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Do directors really find it necessary to get a close up of the guy's face mid pounding like I need reassurance he's really working hard for it? I've never thought to myself, "Yeah I see he's pounding it pretty hard...but I need to see the raw emotion in a close up of his face to be sure"

The worst is when I'm about to blow my load and the the camera quickly pulls up to the close up and then I cum to a guy making this face. Stop it!

Edit: Holy crap this got a lot of attention. In fairness to him I think he answered questions for about an hour before leaving. I think I asked maybe 5 minutes before he left so I'm sure he isn't avoiding anything. Maybe he will come back when he wakes up and answer it! I'll tweet him and ask him to come back.

Edit 2: Yes, I know porn isn't meant just for men and I know that they need face time too! I don't mind seeing the dudes face in general. Men make retarded ogre faces and women make faces like they are taking the worst shit of their life. Either way I could do without the face closeup. I just wanted to hear it from his perspective!

Edit 3: Thank you kindly for the Reddit Gold anonymous stranger! I truly appreciate it and will pay it forward. I'm proud I could be the voice for one of our biggest fap concerns.

Edit 4: Based on his twitter replies it looks like he'll be coming back to answer more questions tonight. I'm not sure if he'll create a whole new thread or just answer these so check back guys!

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Will you and Eddie Vedder make some more music, please? I love both of your voices.

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If wrestling didn't pan out for you what would you have fallen back on or was failure simply not an option?

The Undertaker mentioned he would have loved to do MMA, but is obviously too old to start from scratch. Would you have considered entering the sport if it were as popular then as it is today?

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Hi and great question! To see my response to this please visit my website. To view the content all you have to do is sign-up, like my page on Facebook then view a quick 30 second ad before the video. From there I'll do a brief run down on some of my sponsors and sister blogs in the community before I get to the question. Don't worry though! I've disabled the ability to skip forward so you don't accidentally skip over anything! Thanks for your question!

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If you want to figure that out you'll have to go to his website