The Rules.

  • I did not (allegedly) sleep with your (alleged) best friend at an (alleged) party. I'm here to talk about the book. Please limit questions to the book, how great it was for me to write the book, and how pleased you are that I wrote a book.

  • Tebow/Tebow/Tebow

  • One hundred duck sized Janikowskis.

  • No, I will not ever give you up, nor let you down.

  • Karma train gifs and Manningface will be banished back to /r/NFL posthaste.

I'll start answering around 12:45pm Pacific (because I'm in a car on the way home from the airport) and will continue until my wife yells at me to stop (which I may or may not post video of).

You may begin to start to commence the questioning.

-Reserved for editing in a tweet for proof.

Edit: Dammit; I knew I forgot something. Yes, my focus level is over 9000. I hate you all. Proof is check my Twitter account @ChrisWarcraft or just hang out in r/NFL/ because I'm lazy and can't be bothered to figure out how to link to my tweet right now even though it takes literally ten seconds.

Edit edit: Thanks everyone! Wife is yelling at me to go get dinner (sushi!), so I'm out. Appreciate the time!

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newnamerookiebiotch1013 karma

Hey I met you a few years ago. Here is the picture we took So for my question what do you think the hardest part about punting is?

Loate905 karma

Oh goddammit.

brothermatteo533 karma

I don't care about your silly rules Kluwe

How's the punter battle going with the Raiders so far? Do you think you'll beat out Marquette for the starting job?

Loate394 karma

Going well. He has a strong leg, but needs to work on his consistency. I like my chances, but it's ultimately up to the coaches.

jmchao430 karma

What does Adrian Peterson smell like?

Loate1381 karma

Orange peanut.

Punters_are_People292 karma

Football question: There was a punt late in the season (maybe vs. Green Bay? I don't remember) where both gunners were left uncovered while the other team tried to block the punt. As a punter, do you have the power to check to a fake punt in a situation like that?

Loate361 karma

Depends on the coaching staff and situation. Some teams will have a no questions asked fake if certain opportunities arise, others won't call a fake ever. The coaches are the main arbiters there.

likewhatalready289 karma

How much of a role do you believe your social activism played in your separation from the Vikings?

Loate528 karma

I think I am happy to be playing for the Raiders right now, and there may or may not be a second book at some point in the future when I'm done playing football.

NotMathMan821274 karma

Now that you're working in Oakland and Prop 8 was just repealed by the Supreme Court, have you found yourself turning into a lustful cockmonster?

Loate366 karma


mustardboy253 karma

Besides Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies, what is your favorite book?

Loate1312 karma

Ender's Game, but I wish Orson Scott Card wasn't such a turd. He wrote this brilliant book on empathy and then completely missed the point. What a dick move.

Blee10251 karma

Who is the funniest player you've ever played with?

What guy did you always dread punting to?

Loate534 karma

Jared Allen.

Hester. Not so much because I didn't want to punt to him, but because my coaches made me kill my stats trying to keep it out of his hands.

Mapleleafman211 karma

Why should I buy your book?

Loate693 karma

Because if you don't, the terrorists win.

Seriously though, I tried to highlight some important issues I feel need to be talked about, all of which trace back to a lack of rational empathy within society. If we don't learn how to treat each other with equality and the recognition that everyone has free will and is allowed to make their own choices in life, then we're going to follow every single other civilization that's ever existed into the dustbin of history. It won't happen right away, but we're definitely on that path so many others have walked. We have to do something different, and for me, that's rational empathy.

Compromised_Identity80 karma

You were very well spoken when talking about this same subject on Conan. From a PR/public speaking perspective, is it your personality to speak this way, or have you spent a lot of time planning and rehearsing what you're going to say? You seem to have a consistent, strong message, and I guess it'd be neat to hear what your percentage of prepared vs. on-the-fly words are.

If we buy the book, the terrorists have already won.

Loate114 karma

I've answered a lot of the same questions up to this point, so I've got the message pretty well down, but it's also something I feel strongly about. Basically, I have the core foundation the same, and then I improvise based on how the interview is going. My ideas are always the same, but I don't have certain lines that I have to say. I also try to think a couple steps ahead so I'm not surprised by a line of questioning.

MRMiller9617 karma

I think in that regard, we as a society need to drop the punitive mindset, the notion that while everyone has free will, if your will doesn't line up with mine or the status quo you somehow 'deserve to be punished.' It has led to nothing but unwarranted suffering and ruined lives. It is the opposite of what a free and equal society should do and it is an old, outdated mindset.

What are your thoughts?

Loate16 karma

The cornerstone has to be freedom to live your own life, and making sure others have the same. As long as you don't infringe on someone's right to make their own choices (with the caveat that they can't be infringing on someone else either), then I literally do not care what you do with your life, because I would like the same respect extended to me.

DontMakeMeShushYou160 karma

No question just wanted to say, I bought your book and am looking forward to reading it this weekend. Hoping I end up receiving the bookplate and signed photo from your publishers. As a football loving lesbian I, of course, love you but was happier buying your book than ponying up the big bucks for a Kluwe jersey (especially as a Pats fan). My wife and I have been married for ten years and it will be legally recognized in my state on Aug. 1 (2 days before my bday!).

As a straight man with much to lose and nothing to gain, all I can do is thank you from the bottom of my heart for your outspoken support for equality. And as a human with a fully functioning frontal lobe, for your awesome wit.

Loate118 karma

Congratulations on the lasting marriage, and thanks!

logicspock154 karma

While I have yet to read your book, you seem like a really intelligent, all-around awesome dude. Do you ever engage in debate with your fellow teammates or other NFL players? For some reason I'm imagining you overseeing an open forum on free speech in the locker room...

Loate242 karma

I do, but only if other guys want to initiate it. I'm never going to try and force someone to have a conversation they don't want to have, but if they want to have one I'm more than happy to talk with them. We've had some great discussions in the Vikings locker room over the years (and no, I won't tell you about them :p)

chargerland146 karma


Loate232 karma

I did not, and I didn't see him murder anyone on the field.

hokieseas123 karma

1) As a Raiders fan, welcome to the team and especially thank you for your continued support for Ray Guy to the Hall of Fame. For some odd reason when I was younger I wanted to be a kicker and always enjoyed punting the football up and down the street with my friends.

2) On your Conan interview, you briefly mentioned also enjoying table top miniature war gaming. What table top game is it that you play, and does your gaming hobby also spread its wings into board games?

Loate202 karma

Warmachine primarily (Cryx), though I also have a fairly decent sized Warhammer 40k army (Tyranids). I love involved board games like Arkham Horror and Risk: Legacy, stuff like that. Anything that has a deep mechanics system I can dive into I'll probably try at least once.

Yammieryder10 karma

and I bet you play eGaspy as your main caster too :P

Loate21 karma

For a bit, but I primarily run eGoreshade with massive amounts of Banes. I'm better at army tactics than caster shenanigans, and eGoreshade stays pretty safe behind a Kraken.

TURK3Y118 karma

You get in any trouble for your revenge call on 93x?

Loate167 karma

Haha nope, I actually talked with Josh ahead of time to make sure they wouldn't get in trouble. My original plan was to call them cold and swear nonstop for twenty seconds so they couldn't drop it all, but I didn't want to get them fired.

ColumbianCameltoe111 karma

Why do the Vikings keep taking all the Packer players?

Loate422 karma

Because the Seahawks keep taking all the Vikings players.

jeffandlester111 karma

What will you miss most about your time in Minnesota? (Thank you for all you have done for the state by the way!)

Loate319 karma

Sitting inside during thunderstorms in the summer, and blizzards in the winter. There's something very comforting about knowing you're not out in really shitty weather. California doesn't really get a whole lot of weather.

KageGamer105 karma

Imagine I don't know who you are. I'm just a random person in a bookstore. Why would I buy a book written by an NFL punter?

Loate306 karma

Because it's not the standard football autobiography, and it will probably make you laugh, and hopefully make you think. If all else fails, you'll learn some new swear words.

Veggiemon104 karma

Does the team's ownership know how outspoken you are and what an internet presence you have? I feel like some of the things you have said are either being sanctioned or ignored outright and I'd love to know whether you have a rubber stamp...

Loate233 karma

I think they're kind of aware of it, but they may not precisely realize just how widespread it is, especially on non-mainstream sports sites (like Reddit). This is kind of my sanctuary away from all those other ones, and it'll probably be taken away eventually, but for now I enjoy it here :)

FrozenStorm96 karma

Wanted to say that you're awesome for flying back to MN for the pride parade yesterday, and that some of us miss Stream Wednesdays of LoL games :)

Question: Besides Monster Hunter, what are your best 3 games you're playing now / have played in the last 6 months?

Loate141 karma

Hmm, probably Borderlands 2, Path of Exile, and League of Legends (I can always go back to LoL, even if it's just ARAMs).

BiggusDikus94 karma

What video game, besides WOW, are you playing now that you think others should be as well?

PS: you are great and inspire so many!

Loate196 karma

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the 3DS is my go to right now just because of all the traveling I'm having to do, but I really want to check out The Last of Us for the story, and I need to finish up Bioshock Infinite.

(I use fully upgraded Brachydios dual blades and Azure Rath+ armor for my generic loadout)

turdferguson111392 karma

If you would please, answer the following questions.

  1. I told my girlfriend that if I purchase your player ID t-shirt from the NFLPA shop for 19.95 (+ shipping) my focus level would increase to "so focused". Did I lie to her?

  2. Do you believe in magic cheese?

Thank you.

Loate115 karma

  1. You did not.

  2. And magic beans.

compengineerbarbie84 karma

I'm waiting for the next paycheck to be able to afford your book. (Sadly, this is why I didn't attend your recent book signing in Santa Monica). So, I apologize if this is covered in the book, but what made you choose the title "Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies?" I love it, by the way.

Loate250 karma

Because Barnes and Noble probably wouldn't stock a book titled "Lustful Cockmonsters" on their shelves. That seemed to be the phrase everyone latched on to, and I wanted to pay homage to it, so I took one of the ones from the censored version of the letter.

jmkobus75 karma

Do you think you will continue to write if/when you are done with football?

Loate210 karma

Yes, I'm already working on a sci fi trilogy with a friend (we have the entire arc planned out, the first draft of the first book is done, and we're currently storyboarding the second book). I'll probably write another book of essays at some point too, and possibly a football autobiography.

likewhatalready41 karma

Follow up: Would you ever consider a political or political commentary career with a focus on social activism?

Loate207 karma

Commentary I'd like to think I'm doing right now, being a politician I feel is a waste of time. Sadly, in our society, you can actually affect more change by being outside the system and influencing multiple people as opposed to being one voice in the inside and reliant on monied interests in order to keep getting re-elected.

GnomieHomie70 karma

Is your right leg longer than your left leg?

I would think after swinging that thing around for so many years you might gain an inch or two.

Loate173 karma

I think they're about the same, though it feels like it might be girthier on the right side than on the left. More blood rushing through to engorge the muscles, I would imagine.

blazethatshits0n65 karma

Did Donavan McNabb ever pay you his payment for your jersey number?

Loate133 karma

He did. I never got my ice cream cone, but I've forgiven him.

mattwise1562 karma

Two questions for yah:
1) Why a collection of essays instead of a straightforward book?

2) Why did you take time out of your daily routine to write the book? It must've consumed a lot of time and made for a lot of sleepless nights. Why add a book when you've got serious raiding to do in WoW?

Loate84 karma

1) When I wrote it I felt I was much better at short form stuff than long form, plus I wanted to address a lot of different stuff.

2) I mainly wrote it when I was bored/inspired, and I never lost sleep over it. I enjoy my sleep too much.

silvergrove61 karma

I saw that picture with you and Adrian Peterson, who is your favorite EDH/Commander General?

Loate130 karma

Merieke Ri Berit. Control/mill deck with lots of untap effects. I give hugs!

ezbakecoven60 karma

Thanks for your activism Chris! How soon before we can nab a Kluwe Raiders jersey?

Loate141 karma

No idea, that's up to the NFL. Generally you have to do custom jerseys for everyone who isn't Drew Brees or Adrian Peterson. You can buy the NFLPA pride shirt though if you want, that has my name and number on it!

TheRiversCuomo60 karma

If the unthinkable happens, and you aren't the starter in Oakland, will you pursue another Punting job somewhere else or retire?

IF you retire, what do you think you will do for a living? Write? Work as an NFL Analyst? Something else entirely?

Loate117 karma

I'll look for another punting position, because I think I still have some good years left in me, but if it doesn't work out I'll probably focus super hard on writing and do that for a while. Also probably do speaking engagements for schools and stuff, done quite a few of those already.

Bull3tg0d58 karma

Do you believe that NFL teams and organizations should make a more concerted effort to establish a pro-gay environment? Or do you think that teams should just focus on football? Thanks. Edit : Ninja

Loate232 karma

Yes, but mainly as it relates to getting rid of gay slurs and unthinking homophobia. I guarantee I've played with gay players before, and somehow we avoided having even a single locker room orgy (I wasn't at the Love Boat so I can't attest to that). The focus should be on football, and not about putting down a group of people because of their sexuality.

lurgi27 karma

When you say "I guarantee" do you mean that you know of some or are you just playing the odds game here and assuming that of the dozens of guys with whom you've played, some of them had to be gay?

Loate59 karma

Odds game.

themill46 karma

What was the best part of the Twin Cities Pride Parade for you?

Loate94 karma

Seeing so many people out there supporting the rights of people to live their lives free. That was really cool.

There were also some people that were scantily clad that weren't half bad looking too.

CircleGetsTheSquare43 karma

Will you be getting a PS4, Xbox One or WiiU or all three?

Loate140 karma

Already have a WiiU (mainly for MH3U and the new Xenosaga coming out soon), and I'll probably end up picking up both PS4 and Xbone if they don't have shitty DRM policies. If I want to play always connected games, I'll buy an MMO.

tipsfortippers43 karma


Loved that piece you put out on Deadspin in the fall.

I'm actually a punter at an ivy league school trying to make it to the NFL, any advice??

Loate75 karma

Practice your drop so it's super consistent. Your drop is 95% of the punt, and make sure you look at the ball when you kick it (seems like stupid advice, but generally when I shank a punt it's because I've pulled my head up and didn't watch the ball).

Backdoor_Jackson42 karma


Loate65 karma

Nah, you can't think about that or else you'll never make it in the NFL. I talk sarcastically about focus a lot, but you actually do have to be really focused when you're out there or else you'll never be consistent long term.

techsays42 karma

Do you think an openly gay player would be more easily accepted by his teammates or the general fan population of the NFL?

Loate108 karma

Teammates. Most guys just don't care, and the ones who are dicks about it would probably get a stern talking-to. We're also around each other almost every day for most of the day, so you get to know guys pretty well. Fans usually only see us on Sundays, so it's a lot easier to objectify someone you're not that familiar with.

Regvlas40 karma

I love you, you got my friend to start playing league because I said he would be able to play with you on wednesdays. So, are warcraft wednesdays ever coming back?

Loate51 karma

When I get some free time, yes :)

Metal0139 karma

Since it's a particular hate of yours: what do you think should be done to those who lean back on airline seats and crush your knees?

Loate124 karma

Violent disembowelment at the hands of African pygmies.

Johosophat37 karma

Who do you hate to punt to the most?

Loate129 karma

Hester. So very much Hester.

doug346535 karma

Who is your favorite teammate thus far and why?

Loate122 karma

Cullen Loeffler. Funny guy, intelligent, and proof that you can be a conservative Texan who grew up next to the Bush family and still be a good person.

nofapoclock28 karma

Who are your favorite authors? Any book suggestions?

Loate95 karma

Iain Banks, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, L.E. Modesitt jr., China Meiville, William Gibson, John Scalzi, Jim Butcher - there's a lot. I read a lot :)

Edit: Consider Robert Jordan and George R.R. Martin a given :p

TheCasemanCometh13 karma

Upvotes for Jim Butcher! Ever read Patrick Rothfuss?

Loate30 karma

Yup, though I'm worried he may be succumbing to R.R. Martinitis.

trickjarrett28 karma

Is there a book tour scheduled? And if so, is there a schedule?

Loate44 karma

There is, but the only spot left is San Francisco on July 9th at Books INC. We may add more if enough people in more cities become interested.

zzqqr23 karma

  • Do you think you'll make the opening day roster for Oakland?

  • Did your public political stuff affect your FA status and/or contract negotiations?

  • Has the League ever spoken with you about any of your public comments, writing for Deadspin, etc.?

  • Thoughts on Aaron Hernandez?

Loate136 karma

That's my plan.

Second book :)


Shame that he threw away an amazing opportunity because he couldn't think past his own desires and misconceptions. Being a gangster doesn't make you "hard". It makes you an asshole, and eventually you're going to do something stupid. I just wish we could start changing the circumstances that give rise to stuff like that (primarily by fixing education, drug legalization, and revamping our legal system so it's actually justice and not for-profit) but that's going to take a lot of hard work that people don't seem interested in doing.

mrkreeg22 karma

Granted there's still a lot of work to be done to get full marriage equality in the US but are there any other social issues you plan to use your platform to address? If so, what brought you to the issue(s) and what makes you passionate about it?

Loate40 karma

I plan to address EVERYTHING. Also, if this is who I think it is, say hi to Jenny from us.

Icarus_Schwings21 karma

I read an article that stated how you were a genius yet you chose to be an NFL punter because you made all this money and you practiced for about 45 minutes a day and could play more video games.

My question(s) is, what would you probably have done if you were not a punter, and do you think it would have led to your social activism and book writing? (your book is on my "things to read" list)

Loate19 karma

Hmmm, I get asked that a lot and I honestly don't know. I like to think I would have found something I enjoyed doing and done it well. It may not have led to the social activism because I may not have had as big a social media following, but I think the writing would have happened no matter what.

sealless20 karma

How many current NFL players do you think will read your book? How many do you think can't read your book?

Loate43 karma

10% to both.

MJB2420 karma

Chris, there have been some NFL players (Bernard Pollard comes to mind) who have predicted that the NFL "won't exist" in the not-too-distant future because of the various health risks associated with the sport. Do you see any truth to these claims?

Also, how focused are you right now?

Loate46 karma

I do, because football is an inherently violent sport. If society decides it doesn't value violence as highly anymore, football will take a corresponding hit. There's just no way (short of remote operating robotic bodies) that you can take the risk of concussion/brain damage out of the game. You can't pad the inside of someone's skull.


awertag20 karma

First off, I think you're pretty cool. And this question is not about the book, but it's not under your restrictions, either so...worth a shot. How rampant is sexism in the locker room/general football scene? As a young woman who loves sports, I have not been able to get into football beyond a backyard catch because of the image it projects to me in its total disregard for women as more than pretty things that are sort of useless. It just reaches out and tarnishes even my thoughts of playing it on my own time, let alone sitting to watch more than two seconds of a game I might catch by accident. Woo that was long, sorry...keep up your awesome voice!

Loate40 karma

Unfortunately, it's pretty bad, though it does seem to be getting slightly better as the years go on. A lot of guys view women as objects, which really sucks, but that's also true of society in general, so that's something else we need to work on. Again, it comes back to empathy - if you wouldn't want to be viewed as an object, don't view others as objects.

HitThatRowdy9617 karma

First of all, you are one of the best follows on Twitter I've ever made, and I'm happy you're on my favorite team (need to get your jersey when I can). My question: what's one common occurrence in an NFL locker room most people would be surprised is common?

Bonus: are there any (other) NFLers that consider themselves to be nerds or that do nerdy things?


Loate40 karma

This kind of answers both, but discussion of video games. The NFL is a young man's league, and guys these days grow up with video games in the house - it's no longer a social faux pas to be a gamer. I haven't met anyone who is as big a nerd as I am, but there might be someone out there who just hasn't made it known like I do.

wherethewhitewomenat14 karma

Do you think both you and Jano can make the pro bowl as a duo this season?

Loate25 karma

I think we can. Just have to stay focused.

Show-Me-Your-Moves14 karma

What was your favorite WoW raid and why?

Loate53 karma

Favorite encounter was probably Illidan. Favorite raid was when people didn't wipe and looted the goddamn dog.

The_Moustache14 karma

Will you play video games with me?

Loate43 karma


oneupdouchebag13 karma

Hi Kluwe, thanks for doing this AMA. I’ve been a huge fan of the Raiders for over 12 years now, ever since I was old enough to really understand the game. I was pumped when I heard you got picked up by the Raiders, as you’ve quickly become on my favorite players in the league with the work you’ve done.

It goes without saying that being a Raiders fan hasn’t exactly been easy lately. What with the disappointing last decade, ever-changing coaching staff, JaMarcus, playoff drought, having to play the ugly ass Broncos twice a year, /r/nfl stabbing jokes, wearing black in the summer heat, having dirt on our field, having to babysit Philip Rivers twice a year, tuck rule, Al Davis, Mark Davis’s haircut, being stereotyped as a criminal just for wearing a Raiders shirt, and having to deal with Chiefs fans twice a year. Still, I think I can speak for most of Raider Nation when I say we are excited by what the next few seasons will bring. We have full faith in Reggie to turn this team around, and we’ve been slowly acquiring the talent needed to be successful while also dumping the dead weight and bad attitudes that have perpetuated this mess for so long.

With Lechler gone, the last real connection this team has with its winning ways is Sebastian Janikowski, which is why he has become my favorite Raider. When Nike released the new jerseys, his was the only one I had faith in dropping $100+ on. I think he perfectly captures what it means to be an Oakland Raider: Sure he’s had trouble with the law in the past and might have what some would call a “drinking problem”, but he’s incredibly successful, has a nice bald head, and is a goddamn kicking beast. He has been the one consistent part of the Raiders for me since I’ve been a fan. I’ve seen him single handedly win games for us with his monster leg. I’ll never forget when I watched him boot his 63 yarder to get into the record books a couple seasons ago.

I’m sorry I just spent your AMA talking about a different Oakland Raiders’ special team machine, that’s probably a massive slap in your face. I could also go on about Condo, but I don’t want to make you too jealous. I hope you understand where I’m coming from when I say that as a diehard Raiders fan, the snapper/holder/kicker trifecta is really important to me.

. So please don’t fuck this up, or I will stab you.

. Really. Your first job in my eyes is to hold for Sebass, because I never want to have to see you punt ever (although I’m definitely thankful you’re good at that part of your job too). Lechler was a great punter, and if it wasn’t for that other Guy, he would have definitely been the greatest punter in Raiders history by far. However, what people too often fail to give him credit for were his incredibly consistent holds. Condo-Lechler-Janikowski was a well-oiled machine that was effectively flawless. This season we’re replacing that middle cog with a Kluwe, and although Condo-Kluwe-Janikowski would be alright for any other team, this is the Oakland Raiders, and “alright” when it comes to our kicking game is not alright.

. That being said, I'm going all out here:

1) Janikowski will be your third kicker in as many years, and your first left footer*. Has it been difficult getting used to holding for different players, especially a lefty?

2) You’ve held for some pretty solid kickers so far, but I was just wondering if it feels any different holding for a massive man like Janikowski as opposed to that little punk Walsh? I mean for real, is that kid even 200 pounds?

3) Because I feel bad about focusing on other players, uh, how’s the punting going?

4) How do you expect the non-Internet Raider Nation to react to your outspokenness? I’m sure some Vikings fans who disagreed with you probably disliked hearing about you in the media, but let’s be real, Minnesotans are all pretty nice. Has the threat of the crazy Raiders fans hating you (thus directly putting your life in danger) made you reconsider how vocal you will be about your opinions? I for one think it’s refreshing to read the things you put out, but then again, I generally agree with them all.

5) Please give rookie Tyler Wilson a noogie or something to let you wear #8 for at least one game. This is your chance to go full Ray Guy out there. If switching numbers for a week is against the rules, feel free to give Wilson a noogie anyway.

I live right outside KC, so I can’t wait until you guys come to Arrowhead. It will actually be the day after my 21st birthday, so I will be the obnoxious jackass in a Janikowski jersey getting wasted on $20 beer. Feel free to come hang out when on defense or something.

Loate37 karma

SWEET BABY JESUS WALL OF TEXT (very nicely formatted and spelled though).

1) The first kicker I ever held for was a left footed kicker in college, Justin Medlock, so it's actually harder for me to hold for a righty than for a lefty. My job is to get the ball exactly where he wants it, and I don't plan on screwing that up.

2) Nope, the only difference is he's slightly faster on his approach than Blair is. Janikowski literally takes like one step and sprints at the ball, it's crazy.

3) Fantastic. I love punting. Loooooooove it.

4) Doesn't bother me too much. I took fencing in college, and I'd wager my epee is longer than their shiv.

5) Heh, I'm happy with 5, and Ray Guy is in a class of his own. I also try to avoid giving teammates noogies in case they decide to do it back.

starman0912 karma

Hi Chris, I don't have a question (I think they've all been covered here). I must admit that when I read the headline I thought you had written some kind of children's book. From reading the posts it now sounds like you've written some essays about your life in football and as an activist so I'll head over to Amazon to check it out. Anyhow, I'm a gay man and know nothing about football but you got on my radar after that letter you wrote that went viral. So I just wanted to come on here to say thank you and wish you and your family all the best in your sports and writing career, and whatever else you end up doing. It really meant a lot to me (and probably millions of others) that you spoke up in such an eloquent and yes, entertaining way.

Loate10 karma

Thank you, and please do check out the book, it's probably not at all what you expect :)

jrakosi11 karma

Tebow is obviously a polarizing figure, but as a casual fan i don't have strong feelings towards him one way or another. Can you speak for the feelings that an average NFL player might have towards him? Are they jealous/pissed off about the amount of airtime and spotlight he gets? Or do they view him as beneficial for bringing positive attention to the league?

Loate16 karma

The general feeling is that he has to be able to play well if he wants the attention, but that's really true for everyone.

smann2611 karma

Which section of your book was your favorite to write?

Loate25 karma

All of it (which I know sounds cliche, but it's true). I didn't want to put anything in there that I would later look back on and regret because I didn't give it enough effort. I feel like every piece in there is something I poured part of myself into, and hopefully it shows.

(Fair warning - there are parts of me that are dark and twisted, and I'm pretty sure they got poured in there too)

support_the_surreal9 karma

Where did you actually find time to write the book?

I hear that it is a difficult process because many times when you sit down to write a book you get a block but it flows free other times.

Loate19 karma

That's the benefit of writing short form pieces. Generally I finish them in an hour, hour and a half, because you're focusing on one or two ideas. Longer form stuff I'm getting better at, the first draft for the sci fi novel I'm working on for my next project only took a couple months.

Essentially, I carry my laptop with me at all times, and if I want to write, I write. If I don't want to write, and I haven't written in a while, I go find somewhere quiet so the only thing I can do is write. See the piece The Darkness And The Light :)

christmastree479 karma

  1. How long do you think it will take before all 50 states finally legalize gay marriage?
  2. What is your favorite place to eat in the Twin Cities?

Loate24 karma

  1. Dunno, anywhere from five to twenty-five years would be my guess. It's a generational issue and it's going to take some states longer than others.

  2. Spice Thai, in Burnsville. So yummy, and was three minutes from where I lived.

PorcupineTheory9 karma

What do you get from a glut of TV?

Loate23 karma

Something something Augustus Gloop.

zfriderici9 karma

It's always great to see you in /r/nfl, Kluwe. I wanted to ask two things: What got you into social activism to start, and do you play League of Legends?

(If yes to the second, favorite champ/role?)

Loate15 karma

Mainly social media. I've always been vocal to friends and family, but with social media I guess that message now reaches a much broader audience.

Yes, Vayne/ranged AD carry.

Kfear119 karma

How much of an influence were your daughters when deciding to write and put out a book? Do you like to be well rounded (professionally.. Athlete, writer, activist) to provide an awesome role model for them to look up towards?

Loate24 karma

They were an influence, mainly in the type of world I want them to grow up in. I want their society to be better and more tolerant, which is something I think every parent wants for their children.

Something_Funny9 karma

You tackle (pun intented) a broad range of very serious issues in your book, not to mention in your twitter feed. If you had to guess, do you really think we need to "learn to swim"? Or are you hopeful for our, and our children's future.

On a personal note, stop sending me twitter messages instead of @ replies! Or just follow me so I can message you back!

Loate15 karma

If we keep going the way we are now, I'm deathly serious that we'll have to learn to swim. There's a whole host of long term consequences we're going to have to deal with in the upcoming decades, and without a shift in priorities, things will just keep getting worse. It's much easier to live life for short term gains rather than think about long term consequences, and until we change that, well...

I have my flippers ready.

LonePirate8 karma

Loved your chapter on gun ownership/violence written on the day of the Newtown massacre. Will you be pursuing more activism for sensible gun laws in this country?

Loate13 karma

Yes, because it's a serious problem we need to address. The chapter in the book that I think really highlights why we need to deal with it is On Weapons. Today it's guns. Who knows what the weapons will be tomorrow? (hint: they'll probably be viruses)

deffer40008 karma

Chris, You're one of my favorite professional athletes and I'm amazed by how much you do outside of sports. Such as being very politically active and raising a family and having enough time to play an assload of WoW. Where do you fun the time to do all of this? Also, has anyone told you that you look pretty similar to Jason Mewes from Jay and Silent Bob?

Loate8 karma

I use my time efficiently, and I don't watch a lot of TV (not to hate on people who watch TV, but that just sucks your day away). I like to do stuff, and I like to do it well, which generally means being efficient at it.

I haven't heard that one before, but it's probably because of the long hair :p

streamstroller8 karma

Ayanbadejo w. The Ravens has also been active in the LGBT fight, but other than a few supportive tweets when a high profile athletes come out, the NFL is pretty quiet. Would you say that there are more silent supporters (and closeted athletes), or the opposite (more homophobia). Thanks for being awesome!

Loate17 karma

I'd say more silent supporters than quiet homophobia. Most guys just want to get paid and play for as long as possible, and when you win, you get paid, so who cares about the sexuality of the people who help you win?

auresilvershield6 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA! I've been a big fan since your fantastic letter (I know, bandwagon fan...).

(1) What was your favorite chapter/story/essay to write in the book?

(2) Have you been bitten by the book bug - that is, would you now want to write more?

(3) What has been your favorite book to read? Any inspiration drawn from it to write your own book?

(4) How do you come up with your beautifully unique sparkle-swearing? Do you sit down and carefully craft a combination of words that combined become foul language, or does it come spontaneously?

(5) Ezreal or Taric? Menoth or Cygnar? Legion or Circle? (These are clearly the most important questions.)

Loate10 karma

1) All of them, see previous answer.

2) Yes, I plan on doing a sci fi trilogy with a friend, and I'm definitely going to continue writing short pieces as well.

3) Ender's Game, and for me it's really about empathy, which is what I tried to talk at length about in my book. It's a very important trait that I don't think we value highly enough, because we don't understand why we should value it.

4) Sometimes crafting, sometimes spontaneous. Really depends what's going through my head at the moment.

5) Vayne, Cryx, Cryx.

ddh2286 karma

What inspired you to write the book?

Loate14 karma

Bunch of publishers told me I should write a book, and so I wrote a book. I didn't want it to be the standard football autobiographical book (mainly because I'm not done playing football yet), and I thought I might have a chance to talk to people about issues that I think are important.

emilypractice6 karma

Upon seeing this AMA a few minutes ago and discovering who you are, I decided to buy your book on the spot and am currently smitten. You did it right, Chris.

Loate6 karma

Well thanks! I appreciate that :)

EmpireState285 karma

How awkward is it talking with Marquette King?

Loate16 karma

Initially a little bit, because we are competing against each other, but I think we have a pretty good relationship now. He's a good kid, and I'm trying to teach him as much as I can because I think he has a bright future in the NFL; he just needs to get a bit more consistent.

LucianLutrae4 karma

What was your motivation in writing a book? I'm simply curious because folks write books with all sorts of motivations, and I would like to know what yours is.

Loate6 karma

Make the world a better place, share some ideas I had with whoever wanted to read them. Ideally, entertain people while also educating them on some stuff I think is important.

Also, like eight publishers told me I should write a book, and I figured they knew what they were talking about.

chuckymartinez584 karma

How do you think you'll fit in with the Raiders locker room? Who are you most excited to get to know?

Loate4 karma

I think I'll fit in fine, I've never had a problem getting along with other players. I'm excited to get to know everyone, since I don't really know anyone there :)

princess_mommy4 karma

What are your post-NFL plans? Any interest in politics?

Loate4 karma

Probably just writing and hanging out with my family. I don't get to see them a ton lately during football season since we got our house in Southern California.

Sports_ENTer4 karma

Hey Chris,

I frequent deadspin quite a bit (not so much since the new format but that's for a different day and I know your feelings on Kinja too) and was there for your first essay responding to Nate jackson and subsequent work you did for them which I found very entertaining.

My questions: do you want to write/broadcast/get into media in general after your career?

Who do you like as NFL analysts (if you watch them) or probably an easier question, which one of them isn't a total asshat?

Finally, did any of your teammates see your first deadspin article and did they comment on it?

Loate4 karma

Not really that interested in broadcasting because I don't really watch sports - I'm sure I could say something meaningful to the game but my heart wouldn't really be in it so I'd prefer not to do it. I've discovered I actually do like writing (as may be evident from the book), so that's definitely something I want to pursue.

I've always had good conversations with Mayock, he seems like he really wants to know his stuff, even the special teams intricacies.

A lot of guys thought it was hilarious.

ddh2284 karma

Was writing the book as easy (or hard) as you thought it would be? Why?

Loate7 karma

It was actually easier than I thought it would be because I got to write about things I wanted to write about. The publisher afforded me a ton of freedom (which I guess doesn't happen very often), so if something interested me, I wrote about it. They seemed pretty happy with what I put together, so apparently it worked :)

PuddingPractice4 karma

Ok, classic horror this time. Who would win in a fight, Frankenstein's goat or the alpaca from the black lagoon?

Loate6 karma

Dr. Moreau's pigman.

950723 karma

Most speculation regarding the Vikings letting you go refers to either your on-the-field performance (perhaps also considering your age and pay level), or your off-the-field activism/political stances. Putting those two aside, could you comment on whether you think an additional reason could have been disrespect of of your boss through the creation of the "focused" meme (he stated he'd like you to "focus on holding and punting," and ever since you used hashtags "#sofocused" "#focus," etc.).

I know you believe (rightly so) that you can separate your on-the-field and off-the-field responsibilities, so rather than argue the merits of "focusing" I'm curious to hear your thoughts on whether your jokes regarding it (which could be perceived as open, public mocking of your boss) could have been a factor in your dismissal.

Loate5 karma

I heard from guys on the team that he didn't even know about it until after I got cut, so I doubt it played a role. (he's not really super technology savvy)

Bslo183 karma

I've always had a love for special teams players/obscure OLineman so even as Jets fan, I was happy when you got picked up by the Raiders after being let go. On to the questions: What is your worst injury you have ever had? And if you could challenge any non football player in a punting duel, who would it be?

Loate11 karma

I've torn both ACLs, once in each knee, and those really sucked. Throwing your back out also really sucks, but it's not quite as bad as an ACL. I would challenge Antonin Scalia to a punting duel, because he looks to be pretty good at it.

bluesnow233 karma

Will you be doing a signing in your home county of Orange County, CA at anytime? I think there's still a B&N left in Costa Mesa.

Loate4 karma

I think I'm going to try and get something set up down here, would make sense to do it since I'm in the area. I'll definitely tweet about it if it comes through.

superfes3 karma

Since we're only asking questions about the book, why did the book make you choose the Raiders (Really, this is gross).

And if you would, I have finished all of the book but it's my understanding that this is a period piece about a mentally unstable person right?

P.S. Just because I love you doesn't mean I can ever EVER cheer for the Raiders >_>

Loate11 karma

Heh, in the NFL you don't really choose a team unless you're a superstar (which punters most assuredly are not, despite our dreams to the contrary).

Your second assumption is correct, and you don't have to cheer for the Raiders, you just have to cheer for the guy who is giving your team back the ball :p

tnphilpott3 karma

What are your favorite graphic novels? If you haven't checked them out, would you like a list of recommendations? :)

Loate7 karma

Bone, Watchmen, Preacher, Sandman, and TransMet are the ones I've read and really enjoyed. They seem to be the big five from everyone I've talked to.