Hello reddit, my name is Massimiliiano and I'm known online as Macs, The Handless Gamer.

As mentioned in the title, I was born without both hands and with just one foot. Despite my handicap, I'm able to drive, work out, have a job, have the most amazing girlfriend and play videogames.

I've started playing online games competitively in 2005 and I haven't stopped ever since, and now I'm using online gaming as a launchpad to promote my nonprofit project.

Through this project I'm trying my best to help disabled people through donations and real life charity events, and to motivate just about everyone, disabled or not.

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And now Ask Me Anything.

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CRussellM28 karma

Hey Macs! I am a moderator/close personal friend of Edward ( |, a quadriplegic gamer, it's great to see you doing an AMA, and bringing the spotlight to gamers with disability!

My question: Given the situation many disabled gamers find themselves in, what advice would you give to those who are having difficulty adapting to gaming w/a disability?

MacsTHLG38 karma

Hey man, I know Edward! Well, adapting to gaming with disability is never easy. What I find really important is to keep in mind that games are meant to be fun. You should play to have fun and challenge yourself while improving. If you truly want to improve you shouldn't try to be better than others, all you need to do is trying to be better than yourself. Only by doing so I think you'll enjoy the games and adapt to gaming with disability.

recklessCoward20 karma

Sorry for no question, just wanted to tell you that you are awesome! Keep doing what you are doing, it is really inspirational. Respect!

MacsTHLG15 karma

Thanks man :)

NCM72817 karma

How do you handle having a sexual relationship? Are you able to masturbate?

MacsTHLG12 karma

Well, I saw someone downvoted your question, I just upvoted it. I think it's important to know, I prefer talking about it and fight this prejudice rather than leaving people with doubts. To me it's not really hard to handle a sexual relationship, of course I can't show you how but it's much easier than how you could think of :) Beside missing hands and one leg, my body is not any different and I don't have any other kind of limitations. Yes, I can also masturbate.

MacsTHLG15 karma

I am going to sleep guys, keep asking if you feel to, I promise to answer as soon as I will wake up!

Edit: available again! good morning!

thaa_guy9 karma

Hi Mac, could you describe what kind of modifications were made so you could drive?

MacsTHLG13 karma

I think watching this video would help you understanding all the kind of stuff I edited a bit more! -

Basically, I added an elevator for my wheelchair so I can get into the car from behind. In order to get on the driving place I just jump without any support. Arrows, lights, horn and so on are all into a little remote control which I use with my foot. More than that, I use my left arm to drive and my right arm to accelerate and slow down.

dzarza7 karma

Is it possible for you to get prosthetics? If so have you considered it?

Edit: fixed grammar

MacsTHLG9 karma

I used them for long time, mostly "forced" by my parents, when I was old enough I totally rejected them as I am way more indipendent without.

forkandbowl3 karma

Can you give more details on this?

MacsTHLG11 karma

Well, look at it in this way: if you were able to do everything without any support (as prosthetics), why would you use them? They just slowed me down, fixing a fork into that hand, rotating it to grab food and then to get it closer to my mouth was 200 times slower than just using my own arms. About the legs, this is even more fun because I couldn't wear them by myself, I needed someone to help me doing so. Right now, by just using a wheelchair, I am able to live alone, wake up, get a shower, dress up and go to work, all by my own.

Boatfighter7470 karma

Have you played any of the Deus Ex games? If prosthetics ever became as advanced as they are in those games, would you consider them?

MacsTHLG1 karma

Didn't play any of them :)

Cthuluune7 karma

"League of Legends: It's so easy, a guy without hands can play it!"

I never thought I'd say that seriously

MacsTHLG7 karma

Seen worst comments than that on my videos :D

ApricotRS6 karma

You ever thought about getting a razer nostromo to place on the ground to put your foot on? I watched the video you put up and lifting your leg up to use the keyboard looked uncomfortable, but i'm sure you're pretty flexible :)

MacsTHLG4 karma

I am currently using a Nostromo with my foot, check the intro to this video :)

yuxuibbs5 karma

Can you describe how you game? (like the setup and how you move the character and stuff)

MacsTHLG14 karma

When it came to FPS games, you can see how did I play them by watching this video: I explain it from minute 1.05

yottskry5 karma

Do you get frustrated playing games at all and think "Damn, if only I had hands I could have got that!"? Or indeed in any other aspect of life?

MacsTHLG12 karma

Let's be honest, I can't say it wouldn't have been easier or better to do everything without handicap. The thing is, I am so self-sufficient that I don't feel my handicap SO much. When it comes to gaming, my disability has always made everything harder as well but if I'd think like "Damn, if only I had hands I could have got that!", it would wouldn't help me improving at all.

Sometimes I think like "if I could have been playing some different roles on League (I main support) easily, I would probably have a much higher elo" but then I just think I am making an excuse as those crying about team mates (even tho in my case it's different and might be true).

It's a fact, I am born without hands and need to do my best in this condition, thinking of how it would have been without handicap is a waste of time and energies :)

Supermehran55 karma

What are your favorite games and work out exercises?

MacsTHLG8 karma

My favorite game has always been Quake 3 Rocket Arena. That's also the game that introduced myself into the competitive eSport scene. When it comes to work out, I mostly work on abs, core, shoulders, back, arms. You can find how do I work out in the following video, the other 2 episodes are linked on left/bottom:

Hex_4 karma

Hi macs your an inspiration to me, when i seen your irl video i knew anything was possible. While im not handicapped i want to ask, what is your goal in life dude? What do you want to achieve?

MacsTHLG9 karma

I think it's important to update our goals in life, we always need to achieve something new. If you ask me what's my main goal right now, I got no doubts about it: seeing people getting inspired by my videos, trying to achieve things they never thought they could reach, getting beyond obstacles, that's my goal.

Hungryadamjones3 karma

Wow! You're truly amazing, whats your favorite platform to play games on and how are you enjoying life?

MacsTHLG8 karma

Well, I got my first personal computer when I was 4 years old and started playing by then actually. The best game back then was Prince of Persia, I even made a video about it few months ago :D

I also used to play a lot of PlayStation, either PS1 and PS2, my favourite games were Pro Evolution Soccer and Tekken!

Overall, I prefer PC because it's much easier to get into the competitive scenario.

HideInYourShell2 karma

How do you play with a Playstation controller?

MacsTHLG3 karma

I press the arrows with my left arm, the other 4 buttons with my right atm, the L1/L2 R1/R2 with my foot.

thegreatgazoo3 karma

Why not have some sort of custom controller made?

MacsTHLG8 karma

Because I never needed it actually :p

Daftsoul3 karma

I posses all four of my limbs and an average body. I possibly have some capabilities others do not have. Yet you have accomplished far more than I have. You inspire me. thank you.

I also have a couple of questions for you.


What was the hardest thing for you to learn to do?

What has been your proudest moment or greatest accomplishment?


How do you get your underwear on?

MacsTHLG3 karma

The hardest thing to learn? I honestly don't know. The greatest accomplishment has surely been getting a driving license. Since I was young I've been told I would have never been able to drive a car, I proved that nobody can tell me what I can or can't achieve.

Goofy: I use either my arms and my foot, it's pretty easy to be honest :)

ala-akbar3 karma

Where in Italy do you live?

MacsTHLG7 karma


KaleidoscopeLucy2 karma

You're pretty cool, man! How involved are you in disability movements like the independent living movement? I think a lot of other people with disabilities would like to hear about your life.

MacsTHLG2 karma

Considering I am overall new into all this kind of stuff, I only know one little group of Italian disabled people. Movements aside, I mostly get in contact with single people and talk/try to help them one by one "privately".

DetailsOfJudecca2 karma

When I first read the title I thought to myself "So, we he born WITHOUT one leg, or born WITH one leg?"

MacsTHLG2 karma

Did you eventually manage to find out the right answer? haha

PlasticGirl2 karma

Do you have amniotic band syndrome? Also, your first name is incredibly bad ass.

MacsTHLG2 karma

No, I don't :)

HelicopterJones2 karma

How do you wipe? I have to know!

MacsTHLG1 karma

with my foot

HelicopterJones1 karma

I'm so sorry I asked, but there was that episode of tosh.0 where he aske the chick that made a sandwich that and I have wondered ever since. You're awesome, bro!

MacsTHLG1 karma

it's ok :)

ElbowsBrandtjr2 karma

Do you play the Wii

MacsTHLG1 karma

No, never tried actually.

purplekick2 karma

Hey Macs! I absolutely adore you. I don't have any disabilities, or health problems. But seeing you, makes me have faith in humanity. You're a great gamer (better than me), you can be independent, and you are a amazing person. I am also Italian :). What part are you from?

MacsTHLG2 karma

Grazie :) Sardegna!

TheMelonKid1 karma

Favorite LOL champ?

MacsTHLG2 karma

Thresh, but since he's always banned I'd say Nami

hurlz0r1 karma

Bro, Come play Dota2 ... Your talents are wasted on LoL

MacsTHLG1 karma

I need to get my Diamond in here first! :)

[deleted]1 karma


MacsTHLG1 karma

thanks man!

dzarza1 karma

How do you type?

MacsTHLG1 karma

With my arms, you can see how fast do I type here -

Syclone1 karma

Hey, Macs, just wanted to say you're awesome and what server do you play LoL on? Would be really cool if I could play a game with you sometime :)

MacsTHLG2 karma

Thank you :) I play on Euw and invite people who join the chat "MacsHG" everytime I got the chance to.

richwhatrichard1 karma


MacsTHLG1 karma

Of course, there are bad periods for everyone, I think it's impossible to stay always positive. When I am being negative tho, I always think of people who're in a worst situation than mine and I thank God for what I got and who I am. Costantly trying to achieve something and succeed is another good way to stay positive.

Locklinn1 karma

how do u play games

MacsTHLG2 karma

Watch the first video, it's explained from minute 1:05 :)

Griffin121971 karma

Ever try playing DotA2?

MacsTHLG1 karma

Actually not, just because I like league of legends and I am focussed on it though.

keys64641 karma

What are some of the things that you do to workout?

MacsTHLG2 karma

Arms, core, shoulders, abs, back

Comrade_Troll1 karma

When did you first learn you had the ability to play videogames and start playing them?

MacsTHLG2 karma

When I was 4 years old and received my first PC.

Comrade_Troll1 karma

Did your parents teach you to use it? Also, did you ever have trouble with school?

MacsTHLG2 karma

Yes, they taught me how to use it when I was young, then I started teaching them how to use it better :D I never had trouble with school but I did retire one year due to family issues.

Nuts_In_Sluts_Butts1 karma

What do you do for a living?

MacsTHLG2 karma

I am a Customer Satisfaction Manager in a big agency

theDestinedOne1 karma

Lets say you're trying to solve a puzzle with a few people and you say, without a trace of irony "Well I'm stumped."

How does the room react?

Also favorite league champ?

MacsTHLG1 karma

I've no idea about how they would react :o

Nami right now

theDestinedOne1 karma

Fair enough. I like nami But I'm terrible with her bubble. Always miss.

MacsTHLG1 karma

That's one of the hardest skillshots right now imo.

rk331 karma

I haven't read anything in this thread or asked any questions. I read the original post and watched the first video and all I can say is subscribed, subbed, and consider me one of those people you've touched with your story. I can't complain with the hand I've been dealt and after hearing your story and watching how you overcame, I've decided that I need to do something about the direction I've taken with my life. Stay strong Macs, and keep up the fight!

MacsTHLG1 karma

Everytime I read posts like yours, I get more and more motivated on keeping up this fight. I thank you, man.

arshaqV1 karma

Which video games do you play?

MacsTHLG1 karma

Right now League of Legends. In the past I mostly played Quake 3, Call of Duty 4, Diablo 2, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft.

arshaqV1 karma

Are you interested in open world games? For example GTA V, Saints Row IV

MacsTHLG1 karma

Didn't play them for long time but I am truly waiting for GTA V!

WeaponsGradeHumanity1 karma

Which champions from League of Legends do you find easier or harder to play in terms of mechanics and why?

MacsTHLG2 karma

It's mostly about roles and not champions. What I find harder is playing carries (even tho I love playing adc) because of the attack-move (kiting in general). The easier role is the support because I don't have to focus on farm and I also love trading in lane (harassing) and lead a lane/make calls. Jungling is pretty much as supporting, with the only difference that I never got into the role too much, but mechanics-wise it's not hard to play for me.

WeaponsGradeHumanity1 karma

Interesting. How do you feel about champions like Malzahar and Morgana who auto-farm?

MacsTHLG1 karma

Never played Malzahar to be honest but when I was forced to mid in s2 I used either Morgana or Brand or Gragas, the problem is that they're all "out-of-meta" right now.

WeaponsGradeHumanity1 karma

Just between you and me, the meta can go and get fucked :p

MacsTHLG1 karma

haha that's true, the problem is that it's really hard to do good with those champs right now (I am talking about ranked games) :p

marcuschookt1 karma

Hi Macs! You got the health and job portion of your life figured out, how's the relationship side coming along? Really curious!

MacsTHLG1 karma

Hi man! Well, before having an electric wheelchair it surely was harder to have a serious and long relationship. Having this kind of wheelchair / indipendence is fundamental to hold such a relationship in my opinion. Can't hide that it's harder to "capture" a girl on disco and so on, mostly because when people look at someone with disability, they're skeptical at first and have no idea of your potential, it's up to you to prove them what you're capable of. I will be honest to you dude, finding a relationship has never been too hard for me, the real issue is finding the right person, and I guess it's the same for everyone :)

marcuschookt1 karma

Have you found that potential someone yet?:D

MacsTHLG1 karma

Yea, and we've been together for 3 years and half (longest relationship for me), the previous one lasted 2 years and half (still talking only about serious ones).

marcuschookt1 karma

Wow sounds like it could last a lifetime :) Wish you all the best with her :D (or him, to be politically correct)

MacsTHLG2 karma

Time will tell, as soon as she will finish her studies we will see if we can get to the next level :)

BiggerJ1 karma

If someone approached you offering to pay you to appear in a movie, TV show, haunted house or something else that takes advantage of your missing limbs, how would you respond?

MacsTHLG3 karma

I would seriously consider the offer. Think about it in this way, if I manage to get in there I will be recognized by more people. By doing so I will also be able to spread my message further.

BiggerJ1 karma

You said you would be able to spread your message further, but what if the role wasn't necessarily 'amputee-positive'? Like an oddly shaped monster or a horror movie victim? Or if someone wanted to use you in a magic act? What kinds of roles (if any) would not be appealing to you, and how would you respond to them?

MacsTHLG2 karma

It's all about the message. If the message is: "this guy sucks because he's handicapped" - I would not accept that, that's wrong and offensive to me. If the message is: "people think this guy sucks because he's handicapped but he fights and prove them otherwise" - I would insta-accept that. If it's a horror, shaped monster, magic art, I might consider it. Overall it might be a great life experience and make me more known (and it would help my project). Basically, I would be offended by roles that imply being handicapped as being in fault, being inferior and so on.

It's all very ideal you know, such things should be taken into consideration deeply, case by case.

BiggerJ1 karma

One more case - what if they wanted you to play a zombie?

To simply and combine that and all those questions about horror movies, monsters and magic acts - what if they wanted to use you for special effects purposes? Would you potentially find it exploitative at all?

If you recieved an offer that offended you, how would you react? Would you get angry?

MacsTHLG2 karma

I am very curious about the cinema's world, I would probably consider going there for special effects purposes. Let's be honest, it would help me meeting more famous/known people and once again, it would help either showing them what I am able to do (so eventually fight theirs prejudice if they got any) and then (as consequence) spread my message further. I wouldn't get angry actually, there's no reason to, I would simply explain my reasons.

BiggerJ1 karma

How often to amputees and people born without body parts tend to be easily-offended people? Do you think they're right/wrong to be that way?

MacsTHLG2 karma

Well you know, being easily-offended people is a sign of frustration. Of course, handicapped people got "some more reasons" to be frustrated. Personally, I joke a lot about my disability because hiding it is not the solution. If you want to succeed, you need to be 100% aware and conscious mind about your disability so you can react to it.

BiggerJ1 karma

If someone accidentally offends an amputee or other disabled person, should they back down meekly, or try to explain themselves?

MacsTHLG2 karma

Doesn't matter, as long as he understands his mistake.

Soonerz1 karma

Have you ever considered getting a hand transplant? Especially when they eventually become more affordable and with better results (like being made from your own stem cells, so no chance of rejection).

MacsTHLG2 karma

I am against that actually and think it would just complicate my life.

Soonerz1 karma

Interesting to hear. Thanks for the reply. But really, if science progressed to the point it could give you 100% functional hands/legs/whatever, you would still be opposed to doing it? It's just difficult to wrap my head around. What about 100% functional prosthesis that could be removed at any time?

MacsTHLG0 karma

Well, look at it in this way. Surgery is always very risky, it's a fact, no matter how successful the hands/legs would be. So the question is, considering I am so indipendent, why would I risk my life for it?


I think you dont know how usefull having hands is. If i was in your situation i would rather be transfered to a digital realm or some shit. Because i cant imagine having to deal with with that situation.

MacsTHLG1 karma

But you're not in My situation and definitely didn't understand it. The fact that you can't imagine how to deal with it doesn't mean that its so hard to handle, you are just having prejudice :)

ColonelAmerica1 karma

Do you hate that Nick Vujicic gets so much attention?

MacsTHLG2 karma

Why would I? I truly wish he will get even more, as we're fighting with the same intent :)

amnezy1 karma

I saw you playing support a lot in league of legends, do you play support because you have less "button" to push so its easier for you and you cant play for exemple AP mid or you play support because of your choice and you believe that you can "carry" / Climb elo as support ? Big respect for you anyways, your Thresh play is amazing !

MacsTHLG1 karma

Support is the role I enjoy the most, followed by adc. Overall, together with jungler, is the role easier to play button wise. Glad you like my thresh!

Pwntastic4111 karma

I saw your video on how you game, is it a workout for your upperbody as well?

MacsTHLG1 karma

Well, I don't really consider gaming as workout

Pwntastic4111 karma

I said workout because you use your arms and leg a lot and it must exercise them at least a little bit

MacsTHLG2 karma

Yea but the real workout starts when I go to gym :D

COOLDUDE640 karma


MacsTHLG1 karma


sjohn1362-3 karma


MacsTHLG5 karma

Actually, I don't :(