I’m a six-time WWE champion and host Redneck Island every Saturday at 9/8c on CMT (http://facebook.com/RedneckIsland). I also host the Steve Austin Show on Podcast One (http://podcastone.com) and appear in “Grown Ups 2.” When not hanging out at Broken Skull Ranch in Texas (http://brokenskullranch.com), I live in California with my wife, Kristin, and three Labradors.

I’ve tweeted my verification (http://twitter.com/steveaustinBSR).

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davinitupoverhere1274 karma

Steve, I have this can of whoop-ass I can't open...

SteveAustinBSR1717 karma

let me help you with that....

NahRumph878 karma

Who was throwing you all them damn beers!?!? They were god damned spot on every time!

SteveAustinBSR1231 karma

mark yeaton was the guy throwing me all those beers. great arm.

Tandran678 karma

Hi Steve! Loved you growing up and now I love your podcast.

My only question is...

Can I get a Hell ya?

SteveAustinBSR1568 karma


hollow422530 karma

You didn't come off the top rope much. Did you take a bad bump one time or was it just not your thing?

SteveAustinBSR1791 karma

tore my tricep off my elbow jumping off the top rope in japan in about 1994...Figured i better keep my dumb ass on the mat.

IdunnoLXG463 karma

Hey Stone Cold! Thank you so much for doing this AMA. To say you were a hero to me growing up is a massive understatement. You have meant so much to me and helped me get through a lot of tough times. When it was announced on /r/wwe that you would be doing an AMA on July 19th I became light headed and was shaking nervously. I couldn’t believe it!

I grew up in a rough situation, I couldn’t do too much outside of soccer due to the financial situation my family was in. I grew up with an abusive father and my mother who couldn’t do much. I tried to stay out of trouble as much as I could and keep my mouth shut as much as possible. I remember when Vince McMahon came out in 1997 and announced the new era. I prayed my parents did not see it to deprive me of the only thing I truly looked forward to as a young boy. The thing I could not live without was watching Monday Night Raw during the Monday Night wars you had with WCW. I remember the Montreal Screwjob and the rivalries with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart was so kickass!

However whenever I watched it, I did get a bit of sadness. I grew up wanting to be a professional wrestler. To imagine the pops the wrestlers got and I realized something.. I couldn’t be one. A lot of the wresters were either 1. From wrestling families like The Hart family, Rakishi, the Hart family and so on or 2. Had some sort of mysticism about them like the Undertaker, Sting or 3. Just had amazing pushes to them due to their super human ability like Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan. But to me, you were different. I still remember when you came back one night after having your neck broken by Owen Hart, you were really a superhero to me.

You left the WCW and came to WWF as a beer guzzling hell raising madman straight out of Texas. Quickly the sounds of gongs, guitar riffs and other beginning entrances didn’t mean nearly as much to me as the sound of shattering glass. (In fact, I know you are a busy man, but a lot of my posts involve you in them and giving everyone a stunner!) I used to mark out so hard whenever you came out, I will never forget this night http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v3IwiZmDdU – it was the most incredible night of my life. The night Raw finally wrecked Nitro in the viewer rankings! Even to this day at 22 years of age. Mainly because, my uncle took me there. :)

I don’t want to take up more of your time, since this is an AMA and I had to pre-type my response as to not get in trouble at work. Sorry for this not being a question, but I’m literally shaking typing this because of how much you meant to me growing up. And even if you don’t read this I want to say – thank you. Thank you so much for being what I needed when I was a little boy growing up in Pittsburgh, ironically where you heel turned during Invasion but I still loved you, but anyways I’ll cut this short now.

I took this picture before going to work today. This is not the first time I wear my Austin 3:16 shirt and hat, I took this before work this morning (since it is Casual Friday). http://imgur.com/jlDJHWf

Whenever someone asks me, “Really? Stone Cold Steve Austin from the 90s is your hero?” I tell them, “Hell yeah. And that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so!”

I hope you have a great AMA session. :)


SteveAustinBSR509 karma

thanks, bro.

kane0h450 karma

Can you please insult me- as if I were a foe of yours? Thanks in advance.

SteveAustinBSR1571 karma

i cannot accommodate this request you sorry piece of trash...

mcraft07448 karma

Are you and The Rock friends after those years of the rivalry? Do you guys ever talk?

SteveAustinBSR882 karma

the rock and i will always be friends. text msg here or there.

LutzExpertTera412 karma

Stone Cold, sir, thanks for doing this AMA from a lifelong fan. When that glass shattered and your music hit, it resulted in some of the biggest pops I’ve ever heard from a WWE crowd. How do you describe the feeling when that many people are screaming and cheering for you?

SteveAustinBSR683 karma

cant really describe it other than pure power. its an insane feeling. pure adrenalin.

WithForte356 karma

Please go back on the Adam Carolla Show soon. Your PSA's are fucking hilarious.

SteveAustinBSR467 karma

adam was just on my podcast the steve austin show. it will be out next week so catch it. adam is a damn genius and i have a blast when i visit the adam corolla show. i enjoy doing the PSA's and they totally come out of the blue.

sdotmills342 karma

Mick Foley did an AMA and said you were top 3 all time in terms of popularity, you like that dude?

SteveAustinBSR607 karma

Mick and i are good friends and old travel partners. Mick is one of the only guys in the business that was cheaper than myself. trying to get him on the steve austin show.

FranzVonSoxhlet339 karma

when you walked from backstage to the ring, i always saw you talking to yourself - what were you saying? it looked like a lot of cursing

SteveAustinBSR1115 karma

yes. it was. i was extremely energized by the crowd reaction and at my competitive best, i was a laser guided missile that went out to do one thing-ENTERTAIN THE CROWD AND KICK ASS..MAKE PEOPLE GLAD THEY SPENT THEIR MONEY ON A TICKET, GOT THEIR MONEYS WORTH...AND WANTED TO COME BACK NEXT TIME WE WERE IN TOWN TO SEE IT ALL AGAIN. many thanks to all of you for coming to the shows. i had a damn blast. it was a pleasure and an honor to work for you.

DrMilkdad309 karma

How many whole chickens do you eat in a month? A friend of mine in Vancouver who worked at Urban Fare said you would come in all the time and order 6 whole chickens every time. Your podcast is wonderful by the way.

SteveAustinBSR861 karma

damn. i eat so much chicken, im surprised i haven't grown feathers yet.

lobotomizer13285 karma

Will you get your own hunting show like Shawn Michaels?

SteveAustinBSR543 karma

i am currently laying some ground work for a hunting show...stay tuned.

DannyBoi1Derz274 karma

Did you have to learn to drive that Zamboni at the Joe Louis Arena when you raised hell!

SteveAustinBSR642 karma

learned to drive it in 5 minutes. i can drive anything on wheels..i can drive anything, actually.

Professional_Griefer270 karma

What was life like after the wwe? Must be hard to have to stop

SteveAustinBSR501 karma

took a while to deal with it. it was damn hard.

killerkali87268 karma

how much did jim ross mean to your career?

SteveAustinBSR540 karma

Jim Ross is a close personal friend who helped me through some hard times and gave great advice when i needed it. I dont know that i would have had the career i had without his help. Not many people walking around on planet Earth know the business like Jim. I truly value his and Jans friendship.

Pandemiconium259 karma

How common were concussions pre-Benoit? I know the WWE has cracked down on blows to the head and I wondered about the difference before and after the regulations were put in place. Was wrestling with a concussion unavoidable considering the quick turn around from one show/ event to the next?

SteveAustinBSR480 karma

i probably have had only one or two concussions my entire career. too many concussions to me, means you were doing something drastically wrong.(no hands on a chair shot)

meatloafing247 karma

What's the biggest fish you've ever caught?

SteveAustinBSR743 karma

32 foot great white shark with a cane pole.

LutzExpertTera244 karma

What is your opinion of the current status of the WHAT chant?

SteveAustinBSR568 karma

i cant believe the WHAT chants are still around. some people hate it. some people love it. go figure. WHAT!?

ironeagle83242 karma

I realize this comment will make me feel like a 9 tailed cat in a room full of rockers but, Looking back on your career, do you have any regrets or things you would have liked to try differently?

SteveAustinBSR594 karma

i wish i had not walked out of the company when i did...bad decision.

big10willy237 karma

Hello Mr. Austin, I asked my cousin if he could ask you one question, what it would be? And he wants to know if you are bald by choice? Feel free to not answer this though.

SteveAustinBSR723 karma

yes. i chose to shave my head because i was losing my hair.

xSt4y_r3ady174 karma

I don't know if you'll see this as you answered my last question by someone else. If your neck was never injured, how much longer would you have wrestled? I know you wore knee braces, but would that hamper you wrestling wise?

SteveAustinBSR337 karma

maybe another 5-6 years...

Voggimus171 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA! What is one of your favorite personal hobbies you do to wind down while not working?

SteveAustinBSR389 karma

hanging out at my ranch in south texas. hunting and riding around on my polaris ranger with my dog Hershey. RVing with my wife and dogs and bbqing are ways i wind down.

King4Day167 karma

If you didn't get into wrestling, what was your next passion?

SteveAustinBSR374 karma

football. but i wasnt good enough to play pro. i specialized in heavy manual labor jobs.

Jack-Casper165 karma

Do you ever plan on having Scott Hall as a guest on your podcast?

SteveAustinBSR320 karma

trying to set up a time and date for scott hall asap on the stsve austin show.

Toast_16160 karma

What's your favorite thing to do in Los Angeles?

SteveAustinBSR523 karma

drive around los angeles in my 1996 Chevy Suburban with Hershey, my chocolate lab drinking Pelligrino sparkling water. pretty exciting,huh?

Section12148 karma

Hey Steve, on your show Redneck Island, what is it like inside your house?

SteveAustinBSR443 karma

nothing fancy. my wife is a clean freak...thank god...we live a pretty low key life. i just wanna pay my bills and do my thing, just like everybody else.

Stubbula143 karma

If wrestling didn't pan out for you what would you have fallen back on or was failure simply not an option?

The Undertaker mentioned he would have loved to do MMA, but is obviously too old to start from scratch. Would you have considered entering the sport if it were as popular then as it is today?

SteveAustinBSR472 karma

i never considered failure. i did not have a plan B.

Bonezilla22138 karma

Ive worked on your ranch before (oilfield) and I heard that you often lie in wait of speeders and people not respecting your land. Also that you almost whooped a guys ass for being a douche. How true are these stories?

SteveAustinBSR304 karma

very true. i expect posted speed signs to be obeyed at all times. i take a lot of pride in the broken skull ranch. working man has to make a living...just drive slow at the BSR...swig of beer for the working man.

ceremonysc2119 karma

What do you think about many wrestlers not saving money and burning out / struggling with addiction after their careers? Do you think more needs to be done to help them after retirement?

Also your podcast is great, thanks for the AMA.

SteveAustinBSR270 karma

people in all walks of life have to save their money. i grew up middle class. my dad is super frugal. taught all of us kids to save our money. every wrestler was always told by the veterans "save your money, kid" never live beyond your means.

bertmaklinFBI117 karma

Best Memory of Stone Cold

SteveAustinBSR169 karma

all of them. the good times, bad times, high times, and low times...It was a helluva ride.

dylanf4117 karma

Hey Steve! Any chance of getting Punk on the podcast? I loved this interview y'all did together: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjoYSRju5ww

SteveAustinBSR225 karma

would love to have Punk on the steve austin show.

Asaator108 karma

I collect WatchTime Magazine.. I read an article in there about you and your watch collection. Have you added any new watches? Whats your daily wearer?

SteveAustinBSR272 karma

i havent bought a new watch in a while..daily wear watch is an old Luminox with a quartz movement. been trying to bust the sumbitch so i could go get another one. aint broke it yet.

babyblue1983107 karma

Steve, What it is the biggest sized deer that you have killed?

SteveAustinBSR216 karma

181class 10 point

underbridge94 karma

When you came down to the ring you were always yelling in the direction of the cameras but you didn't have a mic on? Give me an example of something that you were saying as you came down to the ring.

SteveAustinBSR236 karma

4 letter words and trash talk

RedheadedYG75 karma

I have another comment but I feel like it will go unnoticed. I really want you to know how thankful I am for all that you've done. In the ring or in the movies you are one badass S.O.B! Thank you!

SteveAustinBSR121 karma

thanks for the support.

TommyRJackson74 karma

When you returned to the WWE in 2003, how was your relationship with Eric Bischoff?

SteveAustinBSR142 karma

eric and i are totally cool. hes a hard working cat and always on the move. loved our chemistry as co gms.

Josh91870 karma

Hey Stone Cold. Loving the Podcast and would love to hear Paul Heyman on it sometime. I'm sure you guys would have some excellent convo.

Question: I think the WWE product right now is the best its been in years and has the best roster since the early 2000s. Do you think WWE is doing a good of preparing for the future and building new stars?

SteveAustinBSR183 karma

would love to have paul heyman on the show. wwe is putting together a solid roster with some exciting young cats. they have finally turned the corner. the future is bright at WWE.

DJ_Pauly-Queef67 karma

Have you ever seen the movie "The Wrestler"? How do you feel about it?

SteveAustinBSR133 karma

good movie

niggagenius59 karma

Why'd you let Adam Sandler punk you? For a hip hop dance? Naw fuck that shit, GU3 dont be such a punk...thank you for your time sir.

SteveAustinBSR149 karma

Adam Sandler stayed behind me for the part of Dennis Cavanaugh in GU2 when i was faced with having 2 new ligaments put in my left knee one month prior to filming. he is class act and a guys guy. ill do a job for Sandler any day of the week. i still haven't seen the movie...on my list of things to do. heard it was hilarious!

fork_yuu57 karma


SteveAustinBSR255 karma

no. i am not good with technology. tried setting up accounts last night as a precaution to not be late this morning. i cannot stand being late for anything.

cannedballs53 karma

Just in case no one else tells you this in your life, I really enjoyed that movie "Hunt to Kill" and you were great in it. Recoil was pretty good too, but Hunt to Kill was a perfectly done 80s movie.

SteveAustinBSR221 karma

still surprised i did not win an academy for hunt to kill.

troubleDVJ49 karma

Hey..Steve...When Will We Get the 411 on the Movie ya going me Filming this Summer?

SteveAustinBSR94 karma

more details coming soon on the movie. lots of bust ass action.

vjordan12346 karma

Will you tweet us a picture of Moola?

SteveAustinBSR94 karma

yes. later.

Boseidon44 karma

Stone Cold, I have friends in Victoria that said the only redeemable thing about that "dump" is the town square. Thoughts?

SteveAustinBSR109 karma

i love Victoria. i love Edna. two small towns in Texas. no more, no less.

Tandran41 karma

Will that damned fly be making a return to the podcast?

SteveAustinBSR96 karma

if the people demand it, Mr. Fly will return to the SAS.

FloridaMeemaw39 karma

Hi Steve Austin, Just wanted to let you know we've followed you for years. Hubby has built an El Camino, that is dedicated to you! It's all Stone Cold!! We'd like for you to see it, and he was hoping at one time, it would be a vehicle you'd drive in on WWE! We haven't known how to get in touch with you to let you know, until now! Could you let us know something, as we could send you some pictures? Thanks and glad we get to see you every week!!

SteveAustinBSR87 karma

i had a 1987 el camino. very cool cars.

mamacita201323 karma

I have soo much to say but my comments are not being answered...Thanku steve for all the years watching you grow and now get to watch you on Redneck island .i wanna be on that show!! Thiers tons of rednecks in Oklahoma. they better REDNECKONIZE ;)

SteveAustinBSR40 karma

i am trying to get the RI folks to look in yalls direction! rednecks everywhere.

[deleted]22 karma

Big fan Stone Cold! One question, is it really true you're Chael Sonnen's strength trainer for his UFC fights?

SteveAustinBSR68 karma

i have been sworn to secrecy regarding the training of Chael Sonnen.

Fittytwister18 karma

Have been doing some outdoor work in 100 degree weather and listened through about 6 or 7 of your podcasts all week while workin, thank you for keeping me entertained and just being an all around badass. huge fan of the podcast, keep em comin and fuck anyone who doesn't use their blinkers

SteveAustinBSR35 karma

ill keep the SAS coming if you keep listening.

WAxlRoseX17 karma

I grew up watching you, Steve. I'm sure you will and have heard that a lot. I have two questions for you to answer, if you don't mind:

  1. Redneck Island - Is there any chance for it to be moved to a better network? I don't think I've seen one advertisement for it on CMT. As a matter of fact, outside of me telling friend about it, they hadn't heard of it! It's an awesome show though.

  2. WWE - It's been a while since we've seen ol' Stone Cold in the squared circle...even longer since we've seen Stone Cold drop a stunner on some poor SOB in a match. Will we see Stone Cold Steve Austin in the WWE anytime in the near future, even just for a one-off appearance similar to what you were doing for a while? I'd love to see a match with you and CM Punk or Triple H!

Thanks for reading Steve, and I hope you answer! :D

SteveAustinBSR35 karma

i value my relationship with CMT and look forward to much more work with them in the future. yes, we need to work on awareness and advertising. dont know about a return to WWE in the near future, im booked solid for a pretty long stretch.

lawanhawizy13 karma

Hey Steve,

Love your podcast. Don't think I've ever consistently laughed so hard at a show. Please PLEASE please go ahead with your plan of making a wrestling review show.

As for my questions. It's all about ribs:

  • What's the funniest rib you were a part of?

  • What's the funniest rib you were a victim of?



SteveAustinBSR27 karma

thanks for listening to the steve austin show podcast.

BadNewsBrown4 karma

Coochietronic 9000. That is all.

SteveAustinBSR5 karma


less_than_three_tits3 karma

I'm not going to write you a huge post since you have a lot to read, but I just want you to know that you had a big impact on me when growing up. I could not ever thank you enough for all the blood, sweat, tears and abuse you endured for us.

I enjoyed the first season of Redneck Island and have not seen the recent ones. I loved you on Tough Enough and wish that would come back soon (heard anything lately?)

The podcast is great, and I really hope you run with the idea to review RAW and/or Smackdown, that would be amazing

Question: Any chance you will pen a biographical book in the near future?

Thanks for all the memories, both past, present and future

SteveAustinBSR9 karma

thank you redneck island and steveaustin show are a blast. still working on a format for the wrestling show. stay tuned.