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I don't know if you'll see this as you answered my last question by someone else. If your neck was never injured, how much longer would you have wrestled? I know you wore knee braces, but would that hamper you wrestling wise?

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I looked up cherry eyes before writing this and that’s insane. How can you do that to a poor dog? My question for you is, how many sleepless nights did you have knowing this was going on? For me, it would eat me up and I have two of my own with one that passed away this year

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Hi there Sefton, with over 200+ hours in Arkham Knight (Challenge maps and multiple plays through the story), why did you guys decide to go with a reskin of the Arkham Knight tank battle for Deathstroke? Were you guys scrapped for time or did you simply run out of room with the consoles? It just felt weird

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What’s the coolest thing about your job?