Thanks guys!

3:40 PST Winding down but we'll be answering for another 20-30 minutes. Thanks for the response!

6 PST Thanks guys! We'll try and stop in and answer anything else that comes in periodically

Had to share this...

Music video for The Ballad of Sharknado by Quint. Anthony and Robbie Rist wrote it and contributed six other songs to the film, all available on itunes https://itunes.apple.com/album/quint-the-e.p.-ep/id673388955


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thr33beggars747 karma

Is Sharknado based on a true story?

ACFsharknado739 karma

You haven't heard?!

TheGoldKraken462 karma

At any point did you ever just have to stop and marvel at the fact, "Wow, I'm actually getting paid to make a movie called Sharknado..."

ACFsharknado566 karma

All the time. We're very very lucky to be able to do this.

ilovetrexarms290 karma

Spoilers, watch out.

I think this was mentioned once before, but I need to know.

Seriously. Are Syfy movies supposed to be funny?

I love Syfy movies because they lighten the mood and are usually ridiculous. I loved Sharknado! My boyfriend and I waited for it to come on because we couldn't believe it was a real movie. The entire movie I was blown away by each new outrageous thing; specifically, when Nova gets pulled alive out of a shark after falling unscathed into its mouth from a helicopter.

Anyways, loved it! And it's definitely up there on my list with Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.

ACFsharknado429 karma

Ask SyFy .... :) Short answer is, they're supposed to be awesome. We're always thinking "how could this be cooler" not "is this scene funny?"

RzK285 karma

How difficult was it to get the sharks in the tornado? I'd imagine it was trial and error tracking weather patterns and shark migrations

ACFsharknado275 karma


giveer269 karma

There has got to be some golden rejected titles you've got over there...

ACFsharknado564 karma

Anthony's joke title for what's next is "Sharknadosaurus"

crossg43 karma

As someone on the east coast I would like a realistic portrayal of a sharkacaine is that in the works?

muchosuspicioso35 karma

How about zombie sharks!

ACFsharknado164 karma

We were just joking around and came up with "Porn-nado". Someone get on this...

crossg85 karma

mother of God semen. semen everywhere

ACFsharknado160 karma

So instead of finning sharks, they're after sperm whales?

feralstank142 karma

Was the film designed to be funny? It reminds me of Leslie Nielsen films, where it's played completely seriously but is hilarious.

My question is whether the funny was intended or an awesome side-effect of totally committing to taking the film seriously.

ACFsharknado244 karma

There is a thin line between making a comedy and a genre-film. In order for the comedic elements to work, everyone has to take these outrageous situations seriously. Otherwise you get true camp which is just "wink wink, nudge nudge" (Think "Oh my god! There are sharks in that tornado!!)

Meph616123 karma

Thank you guys for making the Schindler's List of the modern era.

First question. In a fair fight, who would win. A Sharknado or a Metal Tornado? Also, if there were prison rules?

Second question. Have you guys approached SyFy with a movie script that even they themselves think is too ridiculously awesome and are afraid to make?

ACFsharknado152 karma

We're slightly biased but Sharknado. You see that shark chew through the roof of a car?

Devin - I did a film two years ago for the Asylum called "Nazi's at the Center of the Earth". That was a ride.

teddyr9331 karma


ACFsharknado23 karma

Thank you!

D - That was really fun to make.

TheMayerOfPortland112 karma

Whats working with Tara Reid like?

ACFsharknado169 karma

She's great to work with. She suffered through the cold water and days of being rained on just like the rest of us. Seriously a team player.

rasterbee58 karma

Yesterday an ESPN radio host was talking about the movie, saying how Tara Reid is only shown in one building, suggesting that she may have been on house arrest during filming.

Was he just mocking your movie or...?

ACFsharknado83 karma

Nope. Her character isn't introduced until about half way through the film.

NeuroVet91 karma

No question. Just a thank you. I had a truly crappy day at the office this week, and sharknado was what I needed to turn my brain off.

ACFsharknado122 karma


Thanks! Honestly that's all I've ever wanted to do as a filmmaker.

roscoedawg88 karma

will this be a launching pad for both or either of you to bigger budget projects?

ACFsharknado134 karma

Fingers crossed

vinuash66 karma

Thank you for creating a modern day masterpiece. What other future animal based natural disasters do you see have potential? Perhaps a manateevalanche? A couple kids are skiing, when all of a sudden prehistoric manatees melt out of the ice and come hurtling down the mountain towards a small ski town. If you want I've got more.

ACFsharknado105 karma

Thanks! We tried to make the most entertaining film possible given what we had. We just hoped people would react the same way we did while we were filming it.

Leaning toward frog-cano personally

filmbuff10165 karma

I have seen several films about genetically engineered sharks, tigers, spiders, mammoths, and whatnot, but I have yet to see a movie about genetically engineered cows. Cows that are genetically engineered to be able to produce twice as much milk and to be able to milk themselves wind up growing 5 times their size rebelling against humanity that has ruthlessly tipped them over and slaughtered them over the years. The title: Cowpocolypse (or Cowasaurus Rex). The tagline: Don't cownt on surviving. When can I expect this movie to premier? It will do what Jaws did for sharks, except for cows. Cows are seen as harmless because the movies portray them that way. Isn't it about time to change that?

ACFsharknado41 karma

Devin - This is the reason I'm a vegetarian. Terrifying.

Dobis_Inc61 karma

First let me begin by thanking you guys for creating such an exciting, captivating film that revealed the incredible airborne maneuverability sharks are capable of.

So I'd like to know: What is it about sharks that make them so frequently utilized in these campy action films, in your opinion?

ACFsharknado60 karma


It's something about sharks. For a lot of people, sharks are always scary. It's just on us to deliver sharks in different ways each time. You know when you were little if you walked past the cover of a movie with a shark on it, you'd turn the box over in the video store.

ACFsharknado53 karma

This just sparked a discussion haha

We think they're just universally scary. Jaws really paved the wave for a little sub-genre of sharky action/horror films.

LaserCrystalWolf44 karma

If you were to splice any three animals together which ones would you choose and why

ACFsharknado74 karma


A opossum, a tick and head cheese. Because the term "head cheese" is just funny.

digables35 karma

Would you rather fight a tornado sized shark or one hundred shark sized tornados?

ACFsharknado47 karma

Tornado sized shark: There's only one mouth to worry about.

h4o28 karma

Hi,I wasn't able to watch it as I don't have sci fi, but how did this idea came? Was it a recurring joke or something you thought as a real film from the begining?

ACFsharknado60 karma

The idea had been floating around for a long time and I even put a reference to it in a movie I wrote last year for SyFy. I'm just glad we finally got sharks in a tornado and people loved it.

Bison6626 karma

Did you guys ever think Sharknado would blow up like this? I mean I love the pure awesomeness of it, but saying it would become a national sensation would have been a leap, right?

ACFsharknado35 karma

Not to this extent. We've both said the universe really had our back on this one.

EdSavagePR26 karma

Sharknado without CGI, now that would be a film to see.

ACFsharknado105 karma

Oh man. Actually there is a version of the movie that exists with just cut-out sharks in place of the VFX elements that is fairly entertaining.

giveer25 karma

What's the general casting procedure? Do you go looking for certain actors that have retro sway, or is it all just the standard submitted-and-audition process?

ACFsharknado42 karma

A lot of the roles are standard submissions. For the bigger parts however, we really do go after actors that we think would fit the part. Our casting director G Webb has a knack for getting us some really big names.

roscoedawg21 karma

Will the viral like response from both social media and main stream media impact how you approach future movies?

ACFsharknado32 karma

Good question.

Ferrante has done some viral campaigns for some of his other films and I think a lot of good filmmakers (Eli Roth comes to mind) are good at managing the social media aspect of their projects. Really though, the universe had our back on this one.

sandraonjamesisland20 karma

Could you talk syfy into airing it on a Saturday so I can have a Sharknado party? Surely you have that power?

ACFsharknado34 karma

Actually someone said it's available on demand so.....sure?

sugarfrostedfreak20 karma

This has now become my new favorite "so bad it's good" movie.


When Ian Zering reached back into the shark my husband yelled "Look I found Nova!" And damned if Zering didn't then pull Nova out of the shark. I fell off the couch I laughed so hard.

ACFsharknado21 karma

Thank you! That was a really fun scene to shoot (on our side of the camera. Cassie and Ian were freezing that day!)

Placktor17 karma

Any ideas for movies that you hope to someday make?

ACFsharknado57 karma


My dream movie is to direct the marvel adaptation of the comic "Moon Knight"

Personal Project: A thriller called "The Key" that I wrote with Jacob Hair.

Capatown17 karma

Will there be a Crocnami? Or Gatorquake?

ACFsharknado32 karma

I heard "Shark-furno" being tossed around. I don't even know what that is!

TheMayerOfPortland13 karma

Can you start work on NUKEOCANE next?

ACFsharknado51 karma

Tagline: Everything gets blown up all the time

realitytvexec12 karma

Do you work at Asylum? If so, you ever considered doing a reality TV show? It could be hilarious!

ACFsharknado20 karma

Devin -

I do a lot of work with them. I think that idea has been floated around once or twice but the general consensus is that bringing a reality show production on to set would be rough.

Clayh56 karma

Next time you're working with him, tell David Michael Latt that the kid who recognized his Mega Piranha shirt outside of the Mirage in Vegas a few years ago said hi!

ACFsharknado7 karma


Rather_Confused11 karma

There are so many things I want to ask. The very least of which is how the hell do you get a script so bombastically silly sounding and fantastically written and made. Was it something someone wrote and pitched or was the whole project developed in house? I only ask this because as a writer, I would love to do a b-movie creature-feature but have no idea who'd buy them. Also, do you have any plans for a sequel, and if you do, could it be called Sharknadopocalypse?

ACFsharknado13 karma

Thunder would be the best person to answer this really but it's definitely a collaborative process between us as the producers, the network and the writer. We have a very good idea of the movie we're making before they go into production.

TheSkinnyD10 karma

I REALLY want to make posters for Asylum. They're responsible for a lot of recent "my kind of" movies. How would a guy from the Midwest go about contacting them about that, and who should I talk to?

ACFsharknado14 karma

Yeah midwest!

Check out the Asylum's website @ www.theasylum.cc There are a couple ways to get a hold of the staffers over there who handle all of that.

dark_star648 karma

How long did it take to film Sharknado? Was it fun to work on?

ACFsharknado21 karma

Officially it was an 18 day shoot with some pick-up days after. It had it's moments! There were some seriously stressful days for us but I think that's really all part of filmmaking. It's a process. Highlight for us both the house we flooded in an empty swimming pool. We had no idea if anything was going to work but it turned out to be a pretty awesome scene!

jomosexual4 karma

18 day shoot for a feature sounds stressful as hell. I just went through a 29 day shoot and we had to drop so many shots, our budget was only like 20k though. I imagine yours was a lot more.

ACFsharknado4 karma

There were a lot of big elements in this film to shoot in such a tight schedule. We definitely utilized a few pick-up days at the of the schedule.

filmbuff1018 karma

Have you seen College Humor's Ghost Spiders commercial. If not, here is the link. http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6232058/ghost-spiders What is your opinion of this? Do you think we will ever be able to see a full motion picture of Ghost Spiders?

ACFsharknado9 karma

This is fantastic.

Almost there.... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2600742/combined

filmbuff1017 karma

I have a question that I've been wondering for years. When the people at SyFy make movies such as Sharktopus or Pirannhaconda, do these people think, "This is art. This is good work", or are they just having a good time making homages to old monster flicks, or is there another motive behind making these films. Basically, do these people honestly think they are making good movies that are meant to be taken seriously. If this sounds offensive in any way, I apologize, for that was not my intention. I am honestly curious, because when I watch some of these, such as a shark coming up to eat a plane, I think to myself, "what are they thinking?"

ACFsharknado19 karma

Really the goal is always just to make a great film with the resources we have available to us. I think these movies wouldn't work if the people making them weren't 100% committed to make the best movie we know how.

dark_star646 karma

My Mom wants to know; does George wear boxers or briefs?

ACFsharknado11 karma

Details are hazy....

The-Figment4 karma

My friends have been nonstop talking about Sharknado for the past week.

I think you have a cult classic here, very popular amongst my nerdy friends. Are you happy with the wave Sharknado has made and excited for any future prospects this movie may have paved the way for?

ACFsharknado5 karma

Thank you!

We're extremely happy with the response. And yes, anytime something like this gets noticed you can only hope that it opens up a couple doors to the next project.

Robinthehud4 karma

Hey! So I have two questions: 1. HOW do you come up with these movies?! (Sorry if it has already been answered...) 2. What are your guys' influences? Any directors that stand out to you when coming up with ideas? Thanks again!

ACFsharknado9 karma

Anthony: Sam Rami, John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, and any movie that Val Lueton produced. Twin peaks by David Lynch is huge.

Devin: Duncan Jones is doing some really cool things these days. And I'm a huge fan of Danny Boyle and Tarsem. And Lawrence Bender is kind of my idol.

Respect to the guys at the Asylum too. Those guys have really given us some cool opportunities the last few years.

tjsayhey4 karma

Please for the love of all that is good in this world tell me I will somehow be able to watch sharknado again.

ACFsharknado5 karma

Of course. 2nd airing is next week. Check your local listings!

i_crave_more_cowbell4 karma

Any chance there will be a Sharknado 2, possibly named the Sharkicane?

If so, I demand royalties.

ACFsharknado7 karma

You never know! It's all up to SyFy.

anhero233 karma

I heard a redditor talk about a possible sequal: Bearicane. Would this interest you?

ACFsharknado39 karma

That would be unbearable.

filmbuff1013 karma

What film college did you guys attend? And what can you tell me about that college, recommendations about the program itself and what kind of opportunities they open up for you? (I am currently applying to college to become a filmmaker). Also, can you give me any advice when applying to film colleges to up my chances of getting in?

ACFsharknado7 karma

Anthony - I went to San Francisco state but I've been making movies since I was a kid. I knew when I was 11 I wanted to direct, I just didn't know how to break in.

Devin - I didn't go to film school. I've got a background in business (I went to Loyola in Chicago) which has been good for producing. Definitely something to consider. It's very possible to work in film without going to film school.

filmbuff1011 karma

Thanks a lot. How was San Francisco state as a school, and did it open opportunities for you after graduating?

ACFsharknado1 karma

Anthony - Good. Having a degree in film is great and we actually had several SFSU almuni on the crew which makes me proud.

filmbuff1011 karma

Thank you very much. Just one more question. Any advice you can give to up my chances in getting into a film school?

ACFsharknado1 karma

Make movies. Any way you can. That's the most important thing. If you work hard and are passionate about what you're doing, opportunities will find you.

96mn123 karma

Obviously these are meant to be cheap productions. How do you go about on budgeting on these films? How much was Sharknado? Which one of the SyFy films that you've been involved been has been the most expensive?

Thanks for providing a two-hour escape from reality. Thoroughly laughed my ass off.

ACFsharknado8 karma


I budgeted this just like I would any other film. The most dynamic element was the weather. Practical rain is hard to do well and expensive. We scheduled the production so we could lump all our rain days together in one run. If only it rained in LA...


IMDb says about a million dollar budget-wise so let's go with that. I believe a lot of the budgets are about the same. Kind of a winning-formula thing.

And thank you!

DCEnigma3 karma

Have any of your ideas been rejected for being too silly?

ACFsharknado12 karma


I'm primarily know for doing horror. Most of the stuff I've done is darker and more atmospheric then this film.


Oh yeah. But I like to lay on the cheese.

islandjustice2 karma

Two questions: why did syfy change the channel's spelling? Second, do writers at syfy just sit around and try their best to come up with the most ridiculous story lines ever? Keep 'em coming!

ACFsharknado3 karma


Questions for SyFy! No idea about the spelling. I love the titles. I got to do Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. That was wild.

Motherfraker2 karma

First, thanks for the set-visit. I have been able to burnish my nerd credit a bit the last few days by saying I visited the set of SHARKNADO.

Working with Asylum and SyFy... Have they ever talked to you about ambitions for low budget yet... non-camp... style films? Everything that comes out of Asylum seems to be set to make people laugh as much as jump?

Don't get me wrong. Giving us SHARKNADO and TITANIC 2, TRANSMORPHERS, etc., has its own appeal. It just seems they could also be funding the next PARANORMAL ACTIVITY or FRIDAY THE 13th style budget horror film, but they don't.

Seems with similar budgets, they could also make some crazy little thrillers. BOO 2 for example...

Or am I crazy?

ACFsharknado3 karma

Thanks, glad you enjoyed yourself!

The guys at the Asylum would answer this best, but that's really not the market they're going for. They have a very specific process to making films and it's working really well for them.

Anthony really wants to do Boo 2. He says he already has the story mapped out if and when it should happen.

Higuy0132 karma

what was your budget for this film?

ACFsharknado3 karma

About a million bucks

Its_NotMe2 karma

Who would win in a fight Godzilla or Megashark?

ACFsharknado4 karma


Motherfraker1 karma

What percentage of the film was stock footage... storm footage from TV news reports, traffic shots of LA with rain overlays added, etc?

ACFsharknado1 karma

Eh, hard to say. Our VFX guys are very good at augmenting footage we've shoot with stock footage and static images.

pwniess1 karma

I haven't been able to see it myself but my Facebook feed has been blowing up about it lately.

Did you expect it to become as popular as it has or was it surprising?

ACFsharknado3 karma

We knew when were making it that people who liked horror films would like it. That being said, we never expected it to take off like it has. The response is more than we could have hoped for.

and1girl1 karma

Who was the actor who was swallowed up in the boat? Did he make it out alive??

ACFsharknado1 karma

That captain or the first mate?

kindredflame1 karma

At the end, chainsawing out the back of a shark from the inside seemed to take longer than I would've thought. Did you experiment on sharks to see how resistant they were to chainsaws in order to time this accurately?

ACFsharknado1 karma

This was a tough scene to shoot. To sell, it had to be shot very specifically and we knew we only had one shot with the actual sawing. Corinne, Joe and Josh at Synapse FX built us a huge shark belly that looked great!

Bobnesss1 karma

As someone aspiring to get into film making, what tips can you give?

ACFsharknado2 karma

Make movies. They don't have to be anything substantial but shoot whatever you can, whenever you can. If you are passionate about it and work hard, people will notice.

gemfountain-2 karma

the shark idea is ok but I would have rather had something more plausible like oil and tar from the gulf sucked up with chemicals from BP and set on fire by lightning and have flaming tar balls..can that be next??

spunkski0 karma

They see me rolling, they hating..

ACFsharknado3 karma

Petroleum, they trying to catch me riding dirty