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He said Gravity's Union. Now smoomoo can die happy.

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LOL. You win, dude. You win.

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Hi Claudio. I bought Second Stage Turbine Blade at Hot Topic in 2002, and over 30 shows later, it's been a wild ride. I'm so proud of what you guys have accomplished and want to thank you for being consistent and close to your fans.

These are my questions:

Is your record label able to publish older albums, or do they only own rights to Afterman? Is this why you haven't rereleased vinyls for the older albums?

What are the spanish lyrics in Willing Well 1 - and what are they intended to mean?

Which characters are speaking in Mother Superior?

Do you have any regrets cutting "Hush" from YoTBR?

How did you and Travis go about learning guitar?

Is there any plans to release tab books for The Afterman or older albums like you did for IV/NWFT/YOTBR?

Do you have any plans to have children, and how would that effect your songwriting process?

Do you ever browse /r/coheedandcambria or /r/thefence?

How do you personally feel about album leaks?

I posted my interpretation of NWFT here: http://www.reddit.com/r/TheFence/comments/1hzz6d/good_apollo_2_questions/cb0w3qr

I know you dont want to spoil too much, but how far off am I?

Thanks so much for everything. Feel free to join us at /r/thefence every once and awhile.

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The questions will just change to "When are you gonna grow your hair out again?!?! hurrrrrr"