Hi Reddit! Prior to starting chemo, I did a post in r/pics and many asked to post updates, so here I am. I have stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma (the sexiest of the lymphomas) and am currently receiving my 3rd round of chemo. Today I got excellent news from my first check-up scan - my tumors are shrinking and everything is responding well (see pic below)! Ask me absolutely anything.


More proof, and I just wanted to share the good news!

Also, if you're still reading and feel like helping me out and doing your good deed for the day, you could always sponsor me for a scholarship I'm trying to win! All this cancer business has inspired me to become an oncology nurse and I've been using my time off work to apply for scholarships to help pay for nursing school. Just hit the link below, click sponsor and it just asks for your name, date of birth and email. Thanks a million billion :)


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e_cybo_pooch1088 karma

Don't have a question just wanted to wish you best of luck in kicking Cancer's ass! Edit: Well, thanks for the gold!

thebossapplesauce881 karma

I'm winning the battle so far, and plan on winning the war :)

Inabsentiaa255 karma

Fuck yeah! I don't have any questions either, just wanted to show support and let you know I sponsored you :)

thebossapplesauce238 karma

thank you! I really appreciate it!!

yourstupidsister999 karma

Hi, 21 year old just diagnosed two days ago with an aggressive melanoma, I'm over the complete ohmygodimgoingtodie freaking out phase, but now i'm just... really really stressed. How do you cope and handle yourself?

EDIT: Holy crap, just got back from getting blood work done and I didn't expect such an intense response from people! Thank you all so much for your advice and support, I'll try to get through the comments.

thebossapplesauce1069 karma

I'm so sorry about your diagnosis. Just know this is your reality and there's nothing you can do to change it, but you can change how you react to it. One day at a time, kid.

nutbastard442 karma

When you hear non-cancer-having people complaining that their morning coffee wasn't made correctly, how do you murder them?

thebossapplesauce1113 karma

I do use my condition to my advantage often. It's fun. Someone tells a terrible joke? Your joke literally gave me cancer. I've been making a lot of cancer jokes lately, I guess they help me cope. I've become a pro at this tetris game on my phone and I told my bf I finally found something I'm good at besides getting cancer. lol

SomthinOfANeerDoWell83 karma

Have you heard of the stand-up comedian, Tig Notaro? She did a show the week she was diagnosed and it is amazing. I heard about it on This American Life and you can download the whole show in iTunes. I'd be willing to buy it for you if you like. Would you be interested?


thebossapplesauce87 karma

I have heard of her! Don't buy it for me, I'll handle that. Thank you :)

dysoncube46 karma

I found I could joke about cancer with those who were always around me, but further acquaintances were mortified by cancer and death jokes. It always caught me off guard how callous I had become. Did you find that to be the case?

thebossapplesauce130 karma

I broke out a cancer joke this past weekend with friends in a friendly game of cards against humanity, and it was pretty well received. They'd been drinking though so I don't know if that affected it! But I could definitely see how people would be uncomfortable with it. It's just like when you have a really overweight friend say something about how fat they are...like what do you say? It's a similar situation.

YSO-shyguy70 karma

Kids with Ass Cancer is a pretty awesome card. Up there with MechaHitler for sure.

thebossapplesauce80 karma

Maybe those are in expansion packs because I haven't seen those yet! I think the best card has to be "big black dick". It basically is a guaranteed win.

Improbablydrunkwink27 karma

That is a great and funny approach to things. but I'm probably going to hell for thinking that

thebossapplesauce141 karma

Not at all. Plus there's no such place so you're good :)

Brad111923 karma

Do you ever joke around by saying " I don't have all day here" and those kind of jokes? My uncle who just recently died of lung cancer always joked around with having cancer, although he never did it around his younger nephew's and niece's, they wouldnt understand and just start crying. Also, how hard is it to eat? I would think it would be human instinct to eat but obviously its kind of hard for you.

thebossapplesauce52 karma

Um, it's not hard at all. I eat like a fucking maniac. I'm on steroids that increase my appetite and luckily I haven't had much nausea. I don't really make jokes like that because I'm not terminal and I expect to pull through. I do joke though!

streamstroller250 karma

Are you wearing a wig? Have you heard about cold therapy for reducing hair loss?

Also: your dimples are super-cute (saying as non creepy as possible - I'm a straight woman with kids).

thebossapplesauce397 karma

Yes that's a wig! I'm as bald as Mr. Clean.

TheWhiteCrow216 karma

Sorry that the doctor found your adrenal glands unremarkable. I'm sure you have fantastic adrenal glands and he just doesn't know what he's talking about.

thebossapplesauce391 karma

Bitch we're fabulous.

-My adrenal glands

atsirktop49 karma

Your attitude and humor about the situation has continued to impress me the more I read. This is the straw that broke the camel's back, and I now feel compelled to tell you how awesome you are.

I can't wait to see your update post after you kick cancer's ass.

thebossapplesauce14 karma

Thank you

t3rrapins185 karma

If cancer was a person you could fight, what weapon would you choose to fight with?

thebossapplesauce678 karma

I like this question! I'd use my bare goddamn hands!!

isolani99 karma

You are definitely the boss apple sauce.

thebossapplesauce8 karma

Reddit usernames don't lie. Looking at you, u/I_rape_cats.

isolani5 karma

It's also really great how you're still answering your AMA 12 hours after creating it.

thebossapplesauce8 karma

I'm bored and feel pretty shitty to do anything else.

xjayroox175 karma

On a scale of 1-10 how infuriated do you get when people tell you that only natural cures help with cancer and that chemo is just big pharma trying to steal money from you?

thebossapplesauce291 karma


wonderlandrabbit30 karma

I had a friend tell me "fuck chemo" when my fiancé got multiple myeloma. Well, he does take some herbs but he still did the chemo and last time they checked, it had killed 90% of the cancer cells. His doctor said the herbs wouldn't hurt him but the MM broke his bones so there was no way he was going to say, "fuck you, chemo." And I'm glad. He actually has chemo today too. Worst part about is that it is boring waiting around in the chemo clinic!! Glad you have something fun to do. Kick its ass!!! :) One day I hope all blood cancers are eradicated!!

thebossapplesauce72 karma

One day I hope all blood cancers are eradicated!!

One day I hope all blood cancers are eradicated!!


tombonator148 karma

Just want to say at 25 I too was also diagnosed with cancer, fortunately it had one of the highest treatment / survival rates. I can imagine your shock when you were diagnosed. I remember thinking god I'm 25 how could this happen to me now? I always remember going into the oncologists office and sitting in that waiting room looking around and seeing all these elderly 65-80 year old people staring back at this 25 year old giving that what the hell is he doing here look.

Good luck to you and stay strong, keep a positive outlook, the mind can be a powerful thing.

thebossapplesauce119 karma

I know that feeling! I too get strange looks from the elderly folks at my cancer center, but they are all very nice.


Dear thebossapplesauce,

Your optimism is inspiring. As such, I would like to share my views on cancer:

Fuck Cancer. Fuck the everliving shit out of it. Fuck cancer to the point where it begs for mercy, or at least lube. Then fuck it some more. Once thoroughly fucked, proceed to leave it sprawled in the hospital bed, watching you walk away like the cheap whore it is.

Good luck, and all that jazz.

thebossapplesauce178 karma

welp, just found what I want on my tombstone.

zen_monkey118 karma

The 2nd picture had text that said your kidneys are unremarkable.

I suppose that's a good thing but still you should complain and ask what it takes to get a better grade than "C" around here.

thebossapplesauce115 karma

You're the second person that's pointed that out! My friend on FB was teasing me about my unremarkable kidneys.

WannabeNatalie59 karma

I'm sure your kidneys and other various internal organs are very nice.

thebossapplesauce113 karma

Remarkable, actually.

Unheard107 karma

I just wanted to say that I am so happy for you! I lost my sister to Hodgkin's around 5 years ago, so anytime I hear about someone beatin it, it makes me cheer on the inside for them. Way to go! Keep your chin up and know you are on the way to recovery.


thebossapplesauce72 karma

I am so sorry to hear that. Cancer's a raging bitch.

10gags100 karma

good luck there kid.

what's your overall prognosis?

when you first found out, what was your initial reaction ? you write a will? start cooking meth?

do you have kids/dependents? how are they taking it?

thebossapplesauce172 karma

Thank you! My overall prognosis is 50-60%, but that statistic includes anyone in my condition, including the very young and very old. Given my age and overall health, my odds are much better. The possibility of cancer completely blindsided me, and I found out I had several masses in my chest while in a bed in the ER (I only went my GP for mild shortness of breath). I just cried and thought I was going to die basically. When I found out that it's Hodgkin's specifically, I was actually relieved and celebrated, because it's one of the most curable forms of cancer. I don't have kids but my friends and family have been great.

10gags35 karma

sooo i guess no meth eh?

i guess you can't believe everything you see on TV.

have you been to support groups? have they been any help?

have you put life on hold for treatment or has it been a motivator? i can see it going either way honestly...

thebossapplesauce139 karma

No meth but I can't wait until August 11th!! I have not been to support groups. I have put life on hold. My doctors don't want me working because I basically have no immune system and something as mild as the common cold could land me in the ICU. But I do see it as a huge motivator. I plan on going to nursing school when I'm done and I want to run a triathalon bald.

PounderMcNasty83 karma

PounderMcNasty is now sponsoring bplumb5!

thebossapplesauce56 karma

Yay! I really appreciate it!!

ZerglingBBQ33 karma


thebossapplesauce70 karma

Go get 'em tiger.

theitgrunt64 karma

I'm a stage 2 survivor for Hodgkin's disease too... Hang in there! What kind of cocktail are you on? I think mine was ABVD.

thebossapplesauce71 karma

Ah yes, ABVD. I'm on a more escalated regimen because my disease was pretty advanced. I'm on escalated BEACOPP. A lot of the same drugs as ABVD, but a few bonus ones too.

theitgrunt44 karma


thebossapplesauce62 karma

That'd be either Adriamycin or Bleomycin. I have a port installed in my jugular so I don't feel a thing :)

zedical58 karma

Has your perception of time changed since going through cancer treatment? If so, how? If not, why?

thebossapplesauce181 karma

Well I kind of see things in 3 week blocks now, since my chemo cycles restart every 21 days. So I have to plan my life around chemo. I do see the future much differently now though. I have a very curable form of cancer but while I was waiting for my diagnosis, it was unknown what I had, and many of the possibilites were very fatal. I thought I might die. When you start seeing the future as "if" instead of "when," it sticks with you.

zedical51 karma

This stuck with me. Well said, thank you.

thebossapplesauce54 karma

I'm glad! Now life your life as if it might be taken away! That way you won't have to get cancer to realize it :)

DeaconX30 karma

I just wish I could give you a hug :/ Cancer is fucking bullshit.

thebossapplesauce77 karma

It really is, but I see this as a blessing in a really good disguise! Thanks to this whole thing, I've gotten closer to my mom, realized what I want to do career-wise, and became enlightened to the important things in life.

loftwyr25 karma

Would you rather fight one horse sized cancer cell or a thousand cancer cell sized horses?

thebossapplesauce91 karma

One horse sized cancer. It's never good when the fucker spreads.

elizawatts22 karma

i can't imagine losing my hair... but your wig is adorable :) what do you to do make yourself feel beautiful? a favorite lipstick or look?? good luck with everything!

thebossapplesauce51 karma

I have 3 wigs that I cycle through. They all have names and personas actually, lol. Today, I'm wearing "jade". I also have lots of cute hats. Making myself feel beautiful? Hmm, I guess I don't struggle with that too much? Or atleast I don't think about it. It is fun to change my look every day with different wigs though.

Sizeable_Member17 karma

Please tell me you have a different voice/accent for each wig =)

edit: Oh i almost forgot WAY TO BE!and GOOD LUCK!

thebossapplesauce57 karma

Well of course! I have a little russian spy one named Valentina.

zen_monkey13 karma

Do all your wigs have stripper names?

thebossapplesauce33 karma

I have a Daisy, Valentina and Jade.

zen_monkey23 karma

Ha ha. They're all dancing to pay for school too, right?

thebossapplesauce38 karma

gotta pay the bills somehow!

Gravlaxe17 karma

Cancer sucks! Keep up the fight! My son has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, he also had a mass in his chest that was pushing on his airway as well as his heart. His mass was also discovered due to a pleural effusion, it completely collapsed the one lung. They drained two liters of fluid plus the mass was 4inches across and 7 inches long and he only complained about being tired and a little short of breath. Stoic lil fella... He named his mass The Blorg, to humanize it and to give it a "face" to fight. It really helped, having a direction to focus all his anger and frustration.
He is now a year into his maintenance phase with less than a year to go, his Mohawk has grown back, he's playing rugby again with some padding to cover his port, life is moving closer and closer to normal. It's hard times to fight cancer but keep in mind that there will be an end. It won't come soon enough but it will come. BTW, don't be surprised if your hair grown back different for a while, that happens a lot. It won't last very long.. You might want to look into the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's "Light the Night Walk". LLS raises funds for blood cancer research and helps patients as well. The light the night walk is a lot of fun to do and it feels great to be surrounded by a helping and understanding community. Best wishes to you, keep up the good fight!

thebossapplesauce29 karma

I named mine too! I thought it fitting to name him "Benedict" since cancer is your own cells turning against you. Best wishes to your son!

darkeIf66616 karma

Do you even lift?

thebossapplesauce50 karma

Yes actually. Not lately though, because cancer.

Taclooc16 karma

I just want to say thank you for doing this. Not many people, including myself would want to get on an Internet forum and have people ask them questions about their (possibly) fatal disease and how their life is. Keep fighting the fight and I am sure you will be kicking that triathlon's ass soon enough.

thebossapplesauce14 karma

Thanks! I was already planning on running a triathalon pre-cancer and now I just have even more of a reason to do it!

sevpay16 karma

Excuse my ignorance, what does "Stage 4" mean and how does that differ from the other stages? Does that change how they treat the cancer?

thebossapplesauce27 karma

There are 4 stages, 1 being the best, least advanced and 4 being the worst and most advanced. The higher the number, the lower the prognosis. Treatment for stage 4 is more aggressive.

T1mac15 karma

You said on an another comment that they give you lots of nausea meds before you start chemo. Have you tried medical marijuana?

If so, did it work for you?

If not, why not?

thebossapplesauce28 karma

I haven't tried it but my SO is on it. I plan on giving it a whirl.

ShekhMaShierakiAnni19 karma

My boyfriends dad had cancer and went through chemo. He said marijuana was the only thing that allowed him to have an appetite. He said the chemo made everything taste like metal.

thebossapplesauce39 karma

My taste hasn't been affected too much. But I love mah food so if it does, to the reefer.

Vhidden13 karma


thebossapplesauce40 karma

My family was shocked. I am a very healthy person and had lost 50lbs, worked out every day and ate extremely healthy. When I was in the ER and found out about the mass they found in my chest and that it could be cancer, I saw my stepdad cry for the first time in my life.

Aduhloo12 karma

At the beginning of high school a friend of mine was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma after she came home from a trip and had grown a massive bump protruding from the side of her neck within about a week or so. I'm just curious as to how you were diagnosed? I wish you the best of luck in your treatments!

thebossapplesauce31 karma

Long story on my diagnosis! Since February, I had been seeing my GP for mild shortness of breath on exertion and I was being treated for a sinus infection. He thought the shortness of breath was related to the sinus infection. I kept going back because it wasn't getting better and I was just given stronger antibiotics. Finally, on the 4th or 5th visit, my GP decided to take a chest x-ray and found my left lung completely filled with fluid, and my heart and trachea were being pushed off to the right. He sent me to the ER where they took a catscan and found a fist-sized mass right above my heart. I spent a week in the hospital to have the fluid drained and for various other tests. I ended up needed 3 biopsies done before being officially diagnosed, because they kept coming back inconclusive. I was admitted to the hospital on May 16 and got my diagnosis on June 10. It's been a long road!

JJlondon9 karma

Wow, keep up the good fight and glad to hear you're responding to treatment! :) So the only symptom was breathlessness? (breathes hard)

thebossapplesauce12 karma

Yup that was about it. I also started feeling tired all the time but I was adjusting to a 3rd shift schedule so I wrote it off as me just getting used to that.

SnooSnooCookie2 karma

That sounds awful, I hate that you had to go through that. I'm glad things are getting better!

thebossapplesauce3 karma

It's not too bad. I'm thankful for it. It changed my outlook on life and opened my eyes to what I want to do with my life.

thefamiliarfez11 karma

What does it feel like, coming out of chemotherapy?

thebossapplesauce35 karma

I feel totally normal and have since the beginning. I was prepared for the worst and I know they say chemo is supposed to make you feel like death, but I've felt great throughout. Sometimes immediately following a treatment, I feel a little hazy in the head, which I've been told is "chemo brain," but it's not too bad.

thefamiliarfez8 karma

Is there one thing that kept you tethered while you feared the worst? One person always there for you?

thebossapplesauce35 karma

My dog and my boyfriend.

Johnd65411 karma

How has your social status changed within your community since people have learned that you have cancer? And I wish you all the best of luck, and I hope you make a great recovery soon!!

thebossapplesauce18 karma

I wouldn't say it's changed a bit. Everyone's been super supportive and I still hang out with my friends as much as possible. Thank you!

ironclownfish9 karma

Dude, aren't you scared to wear that shirt? Won't... won't the cancer

| >.>


get mad?

thebossapplesauce13 karma

Let it get mad!! I'm more mad :)

SnooSnooCookie8 karma

What is the chemo treatment like, how does it effect you?

Also, I'm so glad the chemo is working! Good luck :)

thebossapplesauce16 karma

Well for 6 hours, I just sit in a comfy recliner, watch TV and browse the interwebz. It doesn't feel like anything and I usually have food delivered. They give me lots of antinausea meds before chemo so I never feel sick. I usually feel a little hazy in my head, which I guess is known as "chemo brain" among cancer patients. Other than that, I have handled chemo extremely well. I'm not tired all the time, I have a good appetite, and I work out daily.


do you have any scars? can we see them?

thebossapplesauce26 karma

All I have on my computer is the initial xray that detected everything. You can actually see the tumor is causing my trachea to be diverted into my right lung instead of down the center like it's supposed to be!


Edit: Just realized you said "scars" and not "scans". Well enjoy that scan anyway! I only have a scar from when they installed the porticath in my jugular.


what are those circles on your trachea? or is that part of the spinal column

thebossapplesauce13 karma

Those are the spinous processes of the vertebrae.

pintsizedbitch7 karma

I didn't have time to scroll all the way to the bottom, so I'm sorry if this has been asked already... But I noticed you mentioned you have a boyfriend, and I'm just wondering if you were together when you found out about the cancer and if so, how did things change in your relationship?

Also congrats on everything going well so far! :)

thebossapplesauce22 karma

Yes we have been together for 7 years. It only changed our relationship for the better. Things were great before but now it'd say they're ironclad.

shanykev7 karma

My mom didn't have Lymphoma but she battled cancer for 10 years! She was and inspiration to me and you are an inspiration to all those suffering from this terrible sickness. Good luck and stay strong lady!

thebossapplesauce11 karma

Will do!


were you in a relationship when this all happened, if so how did your SO handle it? Are you in a relationship now?

thebossapplesauce21 karma

Yes, I have a boyfriend of 7 years. He's actually sitting right next to me as we speak! He's handled it phenomenally and is always up for those 2am wendy's frosty runs when I get random cravings. I'm on steroids that make me hungry all the time :)

zen_monkey9 karma

TIL Wendy's might be open at 2am

thebossapplesauce9 karma

The one by our place is!

DeathChess5 karma

Wow, you are awesome. Thanks for doing an AMA!

Do you have to spend most of your time in the hospital or just go in regularly for treatments?

What effect has this experience had on your boyfriend and your relationship?

Thanks again!

thebossapplesauce11 karma

I just go in once every 3 weeks for chemo. I would say it's strengthened our relationship. We were already pretty solid but now, well, we've seen some shit, so to speak :)

Alrightydude5 karma


thebossapplesauce35 karma

Wow. I think I'd rather have a planet though, if you're going all the way up there. Maybe Pluto so I can console it for losing its designation as a planet.

I_AM_A_DRONE4 karma

What has kept you going?
My brother had cancer as well but survived it despite tough odds. I know that it isn't easy fighting cancer by seeing how he struggled with dealing with chemo therapy. I wish you the best of luck!

thebossapplesauce6 karma

Honestly, I feel totally normal. I have not had any of those nasty side effects you read about with chemo. I know they're probably coming, but so far I've been a ball of energy. But what keeps me going is to be normal again. I just want to be normal again, and not have all this to worry about. I also can't wait to get into nursing school and start my career working with people in my situation. I think it might be my calling, if such a thing exists.

GeneralTry3 karma

How "old" was the cancer when they found it?

In other words, how long did it take it to progress to the point it was when you were diagnosed?

thebossapplesauce6 karma

Good question and one I have asked my doctors. They can't say for sure, but probably about 8mths to a year.

AintNoFortunateSon3 karma

Cannabis had been shown to reduce side effects associated with chemotherapy, may enhance the effectiveness if chemotherapeutic agents and had been shown to have direct anti tumor effects in certain cancer cell lines in a lab. So smoke if you got it. Good luck!

thebossapplesauce5 karma

This is on the to do list. Thank you.

acpriceisright3 karma

First off, I just want to say that you're gorgeous!

Also, you seem like you're a very positive person. How do you stay so positive during such trying times? A family friend of mine just got diagnosed with breast cancer and is becoming very depressed. I guess I'm just trying to find a way to encourage her while she is starting chemo...

Also thanks for the AMA!

thebossapplesauce7 karma

I think what was instrumental in my positivity is that I didn't know what I had for a whole month while tests were pending. I did know a list of possibilities, and they were all death sentences except the one I eventually got! Knowing that I was so close to losing everything and having those around me lose me, and then finding out I have a very curable, beatable cancer...it just gave me so much hope and strength. I can't say I'd be this positive if I had something terminal.

acpriceisright1 karma

Any advice on giving her encouragement?

thebossapplesauce1 karma

You can't change your situation or your prognosis, but you can change how it affects you. Nothing can make you sad unless you let it. Just see it as a battle and fight. That's about all I can say.

AIcohoLiX3 karma

Congratulations on the good news! How many rounds of chemo do you have left? The very best of luck with your future treatments. Hope you get well soon =).

thebossapplesauce7 karma

Thank you! I have 6 rounds total so I'm halfway there.

Like2Troll3 karma

Have you turned to religion?

thebossapplesauce13 karma

I have not. I have questioned my beliefs, and thought long and hard about them, but ultimately decided they haven't changed.

RedSteele3 karma

Has anyone tried to answer the question of why? Have you tried to answer that for yourself?

Also, I wish you nothing but the best in beating this! Keep fighting!

thebossapplesauce29 karma

I have wondered "why me?" several times. Prior to my diagnosis, I had lost 50lbs and got in pretty good shape. I ate well, worked out every day and took care of myself. Cancer was a hard pill to swallow when I was doing everything right, and there are chainsmokers out there walking around cancer free. But I realized it's a waste of time to wonder why since I can't change it. The best I can do is deal with my reality and move forward.

jminuscula2 karma

It seems you are determined to stay positive, to fight your horrible disease. I have always thought that if I got cancer, I'd just give up from the very beginning, that I won't try to fight it back. I would probably take the treatment, but with an absolute pessimistic attitude.

Have you ever felt like this?

Best of luck!

thebossapplesauce4 karma

Nope, never really felt like that. It's just another bump in the road as far as I'm concerned. And I'm learning so much from it. I come from a medical background and plan on going to nursing school after this so I'm just loving all this medical goodness.

Earlg2 karma

Did you just go whit chemo? Or did you consider any other kind of treatment?

thebossapplesauce10 karma

Well chemo is the only thing that works, so I didn't consider anything else.

dano88012 karma

My father was recently diagnosed with a rare form of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma called Mantle Cell Lymphoma.

Unfortunately for him it's not nearly as treatable as your and his future is very up in the air right now. Nice to hear a slightly more optimistic cancer tale. Good luck!

I did the only thing I could and shaved my head in solidarity.

thebossapplesauce2 karma

That was awesome of you. My brothers and some cousins and my stepdad shaved theirs as well. It really does mean a lot.

dairyqueenlatifah2 karma

It's awesome to see you're doing so well! I'm in nursing school myself and did a little clinical at the oncology center in my town. It was an amazing experience and I think having a nurse who's been through it all would be a major confidence boost for your patients!

I'm about to ask a probably obvious question, but we didn't study cancer too much in my med/surg clasess. I thought stage IV cancer was reserved for those who have little to no shot at recovery? I think stage IV also indicates metastasis, so did yours metastasize? I saw that your prognosis is 50 to 60 percent so that made me wonder why you're up to a stage IV.

I'll also be sponsoring you, good luck with everything!

thebossapplesauce3 karma

Every cancer is different. If this were lung cancer, yes, stage 4 would mean a very low prognosis. But Hodgkin's is one of the most beatable cancers out there, even in advanced stages. It's basically the cadillac of cancers. Mine did metastasize to my lungs.

PN1352 karma

Has your diagnosis given you an enlightened perspective on life, the world, and what's truly important? In other words, what do you know now that you didn't know before your diagnosis?

(I love your positive attitude; you sound strong)

thebossapplesauce2 karma

It has changed me dramatically. I know now that 99.9% of life's "problems" are minor details that mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Thorrtun2 karma

Are you going to die from this cancer?

thebossapplesauce20 karma

Highly unlikely, thank science.

Thorrtun6 karma

That makes me happy. It was that "stage 4" bit that scared me.

thebossapplesauce6 karma

It scared me too trust me.

Das_Werkzeug2 karma

You don't have to answer these if you don't want to, I'm just curious.

  1. What exactly made you think you should go to the doctor? Like why/ how did they find it?

  2. What exactly does treatment feel like?

  3. No question, just stay strong! :)

thebossapplesauce6 karma

  1. I started going in February and was seen 4 times before my diagnosis. I had shortness of breath from climbing stairs and felt tired. I was being treated for an infection and finally on the 4th visit he took an xray which discovered everything.

  2. That's hard to say. Right now I'm getting chemo infused into my port, and I feel sort of stoned. Just really hazy in the head and not too sharp. Sometimes my mouth hurts because chemo kills the cells of the mouth. I have to get an injection to stimulate my bone marrow to produce white blood cells, and that causes bone pain in basically every bone in my body, even the tiny ear ones. That sucks but I have drugs for it. Other than that I feel normal.

  3. Thanks

tivanitis2 karma

I've been interning in cancer surgery this summer and just wanted to congratulate you on your very hopeful results as I've seen how bad it gets sometimes and it's really great when someone is in the process of getting rid of this horrible illness.

thebossapplesauce4 karma

Thank you! Interning in cancer surgery sounds fucking awesome. I'm jealous.

tree_kay2 karma

When you hear about other people dying from cancer, does it freak you out?

thebossapplesauce8 karma


buuya1 karma

Congratulations on the good news! How hard has dealing with the psychological impact been?

thebossapplesauce4 karma

The hardest part was the waiting. I had to wait almost a month for a diagnosis, and knew that I was facing some pretty deadly stuff. Hodgkin's was actually the best case scenario, so I lucked out. But for that month of not knowing, it was torture.

buuya0 karma

So, you'll be able to fully remove it?

thebossapplesauce1 karma

Fully remove my cancer? Yes.

jwrtf1 karma

On a scale of one to ten, how much does chemo actually hurt? TV and movies make it seem like the most painful experience ever, but a guy at my school had it and he said it wasn't that big a deal.

thebossapplesauce3 karma

Everyone handles it differently. For me, it's been a walk in the park. I'd say maybe a 2. I expect things to get worse as time goes on as some side effects are cumulative, but for now, a walk in the park.

Dusty_Ideas1 karma

How many times have you thrown up today?

thebossapplesauce2 karma

Zero :)

alicetripsacid1 karma

Besides the shortness of breath that led you to the hospital, did you have any other symptoms that you ignored because they seemed mild or you chalked them up to something else?

thebossapplesauce3 karma

Around February I started feeling tired all the time, but I was adjusting to a third shift schedule so I just thought it was normal. I was getting occasional night sweats (wake up in the middle of the night soaking wet) but I was in the middle of an intense diet/workout routine and I just thought maybe my metabolism was freaking out. Turns out that's a telltale sign of cancer.

_Forgotten1 karma

If you had the option of time traveling for one day only, would you go back in time or forward to the future? What day/year would you choose, and why? Keep in mind, that you can only visit for one day before returning to the present.

thebossapplesauce3 karma

I'd go back to my first night alone in the hospital when I couldn't stop crying because I thought I was going to die. I'd tell myself everything's going to be fine and quit my bellyaching.

SnuggieAddict1 karma

I wanted this to be a fake AMA so badly. I wish you the best of luck, kid. How did cancer change your perception on life? Are you religious?

thebossapplesauce3 karma

I'm not religious but it has made my outlook on life SO much better. I appreciate life a whole lot more now.

ShelSilverstain1 karma

Who was your favorite school teacher, and why?

thebossapplesauce3 karma

Definitely my 10th grade and college writing teacher Mr. Jacomeic (I have no idea if I spelled that right). He was so good at making Shakespeare and diagramming sentences fun. I also liked Mr. Kik because he was hot.

MalarzPrawdy1 karma

You mentioned that the cancer has inspired you to become an oncology nurse, how else has cancer...helped/inspired you? Or changed you in a positive way?

Also, best of luck, kick cancer's ass!!!!

thebossapplesauce1 karma

In a number of ways. I'll never struggle with what's really important in life anymore. I know how to live like I'm dying and I will probably live! Best of both worlds :)

Nakyi1 karma

Have you ever smoked marijuana? If yes has it helped with the pain of cancer?

thebossapplesauce2 karma

Not yet but I'll keep you posted. I really haven't had much pain though.

xtremechaos1 karma

Have you ever considered Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) instead of chemo as your treatment?

thebossapplesauce1 karma

A resounding no.

el_serg1231 karma

hows the food

thebossapplesauce3 karma

I'm in an outpatient cancer center so no hospital food! My mom just went to get me some subway for lunch :)

cheez_Ina_pan1 karma

If you want kids one day, has this compromised your ability?

thebossapplesauce7 karma

My SO of 7 years and I have never wanted kids. I was given the option to freeze my eggs before chemo because it does affect fertility but I decided against it. If I change my mind someday, I'd rather adopt.

Crazysane1 karma

I'm sorry to ask, and may seem insensitive because you're suffering from something that possibly looks curable in the future, how do you feel about the new cancer treatment revelations? Does your loved ones have an opinion on this?

thebossapplesauce1 karma

I think that's pretty awesome. A concern with chemotherapy and radiation is developing secondary cancers later in life. Hopefully that doesn't happen but if it does, it'd be great if there was some new miracle treatment out there.

invalid_character-1 karma

Can I have a hug?

thebossapplesauce5 karma


invalid_character-1 karma

I needed that. My cat just died. Good luck with your thing too.

thebossapplesauce4 karma

I'm sorry about your cat. In a former life I worked as licensed veterinary technician, and I got to see way too many sad people losing their best friends. Just remember all the good times, and know that your buddy is still alive and well in your thoughts and memories, and always will be!

machococks-1 karma

stop that crap all you need is HASH OIL chemo will kill you!!

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