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TheSporkening23 karma

Cousin Balki! I loved you in Beverly Hills Cop! "You want a twist of lemon? 'S good!" I also liked your turn on Law & Order:CI. I find it ironic that both you and Mark Lynn-Baker did such astonishing dramatic jobs in guest spots on that show.

I wish I had a question about your current project, but I appreciate the chance to thank you for being so entertaining all these years. Keep up the good work.

BronsonAlcottPinchot17 karma

Thank you kindly. As Laurence Olivier said of Marilyn Monroe, if you can do comedy, you can act anything. :-)

CV2206 karma

Yes, but only you can do the dance of joy!

BronsonAlcottPinchot12 karma

It's so true

pill_popper1 karma

"You're an actor, ACT, motherfucker!"

BronsonAlcottPinchot4 karma

Very true. But I am a storyteller, which is better than being an actor, as it includes but is not confined to acting.

scottfair12320 karma

Loved you in True Romance. What was it like working with the late Tony Scott? I'm a huge fan of yours and I'm grateful you are doing this! Thanks man!

BronsonAlcottPinchot23 karma

Tony was, pure and simple, a GOD, a gift for actors, and a fine artist. I ache to think that he was unhappy, when all he did was support us to the nth degree. He even vomited with me when I had to do the scene where I was queasy after the roller coaster. No lie.

scottfair1234 karma

I have more respect for him after this. Thank you for sharing!

BronsonAlcottPinchot15 karma

Tony is worth all the respect anybody can possibly muster. Imagine the immense, the incalculable strength of character to feel that kind of despair and convince everybody else around you that their feelings came first?

scottfair12310 karma

After reading what you said and getting a sense of how compassionate the man truly was, it makes me think of the Plato quote, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is facing a tougher battle".

BronsonAlcottPinchot15 karma

Wow, leave it to Plato. What a stunning quote. Thank you.

stroud19 karma

No question just wanted to say, loved your work in The Langoliers, youre the best one in the cast.

BronsonAlcottPinchot24 karma

Thank you. I got raked over the coals by criticds for overdoing it, but merely took all my cues from the book, which described Toomey as literally foaming at the mouth like an insane dog. Not sure what lesson I learned from that.

MrTemple7 karma

Don't listen to critics?

BronsonAlcottPinchot22 karma

Well, I have to say that there is always a useful grain of truth. What I learned from that criticism, which was levelled more cruelly than necessary, is that, while I was true to the book, the overall production was very much toned the wiser choice would have been to work within the tonal framework of the movie, and not be in my own movie, so to speak. I wrestled with this, but decided that since Toomey was in his own world, it did not matter.

relax_guy11 karma

Dude, I don't know why you were picked on for that movie. The entire film was bananas.

I gotta know who watched you get eaten by a giant razorblade meatball from outer space and then said "hmm, Bronson's playing it a bit over the top for this scene."

BronsonAlcottPinchot9 karma

Well said. The reviewer actually said 'Bronson Pinchot seems to be motivated less by character and more by career desperation." Unforgivable. His bed of roasting embers is being stoked in hell.

relax_guy3 karma

haha, it's always the criticisms that stick with you. I'd hate to think how the critics of the world would judge me and the desperate choices I've had to make seeking employment.

BronsonAlcottPinchot12 karma

In a perfect world, critics would have to publish their credentials. And photos of themselves naked.

J_for_Jules12 karma

I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your last AMA. You seem like such an awesome person from your responses. I ended up reading the entire thing. I grew up watching Perfect Strangers as a kid, and I always loved Serge in BHC. After the last AMA, I made my SO watch clips from the show and the movie. We now have an inside joke about “it’s a very important piece.”

I don’t have cable TV now, but I will make sure to try to find a way to check you out in your new show.

BronsonAlcottPinchot9 karma

Many thanks!

ChuckEye10 karma

Are you still active in your Masonic lodge? (You should drop by /r/freemasonry some time and say hi :)

BronsonAlcottPinchot13 karma

A high-ranking brother did something really atrocious and when my dues were due, I sent in my check with a letter asking what Freemasonry stood for, if not fraternal solidarity? The lodge returned my check and said my presence was no longer required.

taonzen5 karma

Ugh. While it's rare to hear this kind if story, unfortunately it's not rare enough. I'm really sorry to hear this, and I hope that you don't think that this is representative of the rest of the great guys in the fraternity.

BronsonAlcottPinchot8 karma

Well, I should hope not. If there were another lodge within spitting distance of Harford PA I would happily join.

millennialfreemason2 karma


BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

Yes, sadly. That's life in a very very small town. I was heartbroken. I wonder if there's a lodge in a slightly more enlightened place that I could enjoy?

millennialfreemason2 karma

I think we can help you out.

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

How fantastic. I was so revved up about the ideals of Freemasonry and so crushed to see them dragged through the mud. Literally.

PlNG6 karma

Not much to say here but good luck with your latest project.

There's a subreddit for everything here. /r/DIY

BronsonAlcottPinchot10 karma

Thank you. How do I utilize subreddit?

PlNG7 karma

If you know what a forum is and how forums tend to organize subjects into categories, Reddit is essentially this; a giant forum. /r/DIY would be about the subject "Do it yourself" where people show off their works, tips and tricks, and ask for help.

And as with all social media, you read and participate.

As an example, /u/GovSchwarzenegger (yes, the Governor / Terminator himself) reads and participates in /r/Fitness in his spare time.

BronsonAlcottPinchot10 karma

I see. Can you please suggest some subreddits that I could post on

OriginalSin225 karma

Are you going to keep Mikey all to yourself? I want to see you set him up on a date!

BronsonAlcottPinchot9 karma

Given his wretched history with dating and marriage, I would let sleeping dogs lie on that one. He is dearer to me than a son.

MRMiller965 karma

I think "Second Sight" was one of my all time favorite movies. How was it working with John Larroquette? Did you enjoy making that movie? It looks like it would have been a lot of fun.

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

John was a blast. I just adored him. The other guy not so much.

TransorbitalLobotomy5 karma

How was your experience working with Eddie Murphy on Beverly Hills Cop?

BronsonAlcottPinchot15 karma

Well, I was a 'day player' at the time, and I was getting quite a bit of attention from the crew in terms of laughter, so he was wary, as I suppose I would be too. So he didn't speak to me directly, but through his body guard. Who was standing inches from us. I adored working with him though, as the film shows, and we had some friendly moments in later days.

gronten10 karma

He spoke to you through his guard when he was in hearing distance of you?

Doesn't seem like that would leave a fond memory for me. Glad to see you back answering questions!

BronsonAlcottPinchot27 karma

Yes, he did, but he was very young and very famous and that's what he was comfortable with.

In this he did a huge favor for dozens, if not hundreds of other people...because I have since made it a point to always seek out the lowest man or woman on the totem pole on whatever set I'm on, or any other venue for that matter, and go have a chat with him or her. The warmth in their eyes is stupendous.

That is called making lemonade out of lemons. And you must remember we all do our best on any given day. I think Eddie is a tremendous talent and it's not fair to hold him accountable for what he did thirty years ago as a stripling. I merely tell the story in answer to a specific and oft-asked question.

tanuki_suit7 karma

Eddie Murphy was funny as hell in BHC but you killed it playing opposite him. People are still talking about that 2 minutes you did 30 years ago. That's comedy gold right there. :D

BronsonAlcottPinchot12 karma

Well, it was awfully fun. What does it say, I wonder, that I got thirty years' worth of action off a few hours' improvisation, and nothing close to that from hundreds and hundreds of days of scripted stuff?

omahatheist3 karma

It says where the true talent resides ;)

BronsonAlcottPinchot5 karma

Well, thank you. It also says get in front of a camera without a script whenever possible, if'n you got the chops.

gronten5 karma

I understand, but I've known people to do this, and to me, it does not matter if they are young, old, famous or infamous, it's just rude and shows they think your below then.

Obviously you have some charisma/empathy and have had this done to you, and you have taken steps to not look like a douchebag.

I like Eddie Murphy, but you are the man Bronson.

BronsonAlcottPinchot8 karma

Well, thank you so much.

Overcircumsized5 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA! How often do people ask you do reprise the Balki Bartokomous accent in public? Do you indulge them or is it just too much of a pain in the ass at this point?

BronsonAlcottPinchot18 karma

I do it if they are very elderly or very young or in a wheelchair or something that requires a special treat...and I whisper it to's very special and I never tire of it when it's on those terms

Overcircumsized11 karma

TIL: Bronson Pinchot has excellent judgment. Good for you and thanks for answering.

BronsonAlcottPinchot7 karma

What is TIL?

Overcircumsized2 karma

Today I learned

BronsonAlcottPinchot9 karma

Ah, very nice. "Overcircumcized" is rather intriguing, I must say. Recent?

taonzen5 karma

The brothers over on /r/freemasonry have been trying to figure out a good question for you, but I think that they're too star-struck.

Instead, can I invite you to stop by and say Hi to them? They'll be all giddy about it for weeks.

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

You may indeed.

BrutallyHonestDude3 karma


BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

I do, actually. And I have a marathon on DIY to promote

AuroraLenore3 karma

Wow! I believe the marathon of TBPP is over and I hope--no, I am sure--it was a smashing success. Why? Because you are loved, respected and deserve only wonderful things. Whatever happens in your life good or bad B, you are loved and appreciated more than you could ever fathom; now and always.

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

Ah, bless yer heart.

everythingisopposite3 karma

Bronson, how difficult is to keep an accent going for a role? Do you stay in character all day?

BronsonAlcottPinchot13 karma

I use a "keying" system inside my mouth, a phrase that is easy to lock into. Then I say it a few times before a take. I rarely stay in character all day as I feel it is damaging to others. Imagine if I'd stayed in character as Toomey in The Langoliers?

JeremyNJ19843 karma

It says on your Wiki page that you have an interest in Ancient Greek Sculpture. As a History buff myself ( got a degree in it), what is your favorite piece of sculpture?

BronsonAlcottPinchot6 karma

The Antikythera Youth

JeremyNJ19842 karma

Do you think its Paris or Hercules? These are important questions....

BronsonAlcottPinchot6 karma

I don't know. I hope it's not Paris, because he's not likable enough for such a stunning statue. Seems far too innocent for Hercules. Could it not be Perseus?

TheBigVitus3 karma

is that your real name? it sounds made up. no offense, of course.

BronsonAlcottPinchot13 karma

The full version is even more preposterous:

Bronson Alcott Pinchot.

However, as I myself am thoroughly preposterous as a human being, and should have been born a Vesuvian or Vulcan or some such thing, i think it is perfectly fitting. And shortened to Bronnie it's not so bad.

pill_popper2 karma

Is "Bro" the worst tho?

BronsonAlcottPinchot5 karma

No, Bro is cool. Anything meant affectionately is cool. "B" is the commonest

FeelzGood3 karma

What's cousin Larry up these days? Does Perfect Stranger run in syndication anywhere? I'm under the impression that it was on long enough to and you could be making some good money.

BronsonAlcottPinchot12 karma

Thank you for speculating about my income. I did a buyout decades ago and do not, as it happens, get residuals. Cousin Larry directs and will probably be doing a project with me in the near future. I don't know about syndication.

A-Novel-Idea3 karma

Hi Bronson! I'm a huge fan of the show. I know you have a tendency to go back and redo areas you have already completed. Do you think you will ever feel as though you are done with your work on your Hartford properties or will it continue to be a lifelong project? Thanks!

BronsonAlcottPinchot6 karma

Lifelong, of course. If you will allow the analogy, it seems to me that God, or Fate, or Whomever, is constantly tinkering with us humans from birth 'til the day we die, constantly fixing, improving, changing. Don't you think?

A-Novel-Idea3 karma

I'm being greedy and asking one more question. Do fans of the show ever come by and try to visit your properties in Hartford? If so, how do you and the town handle such situations? I know if I'm ever near Hartford I am for sure sending a post card from your cute post office!

BronsonAlcottPinchot10 karma

They do, and depending on how they behave is how we receive it. Some people are terribly respectful and stand off to the side and wave sweetly and I wave back. Some people cross the boundaries and I send Mikey out to escort them away. I always tell people, "Just because I put my home on TV doesn't mean you have an automatic right to get up close and personal with it." When they disagree I give this analogy: "Those actors in MAGIC MIKE....putting their booty out there....what do you think would happen to you if you went after them and copped a feel?"

icerebellumi3 karma

There is a huge fair that happens once a year in Harford, PA near where you have a home. Do you visit local events like that, or do avoid them?

Irrelevant note: I used to work for your insurance agent in PA. You'd always call in to talk to "bubala" it was awesome.

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

I sometimes go to the fair, it is a blast.

mg1911_1233 karma

I know that I could go searching for it but... Could you please give us some info on this new DIY project of yours, like for starters what network is it on?

BronsonAlcottPinchot7 karma

DIY. If you don't have DIY you can find the first season on HULU

pill_popper3 karma

I imprinted on you at a young age watching Perfect Strangers and am still amazed at how well you fake a flat American accent in your other work!

If I can be a total fanboy for a second, I LOVE you and followed you on twitter before it was cool.

You were in two of my all-time favorite movies--Risky Business and True Romance. I recall an interview where you spoke about your impression of Tom Cruise's sexuality--would love if you could tell it again. Also, Paul Brickman--why didn't his career go anywhere? I loved his follow up, Men Don't Leave.

Also, True Romance--what can I say? You were so blessed to have so many perfect lines. "You--you want me to...suck his dick? " "AND he wants a sample bag." "Elliot, your motivation is to stay out of jail"

So my question is, how annoying is it when strangers like me spot you in public and yell these lines out?

BronsonAlcottPinchot13 karma

Two of the three great lines you cite from True Romance were my improvisations.

As it happens, and for the record, I never at any time offered any views whatsoever about Tom Cruise's sexuality, which I have reason to know are garden variety heterosexual--for what that's worth, which is probably very little. I merely said that when he and I were very young (20 and 23) he was freer than I was accustomed to with what I would call typical adolescent remarks about gay people. I am very sorry to say this got blown out of proportion by the media, and very happy to say Tom was a perfect gentleman about it. The original context, in my spoken conversation with the reporter, had to do with my coming from a background in NY theater, where that sort of thing was already politically incorrect, and Tom's coming from film, where, in the early 80's, I suppose it wasn't. That is the bedrock of the thing. And thank you for reminding me to tell the tale correctly.

pill_popper6 karma

That was extremely diplomatic! Sorry if I brought up a touchy subject that would bring out the army of scientologist litigators.

Hmm, I tried to guess which lines were improvised, but they all seem integral to the plot.

"Oh who the FUCK is dick" Skeptical, although PROPS if you came up this.

"He wants a sample bag." This is the most likeleiest to be in the script, as the whole car/cocaine scene hinges on this.

"Your motivation is to stay out of jail." Possible. Although this line seems classic Tarantino.

BronsonAlcottPinchot7 karma

Who the fuck....absolutely mine. I had Sol Rubinek actually on the phone and the connection was fuzzy. Tony went wild with delight.

Can't say with certainty about the other two although "motivation" is from a much longer scene entirely improvised

pill_popper3 karma

This is fucking fantastic. You made my day. Setting my DVR to record DIY right now, it's the least I can do

BronsonAlcottPinchot5 karma

Thank 'ee

MrTemple3 karma

Hi Bronson, a few weeks ago I tweeted you about your terrific voice work in the audiobook version of Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes*.

First, thanks again, it was outstanding. Second, you replied that the book really meant a lot to you, and I've been wondering if you could elaborate.

Did it resonate with you in any particular ways, with regard to the Vietnam war, race relations, or some other way?

Also, how did you come to perform it? Is it something where you get to pick and choose which books you go after?

* For those who haven't read the book, it was fantastic, and the audio performance brought the characters to life in a way that audiobook versions rarely do.

BronsonAlcottPinchot10 karma

Well, it was special for many reasons. It was an emergency assignment, because my good friend Ray Porter was supposed to read it and was assigned a juicy TV role. And it needed to be done fast. I knew absolutely nothing about the Viet Nam war and, as the child of New Age liberals, had always had an antipathy for soldiers. The book, and Karl's astounding writing, changed me, from the soles of my feet right up to my brain stem, as I was reading.

And....I read the book cold. The time frame was too tight to do it any other way. What you hear on the recording is absolutely the first time I am seeing the words. For this reason the action hit me particularly hard, for I never knew what was coming.

At one point in the book a character did a very surprising and brave thing and I burst out crying. When I mentioned this to Karl he said that when he was writing it, the character's action burst, unbidden, out of his unconscious and he, too, cried. I thought that was rather a beautiful thing, that author and reader were able to communicate with a disembodied character with a life of his own.

TheBigVitus3 karma

In your filmography on Wikipedia there is a film called Kung Fu and Titties. It says it will be coming out in 2013. Please, tell me more about this.

BronsonAlcottPinchot5 karma

The title truly says it all. I have never seen it. I imagine it is a classic in its genre. Sadly I cannot imagine what its genre is.

MrTemple1 karma

I imagine it is a classic in its genre. Sadly I cannot imagine what its genre is.

Kung-fu and titties, obviously.

Reminds me of my absolute favourite movie box copy of all time. Taken from a review of the film, Shakes the Clown is touted as "The Citizen Kane of alcoholic clown movies."

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

That is a great line.

DouglasUpton3 karma

I grew up watching Perfect Strangers and will definitely tune into DIY to watch a few episodes!!

BronsonAlcottPinchot7 karma

Yay thank you so much. I much prefer being me to saying someone else's lines.

Hosni__Mubarak2 karma

They still haven't put you on community to replace Chevy chase yet, have they?

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

Not that I know of.

lisa_appassionato2 karma

Evenin', B. Now that I've got a minute, I just wanted to pop in and say hi during this AMA. Thanks so much for the amusing and adorable video response to my picture frame question. I AM assuming you knew I was kidding. I love that you know humor when you see it. I just wish others had such a keen sense. Bestest...Lisa :-)))))

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

Bestest right back at ya punkin

goodthings772 karma

If you could do it all over, would you take the part on Step by Step?

BronsonAlcottPinchot13 karma

Well, I used the money to buy an extraordinary work of art. And also, what is the point of looking back? I loved the cast and had a blast. Since at that juncture my choices were take the job or stay curled up on the couch staring at the ceiling, I'd say it was the healthy choice. Wouldn't you?

ChemicallyLoved2 karma

When I was in 6th grade, I wrote a comic about you and your comic misadventures with the cast of Three's Company, the band the White Stripes, and a talking dog. I just never thought I would have the chance to tell you that.

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

Ain't the internet wonderful?

snowlover162 karma

Who are your fav actors and actresses of all time, u were and will be my fav actor of all time, tom hanks is good also

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

Tom Hanks is also a lovely, lovely man,

Fav actors and actresses of all time:

Lucille Ball Charlie Chaplin Spencer Tracy Judy Garland Frank Morgan Vanessa Redgrave Michael Gambon Maggie Smith

LandoCardassian2 karma

Was there any professional fallout over your hilarious A.V. Club interview?

I also loved you in The Langoliers. That image of you tearing strips of paper still gives me the creeps.

BronsonAlcottPinchot5 karma

Yes, there was plenty of fallout over A V Club. I thought I was doing an interview for the very slim Onion paper, not the internet. But oh well

kickerconspiracy2 karma

First Question: There's a skit in an old episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien where announcer Joel Goddard is receiving telepathic instructions from a rabbit telling him to kill Bronson Pinchot. Do you remember that at all? I've only seen it on a "Best of" reel of Goddard's work before the show moved to LA (r.i.p.) but I wondered if it was part of a greater gag involving an appearance by you or something.

Second question-- Do you lament the decline of the TV sitcom theme song? Perfect Strangers had one of the best ever!

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

I heard about the skit and thought it was unforgivably irresponsible. Conan is certainly savvy enough to know that miscreants have done bad things with less pretext. Karma seems to have given him an equivalent sock below the belt.

LongDongofKyongsong2 karma

Ooh! I was hoping you'd be back. My sister and I try to reclaim our childhood a few times per year by going over to our parents' house when they aren't home, hooking up our old Nintendo in the den, listening to music from the late '80s and early '90s, and forgetting our troubles for a while. We always, ALWAYS watch episodes of "Perfect Strangers" as part of this ritual. I simply can't tell you how much of the stress of adulthood it melts away to be transported back to those times. Thank you for the memories, and I look forward to more!

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

Ah, you're welcome. God bless you

Whit03272 karma

So Mark's BDay is coming up. If you have time are you guys going to try to get together?

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

I hope so!

mentortormentor2 karma

Did you and Mark Linn-Baker come up with the DANCE OF JOY yourself? My brother and I would do it every Friday night when Perfect Strangers came on! Thanks for the laughs!

BronsonAlcottPinchot6 karma

We certainly did invent it.

Toberoni2 karma

Do you and MLB follow each others careers? Do you ever get drunk together and re-enact old routines?

BronsonAlcottPinchot4 karma

Yes, no, and yes.

OGG132 karma

Thanks for answering our questions, we all really appreciate you doing this. I can't wait to check out the new show when I get out of work.

My question is this: How did you restrain yourself from murdering the rest of the Surreal Life cast?

BronsonAlcottPinchot7 karma

I was not at all tempted to murder anyone on the Surreal Life cast except poor Janice Dickinson, and I restrained myself by tapping into my compassion, which, like everyone's compassion, is bottomless....once tapped into. She was so hurt as a child that she could do no better, though her behavior, goaded on at times by producers, was very toxic

OGG132 karma

Thanks for the quick response! I didn't want to name names in my question, but now that you mention it, she was kooky enough to make Jose Conseco look like a regular dude

BronsonAlcottPinchot7 karma

Jose was a lovely man, actually.

OGG132 karma

That he may be, but your AMA is MILES ahead of his. On a side note, if someone told me when I woke up today that I would be talking to Bronson Pinchot about how Jose Conseco is a lovely guy, I would have slapped them in the face and called them a liar. This is awesome!!!!

BronsonAlcottPinchot5 karma

I very much admire his reserve and strength with regard to personal criticism. He merely brushes it away the way you would brush away a baby's hand when he or she is hitting another baby. Astounding.

pill_popper2 karma

What are your thoughts on Bradley Manning foregoing a juried trial, and do you agree that Wikileaks is performing a socially positive function as a conduit of information since traditional media conglomerate interests have become wedded too intimately with the military industrial complex?

Also, mixed patterns in rooms: yay or nay?

BronsonAlcottPinchot5 karma

Answers: on the fence, leaning toward yes but need more data, and yay if the individual patterns are superb in and of themselves

scotchsodabread2 karma

So, first: I loved you in Perfect Strangers, and followed you for a while. Went to see Shakespeare in the Park when I was living in New York once specifically because you were going to be in it. So glad you're doing this.

Question: How difficult was it to break out of the I'm-known-because-I-can-do-accents mold and gain traction as an artist.

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

I don't know. I gained traction as myself---a far more interesting endeavor.

LabRatTrick1 karma

Hi Bronson, thanks for this AMA.

Was wondering if you have found any interesting artifacts in your restorations and if you are in contact with any historical societies in PA about them. Apologies if you already answered this question. Thanks

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

Yes, I have, and no, I'm not. I tend to shy away from Historical Societies. Too much like organized religion.

ImA13x1 karma

I grew up on Perfect Strangers and just have to say I'm glad you're still in the business. I mainly wanted to commend you on having gone the extra mile with this AMA and answered pretty much everyones questions. Not only that but you have replied within the thread there after.

Thanks for doing this!

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma

My pleasure.

CaptainJeff1 karma

Where, exactly, IS Mypos?

BronsonAlcottPinchot4 karma

In the mind's eye.

ThatGuyTH1 karma

I have watched your Show. When ever I have a conversation about actors I enjoy, you are always in the top 10.

How could I not watch a show where you get to be yourself?

Thanks for the Show!

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma

Thank you too. Thanks for watching.

heymack1 karma

I keep seeing your name on How many audio books have you done, and is it something that you sought out, or that found you?

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma

Both. I love doing them. And frequently the authors say it's just what they heard in their heads, which is nice.

heymack1 karma

It seems extremely difficult. I mean, I don't imagine you rehearse every page. How do you prepare? Do you read through it a few times, mark up your pages or...? I've listened to two books you did, and didn't realize it was you until I got to the end. One - the President's Vampire and the other a Business Book whose title I can't recall. You were really great in the Vampire book. I thought the plot was OK, but you really brought all the characters to life. (So to speak).

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

I don't rehearse at all. I do it all cold. Isn't it just astounding? :-))

TheShiftyEyedBastard1 karma

Is it actually true that Bibby Babka can make you sick?

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

Yes, but only if you roll it out too quickly

Whit03271 karma

Is the PS reunion still green lighted?

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma

Never was.

rap41351 karma

How man men have you killed with a nail gun

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

Not a one. I only kill my guys with kindness

Ohhau1 karma

KUNG FUUUU AND TITTIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! You were awesome in beverly hills cop by the way.

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma

Thank you

pakron1 karma

Cover this up, it's not sexy. It's animal.

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma scrub for the customer....

JennyHenny1 karma

Do you ever keep in touch with anyone from the Surreal Life? Also, did you enjoy your experience on that show, considering it was reality TV and you were not playing a character?

BronsonAlcottPinchot5 karma

Answers: No, although I would happily do so with nearly all of them.

No, it was toxic and miserable.

It was highly manipulated and a terrible stain on the word "reality"

MattAlbie601 karma

With regards to your two episode stint as "The Prankster" on LOIS & CLARK, were comics something that you had any previous interest in or was the show your first experience in that world?

Side note: you are a part of what has to be one of my earliest memories. I distinctly remember watching the "Balki and Larry get stuck in quicksand" episode when it aired. I would have been about three years old. So you are partly responsible for the reason why I had an unnatural fear of quicksand well into my teens.

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

First experience, not huge on comics although I'm sure I would love them if I got into them, just never had the time.

I'm sure I did you a favor with quicksand. Imagine if it had been an episode where we just loved it? I got a TERRIBLE inner ear infection from that crap, I remember now.

scoutycat1 karma

If you could make the best comedy show ever with 3 comics dead or alive who would you pick to open, star & headline?

BronsonAlcottPinchot6 karma

Art Carney, Donald O'Connor, Mark Linn-Baker

StarEchoes1 karma

I loved you when I was a kid, you're my first memory of thinking that an actor was really talented. I'm glad you're still working!

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

Thank you. I love to be in front of a camera, especially as myself.

dobie1kenobi1 karma

I remember seeing you in a stupid '80s skin flick about hotel employees having sex with the cleaning women. What's it like working on a project that you know has little artistic/box office appeal? Now that you're a real name, do you regret doing those cheesy T&A films?

BronsonAlcottPinchot5 karma

I never regret anything....what's the point? I did that movie, called HOT RESORT when I was 23 and thought it was a lark. Soon after I renamed it LAST RESORT. My very next movies were FLAMINGO KID and BEVERLY HILLS COP so it's all about riding the ups and downs. As is all of life

flargenhargen1 karma

I never regret anything

kudos to you! I wish I had that talent. :)

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

All right, I do regret it, but I try to sublimate the regret as quickly and completely as possible.

Fillitwithsand1 karma

DO you remember Steven King's "The Langoliers?"

BronsonAlcottPinchot10 karma

No, tell me about it. Of course I remember it. My vocal chords still have the damage.

Fillitwithsand2 karma

I thought that movie was AWESOME but the ending was just OK. Thanks for your performance!

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

Aw, you're welcome

flippityfloppityfloo1 karma

Hello Bronson and welcome back to our subreddit!

A question I wanted to ask last time:

  • Where do you see your career in 5, 10, and perhaps even 20 years? Do you think acting will continue to be your passion, or are there other hobbies you want to get into?

Thanks again for coming out!

BronsonAlcottPinchot7 karma

Well, in 5, 10, or 20 years I expect my acting career will have its third act. Act I was mainstream fame, BH Cop and Perfect Strangers.

Act II was Shakespeare and musicals on Broadway, and Stones in His Pockets in the West End.

Act III will be juicy dramatic roles, which I am crackingly good at.

Also, I love my current career as as collagist--I make collages with architectural salvage and am also embarking on a related career as preservationist and, I suppose, teacher to the masses, via my shows on DIY and now HGTV

kakey701 karma

I love your show. Thanks to my DVR, I've seen every single episode. Your passion, creativity and ideas seem endless and I must say, are enviable. I'm curious if the popularity of the show has compromised your privacy. Have you had any bothersome, unwelcome space invaders with boundary issues since I'd assume your main property is easy to find? If I were on television, that'd be my biggest fear.

BronsonAlcottPinchot6 karma

There are space invaders, but the neighbors, and Mikey, and the guys, firmly walk them to their cars. We just don't tolerate it. When people are genuinely sweet, I'll bend over backwards for them, and when they're not, I press my James Bond Ejector Seat Button and away they go. Black and white, really

snowlover161 karma

Would u ever want like farm animals, horses, cows, chickens, in your barn i always wanted my own horse but there to much work, , ill stick with my 2 dogs,, happy belated bday bronson, mine was yesterday I'm 34 now, u look so good, your will power is awesome, so hard for me, I work in a grocery store its hard, can u give me some pointers how do u stay away from candy, cake,

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma

Stay away from candy and cake for one day and see how you feel when you wake up the next day, for one.

And yes, I do very much want farm animals!!

vandelay7141 karma

I think I saw you about 13 years ago at The Chestnut Inn at Oquaga Lake in upstate NY. I just wanted to say I didn't snub you, I just wanted to respect your privacy. I am a fan of yours.

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

What a doll!!!!!! :-))

snowlover161 karma

What was goin to yale like, I live not to far from there like 20 min I lived in ct all my life, and I wanted to tell u my 12 yr old got an A+ on his greek mythology report he made a beautiful poster boards with cutouts and stuff if I knew u were doin reddit I would of taken a pic of it, knowin my nephew vinny threw it out

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

I love this stream of consciousness. Going to Yale was marvelous.

milhouseuz1 karma

Hi Bronson - is "Second Sight" ever coming to blue-ray? I must have watched that movie a 100 times as a kid!

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma

I have no idea. That is not my area of expertise. :-)

ConstantStomachPain1 karma

Huge fan. One question: Do you believe in Magic?

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

I believe I do. Don't tell anyone.

Norn-Iron1 karma

Would be you consider reprising your role of Serge if the opportunity arose in the planned Beverly Hills Cop series?

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma

I would consider it.

jaksajak1 karma

What are your thoughts about your experience doing the show Meego?

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

Well, I gave it my best shot, and Jonathon Lipnicki was super cute. EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND got three years to develop into a hit. We disappeared after three episodes. I dunno.

ADIDASects1 karma

If you were offered the role of Batman and could cast anyone you wanted as Robin, who would it be?

BronsonAlcottPinchot4 karma

Miley Cyrus. Just to see her face when she found out she had to wear that much.

stuffonsure1 karma


BronsonAlcottPinchot4 karma

Well, don't you think I ought to hear it?

skerley19791 karma

Most people like myself remember you when we were growing up watching Perfect Strangers. Where did the famous line "Don't be ridiculous", and "Get out of the city" come from? Were they something you came up with or were they written for you? Do you still keep in touch with any of the cast mates from the show?

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

I made up DBR and the writers did Get out of the city. Yes I keep in touch with castmates

ADIDASects1 karma

I was just curious what your thoughts were for being recognized primarily for a single role/character that represents such nostalgia for many. I also didn't know if you ever discussed such a thing with others of the like, e.g. Jaleel White (even though you do get recognized for your other roles beyond Balki).

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

I would love to see Jaleel White again. We went to the same High School. I last met him when he was a little boy of, I think, nine, telling me about his new character which no one had seen yet.

[deleted]1 karma


BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

I do not fetch, though I have been told I'm fetching.