I started hiccuping in mid November and haven't stopped since. I hiccup constantly every waking hour. My doctors are stumped and no medication has worked. At first it was amusing, but it's now having a negative impact on my life.

I'm open to trying anything that might make my hiccups stop.

I'm reposting this with proof of my hiccups. You can watch a livestream of me here. And here's a picture of some the medications that have failed to cure me.

Edit: I'm going to have to stop the live stream for a little bit. I'll keep answering questions and get the live stream back up soon. Thanks for all the suggestions.

Edit: The live stream is back up. Knock yourselves out if watching a bearded man hiccup is your sort of thing.

Edit: I've been live streaming hiccups for over 10 hours, it's gone 4.00am and I must get some sleep. I've been blown away by all the questions and suggestions, if I haven't answered you I'll try and do it tomorrow. As I said I'll work my way through your suggestions and will record some of them on camera. It might take a week or so to put things together but OP will deliver.

Edit: I'm back and will answer as many questions as I can. I've just managed to convince a website I write for to help put together videos of some of the more ambitious cures. Please PM me if you live near London and have experience of administering waterboarding or you're a doctor/paramedic willing to to supervise a waterboarding - I can pay for your services.

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I made a table of all the proposed cures

suggestion vote count suggested by attempted
waterboarding 183 /u/supersecretjames not yet
Put pressure on phrenic nerve Osteopathic Medical technique 136 /u/pagingdrpaige unknown
Plug ears with fingers, take 3 gulps water through straw 123 /u/THE_STEALTHY_SHITTER not yet
copious sexual activity 122 /u/misscaptcha unknown
smoke marijuana 77 + 32 /u/Wealthier_nasty, /u/pogiface not yet
use marijuana as an antixiolytic, high indica 59 + 2 /u/jilliancad, /u/ronenco (suggested indica) not yet
eat a giant spoonful of peanut butter 60 /u/twistedivy not yet
chug mug of beer while holding ciggarette in mouth and smoking 57 /u/bongarong unknown
hyperventilate or holding breath method 55 /u/Sloppy_Tw*t unknown
a tablespoon of vinegar 32 /u/aryst0krat unknown
soak slice of lemon in bitters, pour sugar all over it then suck it. Repeat. 32 /u/Wealthier_nasty not yet
see a hypnotist 31 /u/Neo_Spork not yet
Vagus nerve stimulation (suggest as anal insertion) 29 /u/tealgreen not yet
" drink water upside down by taking a glass and bending over so my head is above my feet and my torso parallel with my legs and then putting the far edge of the glass in between my top lip and teeth and drinking the entire glass slowly. Sometimes, it takes more than one glass." 28 /u/Blue_Train yes
chiropractic adjustment (neck) 25 + 2 /u/SigmaValentine (fiance with similar condition used successfully) and /u/doctor_bens no
chill spoon or butter knife in freezer, place tip-down in water, drink while pressing utensil handle to temple 27 /u/Heavyonthesarcasm unknown
Picture sitting on grassy hill, picture black cow with white spots. Focus hard, then look cow in eyes and say "moo" 18 /u/brookew uh...
jabbing the back of the throat lightly with a pen 15 /u/ARasool not yet
Rectal digital massage 14 + 2 /u/ChrisHS, trollocity not yet
burp or drink fluids 12 /u/Two-Packs n/a
drink Apple cider vinegar 8 + 4 /u/faultysynapse, /u/dugFreshness not yet
decompression chamber 11 /u/ToProvedeContext not yet
big gulps of pickle brine 8 /u/faultysynapse unknown
spoonful of sugar 8 + 2 /u/slowk1ng, /u/MSeltz and others unknown
flovent (steroid inhalant) 8 /u/sci_comes_1st no
ketamine 8 /u/nowayjosa no
poppers (muscle relaxing inhalant) 7 /u/iluffeggs not yet
drink water with nose pinched closed 6 /u/dicroce via here unknown
*added 7/15 dose of opiates 6 /u/fat_loser_junkie (worked on friend) unknown
cover full glass of water with paper towel, drink until empty through towel without tearing 4 + 3 + /u/SubSeven98, /u/rimliquor69 + various not yet
look for dietary triggers 5 /u/the200sx no
Vicks cough drops 5 /u/12597811414 not yet
drink full glass of water with fork in it, handle down. place fork tines against forehead. technique 4 /u/ch4rbok unknown
gagging 2 + 2 /u/clamsclamsclams, /u/lenar_Hoyt unknown
thorazine (chlorpromazine) 2 + 2 /u/Archipelegiac, /u/marbella9012 unknown, tried heloperidol
Take LSD 3 /u/Gbid unknown
have someone offer $30 to hiccup on cue 3 /u/pentaphil unknown
plug nose, drink glass of water 3 /u/blstthexradioo yes (variation), will try again
OTC muscle relaxant + focus on breath 3 [deleted] took prscpt relaxants, didn't help much
accupuncture 3 /u/drsryan no
teaspoon of white sugar saturated with vinegar 2 /u/rick500
drink water in crab position with face up, head tilted back 2 /u/kakashi1814 unknown
stick out tongue and hold with fingers, or massage back of throat with q-tip 2 /u/CassiLeigh16 unknown
drink red cayenne powder with water 2 /u/JAMNTAM unknown
meditate 2 /u/DoiX unknown
take two deep inhalations, hold, and drink fizzy drink like cola 2 /u/DoiX unknown
Anti-spasmodincs 2 /u/mad_eye_maddie unknown
drink water while standing bent over 2 /u/xylomorph not yet
shot of lime cordial, taken like shot 2 /u/deadn*gastorage unknown
hold as much air as possible in lungs, then sip and swallow air until you need to breath. repeat 2 /u/MSeltz unknown
continuously swallow and inhale until you cant anymore. Then hold your breath 1 /u/vviikkrraanntt yes
anesthesia or induced coma 1 /u/kelly33507 no
hold breath, drink water 1 /u/derp1213123 yes
Inhale , swallow x 2 , exhale slowly 1 /u/Errecting_Nope yes
stick chewing tabacco from tin up one nostril 1 /u/Jaysenka not yet
seal ears with palms, drink big gulps from tap face up 1 /u/okiclick unknown
eat dry kool-aid packet 1 /u/p3rv3r7 probably not
hold icepack (or something cold) to throat 1 /u/Atlasmaoam not yet
eat hot curry or chilli 1 /u/Atlasmaoam unkown
hold breath, punch abdomen around diaphram 1 /u/keetleby unknown
hold breath, have someone else punch stomach 1 /u/asdf789987 unknown
lightly punch neck below tonsils 1 /u/recompense yes, made worse
drink full glass of water bent over with upper lip on outside of glass 1 /u/EDante yes
get scared senseless 1 /u/time_shhift attempted
strap dynamite to self and threaten hiccups 1 /u/HalBriston not yet
hold breath for double the average time between hiccups 1 /u/friend_of_Tigger unknown
burp alphabet 1 /u/friend_of_Tigger unknown
physically fight with friends 1 /u/smoked_beer knknown
abdominal stretches and ginger tea 1 /u/the_mighty_moon_worm unknown
spoonful of lemon juice 1 /u/hixpwarior3 unknown
video tape self sleeping, figure out why they stop then 1 /u/crashed9 unknown
Swallow water or starchy food as diaphragm spasms just before hiccup 1 /u/evenement not yet
holding your breath -3 /u/Theupper1 yes

I had a few suggestions here. the ones I had that aren't already on here are take singing lessons, sleep on a waterbed, and look into a hypobaric chamber. Someone else suggested a hyperbaric chamber. I wonder if either works, and if so, which works better.

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This is absolutely amazing, you've saved me a lot of effort. Please upvote. I promise I will do these more or less in order till I run out of things to do or find a cure.

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My fiancé had the hiccups for 1 year 11 months and 3 days. She saw drs and specialists and neurologists, the basic verdict was that she would just have them until they stopped on their own. She was still in high school and she tagged along with her dad to his chiropractor appointment one day and the chiro noticed her head was a bit crooked. He compressed an area on the back of her neck and they stopped while he was pressing down. He did several adjustments of her neck over time and they stopped completely! Turns out she had a disc in her neck that had rotated and was compressing a nerve causing the hiccups.

hiccuping1296 karma

I've just seen this, it's fascinating. I wouldn't be surprised if the root cause is a nerve issue, it's something I need to look into.

irregularpanda517 karma

If it was, it's most likely the phrenic nerve.

Finding a good chiropractor that is intelligent is a bit like trying to find a sane roommate on craigslist.

hiccuping364 karma

You're the second person to mention the phrenic nerve. I will do some research on it.

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The hiccups will stop at nine months. The gestation period is nearly complete...

hiccuping1406 karma

Um... What exactly is gestating? Or do I not want to know?

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There was an episode of ER in the 1990s in which a man presented with unstoppable hiccups... I think he ended up being diagnosed with AIDS.

On another note drinking water from the far side of a glass always works for me... to stop hiccups, not prevent AIDS.

hiccuping1625 karma

Yep, the doctor told me that. I don't have AIDS.

garrygra1021 karma

I love how you're being given all these old wives tale style remedies as if you haven't been trying...everything.

hiccuping1849 karma

To be fair, I haven't tired waterboarding. Or pot, or ketamine, or a finger up my bum.

symmetrical_bookstac1611 karma

If you're going for a record, you still have 71 years and 3.5 months to go.

hiccuping1445 karma

I saw that on Wikipedia - the man whose hiccups were triggered by an accident with a pig. I'd rather find a cure.

SBDMfan1218 karma

Your hiccup livestream is perfect background noise to make me feel less lonely

hiccuping869 karma

Glad to be your hiccup buddy.

okiclick195 karma

And its fun to watch while always reloading the comments sorted by age. He seems to be answering every comment chronologically, so you can guess which comment he's answering right now.

hiccuping113 karma

I like to be thorough.

supersecretjames1024 karma

Wasn't there another guy on reddit that used waterboarding to cure his hiccups?

hiccuping1080 karma

Someone linked me to him yesterday. I'm seriously considering it.

StickiestFingers502 karma

I really hope that this works for you.

hiccuping1390 karma

Maybe I should do it on camera?

Smittyrb1587 karma

Torture yourself for some of that sweet, sweet karma.

hiccuping1158 karma

I can taste it already.

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hiccuping628 karma

Is it the beard?

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Thanks, it's my sexy librarian look.


How about this, get a cup of water and a straw. Plug your ears with your fingers and take 3 big gulps of water through the straw. I do not know why it works but it has worked for me every. single. time. People think I'm crazy when they get the hiccups and I tell them to do this, but it works.

hiccuping324 karma

I'm going to try this.


Report back with results.

hiccuping246 karma

Will do.

twistedivy296 karma

What worked for me was eating a giant spoonful of peanut butter. Your brain focuses so hard on choking down the PB that it forgets to hiccup. I hope you find a cure cuz hiccups hurt.

hiccuping202 karma

Thanks, I'll give it a go.

pogiface233 karma

Smoke a lot of pot, try it

hiccuping328 karma

You're the second person to suggest this. It might have to be done. Maybe I should ask /r/trees for guidance?

I_GOOGLE_BING216 karma

You are dying of what Lily died of in Marshall's fantasy.

hiccuping200 karma

A quick Google tells me this is a HIMYM reference, I haven't watched it for years. On another note, I'd rather not die.

Blue_Train176 karma

Oh man! I really hope they stop soon! They hurt me after just a few minutes so I can't even imagine what you're going through. How are you able to sleep? The only thing that works for me in getting rid of them is to drink water upside down by taking a glass and bending over so my head is above my feet and my torso parallel with my legs and then putting the far edge of the glass in between my top lip and teeth and drinking the entire glass slowly. Sometimes, it takes more than one glass. I don't know if you've tried this already. What about muscle relaxers?

hiccuping219 karma

They stop when I sleep fortunately. I've tried lots of drinking water tricks, none work. I was prescribed one relaxant, it might have slowed them down slightly but it made me too sleepy to function.

Iwentocollegeforthis165 karma

if they stop when you sleep, it may be a sign that it is psychological. considered hypnosis?

hiccuping188 karma

I sort of think the same. Hypnosis is on my to do list.

tealgreen172 karma

have you tried sticking something up your butt? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15926725

hiccuping250 karma

That looks legit, surprisingly. Any suggestions for where I could find an experienced bum finger-er?

Spindock135 karma

You could email the corresponding author of that academic paper. Chances are they're still working on it and would probably love to have a new test subject. And even if you don't want that treatment, they'll probably be much more clued up to help you out than your current doctor

hiccuping360 karma

Will do. And if they don't need a test subject I'll put an add on Craigslist.

Neo_Spork143 karma

Have you tried going to a hypnotist? I know it sounds, weird, but if it stops when you sleep it could be psychological, which a hypnotist may be able to help with.

hiccuping107 karma

I haven't tried it, so will add it to the list.

meat-biscuit142 karma

Do you recall anything starting the hiccups? For me, if I have a cigarette while having a Coke will always set off some hiccups for me.

hiccuping163 karma

It would make sense for something to have triggered them, but I can't remember. They just sort of happened.

depricatedzero133 karma

My sister has had them for over 20 years. Any more it comes as a random hiccup every 5-15 minutes. What kind of frequency do you experience?

hiccuping167 karma

20 years! :( The frequency varies - it can go from every few seconds to not hiccuping for 10 minutes. Depends how much activity I am doing.

SteveCFE153 karma

I imagine you occasionally hit eleven minutes, get really happy, then hiccup :(

hiccuping164 karma

True, as soon as I realise I've stopped I start again.

ToProvideContext75 karma

I knew someone who had something similar they ended up in a decompression chamberI iror a hyperbolic or hyperbaric chamber. Ask your doctor. It's not a hyperbolic time chamber

hiccuping35 karma

I'll check out decompression. Hadn't thought of that before.

legendslayer71 karma

Is talking practically impossible when you are constantly hiccuping,

Also are you hiccuping right now?

hiccuping108 karma

I manage, though it gets a bit irritating. If you fancy watching a bearded man hiccup you can see a live stream of me here

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hiccuping223 karma

Good luck with that.

legendslayer29 karma

That is one of the most entertaining things i have ever seen,

hiccuping48 karma

Glad to have been of service?

friday670038 karma

Oh god, they're squeaky hiccups, too. The sigh was perfect, too. I kinda wanna make this a ringtone.

hiccuping46 karma

Its not the manliest noise. Please make it your ringtone.

hectorzero67 karma

What is your middle name?

hiccuping100 karma


Wealthier_nasty63 karma

Try soaking a slice of lemon in bitters and then pour sugar all over it and suck it. A couple of those always cures me of the hiccups.

Also you should try smoking marijuana. This has worked for me in the past. And I think 'medical' would apply to this scenario.

hiccuping53 karma

I'll try the lemon trick. I've never smoked pot before, but a quick Google found this. Maybe I should give it a go.

HansChuzzman61 karma

Assuming you had a sex life prior to this happening, how has it affected your current sex life ?

What do you do for work? Has it inhibited your ability to do your job properly?

hiccuping94 karma

Strenuous activity increases the frequency of the hiccups. I work from home as a journalist so it only really affects phone calls etc.

Doctorhype56 karma

How has the hiccups affected your sleep pattern? Do you just ignore them or find a way to suppress them?

hiccuping140 karma

The stop when I sleep, it's the one thing that makes me think it might all be psychological.

ARasool53 karma

Have you tried jabbing the back of your throat with a pen lightly? Might be your gag reflex going out of whack.

hiccuping508 karma

I'll add 'deep throat a pen' to me to do list.

The_Darkfire43 karma

How often do you get a delay between hiccups and think they've stopped, only to immediately hiccup?

hiccuping71 karma

It's hard to tell, as soon as you think 'when did i last hiccup?' you hiccup.

sharkeyes36 karma

How has this affected your social life? I can't imagine trying to watch a movie or eat a meal with someone who wont stop hiccuping.

hiccuping100 karma

Going to the cinema is the only thing I'm avoiding. When I go out people just assume I'm pissed.

ShitStainedLegoBrick35 karma

I have a friend with almost exactly this, their doctor thinks it's down to stress if that helps?

hiccuping45 karma

It's possible, but how do I make them stop? I need a way to get super relaxed.

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hiccuping140 karma

Actually that might have wor hic

Userincluded18 karma

Shit, i know 2 people in the same position i'm afraid to say, and not to worry you, both have now had hiccups everyday, for as long as they remember. Considered learning just to live with it?

hiccuping45 karma

I'd rather exhaust my options first, though I admit there's worse medical issues to be stuck with.

Two-Packs15 karma

Wow that is amazing and kind of shocking at the same time. My own solution to my hiccups (which happens when I eat too quickly) is to either burp or drink fluids. When I drink fluids I can actually feel a "bubble" go down my esophagus. But that's just me. I hope you get better soon!

hiccuping11 karma

Thanks. The drinking water cures haven't worked for me.

timmyfinnegan13 karma

What's the frequency of your hiccups? Can you have a normal conversation? Can you hold it in for a few minutes?

hiccuping13 karma

The frequency varies on how active I am. I converse as normal, just with an added irritation. They are impossible to hold in, the more I think about it the worse it gets.

nowayjosa11 karma

You said you hadn't tried smoking pot, have you tried ket? Heard that works. http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/775746-medication

hiccuping52 karma

Horse tranquilizer might just be what I need. I'll add it to my list.

STYKOp10 karma

jesus I was watching your stream for minute and I had to turn it off. How other people react to this, when you are talking to strangers or in public in general? Does your stomach hurts because of hiccups? It always hurts me when I hiccup for more than 5 minutes. Get well soon!

hiccuping18 karma

Most people smile and think it's cute when they first meet me - it wears off quite quickly. Fortunately it doesn't hurt at all.

mr_feet5 karma

I remember I had hiccups that lasted most of the day, it began in the morning and it started to hurt like crazy as the day passed with each hiccup. Does it hurt?

hiccuping5 karma

It doesn't hurt, I guess my body is used to it.

karmaHug5 karma

You mentioned that the doctors were stumped. What did they actually say?

hiccuping10 karma

My doctor had never seen anything like it and the gastro specialist has never had anyone he couldn't cure with prescription drugs. They have no idea what's causing them.

heyhowru17 karma

Have you tried going to a neurologist instead?

hiccuping9 karma

It's possible it's all in my head, but my doctor hasn't suggested it. It seems to be a physical as it gets worse when I'm active.

125978114144 karma

I hope you get to stop hiccupping soon. Vicks cough drops always help me. As a journalist, I am assuming you like to write (create/produce). Has this condition given you any inspiration to write something new?

hiccuping11 karma

I'll try the Vicks. I guess I could do a 'how Reddit cured my hiccups feature'.

blastthexradioo3 karma

I'm not sure if you've already tried this, but it's always worked for me and this one drunk guy in my dorm hall. Grab a glass of water, plug your nose with your fingers like you're about to jump into a pool, drink some of the water and don't let go of your nose until after you've swallowed. Make sure it's a good drink of water, not just a sip. I swear it's worked every time for me, I hope it works for you!

hiccuping4 karma

I've tried a variation of this. Can't hurt to try again.

MinorThreat893 karma

I've always been able to stop hiccuping whenever i've wanted, but I'm guessing my method won't work for you :(

Good luck in sorting it out.

hiccuping5 karma


kreaturefear3 karma

Please post an update as soon as you're better! Hopefully soon!

hiccuping3 karma

Will do.

ilbc3 karma

Have you figured out a pitch for a MY HICCUP YEAR book yet?

hiccuping10 karma

I'm going for a reality TV show.

ThraShErDDoS2 karma

How does it affect your throat? Does it hurt later on in the day after lots of hiccups?

hiccuping2 karma

I'm not in any pain.

oddbrandon2 karma

Is this your second AMA in as many days?

hiccuping3 karma

It got removed with half an hour last time because of lack of proof. The Mods allowed me to repost with a livestream of me.

oddbrandon2 karma

Ah yes, are you incapable of being in public places (ex: movie theatre) cause of the hiccups?

hiccuping5 karma

The cinema is the one place I'm avoiding. I've been once since the hiccups started and had to gag myself with a scarf.

Jenneh2 karma

Alright, I'll give it go..

What comes out of chimney?

hiccuping3 karma


Jenneh4 karma

..How did that go?

I had hiccups once for a pretty long time one day and my friend finally got fed up with it and asked me that. I didn't have even a single hiccup after that.

hiccuping6 karma

I'm still hiccuping

flyingfalcon122 karma

Have you been unable to do anything you loved to do before because of the endless hiccups?

hiccuping4 karma

Not really. The only thing I've avoided is going to the cinema.

the_ranting_swede2 karma

What color would you say your hiccups are?

hiccuping7 karma


letsjamwitlam1 karma

This is actually one of my biggest fears, to hiccup and then have it never stop..

hiccuping7 karma

It's better then being encased in concrete. With a computer that only lets you play QWOP. That's my worst fear.

finomans1 karma

how hard is it to go to sleep, do you lay awake longer than you used to because of the hiccups?

hiccuping2 karma

They stop when I go to sleep.

kelly335071 karma

Have u thought of being put under anesthesia or an induced coma?

hiccuping2 karma

I'm not sure how I'd convince a doctor to do this. Guess I could ask