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I imagine it's main purpose is as such:

To make sure the guest doesn't walk away, like Bill Gates did. better link

It's to make sure they stay in their damn seat until they go to commercial.

Guests, especially inexperienced ones, think that because they ere introduced and walked on to the stage during production, they similarly have to walk off stage while on-camera, and Jon talking with them prevents this from happening.

As far as content, I'd guess it's just to say, 'That was really funny', or 'I liked it in your movie when this happened' or whatever.

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Tig – I loved you in Oblivion! How did you transition from comedic roles like Risky Business into more serious ones???

PS – Everyone on reddit thinks you’re gay. Is that true? What about Katie Holmes?

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people think i'm gay?!

It's a Tom Cruise joke!

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This is a very common perspective of one's own voice in the general public.

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I don't think you have the right song in mind.