastes of the cast and crew :)

Thank you all for the work you have done, and for doing this AMA! VGHS is one of my all-time favourite shows, and I really think you made something special. Keep up the great work with season 2!