Tig Notaro

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Mathilde O'Callaghan "Tig" Notaro is an American stand-up comic, writer, and radio contributor

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people think i'm gay?!

tignotaro505 karma

that i hope this gets really awkward.

tignotaro345 karma

when i bought my fifth mansion in the same week.

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tignotaro233 karma

thank you kindly.

tignotaro226 karma

i'm not a religious or spiritual person, so no it hasn't changed me in that way, but it has made me more thoughtful and keenly aware in certain ways.

tignotaro179 karma

he and i just make little videos for our own enjoyment that i put on youtube, and that's probably my favorite thing to do with him. Google "tig and kyle eating apples"

tignotaro167 karma

i don't. it basically happened one night and it's not necessarily going to be my go-to style of comedy, but being diagnosed with cancer helped me do it. i wouldn't recommend the same for you.

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i'm still lying in bed so that hasn't happened yet. i'll probably have a smoothie. maybe you could come over and make me something. that seems reasonable.

tignotaro154 karma

can you cram more questions into one question? most likely i'll only be joking about bees from here on out, and yes we hope to have neil on as soon as possible.