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My favorite Navy aviator callsign I've heard is "Nascar." Apparently her left leg is slightly shorter than her right, so the theory goes if she were to just walk in a straight line it would be a big left-hand turn. Hence, Nascar.

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I always point at him for the lyrics "you were my favorite" in The Crowing. I like to pretend he notices.

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Hey Claudio! Been a fan for 8 years now! I met you at Comic Con in 2006 and asked you if you remembered a kid named Jake from Wisconsin. You seemed confused and had no idea who I was talking about. Jake had claimed that his friend's dad was a manager for Avenged Sevenfold and that he got to hang out with you and do all kinds of stuff. In retrospect, I've realized Jake was full of shit. Ha.

Anyway! Questions.

1) What album are you most proud of and why?

2) What first inspired you to grow your hair to be so magnificently large?

3) Do you do anything to your hair, or does it just come in that way?

4) What did you and Chondra do for your honeymoon?

5) Would you rather fight a hundred duck size Iro-Bots, or one Iro-Bot sized duck?

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Are you familiar with Air Shepherd, and if so is there any potential for working with them in the future?

For those unaware, this is Air Shepherd. They use drones in anti-poaching operations and collaborate with local wildlife rangers.

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If you actually manage to keep a dream journal and diligently record everything you can remember when you wake up, even if it's just little tidbits, you'll actually get a lot better at remembering your dreams.