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What is your best personal financial advice for people who make under $100,000 per year?

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Can you please tell us your age,height, race and all/any health problems you're suffering from, as a result of your current weight?

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Would you say that you're addicted to eating certain kinds of food?

I hate myself too and try to stay inside of my house as often as possible. I can relate in that respect.

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I'm a huge fan! I've viewed so many of your films and I watched you on ER during your entire run there! My favorite film of yours is Miracle Mile. It has an amazing atmosphere to it and the music from Tangerine dream really adds to the affect! What was it like to star in that film and did you have any idea it would receive a 'cult following' one day?

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Who are 5 of your peers in electronic music whose music you really enjoy?

Also, any plans to work with Matthew Koma in the future?