Kelly Madison

Kelly madison1
is an American pornographic actress, director, producer, and Internet pornography entrepreneur. Madison runs a production company, 413 Productions, with her husband Ryan

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kellymadison66 karma

You available?

kellymadison61 karma

Not in my Brazzers scene. My breasts got violated

kellymadison58 karma

Don't go on dates with the girls, just fuck them on camera!

kellymadison49 karma

Green side of me says propane but love the taste of charcoal

kellymadison33 karma

Cuz they are awesome and they let me produce, direct and edit my own scene and they treat me like gold

kellymadison32 karma

Woah, is that a new kind of blow job?

kellymadison31 karma

Dude, duck sized horse, totally. Then I could fuck it and carry it around in my purse

kellymadison30 karma

I dunno, maybe they are scared of the boobs. I dated a guy once that was terrified of my boobs.

kellymadison29 karma

Girl with the dragon tattoo.

kellymadison29 karma

They don't get paid enough and as a producer it pains me to say that since I have to write checks to them every week. Also, they need a union to be able to get benefits such as medical, dental, etc. Call me a big fat commie!