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Oh man! I really hope they stop soon! They hurt me after just a few minutes so I can't even imagine what you're going through. How are you able to sleep? The only thing that works for me in getting rid of them is to drink water upside down by taking a glass and bending over so my head is above my feet and my torso parallel with my legs and then putting the far edge of the glass in between my top lip and teeth and drinking the entire glass slowly. Sometimes, it takes more than one glass. I don't know if you've tried this already. What about muscle relaxers?

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Did you guys really shoot Paris, Texas without a shot list or anything? How much improvisation was involved? Thanks

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Do most people in LA assume you are Mexican or Filipino?

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How did you get correctly diagnosed? What type of doctor diagnosed you? What are you doing for the pain?

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I bought an LG 47LM7600 last year and agree that the smart tv apps are completely easy to use and that the built in plex and dlna server front ends are also dead simple to use. You'd really have to be a half-wit to not be able to use these functions. The picture is gorgeous too and there's nearly no bezel.