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How difficult was it to get the sharks in the tornado? I'd imagine it was trial and error tracking weather patterns and shark migrations

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because she's a bitch

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Kenny, I love you, I have a few questions:

In the Sperm episode did you really steal that x-ray machine and radiate Spennys balls or was that just for show? And was the cause of his sickness actually the meat you fucked?

What was the worst humiliation Spenny gave you?

What was the worst humilation you gave Spenny?

Worst being, it was something you would hate to do again.

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have you ever.... shot a slingshot from a slingshot while the slingshot is shooting a slingshot which shoots slingshots?

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I heard Bundy was a very charming and cunning man which is what made his murders successful. In prison did he keep that side of him, even when interrogated or did he reveal himself more as a "psychopath"?