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Hi Claudio, hope the Con is rockin'! Long time Fencer, you changed how I viewed life and music, so thank you for that. I have two questions!

1) I know you probably can't answer this yet, but from the Good Apollo writing tease it seems like you are concentrating on the book before the comic adaptation. Any word on which one we will be seeing first?

2) Some background for this one: I have spent two years and more money than I should have putting together my thesis for film school and it's almost done. It is a narrative adaptation of a slice of SSTB. Is there any way to get it in front of you once it's done? I have an old trailer here (https://vimeo.com/48128622 password: onefromtwo). Pretty much a three year old dream for me if you just watched the trailer alone!

But the question is, I know you've been inspired from early years and used Star Wars, Led Zeppelin, etc to inspire your work. How do you feel about fans taking your work and adding to academia in general with adapted material? Is it exciting or does it take something away from your original intent? (Credit for part of this goes to /u/halobear11)

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It speaks volumes about you as a person that you are open for people to adapt your material! Many artists hold onto their work too tightly.

I hope you do find time to give it a go. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go into the other room to freak out about something else.

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Mayo and Al are ripe for spin offs, both are versatile characters with limitless story potential! Would love to see anything and everything... drool

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... Shucks?