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Some "most of" questions

What is the most emotionally draining thing you've had to clean up?

The grossest?

Most awe-inspiring?


Any specific clean-ups you'd like to share?

Anything specific you'd like to talk about?

Also: did you get involved in the Deepwater Horizon spill? If so, how did that compare to other jobs? I understand that the depth of the well made it a real pain in the ass compared to standard cleanups.

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another contractor had cut on their generator next to my air compressor and I was breathing in the exhaust from the generator.

Holy shit I'm glad you're alright! That could have been serious.

What got you in to this line of work?

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She smiled at me, so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.

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Redditor for one year. Checks out.

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My sister has had them for over 20 years. Any more it comes as a random hiccup every 5-15 minutes. What kind of frequency do you experience?