Hi you remember me as Goose, (Top Gun) Dr. Greene (ER), Revenge of the Nerds, and many more! My tv show Zero Hour is back on tonight for 8 weeks! Talk to me Reddit! Proof: https://twitter.com/anthonyedwards

Edit: Thanks for all the questions! I have got to go! Hope you all tune in to Zero Hour tonight on at 8/7 central on ABC! Peace.

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jonpurkis811 karma

In 1994, NBC launched two major TV shows, ER and Friends, both with characters called Rachel Green(e).

Can you confirm that your ER character's daughter was part of a mystery cross-show time-travel storyline and that I am the first person in the world to have cracked it, and am due a huge cash prize?

Edit: Guys, I CAN believe I got top comment with this, it's an awesome comment.

anthony_edwards603 karma

you are a natural zero hour fan. You rock at conspiracies.

rotellio3555 karma

I have to say sir as a member of the military I would like to let you know that Top Gun still has a heavy influence in the aviation community. I deployed to Afghanistan with armor art on my helicopter that said "Spoiler Alert, Goose Dies". It had a picture of your helmet in between the two sentences and I never failed to get a reaction from it everywhere I went.

anthony_edwards754 karma

Wow I am actually speechless. What you're doing is 100x more amazing than any silly pretending I ever do. But I am honored that what we did inspired you. Thank you.

QueenMab85364 karma

I still laugh about the story of Noah Wyle on a plane when someone had a heart attack, and everyone looked at him expecting him to help. Has anything like that ever happened to you?

anthony_edwards625 karma

A flight attendant once said to me she wished I was on the plane the day before because someone had a stroke. I thought to myself if I ever have a stroke I hope theres a real doctor there.

jonpurkis330 karma

Last year I watched ER all the way through from season 1 to 15, it's an incredible show that should be considered alongside The Wire as one of the best of all time.

Dr. Mark Greene was my favourite character, and your final episode never fails to bring tears to my eyes. It's great to have you back on TV, please stick around.

My question would be: what was your favourite episode of ER? And did you continue to watch it after you left?

anthony_edwards374 karma

I guess I was most proud of the episode in season 1 when Dr. Greene saves the child and loses the mother. Every once in a while I tuned in

streeter5000317 karma

How was it working with Tom Cruise all those years ago and are you still buds or did you lose that loving feeling?

anthony_edwards738 karma

we bonded for life right after he killed me

abasss307 karma

Your death in ER was one of the saddest things I saw on tv. That one seemed like a fun cast though, do you have any cool ER set anecdotes?

anthony_edwards481 karma

In a birthing scene instead of revealing the normal fake rubber baby we used a green pointed alien doll and the actress playing the mother nearly had a heart attack

GentlemenBehold283 karma

Who's choice was it that you would be the only actor who kept his shirt on during the famous volleyball scene in Top Gun?

anthony_edwards497 karma

i cried for a week

platysaur275 karma

How often do people run up to you spewing Top Gun references?

anthony_edwards509 karma

weekly and a lot when I go to car races.

C0FFEEBLACK264 karma

Can you still laugh like Goose when Iceman says "the plaque for the alternates is in the ladies room?"

anthony_edwards458 karma

yes just did it for my daughter

rcross86225 karma

Favorite quote from Top Gun?

anthony_edwards689 karma

gives middle finger "Sorry. I hate it when it does that."

breakfastcore165 karma

Hi Anthony,

Could you talk about how difficult it was to leave ER? How long did it take you make the decision and what was it like telling the other cast members?

Thanks, I'm a huge fan of your work!

anthony_edwards197 karma

It was tough at the time and I do miss working with those great actors.

Stagger_Lee75140 karma


anthony_edwards222 karma

I am proud of my hair in that film. My children always make fun of my Bieber flip in that film

rossboardman138 karma

My best mate is a huge fan called Goose. He is getting married soon. Would you send him a video message for his wedding day if I asked very nicely?

anthony_edwards447 karma

I can't send a video or photo but you can tell him this: "From one Goose to another Happy Wedding! Don't lose that loving feeling". -Anthony Edwards

jesteryte135 karma

Hi. Thanks for doing this AMA. I heard that while you were playing Dr. Greene, you had the opportunity to direct several ER episodes, and that love of directing led you to leave the show. Were you involved in the decision to write in the brain tumor? Was there a reason a brain tumor was chosen rather than a different method of death? For a show that confronted mortality nearly every episode, I found Dr. Greene's death very affecting.

anthony_edwards234 karma

Since they knew I was going to leave they were able to plan the story two years in advance, so the first year we dealt with the medical aspect of a brain tumor and the last year, the emotional aspect of dying. great opportunity to give talented writers a platform.

whoatethekidsthen133 karma

Hey Anthony!

I don't have a question. I just wanted to say as a kid growing up, ER was my favorite show. It made trauma medicine and medicine in general, so interesting and I awaited each episode. Dr. Greene was always my favorite character.

When your character developed the brain tumor in Broca's region, I had my mom find me a Neurological Oncology textbook so I could learn everything I could about it.

I cried so hard when your character died. I remember knowing it was going to happen but still feeling like I had lost someone really important. So many actors from ER inspired me but you, for whatever reason, made me desperately want to be in the medical field.

I grew up and the show ended. Went to college and during my freshman year after being miserable in a shit program, switched over to my first love, medicine.

I've been a CNA, a medical assistant, an LPN and finally got my MS in Pathology.

Thanks for fostering a love of medicine in little 8 year old me.

anthony_edwards129 karma

Wow congratulations. The real work that you're doing is 10x more important than anything I ever did on that show. Glad we could inspire you

crimsontears369126 karma

Hi Anthony! Northern Exposure was my favorite show of all time. Was it fun to shoot? Any favorite moments?

anthony_edwards153 karma

Seattle was a great place to work I love that they built that big geodesic dome for my hyper allergic character to live in

NinjaDiscoJesus120 karma

Was E.R. utterly exhausting to work on? It always came across as that when I watched it. Perhaps that was the intention of the show.

anthony_edwards207 karma

We had four kids during those eight years so sometimes it was a great place to nap at lunch! Truth is the work was fun so it didn't feel exhausting.

HWLights92117 karma

What about learning all that medical dialogue while working on "ER"? I'm sure that had to be in a pain in the butt getting it all memorized to the point where you'd sound like an actual doctor that understood what everything meant.

anthony_edwards252 karma

We had real docs on the set and they would laugh at us when we got it wrong.


Did you know that there's a $5 fine for anyone that references the movie at the Top Gun Flight Academy?

anthony_edwards136 karma

I guess thats a place I can never visit.

deathcabscutie105 karma

Hi Anthony! My husband is begging me to ask you "is it time to buzz the tower?" He says you'll know what he means.

Edit: I just read him your answer to this question. Now he's ashamed of himself. Haha

anthony_edwards155 karma

Always buzz the tower

Maude_Lebowski95 karma

I had Jury duty with you last year in NYC. My name had just been called and you were called two people after me. I remember thinking, man it would be cool if it was the real Anthony Edwards. Turns out it WAS you. We chatted in the court for a bit before I was dismissed. You were awesome for tolerating my questions and enthusiasm for both Dr. Greene and Goose.

Since I need a question, how was the rest of Jury Duty?

anthony_edwards127 karma

It turned out to be a really interesting case! I have to admit I don't mind jury duty. I have no problem when people like the work that I do.

_Volta93 karma

Would it make you cringe, or happy if Hollywood remade Revenge of the Nerds?

anthony_edwards157 karma

it would make me happy!

boothroyd91782 karma

So how were you able to grow such an epic mustache for Top Gun and why don't you still wear such an awesome mustache?

anthony_edwards188 karma

My wife is not a fan of the mustache! I stopped shaving and it grew like most facial hair

bobdavealex76 karma

Hey Anthony! I was very young when I first watched Top Gun. So young that I thought you actually died in real life. I tearfully made you a card that said 'RIP Anthony Edwards'. Glad you're still alive! Did they still make you go to work after you 'died'?

anthony_edwards130 karma

In movies you sometimes have to die first and then play the live part after.

stephen_0975 karma

Best part about working with Alex Kingston?

anthony_edwards152 karma

Her fantastic accent

kevincanessa73 karma

Hi Anthony. Huge "ER" fan here. Have seen every episode at least twice (except for On the Beach, which I could never watch again -- it was that emotional). Say, do you ever regret leaving the cast or "ER?" Though it survived long after 2002, it was never quite the same without you. All the best. Kevin Canessa, Port St. Lucie, Fla.

anthony_edwards93 karma

i don't regret it because I was able to spend amazing time with my family and traveling around the world for a year. And I will always feel lucky for having been part of that show.

slug_slug72 karma

Hi, Mr Edwards! A few questions, if you don't mind!

1) What's your favourite book?

2) What's your least favourite food?

3) If you could travel back in time and attend ANY major historical event, what would you do? Would you change history?

Your death scene in ER makes me bawl like a toddler.

anthony_edwards226 karma

  1. My favorite book is The Old Man and the Sea
  2. Least favorite food is lotus root.
  3. I would protect MLK.

smmfdyb67 karma

Did you think that Revenge of the Nerds was going to be a hit movie while working on it?

anthony_edwards122 karma

whenever you start a movie you think its going to be a hit. its a bit like children you just hope they turn out ok.

jsh5h765 karma

Hello! Have you ever given someone a high five and not finished it out down low?

anthony_edwards141 karma

I find that impossible

AndySipherBull63 karma


anthony_edwards115 karma

I live in New York men do all the time! just kidding, you would be amazed what people say

NatalieLaura61 karma

You've had many roles & characters, is there a 'dream' role you'd like to take on?

anthony_edwards191 karma

I would love to be a voice in Ratatouille 2 (if it ever happened) I love to cook!

photokeith44 karma

Have a favorite thing to cook? Favorite type of cuisine?

anthony_edwards116 karma

I love cooking stir fry which is fun to improvise with. I love mexican food! I was raised in southern california.

TheTablebanger59 karma

Was there ever an episode of ER that you felt was too sad for TV?

Funny story, my mother was pregnant at the time, and her and my father watched ER all the time. She was 9 months pregnant with my sister, so it was around 1996 and the episode was a woman who dies giving birth. They stopped watching the show after that, and havent watched it again to this day. It freaked them out that much.

anthony_edwards124 karma

the night that that show was on tv my wife wouldnt let me back in the house

macutchi49 karma

Hi Anthony! Welcome to Reddit. As a UK Redditor new to "Zero Hour" can you tell me a little about what the show is about? Thanks!

anthony_edwards85 karma

my wife is kidnapped because of a clock she finds and that leads us to an international conspiracy with ties to nazi germany 1938.

TerriblePigs48 karma

how often do you feel the need for speed?

anthony_edwards146 karma

less and less as I get older

stephen_0945 karma

Favourite episode you directed on ER? Favourite person to direct?

anthony_edwards97 karma

Sally Field favorite person to direct.

logically43 karma

My football coach in college gave a speech in tears about never leaving your wingman. Did that film have a lasting effect on you in any way?

anthony_edwards257 karma

Yeah I dont let good looking short guys fly me anymore

SamuraiRafiki39 karma

So... the volleyball montage... What was the idea behind that scene?

(Also, I should mention, Top Gun is one of my favorite movies ever and it's the movie I use to test out every new piece of home theatre equipment I buy!)

anthony_edwards70 karma

I worked out a lot but apparently not enough I was the only one with the shirt on.

KingMarco37 karma

What did you enjoy most from your experience filming Top Gun?

anthony_edwards78 karma


mrGPF36 karma

As a man, one of the only movies that make me cry is Top Gun. Goose was our friend and you made us like him. Great job. Second, were you ever worried that losing your hair would impact your career?

anthony_edwards99 karma

don't be ashamed to cry man. Robert Duvall, Ed Harris, Stanley Tucci, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis to name a few.........

DuckyChaos33 karma

I've heard from actors who both love and hate directors like David Fincher because he does a huge number of takes at times. I was wondering if you experienced this during the filming of Zodiac and as an actor are you a fan of this or not?

Also, I didn't know about your new show, but I googled it and it sounds very cool. I will watch if it ever comes on TV here in Australia.

anthony_edwards53 karma

i love working with david fincher

jetman12132 karma

Did you like filming Miracle Mile? That movie, along with many others of the 80's, gave me so many nuclear war nightmares. Thanks. Dick. Just kidding. Keep on rockin'!

anthony_edwards43 karma

Yes at the time it was one of my favorite movies, a film maker taking a big risk. Like Zero Hour tonight!

Potato_431 karma

Wow! An Anthony Edwards AMA!

First off, I feel you should know that I bought a shirt that says "Goose is my Wingman" on it a few days ago.

Secondly, what was it like working on the set of Zodiac? Any personal interest in the topic?

Thanks for doing this AMA! You are an excellent actor!

anthony_edwards48 karma

Zodiac was really interesting. Fincher gave us big thick binders full of documents that our characters had used in the actual case. Nice shirt man

anonymouslives30 karma

I'm a huge fan! I've viewed so many of your films and I watched you on ER during your entire run there! My favorite film of yours is Miracle Mile. It has an amazing atmosphere to it and the music from Tangerine dream really adds to the affect! What was it like to star in that film and did you have any idea it would receive a 'cult following' one day?

anthony_edwards34 karma

Yes it actually screened at a "end of the world" film festival last year in NYC.

colonial_cylon30 karma

What are your personal beliefs when it comes to the paranormal?

anthony_edwards79 karma

I like the idea of them, I just need proof. What are yours?

LeMeowLePurrr29 karma

How old were you when "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" was filmed? What was the most memorable thing about doing this film?

anthony_edwards48 karma

I was 18. It was my first film so everything was exciting

TerriblePigs26 karma

favorite album of all time?

anthony_edwards94 karma

James Taylor's Greatest Hits sorry I'm a bit of a softie

boothroyd91726 karma

Goose! Top Gun is my favorite movie of all time, I get emotional every time your final flight comes up still! I just want to say thank you for being a part of the movie that inspired me to become an aerospace engineer today, this is the hat that I wear every day. So thanks for being awesome! You're the best!

anthony_edwards50 karma

Congratulations man! Love that hat! I finally got my pilots license two years ago planes rock!

scrotum_25 karma

Can I be Goose and you'll be Maverick?

anthony_edwards87 karma

No I'm Goose!!!!!

domyates25 karma

Hi Anthony.

If you can remember that far back.. was there a great rivalry between Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer on the set of Top Gun?

I also love you as Mark Greene on ER. :-)

anthony_edwards37 karma

I think they enjoyed playing nemesis

sporkasaurus24 karma

does your car have an ejector seat?

anthony_edwards59 karma

I try to avoid those now

unique_new_york_24 karma

First of all you are an amazing actor and you have worked with a lot of amazing actors.

1) Who was your favorite actor to work with? Why?

2) What was your favorite project to work on?

Thank you for doing the AMA!!

anthony_edwards42 karma

Favorite actor was probably Alan Alda. My favorite project was the latest; Zero Hour. It was fun and now you all get to see it tonight!

ZalgoKetchum22 karma

I've always wondered, in Revenge of the Nerds, were you ready for the "sex girls", the "really really real sex girls"?

*edit, forgot to add movie title to avoid being overly obscure

anthony_edwards27 karma

haha I forgot about that

caltrask5519 karma

Oh Anthony! I have had such a crush on you since The Sure Thing. I loved that movie! What was it like working with Rob Reiner?

anthony_edwards26 karma

great and was able to work with him again in the movie Flipped. A movie worth watching. Also tune in to Zero Hour tonight

edavid2119 karma

So are you a conspiracy theorist yourself or do you just like presenting them for people's amusement? Or is it just a paycheck ;)

anthony_edwards36 karma

I like the investigation of it all.

deathcabscutie16 karma

This is my first time hearing about Zero Hour, but I enjoy you as an actor and I'd like to support your work. Would you mind telling me a little about the show?

anthony_edwards23 karma

international conspiracy mystery spanning time. Im an average joe whose wife is kidnapped and gets thrust into the middle of the conspiracy. Check it out tonight !

tagjim15 karma

Hi Anthony. What's in your pockets right now?

anthony_edwards47 karma

Flea and tick drops for our cats

utspg198015 karma

Please tell me you sometimes walk around the house in lambswool chaps


anthony_edwards27 karma

I forgot about that movie those were awesome chaps.

DasMunch15 karma

When filming Top Gun, how much time did you spend in an actual cockpit? Were you ever filmed in flight or was it all done through clever editing and pilots?

anthony_edwards25 karma

I flew twice in the back seat. They had cameras and filmed us

azphaking14 karma

Love your work! Which of the characters you have played do you most connect with? Also, how was driving the pace car at Indy? That had to be awesome.

anthony_edwards12 karma

Indy was fantastic! I am a huge motor sports fan. Honestly Hank Galliston, Zero Hour, he's as smart as I want to be.

crazystory20014 karma

Talk to me, Goose!

anthony_edwards13 karma

hello crazystory200

HelenVonBiscuits14 karma

When will shooting begin on Gotcha! 2?

anthony_edwards24 karma

Im 50 years old its Gotcha 6 now.

HWLights9213 karma

If tomorrow, for reasons beyond anyone's control, you were forced to give up working in show business, what would your new career be?

anthony_edwards18 karma

I would want to be a pilot. I got my license two years ago and I love it.

AshBowles13 karma

Any plans to return to hollywood or ever thought of trying your hand at Theatre?

anthony_edwards14 karma

I am open to doing some theater. And Zero Hour which is on tonight was a fantastic year i spent last year doing television again

pbaus12 karma

When I was a baby, I was super colicky. My dad would get home from work, rest me on his lap, and I fell asleep to Top Gun. It became a HOUSEHOLD INSTITUTION for us. We watched it almost to the point where I got sick of it as I grew up.

You played Goose amazingly, and I'll always remember you for that role, and the way I felt EVERY TIME I SAW YOU DIE.

I don't really have a question - I just wanted to say THANKS for being such a huge part of my childhood, and being such a great actor.

anthony_edwards14 karma

It was my pleasure

ElectricSpoon7512 karma

Do you think a Revenge of the Nerds remake would have the same cultural impact as the original and are you glad attempts to remake it have been thwarted thus far? (I wish Hollywood would stop destroying my childhood)

anthony_edwards27 karma

No because the nerds are in power now which I am happy about

sloanalex11 karma

How did you feel about the countless cast changes on ER over the years? Did you prefer the original team, or did you enjoy working with new actors?

anthony_edwards12 karma

A lot of that happened after my time I am just really glad that the show was able to keep going and other people could have an opportunity to be part of the story.

ontherocs10 karma

How did you hear about Reddit?

anthony_edwards30 karma

My daughter introduced me to it. Who teaches me most things lately

Andladders9 karma

What do strangers typically say to you when they see you in public?

anthony_edwards26 karma

They grab a part of their body and go "oh doctor I need help"

LLv29 karma

Do you ever go back to Adams College to see where it all started and see how the Tri-Lamb house is dealing with the Alpha Betas?

anthony_edwards30 karma

tri-lambs are running the world now. I don't have to go back.

Jrindner9 karma

would you wear this shirt ?

anthony_edwards8 karma

No but my daughters would!

drjkiel8 karma

You were my second favorite character on ER after Noah Wyle/ Dr. Carter. But it was a really, really close second.

You inspired me to go to medical school and pursue emergency medicine as a career so I thank you for that. And although my future patients will never know that, I hope you can find similar inspiration in how your acting influenced at least one of your viewers. You motivated me to change the world one patient at a time and I sincerely thank you.

anthony_edwards25 karma

You're my second favorite fan. But it's a really close second.
Glad you help others

TheMuleMan8 karma

I just have to say this, I'm currently 23 and whenever I went into the hospital as a kid, I always asked for Dr. Greene or Carter because you and Noah Wyle were my favorites on the show (I realize now it was due to the complete badass moments from both characters), and I felt it necessary to inform you of this.

Pivoting to Zodiac, there are stories of Robert Downey Jr. causing some trouble on the set due to the workload and hours, can either confirm or deny this? And what convinces you that a role is a good fit for you? (Script, cast, director, etc.)

"Forget Superman... I want Mark Greene." Still one of my favorite lines of all time.

anthony_edwards11 karma

Robert never did any of that. I just go off of whether it is a good story that I feel I can deliver

tamammothchuk7 karma

What has been your favorite role you have played so far? Any roles you missed out on that would have been better?

Thoroughly enjoyed Zero Hour's pilot, btw!

anthony_edwards18 karma

I loved Goose (rip)

dlman7 karma

Was Tom Cruise always insane?

anthony_edwards36 karma

just on mondays from 12:30-1

TheEternallyRustled5 karma

Hello, Anthony!

In Top Gun, was it fun working with Tom Cruise?

Thank you, you're plain and simply awesome!!

anthony_edwards14 karma

Yes we were all young and good looking

lookin_left4 karma

Were you disappointed that George Clooney didn't come back for Dr greens funeral episode?

anthony_edwards11 karma

I wasn't there either. But honestly no

sandman_tn4 karma

Revenge of the Nerds, along with Porky's and Up in Smoke, is one of my top 3 comedies of all time. Was it fun playing Gilbert? Did it seem to come naturally? You did a hell of a job.

anthony_edwards9 karma

my kids think its more than natural. it was really fun my inner nerd was able to dance

mitchroehl4 karma

Hi I was just wondering what this weeks episode of zero hours is about??

anthony_edwards10 karma

me too! honestly I can't wait to watch!

Evviee4 karma

me and my family watch ER every night together, just started on season 8, completely amazing. have you ever been to scotland before? thats where im from :D

anthony_edwards6 karma

yes went to Scotland to look at St. Andrews college with my son. Beautiful country!

Ungreat4 karma

In a previous answer you said after ER ended you travelled the world for a year, what was the most amazing thing you saw?

anthony_edwards8 karma

Southeast Asia was spectacular. And I really fell in love with subsaharan africa

KathrynLee2 karma

I was a huge fan as a kid when you played Goose and an equally huge fan watching you as Dr Greene. Can't wait to be a huge fan as an adult with Zero Hour as well!

My question for you- what's been your coolest "bucket list" achievement? Thanks again for doing this AMA!!

anthony_edwards2 karma

Got my pilots license two years ago!

Play_by_Play1 karma

Did Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer really have a full on fist fight while making Top Gun or is that just some bullshit?

If true, please describe in detail how it went down.

anthony_edwards5 karma


lakersin20251 karma

Did you ever get the name of that trucker school goose?

anthony_edwards2 karma

yes truck drivers school of trucking . that was an actual company when I was a kid. I just remember their commercials.