Hey everyone! I'm doing this AMA live from the Comic Con exhibit floor! Gonna start answering questions at 1PM! Bring 'em on!

Proof it's me! https://twitter.com/claudioPsanchez/status/357948874616365056

Thanks everyone for all the questions! It was fun! http://instagram.com/p/b6_AfVNnaH/

Ill try to hop back on tonight and answer a few more!

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KotovSyndrome710 karma

So. All these people with their serious questions.

I just gotta know one thing.

Claudio, will we really make it if you believe?

ClaudioSanchezAMA681 karma

Yes. I did!

soggydave2113516 karma

Claudio! I've literally been waiting years to ask this question/share this information with you.

The year was 2007. The place was Olive Garden in Houston, TX during warped tour. My friends and I were SO excited to have come across you guys there. You were kind enough to take a picture with me, but I was so star struck I completely forgot about Travis. I distinctly remember him saying something like"Well, fuck me right?"

I doubt either of you remember that day, but can you tell Travis I'm sorry and have felt like shit for years because of that?! Haha. Thanks man.

Absolutely love the new stuff. Keep it up please.

ClaudioSanchezAMA832 karma

Absolutely! Travis has lost hours of sleep over this, and he will appreciate your apology! ;) ;)

smoomoo31337 karma

Hey there Claudio, welcome to reddit on behalf of /r/TheFence! Before I ask my questions, I wanted to thank you personally for changing my life. I once thought you guys were super lame, because of what else, your voice. Then, one morning I had music videos on as I napped, and The Running Free pierced my dream. I awoke, not thinking, only listening. I was captivated, and when I saw the name of who was playing this song, I was dumbfounded and from then I've been hooked. I've written a series of posts here on reddit attempting to explain the nuances of each discography song and their meanings both in fiction and real. My personal favorite is The Beginner's Guide to Coheed & Cambria on the general music subreddit that became a top post for the day I wrote it. The posts ended up getting a following and encouraging many people here to re-up on the material. I am proud to be a part of the Coheed world, and I'll continue to show you guys off any chance I get. Onto the good stuff:

1. You've always made note of your social anxieties. Has opening your creative side up on such a massive scale and having it so well received by a rabid fanbase shaped your mental processes into something different?

2. What do you think is the best quality song that you guys have written? Not necessarily the one that means the most to you emotionally or is your favorite but the best.

3. What was your weightloss regimen? You seem like you lost weight from earlier days in the most recent documentary.

4. Is there any chance we'll get to see you guys play Number City into Gravity's Union into Away We Go? That would be probably the best concert experience ever to grace my ears.

5. Got any spots available to help carry shit around out on a tour? You don't even have to pay me , I need a break after my girlfriend and I broke up and what better way than to spend it following around my favorite band?

Thanks for giving us something substantial for all of our many moods. You're a hero.

Edit: Bonus picture from your August 2010 visit to St. Louis.

ClaudioSanchezAMA418 karma

  1. No. I'm still an anxious fuck. :)

  2. Gravity's Union. When I was writing that tune before any of the band was on it, I remember sitting in the Beige listening to that song and air drumming on it. I was tearing up because the song meant so much to me.

  3. I have been starving myself and putting myself into acidosis. This is not good seeing as how I have acid reflux, so I do not recommend it. Please eat.

  4. I would like to see that happen, but I can't give that away just yet...maybe there's an Afterman: Neverender in your future. Woo!

  5. Unfortunately there are no spots left on the Coheed crew--unless you want to be pitted against Dave Gibney in a ladder match.

asquared2286 karma

What exactly is in a truly gone fishing amalgam?

ClaudioSanchezAMA812 karma

Truly gone fishing is a term used in a Pink Floyd song that represented losing your mind and an amalgam is a mishmash of things, so to me, the phrase is a tangible version of insanity. But I could just be making shit up.

destructogrrrrrl258 karma

Do you ever get sick of people asking you about your hair? There are probably thirty questions in this thread already asking about your grooming habits. "Ask me anything" and all anyone can ask about is your hair routine.

ClaudioSanchezAMA590 karma

I don't get sick of it at all, but I also know there is an end-date for this hair... and it might be soon. So get those questions in now... WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

valkyriemissile254 karma

I got into Coheed and Cambria back in 2003 when I first heard "Blood Red Summer." That being said I have been a long time fan of the music, but I haven't really delved into the story of Coheed and Cambria.

When writing a new album: are you more concerned with incorporating the story you want to tell or does the music always come first?

ClaudioSanchezAMA294 karma

It's tough because with the past albums prior to Afterman, I always had an idea of what the concept was going to be for those records. Of course, I still wrote those songs from a personal perspective, but I had an idea of where they would go, whereas Afterman I wrote based completely on emotional experiences I was living out. I guess I feel like they play an equal role.

deehoc2113248 karma

What does the line "There’ll be a place for your car" mean? And jokingly, if the world was burning apart, why would anyone need a parking spot?

ClaudioSanchezAMA793 karma

It was to have a place to park the car and watch the world end with your loved one.

I was trying to be romantic!

SiameseGunKiss222 karma

You've always been very open about the fact that your father struggled with an addiction to heroin when you were growing up. Was his addiction something you knew about while you were growing up, or something you found out later?

Along those same lines, you've mentioned before in interviews that you have a good relationship with your father. Would you say it was a difficult relationship to build up, given the circumstances?

My father had his own struggles with the drug and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being so open about dealing with that when you were younger. It's one of the few things that made me feel like I wasn't alone in the struggle that goes along with having an addicted parent.

ClaudioSanchezAMA423 karma

I didn't know about my dad's addiction until my teenage years. When I was a kid, I think I wouldn't have understood what addiction meant anyway. I've had a good relationship with my father always. He was a good father and a good provider for our family. Unfortunately, he just had this flaw, but I think that's something that made him work harder to try to compensate for in terms of making sure we were provided for. I guess that's kind of a unique situation, so I sympathize with people who aren't so fortunate.

blabelle198 karma

You guys are electrifying live. Who are some of your favourite live acts? Also, who is your favourite superhero?

ClaudioSanchezAMA457 karma

My favorite live acts...when I saw Pink Floyd in 1994, that was the show that solidified what I wanted to do with my life. Unfortunately it wasn't the original lineup because they were missing Roger, but whatever. Seeing something like that and then going years later and seeing something like At The Drive In in a small venue, was inspiring. I saw The Flaming Lips recently and that was so much fun.

My favorite superhero is probably the Batman. I think he's my favorite because he has such a rich rogues gallery...so many villains that deepen his mythology. And I can't answer this question without throwing some kisses to Wolverine.

Jewfrodave198 karma

So everyone in the band has gotten into great shape lately? Was this a band choice? Or just naturally happened?

Chubby Coheed Rip

ClaudioSanchezAMA338 karma

I think it just naturally happened. I think we're just getting older, and we're becoming a little more conscious. Definitely not stopping at Taco Bell as much as we used to!

kiddisaster192 karma

Any updates on The Amory Wars movie?

ClaudioSanchezAMA282 karma

Not at the moment. Unfortunately. I wish there were!

Bilbo_Schwaggins190 karma

Any plans to do Neverender type shows again?

ClaudioSanchezAMA306 karma

There's always plans! We're always kicking around ideas as to exactly how we're gonna do it. I love doing them so much, that I'd feel empty if we didn't do them. They're always on my mind.

fookdook177 karma

Hey Claudio! Why do you (almost) always use the double-neck SG for "Welcome Home" when you never actually use the 12-string guitar?

ClaudioSanchezAMA744 karma

You're full of shit, lol! I do use the 12-string guitar! In all fairness, you may have gone to a show where I didn't use it...but I usually use it in the chorus A to C section or the last line of the song when the Whoa Whoa Whoa's are happening. Regardless, we all know that is a gimmick guitar:)

destructogrrrrrl169 karma

+++ Have you ever looked back on something you've written, and just thought "man, that is too personal to be floating out in the world"?

ClaudioSanchezAMA235 karma

Yeah, I mean, I do have those moments, though there is nothing I can really pinpoint at the moment as an example.

cobaltcollapse159 karma

How many times have you played your own song on Rock Band?

ClaudioSanchezAMA363 karma

Maybe three times so friends can laugh.

sinstarvirus154 karma

As a very reserved man, how do you do handle interacting with the more overzealous fans?

ClaudioSanchezAMA348 karma

I just smile. I don't know what I do, really. Sometimes I point to Chondra.

TheAlmostReady132 karma

Hey Claud, I've been trying to ask you this question since NYCC:

If you could go back in time and show your younger self one song from each Coheed record to showcase your talent and progression, which would they be?

Also can you relay to Travis that he needs to meet with me and my roommates from Ramapo College in NJ to take Christmas pictures with the Palisades Mall Santa. We'll be the dudes in the hair metal costumes.

ClaudioSanchezAMA420 karma

Everything Evil from Second Stage.

Light and the Glass from In Keeping Secrets.

The Willing Well II: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness

Mother Superior from No World For Tomorrow

Pearl of The Stars from Year of the Black Rainbow

Afterman on Afterman: Ascension

Gravity's Union on Afterman: Descension

This will change in 5 minutes:)

LizziPizzo129 karma

Claudio!! What can we expect from you in the upcoming months? Also, what kind of shampoo do you use?

I'm a huge fan and you make my knees feel like jello.

ClaudioSanchezAMA287 karma

We're gonna be touring for UPROAR, more dates in the fall, hoping to have Kill Audio: Starboner out in the fall, working on other stories and writing music if my apartment will allow it!

Pantene Pro V for curly hair.

admdelta120 karma

Hey Claudio! Been a fan for 8 years now! I met you at Comic Con in 2006 and asked you if you remembered a kid named Jake from Wisconsin. You seemed confused and had no idea who I was talking about. Jake had claimed that his friend's dad was a manager for Avenged Sevenfold and that he got to hang out with you and do all kinds of stuff. In retrospect, I've realized Jake was full of shit. Ha.

Anyway! Questions.

1) What album are you most proud of and why?

2) What first inspired you to grow your hair to be so magnificently large?

3) Do you do anything to your hair, or does it just come in that way?

4) What did you and Chondra do for your honeymoon?

5) Would you rather fight a hundred duck size Iro-Bots, or one Iro-Bot sized duck?

ClaudioSanchezAMA395 karma

I just really wanna answer the duck question! I was waiting for it!

I just wanna fight the one large IRO-Bot-sized duck because it would be epic and a challenge!

shadowobsessed119 karma

My apologies if this is personal, but you are one of my heroes so I'd love to hear your answer.

As an artist and as a person, how do you cope when you hit a wall? Whether it's creatively or emotionally (though I suppose those can be very hand-in-hand). I'd love to hear how you get through hard times. You've done so many awesome things and I feel that hearing your perspective on it might help me too.

Thanks for being such an inspiration to me through all of these years. I finally got to see you guys at the Warfield back in May, and it was one of the happiest nights of my life.

ClaudioSanchezAMA249 karma

Right now, I feel like I'm at a creative wall right now. But I just keep trying, and I tell myself that this particular thing isn't going to define me? Does that make sense? Like, even if I feel it's garbage, I still keep going, because it's something. What also really helps is jumping to another project. If I can't write music, I'll jump to comics. Or vice versa.

Hope that helps!

itismonday111 karma

Hey claudio! Thanks so much for doing an ama! I have a few questions about comic books:

1.) When will you begin writing the No World For Tomorrow comics? :)

2.) What is your favorite comic? (By this I mean graphic novel. I'm gonna guess "The Watchmen")

3.) Do you ever plan on releasing another version of the "From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness" graphic novel, one that you're satisfied with?

4.) In terms of comic books(or graphic novels), who is your favorite artist and who is your favorite author? :)

Thanks for reading! huge, huge fan!

ClaudioSanchezAMA203 karma

  1. I have started to outline it. At the moment we're trying to figure out re-doing Good Apollo without re-hashing the graphic novel. But the NWFT bullet points are definitely coming through in the process.
  2. Definitely the Watchmen! t's just something about it... the way it was presented and such, that just became the big one for me. It was the book I would introduce friends that didn't know about comics to.
  3. Yes. That's exactly what we're working on at this moment. Not that I dislike the last one, but I think there's just a lot more we can do in this new one that will really make the story pop.
  4. I think at this moment (it always sorta changes) my favorite author Alejandro Jodorowsky (Jodo). His concepts are just so far out there. I look at my work and I feel like I'm trying to do the same thing, but will never get to his level. As far as artists, Darick Robertson. He did Transmetropolitan. I'm not a fan of negative space in panels. I love lots of detail, like Moebius' (another favorite) work, and I think he's great. Jeff Darrow is amazing as well.

zakfennie95 karma

Hey Claudio! I was wondering, what did you think the first time you saw a fan with a Coheed tattoo? Also, any news on The Amory Wars movie/Good Apollo comics?

ClaudioSanchezAMA190 karma

Shock? But it was all very sudden. It was a lot of people at once. The band all got them first, so it started there, but I guess it was crazy to see our tour manager get one... to see someone outside the band get it was shocking!

Qalpal73 karma

Hey Claudio, just wondering, was the use of the phrase "ten ton truck" in Gravity's Union a reference to "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" by The Smiths, or am I reading too much into it? I know you're a fan of The Smiths.

ClaudioSanchezAMA173 karma

For me it was literally these two characters crashing into a truck, but I probably had that Smiths song stuck in my mind at the time.

nionix71 karma

Hi Claudio, hope the Con is rockin'! Long time Fencer, you changed how I viewed life and music, so thank you for that. I have two questions!

1) I know you probably can't answer this yet, but from the Good Apollo writing tease it seems like you are concentrating on the book before the comic adaptation. Any word on which one we will be seeing first?

2) Some background for this one: I have spent two years and more money than I should have putting together my thesis for film school and it's almost done. It is a narrative adaptation of a slice of SSTB. Is there any way to get it in front of you once it's done? I have an old trailer here (https://vimeo.com/48128622 password: onefromtwo). Pretty much a three year old dream for me if you just watched the trailer alone!

But the question is, I know you've been inspired from early years and used Star Wars, Led Zeppelin, etc to inspire your work. How do you feel about fans taking your work and adding to academia in general with adapted material? Is it exciting or does it take something away from your original intent? (Credit for part of this goes to /u/halobear11)

ClaudioSanchezAMA97 karma

You will probably be seeing a comic adaptation first.

I like it when people adapt our material. It's fun to see it and I can't wait to watch your trailer!

Spaceaardvark65 karma

Claudio, thanks so much for the AMA!

Are there any plans for a rerelease of IKSSE:3 on vinyl?

Also, are there any characters you wish you explored more or wish to revisit? If so who?

ClaudioSanchezAMA146 karma

  1. I definitely wanna do it, and I'm sure the band wants to, and with the 10 year coming up, I know it's something we should do. But in all honesty, we have no plans right now. :(
  2. I'd really like to revisit Mayo and Al...

guitarman8159762 karma

What is your favorite town to play in and why?

ClaudioSanchezAMA176 karma

New York. I just love NYC. My family is there. I just love playing there... just having a hard time creating there right now. Because there's so much stuff there!

manskies58 karma

Hey Claudio, I'm a huge fan. I saw Coheed and got to meet you guys at the memorial day show in Jacksonville. That was one of my favorite sets by you guys. Three questions:

  1. Is anything that's going to be exclusive to comic con like any of your comics, going to be available on coheedandcambria.com at a later date?

  2. Any new Prize Fighter Inferno material sometime soon?

  3. Do you stay in touch with Mic at all since he left the band?

ClaudioSanchezAMA166 karma

  1. We tend to sell out, or just bring back that stuff to the next Con. We like keeping that stuff exclusive and special.
  2. I'm hoping so, but I'm having a hard time writing in my new apartment!
  3. I do not. We are not pen pals.

Tajadol56 karma

Holy Donkey Dick Fuck, what's happening Claudio! Been a fan ever since I saw the Blood Red Summer music video on my PSP. Thanks for all the amazing music and awesome concerts!

I have a few questions for you

  • What would be your dream cast for The Amory Wars movie?

  • Any update on Rosie Barbara & The Family Massacre / The Echomaker?

  • What are the actual lyrics to Chamberlain? What about the backing vocals near the end of Gravity's Union?

  • Do you play any video games? If so, what are some of your favorites?

  • Regarding the Good Apollo novel you're working on, will The Writer have more of a backstory or not?

  • Any chance of a full band version of Carol Anne or Random Reality Shifts?

  • Obviously asked a million times before, got anything to say about a Neverender 2 or IKSSE:3 vinyl re-release?

  • What was up with that Pikachu you had during the last tour?

Also, Evagria is one of the best song's Coheed has ever done imo. Thanks again Claudio!

Edit: Pikachu

ClaudioSanchezAMA93 karma

Chuck Andrews would play Coheed AND Cambria. Wilhelm Ryan would be played by Blaze James. Mayo Deftinwolf would be played by Kwame...the rest of the roles would take too much time.

No updates on Rosie Barbara and The Echomaker. I've fallen asleep on them, but the ideas are still in the mind locker.

Video games...whenever Halo puts out a game I'll play it. God of War, Gears of War and Batman: Arkham City or Arkham Asylum. When the new Origin comes out, I'll play it.

We might think about full band versions of Carol Anne or RRS, but we aren't sure if it makes a lot of sense to put on another record.

The Pikachu is just a circuit bent toy that I use to create atmosphere between songs.

uberlad44 karma


ClaudioSanchezAMA197 karma

The best advice I can give is: don't ask me for any advice! :P

chrysamere42 karma

Hi Claudio. I bought Second Stage Turbine Blade at Hot Topic in 2002, and over 30 shows later, it's been a wild ride. I'm so proud of what you guys have accomplished and want to thank you for being consistent and close to your fans.

These are my questions:

Is your record label able to publish older albums, or do they only own rights to Afterman? Is this why you haven't rereleased vinyls for the older albums?

What are the spanish lyrics in Willing Well 1 - and what are they intended to mean?

Which characters are speaking in Mother Superior?

Do you have any regrets cutting "Hush" from YoTBR?

How did you and Travis go about learning guitar?

Is there any plans to release tab books for The Afterman or older albums like you did for IV/NWFT/YOTBR?

Do you have any plans to have children, and how would that effect your songwriting process?

Do you ever browse /r/coheedandcambria or /r/thefence?

How do you personally feel about album leaks?

I posted my interpretation of NWFT here: http://www.reddit.com/r/TheFence/comments/1hzz6d/good_apollo_2_questions/cb0w3qr

I know you dont want to spoil too much, but how far off am I?

Thanks so much for everything. Feel free to join us at /r/thefence every once and awhile.

ClaudioSanchezAMA109 karma

The Spanish lyrics in Willing Will 1 are definitely broken Spanish. I was trying to replicate James Brown being like, "What time is it?!"...but in Spanish.

Mother Superior is less literal dialogue and more of a reflection where reality is inspiring the concept.

I like Hush, but I never listen to YOTBR wishing Hush was on it. I do however listen to Good Apollo and wish "Crossing the Frame" wasn't.

Travis and I learned guitar just by being in bands. We learned chords from songbooks and things like that...or by listening to a friend's father's tape collection--things like Naked Raygun, The Misfits, Gaye Bikers On Acid--and then we just figured out how to write songs by mimicking the arrangements.

As for tab books, there are not any plans that we've been talking about unfortunately.

As for kids, I'm sure it's going to affect my songwriting process--how I don't know yet because I don't have them yet. But I do plan on having children. If I'm so lucky.

Album leaks are unfortunately sort of part of the atmosphere right now, but I love the element of surprise. The closer the album comes out to release date, the better in my opinion.