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Did this happening cause any long term effects? Was it ever brought up in say, a job interview or anything of that sort Edit: fixed affects to effects. Edit 2: Holy crap! Just noticed that this is my most upvoted comment! Thanks you guy/gals!

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How often were the threats?

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What, if any, souvenirs did you bring home with you when you returned? Also, thank you for your service, my grandfather served in Vietnam as well.

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And I thought I had it bad when I broke up with my crazy ex. That would be absolutely horrible. Glad you were able to go into detective mode and figure out who it was.

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From one gearhead to another, good luck and keep working on em as long as you can. I get flak from my neighbours for my project being in the driveway. I wish I could have a shop like yours!

What's your dream car? Favorite car you've worked on?