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Stone cold steve austin
better known by his ring name "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, is a television actor, producer, and retired professional wrestler signed to WWE in a Legends deal

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tore my tricep off my elbow jumping off the top rope in japan in about 1994...Figured i better keep my dumb ass on the mat.

SteveAustinBSR1717 karma

let me help you with that....

SteveAustinBSR1571 karma

i cannot accommodate this request you sorry piece of trash...

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SteveAustinBSR1231 karma

mark yeaton was the guy throwing me all those beers. great arm.

SteveAustinBSR1115 karma

yes. it was. i was extremely energized by the crowd reaction and at my competitive best, i was a laser guided missile that went out to do one thing-ENTERTAIN THE CROWD AND KICK ASS..MAKE PEOPLE GLAD THEY SPENT THEIR MONEY ON A TICKET, GOT THEIR MONEYS WORTH...AND WANTED TO COME BACK NEXT TIME WE WERE IN TOWN TO SEE IT ALL AGAIN. many thanks to all of you for coming to the shows. i had a damn blast. it was a pleasure and an honor to work for you.

SteveAustinBSR882 karma

the rock and i will always be friends. text msg here or there.

SteveAustinBSR861 karma

damn. i eat so much chicken, im surprised i haven't grown feathers yet.

SteveAustinBSR743 karma

32 foot great white shark with a cane pole.

SteveAustinBSR723 karma

yes. i chose to shave my head because i was losing my hair.