Hi reddit. We are DEATH, subject of rockumentary "A Band Called Death" - out in theaters today. Ask us anything.

In 1974 we cut demo recordings that never saw the light of day until 35 years later when the world came looking for them. And now those songs have been credited as "punk before punk was punk" (NY Times).

Verification: http://imgur.com/fxFsiPL https://twitter.com/WorldWide_DEATH/status/350663079471759360

See A BAND CALLED DEATH in theaters around the country today: http://bit.ly/DeathTheaters Or watch it now here: www.abandcalleddeath.com

-Bobby Hackney - Bass/Vocals (BH)

-Dannis Hackney - Drums (DH)

-Bobby Duncan - Guitar (BD)

-Mark Covino - Co-Director "A Band Called Death" (MC)

-Jeff Howlett - Co-Director "A Band Called Death" (JH)

UPDATE 4:00PM EDT: Thank you everybody for participating in this AMA and your support. See you next time! Check out our movie here: www.abandcalleddeath.com.

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StrikerObi163 karma

I've been waiting for this film for years, since Scott Mosier talked about it on Smodcast. I bought it on iTunes as soon as it came out and really loved it. I'm just wondering what it feels like to have music you recorded decades ago suddenly become very popular.

ABandCalledDeath131 karma

It feels damn good! Thank you for the support! - DH

LiquidFood60 karma

are you guys thinking of touring Europe? Would love to see you guys live!

ABandCalledDeath117 karma

We WILL be touring Europe. Keep an eye out for us. - Death

SwellJoe49 karma

Will there be new Death music?

Were I in your shoes, I'd probably be terrified of trying to channel something, the energy, the attitude, and the confidence, from so far in your past...but, since you're playing Death songs again, I figure it might be plausible. Regardless, I'm a fan. Love the record, and looking forward to seeing the movie at the Alamo next week.

ABandCalledDeath96 karma

Yes! We have a brand new album completed and it hopefully will be out before the end of the year. There is also a special limited edition vinyl with two of the songs coming out in July.

If you have music from years ago it never leaves your blood. For a while we left rock and roll, but rock and roll never left us. - BH

bettyblack46 karma

Was there something in the water there in Detroit that made musicians so fucking radical?

ABandCalledDeath113 karma

Detroit was an industrial town, there's something about industrial towns and great music. Maybe it's the churning of the machines, it gives the city a rhythm. -BH

bettyblack17 karma

word. looking forward to seeing you guys tonight at Cinefamily!

ABandCalledDeath21 karma

We'll see you there!

Ohmiglob38 karma

I first discovered Death when I was on a proto-punk binge brought on by listening to the Sonics. But when I listened to For the Whole World to See I knew you guys were the original punk band.

For Death (& Sons),

  1. Did you follow the Punk movement at all? What was your reaction to these band (Jealousy, Pride, etc.)?

  2. Did you attend any Punk shows later in life, Any headbanging at a Bad Brains show?

  3. What was your reaction to the interest in making a film?

For the Directors,

  1. How did you come across Death?

  2. What do you think made their story so interesting?

  3. What are your favorite punk bands?

Thanks in advance for the AMA, I'm super excited for your answers.

ABandCalledDeath40 karma

From Directors 1. in 2008 I went to a Rough Francis show at the Monkey House where the Hackney sons were covering their father and uncles' music and I was completely blown away by the music, having known the family for 20 years and never knowing about this amazing band - JH

  1. It being a family generational story inspired our interest not only as a parent (JH) but also as a musician and the amazing craftsmanship displayed on the soon to be released album. - JH MC

  2. Black Flag, Minor Threat, Iggy Pop and the Stooges - JH MC

ABandCalledDeath39 karma

from Death: 1. I was a disc jockey on WRUV in Burlington for a while right around the time the punk movement stated to get hot and I was fortunate to play songs by the Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, The Clash. - BH

  1. Not really but my sons did. They are big fans of Bad Brains and Gorilla Biscuits. -BH

  2. At first we thought it was going to be a small production, but after we saw the first passes we knew this was something bigger. It became a feature length. We were surprised by the film. -BH

TylerOG37 karma

you guys are considered proto punk by a lot of people, so what punk bands are you guys into that came after DEATH? Does anyone try compare you with the bad brains?

ABandCalledDeath59 karma

There's this new band called Radkey and they reminded us of us. Three brothers. People compare us to Bad Brains all the time. - BH

Tromance33 karma

What music did you listen to growing up, and what was the thought process from taking what was around at the time and developing it to the sound you ended up with?

Also, what bands do you like today?

ABandCalledDeath48 karma

We great up listening to Mowtown, rock and roll, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Sly and the Family Stone and on and on. We took a little bit of everything we were listening to at the time and it played a part in the development of our sound. - BH, DH

bjorn_cyborg33 karma

I loved the movie and the show you guys played in Austin. Since the band started so long ago do you guys still enjoy playing the style of music that Death is? By the way as a fellow guitarist I give major props to Bobby D. He's got the sound down and fits right in.

ABandCalledDeath33 karma

We still love playing this music. -BH

Thanks so much -BD

cobaltcollapse31 karma

Why isn't your rockumentary called "Life After Death"?

ABandCalledDeath42 karma

Actually, the original title of the film was "Where Do We Go From Here", but "Life After Death" was also an option we discussed. -MC

StrikerObi26 karma

I actually thought up another question. Whose idea was it to put all those crazy tape speed effects on Politicians in my Eyes? The first time I heard that song I started freaking out when they kicked in.

ABandCalledDeath54 karma

We didn't do crazy tape speed effect, what you're hearing is David's tremolo bar -DH

Xenophorge25 karma

I discovered you guys thanks to this post here a short while ago, blew my frikken mind. Where can I send you guys money? I don't need the album, I have it now, but it's sure worthy or my money. Do you have a donation page somewhere?

ABandCalledDeath122 karma

Thanks so much for the offer and the support. If you really want to donate, please donate to something cultural that will help young people make their music. -BH

Omnigog22 karma

I found your album several years ago through a music blog and really enjoyed what I heard.I wish to thank you for what you did,it certainly brightened up several dark days for me.

But here's a fun one

What other names were considered for the band before you settled on DEATH?

ABandCalledDeath17 karma

We tried some other names, but none of them rolled off the tongue right. The name that stuck literally scared us to DEATH! Death was all David's idea. -BH

judging22 karma

No one showing any love for Lambsbread here? You two have been musical fixtures in VT for years - great to see this exposure for you. I have fond memories of hanging with you guys at WRUV, Tuna's Reggae Class at UVM, VT Reggae Festivals - you were always class acts! Respect! PMA!

ABandCalledDeath19 karma

Lambsbread will never be forgotten, Lambsbread is part of our legacy, VT is part of our legacy. As the journey continues you will hear more from Lambsbread. -BH

metal_falsetto21 karma

First of, all: Thanks for the music and thanks for the film. I thought it was a solid doc for the first half, but when the interviews with the newer generation of Hackneys kicked in, it became something really magical.

Tying into that, my question is this, for the brothers Hackney: Did you ever, in your wildest dreams, imagine that you'd be playing these songs 35+ years into the future to audiences that weren't even born when you wrote them?

Also, what's the makeup of your crowds, age-wise? I can only assume most of them are folks who found out about you after the fact, but does someone ever come out of the woodwork that you haven't seen for decades?

Thanks again, guys. You're really an inspiration.

ABandCalledDeath35 karma

No, we never thought we would be playing this music today. We gave ourselves a deadline of the age of 25 to be successful and that didn't happen. Every day is an amazing day for Death, because every day is a day we thought we would never see.

It ranges from 8 - 80. -BH -DH

Pilgore_The_Mighty19 karma

What was the biggest factor in not getting signed to a major label in the 70's, because it clearly wasn't because the music wasn't good enough? Race, lyrics, band name?

ABandCalledDeath35 karma

The band name was the biggest factor, but David was steadfast in his commitment to the name Death - BH

WaltFlanagansClogs17 karma

Given how big punk became in the late 70s and beyond (especially in the UK), were you guys resentful of the success some bands were seeing? Was there any "That could have been us" attitude?

(Also, I just want to say that your music was worth the long wait to hear it. Nothing rocks like Keep On Knocking.)

ABandCalledDeath32 karma

We didn't have that attitude, but Dannis and I would hear groups like The Clash and The Sex Pistols and it would fondly remind us of the music we played in Detroit. -BH

ReverendSlack17 karma

Holy shit, I just pushed play on Death- For the whole world, to listen to while at work and then I scrolled down and saw this! WORLD KEEPS ON SPINNING....LET IT SPIN!

ABandCalledDeath12 karma


TheSkinnyD15 karma

Really excited to see this rockumentary. Hoping to get to it this evening.

Couple of quick questions:

Favorite band of the last 20 years?

Any newer bands (last 5 years, I guess) that you guys are really digging?

Thanks for the AMA and I can't wait to catch the flick.

ABandCalledDeath17 karma

  1. ACDC -MC There are too many to name -BH Bad Brains -JH

  2. Really like Radkey, Kings Of Leon - BH Blue Button -JH The Black Angels -MC

Thanks for your support, hope you see the film this weekend!

basslay3r13 karma

thank you for paving the way. what if any advice would you have for the up and coming generation of black rockers?

ABandCalledDeath32 karma

Stick to your guns and keep playing - BD

Rock and roll is rock and roll, it's a feeling not a color. Music is a spirit and a vibe. Just keep playing. - BH

Keep the faith and don't throw nothing away! - DH

theremin200013 karma

I just wanted to tell MC & JH that ABCD is the movie I hoped Searching For Sugarman was going to be, but without the letdown.

ABandCalledDeath12 karma

I love you! Thank you! -MC -JH

AudaciousTickle13 karma

(To the band) What kind of things inspired your songs? Why did you disband?

ABandCalledDeath22 karma

We are inspired by real life issues that we were going through at the time and the rock and roll movement. We actually didn't disband, it was kind of a family standoff between us and Dave because Dannis and I stayed in VT and David went back to Detroit. We were each waiting for the other to come back. -BH

NotANematode11 karma

Hey guys, Ill be seeing ABCD tonight and cannot wait!! Can we expect to see a U.S. Tour in the near future?

ABandCalledDeath13 karma

Definitely -BH

Darn right you can -DH

IntentionalAccident8 karma

Please come to holland! I'd love to see you guys live and maybe play as a pre-show!

ABandCalledDeath11 karma

We have played Holland connected with the film festival over there and we plan to return. Holland treated us very well. -BH

oneozpoundcake8 karma

In all honesty, how overwhelming has all this recent coverage been?

Seeing the doc tomorrow and can't wait!

ABandCalledDeath9 karma

The coverage has been amazing. Something we never thought would happen. It's like living a dream, David's dream. -BH, DH

Nedyahwerd7 karma

To the Hackney's. After watching the documentary I was blown away at the skill level, especially that of David. The music itself just tells us how tight the band is. I was curious as to how everyone learned to play?

ABandCalledDeath11 karma

We are self taught, but it was David who went out into the Detroit streets to hang out with the musicians who were kicking around and we all took the journey together. No formal training. -BH -DH

TheGayUnicorn7 karma

when was that moment that you all realized "were pissing people off, were doing something right!" and what was your favorite show you guys have played?

ABandCalledDeath12 karma

We didn't know if we were doing something right, but we did piss off a lot of people. -BH

Last night at Amoeba and the Orion shows were my favorite -BD

I've loved every show we played, but the Joey Ramone birthday bash meant so much to us -BH

The show that sticks out in my mind was Orion Music Festival -DH

Talpostal7 karma

What parts of Detroit did you guys grow up in? Where in Detroit did you guys hang out back in the 70s? Where do you hang out now?

ABandCalledDeath6 karma

East Side! -BH

ABandCalledDeath6 karma

We hung out all around, but mostly downtown. Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Bell Isle. We live in VT now.

(David saw the MC5 play on Bell Isle) -BH

vrphotosguy557 karma

What is the most punk thing you guys did (besides inventing punk)?

ABandCalledDeath15 karma

We never even knew we were playing punk, but I guess the most punk thing we ever did was stick to our guns even when a big Mogul like Clive Davis told us to change our name. -BH

polfus7 karma

I haven't seen the documentary yet, so...

Why didn't you push on? Did you feel like you had something special back then, or were you content being the "sultans of swing", as it were. I mean, we all have dreams, especially musicians, but did you at the time consider that one day you would have so much interest?

ABandCalledDeath13 karma

If you see the film you'll understand. There came a point where we faced so much rejection that it made it difficult to push on. We tried pushing on for almost 10 years. -BH

sniperhare6 karma

Are you guys more excited that your band might generate more money with the increased awareness? Or are you happier that people are getting to enjoy the songs you wrote so many years ago?

ABandCalledDeath20 karma

We are happy about both. We are grateful for whatever the music garnishes us and it's even more rewarding that people are hearing and appreciating our music after we thought no one would ever hear it. - BH DH

fixedtehknollpost6 karma

I still remember the day someone played "Politicians in my eyes" for me and asked me when I thought it was recorded. I said 1984. I was blown away when I found out the truth.

I still compare you guys to the first time I heard Refused, Faith No More or King Crimson... Absolutely a crystallizing moment in my life.

I listen to metal almost every day and I still think that Death is one of the heaviest bands I've ever heard

I am going to see A Band Called Death this week in Houston. I've been waiting for what seems like years to see it.

I really just want to say thank you so much for your music but more so, are there touring plans in the near future? You guys are on my bucket list.

ABandCalledDeath6 karma

Yes we definitely have touring plans. Keep an eye on our website for details. Thank you for the support! -BH


ecvdingo6 karma

Wow! 7o's punk is almost all that I listen to and I have never heard of this till now. The first thing i found was "politicians in my eyes" and i think im hooked for good now!

ABandCalledDeath6 karma

Wow, that's great to hear. Thanks for the support -BH

BosskHogg6 karma

No question, just wanted to say that I'm glad you guys are getting your due. Saw the doc and loved it. Loved Lambsbread as well (native VTer).

Thanks for all the music, gentlemen.

ABandCalledDeath6 karma

Thank you for the support and taking the time to let us know. -BH,DH,BD

alxunder6 karma

Can't wait to see the movie, I've only heard good things about it. I hope you guys start getting the respect and recognition you deserve. My question is: how cool is Scott Mosier (producer of A BAND CALLED DEATH amongst other cool things) in real life?

ABandCalledDeath7 karma

Scott Mosier is cooler than you can imagine. -BH

He's amazing -JH

kellsbells796 karma

Did you have an accepting audience of such a "new" style of music when you first came out? I dig your music by the way and have several people interested in seeing your new movie as I have been spreading the trailer around like wildfire. :)

ABandCalledDeath14 karma

No, we did not have an accepting audience. But we loved the music we were making. Our own community didn't understand and thought we were weird. -BH

The girls didn't like our music, they wanted us to play something they could dance to. -DH

jelly_bean1435 karma

Just wanted to share some love for y'all. I saw the screening of ABCD at the Vermont Film Fest with a bunch of friends and we still talk about how amazing that night was for us, we felt like we got to experience and witness something magical. Also to the directors, thank you for this film and as a BC student myself I'm so proud we have amazing alumni like you! Thank you for the music, and thank you for this story.

ABandCalledDeath5 karma

Thank you for this. Awesome to hear!

OGG135 karma

I was unable to make it out to the show, but what can you tell us about playing this year's Orion Music + More? Several of the acts owe quite a bit to you guys sound-wise, were there any experiences with them you would care to share?

ABandCalledDeath10 karma

Thanks to the people who put on the festival and to Metallica for having us at Orion. -DH

The Dirtbombs played a cover of Politicians In My Eyes before we even knew the music was coming back and Robert Trugillo, from Metallica, and his wife and mother on the side of the stage enjoying Death was a great experience. -BH

Not_A_Koala5 karma

Firstly, I'd like to say you guys are some of the best musicians I've ever heard - such a diversity of style over the years all sounding fantastic!

I wanted to know if there was any plans for Death to come to Europe? We'd love to party with you!

ABandCalledDeath7 karma

Thank you. We have already played Amsterdam, parts of Germany and we WILL be coming back to Europe soon.

ToastWithTea5 karma

Hey there. Is there any sort of story to go along with Tammy Hackney's "now famous" photo? It's a very intriguing photo and I was hoping for a back story. For example, what the hell is Dannis doing?

ABandCalledDeath9 karma

I'm eating potato chips in that photo. -DH

ABandCalledDeath8 karma

The story behind that photo is that we were kicked off the Greyhound buss because of what David was holding in the picture. David, being so defiant, refused to put it out. Tammy's camera captured the moment. -BH

MrLyoneye4 karma

I live in Ireland and was wondering am I able to stream your movie from here? I tried but couldn't. Is it available for Ireland/UK yet?

P.S. The album is one of my all time favourites. Listen to it most days. Hope to see you guys in Ireland one day. Thanks for the great music.

ABandCalledDeath7 karma

We are currently looking for distribution in the UK, but nothing yet. I'm working on a documentary in Ireland and you can check it out here: www.crestmovie.com -MC

DylanLaika4 karma

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

ABandCalledDeath11 karma

In retrospect we wouldn't do anything differently because if we had changed anything we wouldn't be here right now. We are so grateful for where we are. -BH

theophrastzunz4 karma

I just started listening to For the whole world to see and I'm stuck at work, after hours, until i finish the album. You're awesome!

I remember hearing that Iggy and the Stooges, and the Velvet Underground drew inspiration from free-jazz, giants like Coltrane. I wonder if you were also inspired by (free) jazz.

ABandCalledDeath9 karma

Coletrane was the Jimi Hendrix of jazz. -BD

ABandCalledDeath8 karma

We grew up with some great jazz in Detroit. There was a station called WJZZ that played great jazz. Thanks to our older brother Earl we heard a lot of great jazz because he brought it into the house. -BH

ABandCalledDeath7 karma

I've always been inspired by Coletrane -BD

Not__Your__Dad4 karma


ABandCalledDeath7 karma

Thanks for the support!

trisgeminus4 karma

So what's next for you guys?

ABandCalledDeath8 karma

More music, a tour, wherever the journey of this incredible movie will take us. -BH, DH, BD

ABandCalledDeath7 karma

I'm currently working on a doc about the world's hottest pepper and the community that surrounds it. More info howlermano.com -JH

ABandCalledDeath5 karma

I'm currently in production on my next film THE CREST. www.crestmovie.com for more information. -MC

gg_allins_microphone4 karma

I'll definitely be watching the movie tonight. Got the album awhile back and have really been digging it. Thanks for releasing it all these years later! Though I must admit it gets a bit confusing with all the albums I have from the other Death in my iTunes library. First world problems, eh? :p

When will you guys be playing NYC?

ABandCalledDeath7 karma

We are actually playing a show in NYC on Monday, 7/1 at Le Poisson Rouge. There are still tickets available here: http://www.lepoissonrouge.com/lpr_events/death-july-1st-2013/ Come see us. -BH,DH,BD

vrphotosguy554 karma

If a non-documentary film was made about you guys, who would play who?

ABandCalledDeath7 karma

David would be played by Mos Def or Wesley Snipes -DH

ABandCalledDeath1 karma

Bobby would be played by a young James Earl Jones. -BD

ABandCalledDeath1 karma

Richard Pryor would make a good Dannis, and people always say he looks like Busta Rhymes. -BH

methadrone3 karma

No questions. I have had hard core record collector friends sing your praises over the years. Never got around to checking y'all out until I downloaded your album from iTunes this morning. Shivers. My god, it is beautiful. I wish I had listened to my friends earlier. Good luck with everything in the future.

ABandCalledDeath2 karma

Thanks for the support!

toobadihideaboot3 karma

I am looking forward to the documentary coming to my city in September. Are you or the other band members going to be going to any of the screenings around the country?

Also, when you tour, you have to come to Baltimore. There is a huge punk thing here and a lot of people around here love you.

ABandCalledDeath3 karma

We have been going to screenings around the country and we plan to go to more.

We'd really love to go to Baltimore. Hope to make it out there soon -BH,DH,BD

NeuroticChameleon3 karma

This is always hard (or annoying) to do, but could Bobby and Dannis put together a list of 10 bands, albums or songs that influenced your music?

ABandCalledDeath5 karma

Quadrophenia - inspired David to come up with the name Death -BH Alice Cooper, Billion Dollar Babies -BH In The Court Of The Crimson King -BH The Who -DH James Brown - James Brown's drummer gave me a lot of beat ideas -DH

ABandCalledDeath2 karma

The first Black Sabbath album and even Ozzy on his own -DH

vaelon3 karma

So like, I never heard you guys until someone posted a link to your album saying it was cut in 1974 but only released in 2009. Needless to say I was blown away. Why didn't you guys release it back then? Do you think it would of done well? I really enjoyed the album, hope you guys make another.

ABandCalledDeath6 karma

We did release the single, but it was right during the time that the disco wave was coming in and changed everything in radio. We couldn't get any airplay. We have completed a new album that hopefully will be coming out by the end of the year. -BH

CPT_Christobel3 karma

Have you ever felt bitter about getting brushed off by record companies and not getting any credit for inventing a genre ? Huge fan hope to see you live one day.

ABandCalledDeath3 karma

We didn't know we were inventing a genre. We felt a little bad about the record companies. Being rejected by record companies was a little disheartening. -BH

leldk3 karma


ABandCalledDeath6 karma

We had no interaction with those bands, they didn't know we existed. We used to see them play Cobo Arena and Michigan Palace, but we never had any interaction with them. We were just fans like everyone else. -BH

MajorThreat3 karma

If you guys weren't musicians what else would you have liked to be? Thanks for doing this. You Guys rock!

ABandCalledDeath6 karma

Growing up in Detroit, the only choices we had were to be a musician, an auto worker or to go to college. A lot of families didn't have enough money to go to college so we didn't have much other choice, but to be musicians. -BH,DH

ABandCalledDeath3 karma

I would be a carpenter or an electrician. -BD

JoePescisNuts2 karma

Much love and appreciation guys! Just curious but when Punk started to come on big in the late seventies and eighties, did you guys like it? And did you guys always get bummed out when people argued about who started the punk sound between the sex pistols and the ramones?

ABandCalledDeath8 karma

We loved it. I was a disc jockey at WRUV in VT for about 4 years right around the time the punk music was growing strong. I remember playing the Dead Kennedys. Jello Biafra was in the Dead Kennedys and now he's a great friend of Death.

We didn't get bummed out because we never looked at it like we were creating punk music. In Detroit, in the 70s, if you called someone a "punk" those were fighting words. We were just trying to play hard driving Detroit rock and roll. -BH

dmoose372 karma

I first want to say that your music is absolutely mind blowing. I am very excited for your film and I'm planning to attend the screening this Sunday in NYC. I'd love the opportunity to watch the movie alongside you guys, and the theatre site says you guys are attending a screening. What showtime are you all planning on going to?

ABandCalledDeath2 karma

We will be there this Sunday, 6/30 at the 7:00 PM screening at Cinema Village. Come out and see us! -Death

SlowNumbers2 karma

When you play events like SXSW and are constantly surrounded by ultra-fashion-conscious 20 somethings, what kinds of things do you do to maintain sanity?

ABandCalledDeath4 karma

We really enjoy playing and seeing all the people enjoying our music. -DH

Our-Year2 karma

To the original band members:

  • After the demos were cut in 1974, what led to that original split?

  • What did it feel like, a few years later, when a similar sound got so huge? Frustration? Pride? Shock?

  • Did you consider reforming during the first wave of punk?

  • Throughout the 80s and 90s, was there any idea in the backs of your minds that there would be a resurgence in interest in the old Death project?

  • Which of your non-Death musical projects are you most proud of?

ABandCalledDeath3 karma

  1. Well it wasn't really a split, but we didn't have a contract anymore with Groovesville Productions.

  2. We never resented any other bands that got popular, but they always reminded us of the music we were playing in Detroit.

  3. We never thought there would ever be more interest in the Death project.

  4. The last Lambsbread album that we had just finished recording when the whole Death project came back up


msw12932 karma

Given how your music has been widely accepted as one of the first emergences of punk rock, how do you guys perceive the development of the genre into what it has now become? Did you guys think the sound would really take off and become the in-your-face, i don't give a fuck, politically charged movement it is today? I am a big fan of your first EP For the Whole World to See and i thank you for inspiring other Detroit greats such as The Gories ! Thanks alot for doing this AMA

ABandCalledDeath2 karma

It's been one of the great rock and roll legacies of America and we are honored that rock and roll historians have included us in that legacy. -BH

CleverWit2 karma

Been rocking the "For the Whole World To See" album in my car on an almost daily basis now since my buddy showed me you guys at the bar about 5 weeks ago. Your music fucking rocks, guys.

I just wanted to offer my respect and say, with all my sincerity, thank you for making those songs. Listening to that album makes me feel proud to be a fan of punk rock.

I wish you the best of luck in all your current and future endeavors, you guys rock. Thank you for the great tunes!

ABandCalledDeath2 karma

We thank you -BH,DH,BD

Jimmy_Melnarik2 karma

Hi guys! I can't wait to see the film; I've been a fan of the band ever since I heard it back when Drag City put out the album. One of my favorite albums all time! (Really dig Spiritual/Mental/Physical too!)

I'm really interested in what was recorded under the name The 4th Movement. There's very little information out there, and I can't find recordings. Is there any chance these recording will see the light of day/get a reissue?

ABandCalledDeath2 karma

Yes they will. You will see some reissues of The 4th Movement. Keep an eye on our website: www.deathfromdetroit.com. The 4th movement masters have been preserved and will be coming out. -BH

Burial4TetThomYorke2 karma

Was there any specific reason why you did not release the records?

ABandCalledDeath2 karma

We did release the single, but it was right during the time that the disco wave was coming in and changed everything in radio. We couldn't get any airplay. We have completed a new album that hopefully will be coming out by the end of the year. -BH

somedudeoo72 karma

I love your music and got it as soon as i herd of you. what motivated you to speak up against the government ( polititions in my eyes) and how did you get the idea to do punk when there wasnt much else like it at the time?

ABandCalledDeath2 karma

The Vietnam War and social injustice motivated us to speak up. -DH

mykoconnor2 karma

Did you guys record in Studio A (or Motown records?)

If so, what was that like? How did the producers react to you guys playing some serious jams?

ABandCalledDeath1 karma

No, we never did because Motown was going night and day and never rented out the studio to artists other than Motown acts.

The producers at Groovesville loved it. Brian Spears was our producer and he loved it. The other producers in the company were trying to understand us. -BH

coolcoolawesome2 karma

Could you put me on the list for Cinefamily tonight? You guys rule so much.

ABandCalledDeath4 karma

I wish we could. The theater is sold out, but the movie will be playing at Cinefamily till 7/3. I hope you get to check it out. -BH,DH,BD

Deerhoof_Fan2 karma

Any advice for an up and coming band that doesn't fit in to the local music scene?

ABandCalledDeath5 karma

Stick to your guns and just keep going. We didn't fit in our local music scene either, but we just kept going. -DH, BD

jimmyjazz952 karma

Hey guys! What Bands influenced you guys the most? And do you think any 'punk' bands existed before you guys?

ABandCalledDeath6 karma

We never heard the term punk in the 70s, but the bands that influenced us were all the Detroit bands, Rolling Stones, MC5, Alice Cooper, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Procol Harum -BH, DH, BD

gnorty1 karma

Tried to watch your movie on youtube - blocked in my country (UK)

I could watch it by downloading it illegally. It would be cheaper.

Please pass this on to whoever makes these decisions on your behalf. If they want to cut down piracy, they need to stop shit like that.

ABandCalledDeath1 karma

We are currently looking for distribution in the UK. We hope to have something finalized soon. -MC

LiveAtTheRegal1 karma

What was it like making punk in Detroit in the 70's?

ABandCalledDeath1 karma

In Detroit, in the 70s, if you called someone a "punk" those were fighting words. We were just trying to play hard driving Detroit rock and roll. -BH

kill-691 karma

Will you be playing anywhere around Detroit anytime soon?

ABandCalledDeath1 karma

We just played Orion and we will be playing some additional shows. Detoit will always be a first stop for Death. Death is Detroit and Detroit is Death in our eyes. -BH

poonhounds0 karma

You should have just changed your name and got famous.

ABandCalledDeath6 karma

You mean sell out? -BH

Chairsniffa0 karma

Was there ever a moment back when you started that you said to yourself "woah, they will make a movie/rockumentary of us one day, because of what we are doing and are about to do from now"?

ABandCalledDeath1 karma

No, we never thought we would be in this position. David had some premonitions that the music would be big one day, but we never talked about a movie. -BH, DH