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Oh he looks like a nice horse, but really he's a willfully disobedient half-ton wrecking ball who canters down the road because he's been startled by an umbrella. Nice as pie in hand; thoroughly terrifying on the road!

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As a horse owner in the UK, this is because I would trust a guy with 30+ years of experience who knows how to rasp a horse's teeth by hand and doesn't need the horse to be sedated over someone with lots and lots of expensive equipment every time.

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Here's my horse, Harry, having his teeth done. This is the speculum on the horse before he had his teeth rasped. Just so you get an idea of what's being talked about:


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A friend of mine has the same syndrome. It also causes problems with connective tissues and internal organs. She's recently had to have a colostomy bag fitted and she's now mostly in a wheelchair. She's 34.

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The "ae" were joined. In American spelling, where many words have been simplified, the "a" is omitted. See also: