hi. tig here. i'm up extra early today to talk to you, so please be patient as i'll be brushing my tooth and running a comb through my hair as i chat with you. not sure how we both ended up here at this hour, but if you're ok with it, i'm ok with it. my latest release 'LIVE' is available tomorrow- tuesday the 16th on CD and vinyl picture disc. you should buy all of the copies. you won't regret it.


also, if you are in the los angeles area tonight, please come say hello to my face in person at the grammy museum. the vp of the grammy's will be interviewing me and there will also be a Q & A to follow. how can you say no to that? just don't, ok?


proof: https://www.facebook.com/tignotarocomedy/posts/10151801255532525

Edit 9:59am PT - guys i gotta split. can we do this again? see you tonight at the grammy museum?

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picklejuicebox602 karma


tignotaro233 karma

thank you kindly.

Kirjath463 karma

Tig – I loved you in Oblivion! How did you transition from comedic roles like Risky Business into more serious ones???

PS – Everyone on reddit thinks you’re gay. Is that true? What about Katie Holmes?

tignotaro588 karma

people think i'm gay?!

combatrex298 karma

What do you think about when you are pushing a stool across the stage?

tignotaro505 karma

that i hope this gets really awkward.

sethwanta146 karma

I love your relationship with Kyle almost as much as I love you.

What's your favorite bit/project you've done with him?

Also marry me please.

tignotaro179 karma

he and i just make little videos for our own enjoyment that i put on youtube, and that's probably my favorite thing to do with him. Google "tig and kyle eating apples"

TheGreatWildFrontier122 karma

What is your favorite swamp rock band?

tignotaro262 karma


namethatPUNKY114 karma

My question is about a really strange show you did for free in Iowa City, Iowa. It was in this dark, dirty basement and there were maybe 15-20 people there. There was an older guy there who raised his hand and asked you a question several times and tried to make a joke about…a party with 80 sex dolls. Do you remember this guy at all? You were so quick witted with your answers to him and when talking to the rest of the crowd. Do you prefer these types of shows where you interact with the crowd or do you like shows where you stick to your set more?

That was the best stand up I have ever seen and my face hurt from laughing so much that night. Thank you for that!

tignotaro125 karma

i don't remember that show but it sounds about right. mainly i like to do my show but if there's an interruption, i don't mind that.

Toberoni107 karma

After 2012 turned out to be "Tig Notaro's A Series of Unfortunate Events", out of all the tragedy came a career boost of unprecedented magnitude.

Has this made you more spiritual, as in 'it all happened for a reason'(for lack of a better term)?

tignotaro226 karma

i'm not a religious or spiritual person, so no it hasn't changed me in that way, but it has made me more thoughtful and keenly aware in certain ways.

Toberoni86 karma

Has anyone contacted Soleil Moon Frye to come to the hatch and play 'Name that Punky'?

tignotaro131 karma

that is our biggest project and we hope to make it happen. we have a team of about 500 people working on that.

BarkySlice72 karma

When did you first think to yourself: "I've made it."

P.S. I am a huge fan of you and Professor Blastoff and am so happy that you kicked cancer's ass. xoxo

tignotaro345 karma

when i bought my fifth mansion in the same week.

Frajer68 karma

How does it feel to have the ultimate Taylor Dayne stories?

tignotaro132 karma

are there any others?

freakwharf65 karma

How do you think your stand-up will change after all that you've been through recently? Will you still be telling jokes about bees going down the highway?

And have you tried to get Neil deGrasse Tyson on Professor Blastoff? I bet he would be up for a New York live show.

tignotaro154 karma

can you cram more questions into one question? most likely i'll only be joking about bees from here on out, and yes we hope to have neil on as soon as possible.

Hanmertime59 karma

taylor dayne recently performed in my hometown. where were you?

tignotaro102 karma

probably on stage talking about her somewhere.

leehankyeol47 karma

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

tignotaro158 karma

i'm still lying in bed so that hasn't happened yet. i'll probably have a smoothie. maybe you could come over and make me something. that seems reasonable.

Maximus_44 karma

Megan Fox or Jessica Alba?

tignotaro134 karma


ForenPpl43 karma

Why were you given the nickname Tig?

tignotaro89 karma

my brother made it up when i was two.

411eli43 karma

How do i talk about painful things onstage myself? I'm a storyteller and generally tell light, funny stories onstage. Now I'm struggling to tell more personal, sad stories. You've pulled it off perfectly.

Any advice on how to do that? Do you have a method?

tignotaro167 karma

i don't. it basically happened one night and it's not necessarily going to be my go-to style of comedy, but being diagnosed with cancer helped me do it. i wouldn't recommend the same for you.

daringtherobot42 karma

Hi Tig! For your upcoming "Knock Knock" tour, are you picking the venues or are you letting your team surprise you? I hope to see you in my backyard soon!

tignotaro63 karma

it's a mix of both.

tcflash41 karma

Who are your favorite comedians and why?

tignotaro92 karma

i love maria bamford, jon dore, heather lawless... that's a start. there's so many more, we'd be here all day.

skeggaba39 karma

AMA: what is your thoughts about Conan ? Is he as great in person as he is on camera ? Differences ? Love the stuff you've done together !

tignotaro90 karma

he is dreamy and even better in person.

nlsimpson37 karma


tignotaro52 karma

i wish her the best.

cocobella36 karma


tignotaro83 karma

i didn't have anything in mind when i got on stage.

hellfacebastard36 karma

Tig, do you remember the show in Raleigh. NC (Kings Barcade) where you were having mic trouble? You basically riffed the dumb sound guy by talking to him through the monitors for a good portion of the show (he was trying to figure out the problem). Then you gave up at the end and jumped off stage and did your last bit in the crowd walked away to your merch table while everyone stood and applauded? No question, just saying that was one of the most memorable and hilarious comedy shows I've ever seen.

tignotaro39 karma

thank ye.

skeptwit34 karma

hey. i'm in a bit of a tight spot. could i borrow a punky corn?

tignotaro50 karma

i'll write you a check when i see you next.

thelustysloth27 karma

You seem like somewhat of a private person, but with the all the stuff that happened in your life last year you ended up putting a lot of pretty personal stuff out in the open (on the podcast and LIVE).
Does it feel weird knowing that so many people know so much about that aspect of your life? Or did it help to have everyone know exactly what you were going through?

Also, I have to say I'm a huge fan of the Professor Blastoff. I got a few of my friends to listen to it and we all love laughing and discussing each week's episode. You guys (and girls) do great work.

tignotaro41 karma

i feel great about how everything has panned out and i'm ok with everyone knowing what i've put out there. it's been helpful.

intimidatingname25 karma

Hi Tig, I've been a huge fan of your work for the last few years and try to keep up to date with all of your projects. I was curious if you could let us know about your upcoming acting role in Lake Bell's movie, "In a World..." and how the opportunity came about.

Unrelated but not-so-unrelated: I'm sorry to bother you, but I have to tell you, I love your voice.

tignotaro46 karma

lake bell is one of my closest friends so she cast me in the movie. the role is just me in a western shirt.

Imthe1whoknocks23 karma

Are you guys just joking with Aaron on the podcast or do you really not like him?

tignotaro75 karma

yes it's a comedy podcast so 100% of the time we're joking around.

lesliehaphapablap22 karma

Tig, for 3 Punky Corns, can you name this Punky?

Oooh Punky.

tignotaro39 karma

punky didn't brush her teeth and her breath stinks.

guywhosayswhoa21 karma


hypothetically, You're on death row, whats your last meal?

tignotaro64 karma

probably just a handful of jelly beans.

HailHailFredonia21 karma

Tig when was the last time you went to the movies?

tignotaro55 karma

14 months ago today.

presidentialist21 karma

Hey Tig. What do you think is the most needed ability to become a famous comedian like you? intelligence?? effort?? Personality?? Character??

tignotaro80 karma

good hair and a couple of jokes.

NobodyLovesMilhouse20 karma

Hey Tig. Have you ever bombed on stage? Were you always as relaxed and confident on stage when you started as you seem now?

tignotaro49 karma

i've always been relaxed and confident on stage but i was also bombing while that was happening. there's definitely nights that i don't have great shows but my odds have gotten better as far as not bombing goes.

vukesdukes20 karma

I found your routine about your breast cancer diagnosis amazingly honest. You found a way to make it real, uncomfortable and still funny.

  1. Did you have reservations about the audience finding it funny?
  2. Was it a relief to let it all out on stage?

tignotaro41 karma

i was not expecting people to find it funny, i was out completely on a limb. it was a huge relief to do the show and find that it was well received.

brary_rabbit19 karma

Hey Tig! Huge Blastoff fan! How do you think the podcast has changed/developed since you started?

tignotaro31 karma

i think there's more personal elements to it and it's gotten a lot sillier for sure.

thewildducky19 karma

What is something PB fans don't know about David and Kyle?

tignotaro68 karma

they're twin sisters.

shnmcd18 karma

I wanted to ask the traditional "Dinner Party Download" question, which seems particularly appropriate here:

"What is the one question that you are tired of being asked?"

(Also, "Tig Notaro Screems Bloody Murder," a new story on DPD this week: http://www.dinnerpartydownload.org/tig-notaro/ -- just a public service, I don't work for DPD nor Tig.) Thanks. Shannon

tignotaro60 karma

"is it hard being a female comedian?"

dont_worry_im_here15 karma

I want you to perform in Austin for your Showtime documentary! I'm going to enter but I'd like to know where you'd rather perform:

Rooftop Bar? Hotel Lobby? Bank? At a crossfit gym? IHOP? Easy Tiger (beer garden/bakery)? My living room?

Your comedy is the best thing out right now and Professor Blastoff is my favorite thing ever.

I love you THIS much (spread arms out wide)

tignotaro27 karma

just make it a cool place to show up and your chances will increase.

carefulspongebob13 karma

What is your favorite episode of Professor Blastoff? Who has been your favorite guest?

tignotaro27 karma

that's a toughy. i really love the sklars episode because i just laughed the entire time. i also think the new one coming out this week is going to be phenomenal.

julieanna13 karma

Hi Tig,

I really enjoy your podcast! I'm listening right now at work. If you were deserted on an island for a week and could only hang out with one of Kyle's characters who would you choose?

tignotaro16 karma

either craig or carl.

yopyop300012 karma

i had a dream i met you and kyle at a gas station two nights ago. I told you I liked professor blastoff and you were pretty appreciative about the whole thing

tignotaro40 karma

that wasn't a dream.

freebyu12 karma

Regarding your cop role on Sarah's show, were you satisfied with doing that or were you hoping to do something on the show that better reflected your own sense of humor?

tignotaro18 karma

i was thrilled to be doing that role.

Toberoni11 karma

Some of the riffing on Professor Blastoff leads to really funny jokes that could be reworked as material. Do you use any of it and if so, do you guys discuss/ fight over who gets to use what?

tignotaro24 karma

well as a general rule if you come up with something in life, it's yours, so we pretty much just each use what we come up with, whether it's on the show, or off the show.

ivevijadu11 karma

What is your toothpaste of choice?

tignotaro35 karma

i have an entire selection and like to change flavors about every time i brush my teeth.

Burgee11 karma

Hi, Tig. Hope you're having a good day :) I love your comedy and triscuits. I also read somewhere that you spent a little time in the music industry as a band manager. I hardly ever have time to look for new bands to listen to. A friend just turned me on to Dawes recently and I've been enjoying them. Who are some of your favorite (hidden gem) bands?

tignotaro55 karma

the beatles. they're a hidden gem. i don't know too many hidden gems. i love the band frightened rabbit.

charmlessman110 karma

I've been doing standup for about a year now, every chance I get.
What's one bit of advice you have for someone like me, basically just starting out?

tignotaro14 karma

do stand up every night all the time. that's all.

uofabigd9 karma

Good morning Tig. I'm getting a puppy today and wanted to name her Tig. First I wanted to clear that with you. Do I have your blessing?

tignotaro23 karma

yes you have my blessing. just send me a picture.

hidahere9 karma

i can't seem to think of a question, awesome or otherwise, but i think you are wonderful, and i'm happy you're around! OH here is one i guess—do you have a favorite small-venue (or large, why not, whatever you want) touring experience? where/what happened? here is a heart for you: <3

tignotaro14 karma

just in general a 500-1000 seat theatre, that's a sweet spot for me.

jessek9 karma

Is Taylor Dane still the easiest person in the world to run into?

tignotaro13 karma

pretty much.

gonzales828 karma


tignotaro14 karma

no plans right now but i love a good smoothie.

JonLuca8 karma

Awesomme, I love it when comedians do AMAs! They're so funny!

As for the question, how close are you with Louis CK? How is he in real life?

Love your standup!

tignotaro38 karma

louis and i are getting burial plots together. i don't know, would you consider that close?

radredradio7 karma

Hi tig! I feel a lot of pressure to say something funny or insightful or something here and now I'm nervous 'cause I like you so darn much. I don't even know what to ask. If I met you in public this same thing would be happening except I would be crying a lot. uh, does it take a lot of courage to do things like pushing a stool around on stage?

tignotaro33 karma

yes it's one of the most courageous things a person can do.

pandalf_the_grey7 karma

Hello Tig, and happy birthday, Dan! Well, I love your podcast, and I saw the live stream of your stand-up for This American Life last year which is really what got me into your stuff.

Anyway, when was the first time you did a stand-up set that went really amazingly well and kind of acted as a shift for you?? Do you feel like you've always stayed true to who you are through the journey? Also, can you recommend any swamp rock?


tignotaro10 karma

there's several major shifts in a comedy career and i've definitely stayed true through my journey. any swamp rock is good swamp rock.

kelsey20006 karma

how tall are you??

tignotaro26 karma

5"5. but in 9" heels i'm even taller than that.

LemonadeBowTie6 karma


tignotaro20 karma


MadelineAwesome5 karma

How did it come to pass that you starting releasing material with Secretly Canadian, a rock&roll record label?

tignotaro13 karma

i toured with their artist jens lekman. after they saw me performing a bunch, they asked me to sign with them.

beeinyourbonnet5 karma

Hi! Are you coming back for Amy's second season, and will we get to see more of you on the show? Thanks - and happy birthday, Dan.

tignotaro5 karma

i am not going back for a second season. i'm too busy with my own stuff, but my sweetie went.

cdriz663 karma

Also, Can you tell us any of your 'friends' for next months largo show? I got tickets, can't wait.

tignotaro11 karma

sorry you can't wait but you're going to have to.

ArmoredUnicorn2 karma

What's your favorite brand of soda? Also, what is the best thing your mom cooks?

tignotaro4 karma

in general i don't drink soda but if i do i like barqs root beer.