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Not even a 110 pairs of shoes, just Jordans. That's crazy.

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Spoilers, watch out.

I think this was mentioned once before, but I need to know.

Seriously. Are Syfy movies supposed to be funny?

I love Syfy movies because they lighten the mood and are usually ridiculous. I loved Sharknado! My boyfriend and I waited for it to come on because we couldn't believe it was a real movie. The entire movie I was blown away by each new outrageous thing; specifically, when Nova gets pulled alive out of a shark after falling unscathed into its mouth from a helicopter.

Anyways, loved it! And it's definitely up there on my list with Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.

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I respect that. The movies and programs are definitely wildly awesome!

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Thanks for taking the time to be here!

How do you feel about Pam's character changes? Do you get to add your input or make suggestions?