In 2009 when I was 17 years old. I caught a cold which turned into rushing to the hospital a week later. It turned out the cold was the swine flu (H1N1). I was flown to Vanderbilt Children's hospital. I was on a heart-lung bypass machine (ECMO) for 2 weeks, and in the coma 76 days. My muscles atrophied (lost all my muscle) so I had to relearn to walk and regain muscle which took 2 years. I became addicted to my pain pills and ended up in rehab 3 times. 9 months clean now. In coma I had hellish nightmares and could think. Seemed like 40 years. Here's a picture of me. (I'm 21 now four years later with chronic pain from dying 4 times and having to be shocked and having CPR)

Pic -

Pic 2 -

Me 3 months ago -

Physical Rehab -

"Even a bare tree can grow leaves" - Zachary Winchester. God Bless!

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blazethatshits0n294 karma

What kind of hellish nightmares?

OMYDANG526 karma

Family being ripped apart, raped, killed in ways I couldn't imagine for what seemed like 40 years, no joke that long. I had one dream where God asked me if I wanted a second chance and I said yes, then back to the nightmares. 13 Doctors said pull the plug...but I woke up beyond all belief.

Kromgar70 karma

So do you believe in god now? I'm curious. Or did you beleive in him before?

OMYDANG241 karma

I always have. I just didn't act like a christian.

blindsquirrel79262 karma

(Hopefully) future ICU RN here. Was there anything in particular that a nurse/MD/any health care provider did during your time in the hospital that made you feel comfortable, cared for, all-around good?

Happy to see you are doing better!

OMYDANG408 karma

Great questions! Arthur, one of the nurses there is my hero of all time. He was just there for me and found out what I liked and talked about it. If he didn't know he hopped on the computer and looked it up.

OMYDANG201 karma

Hey here is also a picture of one of the ECMO Nurses who is also one of my heroes. He visited me in rehab.

blindsquirrel7985 karma

This makes me happy. :)

OMYDANG65 karma


reseph248 karma

So... how much did this cost?

OMYDANG536 karma

1.5mil bill

OMYDANG474 karma

after insurence

the_last_resort300 karma

Holy shit. You were in a coma and now you have 1.5 million dollars to pay off?! As a Brit, this blows my mind.

OMYDANG332 karma

Lol, America for ya.

Sil369279 karma

i misread this as 1.5 million billion

OMYDANG74 karma


BenAffleckFaggot6967 karma

How did you pay for this

OMYDANG320 karma

Monthly minimum payments rofl. Will be the rest of my life...which is fine since I'm alive to pay it.

themilkmaiden111 karma

Not that it is awesome...but have you considered filing for medical bankruptcy?

OMYDANG146 karma

I've thought about it, but they don't expect much a month.

Pignore196 karma

File now while you are young. Seriously, if you miss a payment or several you will learn of their expectations the hard way. There are literally 50 other reasons you should file as well that implicate future plans you may have. Best of luck, bro.

OMYDANG115 karma

Oh wow thanks for info.

SashimiX139 karma


OMYDANG88 karma

Also ty for info.

BillsInATL120 karma

Yep, do it now, file for bankruptcy while you are young, and it will be off your credit while you are still in your 20s.

OMYDANG83 karma

Thnx for info.

themilkmaiden30 karma

That is nice. I know we may have to consider it after our baby was in the NICU for 5 months. Seems like a small price to pay for life, but when it starts preventing you from living your life it becomes tedious. Especially since insurance already paid a pretty penny to the hospitals and doctors anyway.

Either way, good on you for being responsible. What a horrible ordeal you went through and I wish you the best of luck in the future!

OMYDANG31 karma

Thank you and I'm sorry for your baby ended up in the NICU

OMYDANG224 karma

Sorry guys, got to take a break for a while. Post your questions I'll answer them all. Please don't insult. I'm giving you my true experience. I'm not claiming I actually talked to God, but I would like to believe so. Everyone have a good one.

MissDarkness171 karma

How's your day going?

OMYDANG180 karma

Good thank you.

sbwv09168 karma

My cousin got swine flu at the age of 31. He went into a coma that lasted 6 months, but he never woke up. I miss him every day. I'm glad you did wake up from that coma and I'm glad you're living a good clean life now. Don't take it for granted.

OMYDANG175 karma

I'm extremely sorry, and thank you very much. People laughed at the swine flu, but it took many lives.

KrazieFun137 karma

Could you hear your parents and others talking to you while you were in the coma? Were you trying to answer them but your body wouldn't cooperate?

OMYDANG167 karma

No, not at all. I wish tbh.

founditundertheseat135 karma

what were your first words when you awoke?

OMYDANG459 karma

Mom is this real?

OMYDANG131 karma

I had a trache (tube in throat) for 2 years. So when I first woke I could barely talk. I couldn't move because of no I started at ceiling for 3 months.

founditundertheseat91 karma

Damn so not only were you in a coma when you were concious, but then had to stare at the ceiling for 3 months fully aware of whats happening....rough. I've had some hard times and battled addiction, went to rehab at 18, I'm 4 years sober now and am greatful for this life. Glad to see you're doing well, keep at it man

OMYDANG62 karma

Awesome man! Keep it up!

OMYDANG107 karma

Sorry new here...need to use reply button.

oxryly96 karma

Apparently you are one tough BAMF.

OMYDANG68 karma

LOL, thanks man.

OMYDANG94 karma

Want pics from physical rehab?

forcedin2exile86 karma

What did god look like? Can you describe anything about that experience? Thank you for the AMA, comas horrify me.

OMYDANG157 karma

Yes I can in detail. He had short white almost curly hair with some grey in it. He was very tan, and wore a white suit, but I believe God can come in any form he chooses.

n3rual199 karma

OMYDANG105 karma

Yeah, but not the face and not the skin color lol. Lighter.

forcedin2exile38 karma

Thanks for the response. Has this changed your outlook on life? If you believe this was an image of hell did it change how you love life now? Are you a Christian/believer?

OMYDANG142 karma

I'm still very depressed at times, but I believe I need to make the most of my second chance and even if I fail then I tried. I am a Christian.

forcedin2exile284 karma

That's awesome man. God will change your life. I had a lot of depression growing up, it was hard. Faith changed my outlook, who I am and how I love. Hit that book man. That's the best advice I can give you. HE will change you. You have such an awesome story. Keep sharing and loving everyone!

OMYDANG78 karma

Thanks man, God Bless!

OMYDANG24 karma

Hilarious lmao.

elstongunn3227 karma

God is an all powerful omniscience being, but he can't prevent his hair from turning white/grey?

Laetha53 karma

Maybe he chooses for it to look like that so he seems wise

OMYDANG38 karma


OMYDANG10 karma

It was peppery

thebbman9 karma

Pepper grey hair can look good too man!

OMYDANG5 karma


OGFrenchTickler2 karma

sounds like morgan just sayin

OMYDANG1 karma


OMYDANG80 karma

I also write songs now for bands in my area and sell them to them since I'm disabled.

beyerch9 karma

If you are disabled, you should be getting government benefits and theoretically they should be retroactive to the start of the disablement. That should get you on govt healthcare which should remedy the medical bills?

Can't say I'm 100% positive of that, but something you should investigate.

OMYDANG10 karma

I just have SSI because I live at home so it doesn't remedy it.

tosti1379 karma

What was it like to be in a coma? Could you hear people or was is it like sleeping? Could you give some details and explanation?

Thnx for the AMA!

OMYDANG250 karma

Sure, and np. In the coma I was in a world which I don't know if it was hell or not, but It was as real as life. My mother being raped, family being ripped apart, me paralyzed watching. Then they would die, and it restarted differently. Then I had the only good dream where I believe God asked me if I wanted a second chance. The feeling I had was overwhelmingly Ecstasy. Time was different. 1 day in coma was like half a year in there. I know this sounds crazy, but it's all true.

vaelon146 karma

The brain is powerful

OMYDANG123 karma


tosti1349 karma

It does sound crazy, and like hell. Has it had any influence on you after you woke up? Fears/dreams coming back maybe?

OMYDANG136 karma

I don't sleep more than 3 hours a night because I have light versions of the coma nightmares, ie me cutting off my fingers.

squeaklesqueak100 karma

not giving medical advice, but it might be worthwhile to ask doctor about whether prazosin may be indicated for the persisting nightmares/night terrors. works wonders for ptsd sufferers as an off-label, and it's intended as an anti-hypertensive, so non-narcotic/non-habit forming. good luck to you in college, and i think your experience will help you tremendously in patient care!

OMYDANG87 karma

Thanks so much. I have seen many therapists and no-one recommended that.

TheEpicDuck3 karma

What did God look like?

OMYDANG4 karma

I said it in a post a little higher

OMYDANG94 karma

Some things influenced the dreams. My dad played "Hotel California", which didn't help because then I was just in a hotel with my family being ripped apart again. That's about all.


Have you ever considered writing a book about your story? Because it is amazing!

OMYDANG231 karma

I wrote a 700 page book including almost every nightmare. I Might try and get it published. Idk. This is the first I have shared this with anyone but very close friends.


If it does get published, i would love to read it :)

OMYDANG136 karma

Doubt it would, but I doubted anyone would comment on this lol.

OMYDANG116 karma

I did not expect this many positive comments. It's amazing.

IAmSpectrop71 karma

Wake up, Neo.

OMYDANG74 karma

Haha, I did, finally.

Needyourhelpguru60 karma

Did you experience any long tunnels, angels, or generally spooky shit, when you died four times?

OMYDANG106 karma

There were angels. 7 of them, but I didn't know it until they turned into bright weird looking beings.

Biscuits_and_tea59 karma

Did you realize you were an addict yourself, or did it take other people mentioning it to you?

OMYDANG132 karma

I did, and went to rehab each time voluntarily.

1percents52 karma

Were the meds actually helping with the pain or were you taking them to relax and kinda forget about what happened and/or yhe emotions

OMYDANG71 karma

Both. My pain right now is on the verge of being unbearable, but I'm hanging in there. I take a lot of over the counter stuff.


Wow, amazing to think that I am reading this from my parent's couch on my laptop in my sheltered life, yet to graduate high school. I feel bad for the shit you put up with.

OMYDANG166 karma

We live in a imperfect and unfair world. I just got the short stick. don't feel bad for not having it as bad as me. Enjoy life, and do the best you can!

arcticanomaly45 karma

dang bro, I dont really have a question, I just want to say you are one tough son of a bitch. Good luck to you in your future, I hope its a long and happy one. cheers

OMYDANG27 karma

Thanks so much, you as well.

ccklau43 karma

You are so amazing and strong! Good luck and what are your next steps?

OMYDANG70 karma

Thank you so much! In the fall I start Pre-Med.

ccklau25 karma

That's great! Which school if you mind me asking?

OMYDANG82 karma

University of TN, It's all payed for by vocational rehab because of coma and overcoming addiction.

OMYDANG41 karma

Family being ripped apart, raped, killed in ways I couldn't imagine for what seemed like 40 years, no joke that long. I had one dream where God asked me if I wanted a second chance and I said yes, then back to the nightmares. 13 Doctors said pull the plug...but I woke up beyond all belief.

cleversrelhe41 karma

I think we should help this guy out with his 1.5mil medical bill?

OMYDANG65 karma

Nah it's okay but thanks for the gesture.

dariascarrot32 karma

you are handsome :) Your stories of nightmares makes me weak in the knees. Why would someone have to go through something traumatic like that AFTER the trauma you already experienced? I suffer from sleep paralysis nightmares and that alone feels like i am experiencing hell.

Why, oh why, would your brain put you through all that, do you think? Have the doctors explained anything like this to you?

OMYDANG33 karma

Well thank you so much! I don't get that often. The doctors didn't answer any of my questions. I've heard when you die the brain releases chemicals that create pleasure, but not vivid things like mine. More like a white light.

pitbullpride32 karma


OMYDANG54 karma

My dad told me it would be okay and I heard him once though.

OMYDANG39 karma

Even soothing music had a bad effect. It's hard to say what would be good.

OMYDANG44 karma

The washing hair things they heat in microwave even made me catch fire in coma lol.

eastshores27 karma

I'm sorry but I just burst out laughing at this. It's sad, but I have a morbid sense of humor. Imagining you in this "realm" that you think is real and out of nowhere you catch fire.. I can imagine that shit getting old real fast!

OMYDANG16 karma

Lol, it did trust me.

splendidthrowaway29 karma

So... Did dying get easier?

OMYDANG82 karma

Well was no work required on my part lol.

OMYDANG36 karma

Nope worse.

Rathdrummer28 karma

If you could remake your story into a motion picture, with your brain experiences included, what actors would you use to play you, your family, God (better be morgan freeman lol), the doctors, your girlfriend, and anybody else involved?

OMYDANG78 karma

I had a girlfriend who treated me like dirt 2 years after coma. Said I was too fat to be seen with in public...9 months of my life spent with that Terrible woman.

OMYDANG135 karma

So Dakota fanning for her I guess...ugh lol.

OMYDANG70 karma

Honestly morgan freeman fits God perfect lol, Sept little dark. I don't like many 17 yr old actors, but Josh Hutcherson fits that age and is pretty good at times. Sally Fields for mom, dad Keifer Sutherland, cause hes just a bad ass! Great question! Took foever lol

Slj54427 karma

How did your friends treat you? Did they come visit you? Did you remain friends with them after all this happened?

OMYDANG109 karma

Never came to visit me once. Haven't seen em since. I see them on facebook and they're doing well and getting engaged and such. I was surprised my best friend didnt come though. Felt terrible.

OMYDANG24 karma

My mom crying, and thank you.

Preblegorillaman24 karma

Don't know how this hasn't been said yet but you should absolutely write a book. Whether it's about your life and how you've survived, or a book about what went on in your mind for seemingly 40 years (even if you have to twist it into a book by making it only based off of what you dreamed) it would be incredible.


OMYDANG37 karma

I wrote a 700 page book including almost every nightmare. I Might try and get it published. Idk. This is the first I have shared this with anyone but very close friends.

FunFollowsMe23 karma

Did you do anything to entertain yourself? Like try to do math problems in your head? Recall movies or write a novel in your mind? Anything like that. Could you watch TV?

OMYDANG37 karma

For the 3 months I listened to music, but hated it cause I couldn't pick it due to not talking or moving.

redditerate20 karma

Why did you tell god "yes" to going back?

OMYDANG34 karma

I ask myself that a lot. I wish I hadn't a lot of the time. I honestly don't know. I literally felt it was his will though, but I had freewill.

Nick_2218 karma

When you woke up from the coma did you have an overwhelming feeling of relief? Or were you in shock, pain, confusion and didn't realize what had happened?

OMYDANG42 karma

I hated the world. I felt I had just gone to hell for 40 years...not making that up. I didn't even know if it was another nightmare or real.

silentkiller08218 karma

Was there any permanent damage to the brain? Also being in coma for 70+ days was it just like a long-term sleep paralysis?

OMYDANG25 karma

I forget names until I hear them a couple times, forget what happens in movies, stuff like that...its not too bad. And idk tbh. I just know I was on a heart-lung bypass because my lungs weren't working due to being consolidated.

neeohh17 karma

How does death feel like?

OMYDANG34 karma

Well only one of the times I died I remember. It was awful, but the dreams were worse tbh. It was my lungs so it was like drowning then everything goes black while u panic.

Sheroclan14 karma

What things did you think of while in the coma? Did you have any idea what was going on around you?

OMYDANG26 karma

Yes, I had no idea it wasn't real, but I observed everything and understood and felt pain.

Sheroclan11 karma

Could you make out anything the doctors said? If so, did anything freak you out?

OMYDANG22 karma

I new I was dying before the coma, I was freaking lol. I couldn't breathe my lungs were consolodated (like a sheet of glass covering them.

Sheroclan8 karma

Wow crazy, I had edited the question but guessed you didn't see it. What do you have planned for the future? Going back to school?

OMYDANG31 karma

Pre-med in the fall :)

Maxwyfe14 karma

What are your future plans? College? Job?

OMYDANG26 karma

Pre-med in the fall.

1percents14 karma

Were you planning on the medical degree before your incident ?

OMYDANG30 karma

Not at all. I planned for culinary school.

marticcrn13 karma

Old time ICU and ER RN here. It was always my practice to find out what kind of music my comatose patients liked and put it on softly in the room. Did you hear things going on around you? Does music in the room make a difference?

I rarely ever got to find out how my patients did after they left ICU. Thanks for sharing your story.

OMYDANG10 karma

I heard the beach boys once. It was nice but only lasted a matter of seconds. I highly respect your job choice! Keep at it!

zamuy1247913 karma

that much hell (emotional and physical by the sound of it) and you have the emotional strength to 6 months after getting clean say "fuck it, i should do an AMA"? dude...

so, hate to be the one asking the superficial question here, but all the good ones i can think of have already been posted. so how many zombie/lich/general undead jokes do you anticipate when telling future friends and relatives about this?

OMYDANG16 karma

Lol first of all thanks a bunch. Secondly...God only knows lol.

OMYDANG12 karma


OMYDANG12 karma

Yes I remember every second in coma. As stated in previous comment :(.

OMYDANG12 karma

Short break guys and gals brb been answering 6 hours heh

FOTBWN10 karma

Whoa, I had swine flu and the worst I got was a crazy sore back, flu symptoms and a real bad cough. I was in hospital for a week. I consider myself fairly lucky.

Need to get equine and avian flu. Gotta catch 'em all!

OMYDANG4 karma

Glad u were okay

OMYDANG1 karma

Lol :)

xElipsis9 karma

What plans do you have for your future? School/Entertainment (Reading, Games, Movies, Music, etc...)/Work/Life in general

Also, I have to ask, is God real?

(want to clarify that I am not trying to turn your situation into a joke, I understand it is very serious situation and I just wanted to lighten up the mood)

OMYDANG34 karma

I believe God is real. Like I said, earthly doctors said I was done and pretty much put me on vent and heart-lung bypass and gave up. Then I woke up. I am going pre-med in the fall, all paid for by vocational rehab due to everything. I'm also a lyricist and sell songs to local bands.

free_at_last8 karma

What pain medicine were you on?

I suffer from chronic pain, it takes over your life. I think 'addicted' may not be the right word - maybe dependency instead, at least for me. I am dependant on my medication, it gives me just enough relief to do my job and provide for my family - does that mean I'm addicted though?

OMYDANG14 karma

I was on hydros, percs, then oxycontin 3x/day 30mg..I was a zombie...I was a addict, but to my credit anyone on that much would probably become addicted. Took a lot of work...after working so hard on walking, to get clean. I just have to suffer the pain in my chest and back. A nerve got wrapped around a rib and can't be fixed, and no pain pills because of my addiction. You take your's responsibly I'm sure. I didn't.

OMYDANG10 karma

No you're not addicted. Addicts only think about their next high.

MeursauIt6 karma

You said that while in the coma you had extensive nightmares for what felt like 40 years but that you also saw God. This may be a silly question, but if you had the choice at the onset of your sickness to continue living a normal life, or to go through your ordeal (which included seeing God Himself), which would you choose? In other words, was seeing God worth 40 years of nightmare?

OMYDANG9 karma

Wow, considering I only saw him for 5 minutes that's a hard one. Honestly I don't think I would be as strong of a person if I didn't go through all I went through and def not as good of a doctor if I pass med school. So there's that. The chronic pain is torture though.

powahplay_6 karma

You say you died 4 times. What's it like? And if you could remember, what was it like right before you died?

OMYDANG20 karma

It's like drowning in my case and being terrified beyond belief.

redditerate4 karma

Did god explain why he gave you the nightmares? The nightmares basically sound like hell, literally.

OMYDANG8 karma

I like to believe I wasn't truly saved and went to hell and God gave me a second chance for some reason even though I don't deserve it.

crumbbelly4 karma

What are you doing with your life, with your new perspective on it? How do you view life now, compared to before?(current emt/ICU tech, future flight nurse here):

OMYDANG9 karma

Honestly, I'm thankful, but still depressed a lot of the time with the chronic pain, but it's better than being dead. Also that's awesome. My dads a paramedic/fire captain, or he was before alzheimers, and nurses are just as important as doctors idc what anyone says.

OMYDANG8 karma

Going pre-med this fall. I'd like to be a infectious disease M.D.

FunFollowsMe4 karma

Did they ever do a brain scan on you to see if there was activity in your skull? If so, what did it show? You obvously has some conciensness.

OMYDANG8 karma

They were to worried about my lungs and heart at the time. I was to unstable for drilling holes in my skull.

OMYDANG4 karma

they didnt care enough for the easier route either lol.

FunFollowsMe3 karma

Do you have a girlfriend now?

OMYDANG7 karma

Sadly no. Everyone I new even my best friends never came to see me while I was relearning to walk, and especially not when I was a druggie.

FunFollowsMe4 karma

Were you a jerk to be around? I only ask becuase some druggies are just not pleasant to be around.

OMYDANG8 karma

I'm extremely well mannered and was raised to be polite even as a druggie ;)

Laetha6 karma

In addition to this, it's sometimes very hard to see someone who used to be a friend when they're deep into drugs. They're just not the same person anymore.

I'm not excusing their lack of contact, but I've seen friends get lost in drugs, and it's difficult to think of them as the friend I used to know.

OMYDANG5 karma

I agree, drugs take over your life. It may be their fault they started, but once you're hooked it's almost impossible to stop without help.

OMYDANG4 karma

No, a zombie lol

1percents3 karma

How long did it take you to learn how to walk again ? first comment on reddit btw

OMYDANG7 karma

2 years to walk 4 to run (which was about 3 months ago).

redditerate3 karma

I've had cancer twice. The second time turned me bitter and angry for quite awhile.

You don't seem to be that way. Why?

OMYDANG8 karma

I'm so sorry you've had cancer. I was bitter and angry. I was addicted to drugs as well, but something changed late last year. I just deal with the pain and keep moving as best I can.

Marine_Unknown3 karma

What kept you going in this bleak situation?

OMYDANG4 karma

Honestly, once I new I would probably live I felt I needed to do something important with my life. If I can help one person I'll be happy.

BB02143 karma

Why didn't you give up? I.E. What was your inspiration?

OMYDANG4 karma

Honestly, once I new I would probably live I felt I needed to do something important with my life. If I can help one person I'll be happy.

Myamaranth3 karma

Do you think you'll ever relapse (pain meds)

OMYDANG3 karma

No never, I don't want them. When you are addicted it's all you can think about. Even thought I never broke the law I would run out of my scripts and withdrawal terribly.

EvenEvan3 karma

Have you considered the the usage of medical marijuana for pain, relaxation?

OMYDANG3 karma

I'm bipolar 2 so I get paranoid on it. good suggestion tho.

Ltothesquare2 karma

Did at any point during the coma, you realize that you were in a coma or realize it was some sort of dream? Or did it seem as real as what's happening right now?

OMYDANG1 karma

It seemed as real as life. Even when the next nightmare started I thought it was real.

Malizia222 karma

Is there anything you can easily compare being in a coma to?

OMYDANG1 karma

The worst nightmare I have ever hadx1000, but that was just my experience. I'm sure it's not the same for everyone.

elstongunn322 karma

If you had one thanks to give, would it be to god or the doctors and nurses that helped you?

OMYDANG2 karma

God. I'm going to be a doctor, but they said pull the plug and there was no hope.

obviouslynotathroway2 karma

Did you see anything when you died. ie; having an out of body experience, or was it just "black"?

OMYDANG1 karma

Well when I died is when the nightmares started to my knowledge because I was in coma from that point on.

keevie1 karma

Have you thought about marijuana? I know it sounds obnoxious to be recommending drugs to an addict, but weed is a pretty far cry from opiates, and it seems to have helped a lot people with chronic pain.

CapitanPeluche3 karma

However, if you already have anxiety issues, it may cause an adverse reaction. Not recommending or discouraging OP. Just make sure you do your research.

OMYDANG1 karma


OMYDANG2 karma

I'm bipolar 2 so Marijuana makes me paranoid sadly. I've tried it before.

zigofzag1 karma

Did you find any proof of heaven or any celestial body that represents religion in your comas or death?

OMYDANG12 karma

Well being in the presence of God was the most amazing feeling. I can't even describe it. Hope, love, joy, pleasure, all at once.

pitbullpride1 karma

How did your parents handle your coma? And you're addiction? Did/do you have a girlfriend (or boyfriend)? If so, same questions.

OMYDANG6 karma

My mom is chronically ill and has a year to live according to doctors. She pushed through it and was by my side the entire coma. My father has altimeters, early stage. My addiction hurt everyone and I can never fix it. I had a girlfriend and she treated me like trash. It was after the coma when I was on crutches. She wouldn't get close to me in public because I was too "fat"

NemoNemoNemoNemo-3 karma

It's about time you stopped laying around and did something;)

OMYDANG1 karma


DrMadFellow-19 karma

I hate everything about this post. The dramatized title, the blatant lies about talking to god in your dreams. You know how to pull the typical FWD:FWD:RE:RE crowd to your topic.

OMYDANG13 karma

Believe it or not. Just because you're I respect you're beliefs, plz respect mine. I never said I did. I said I would like to believe it was really God. I can't prove it. If you don't like it, ignore it you fucking asshole.

OMYDANG5 karma

This is all real and the shit I went through to have u insult me about it? FUCK YOU!

OMYDANG4 karma

And this is my first time on this site. My friend was amazed by my story and insisted I posted. It wasn't even my idea. Look at my account...made today. People like you ruin the world. AND THERE'S PICTURES DUMB ASS! So you can't deny the fucking coma was rl.

FunFollowsMe3 karma

Don't be a hater DrMadFellow! If he says he saw God and you don't believe him, just move on. Nothing more to see here.

OMYDANG3 karma

Thank you. I just go off when someone insults me. I'm giving people my experience. I'm not saying it's truly God and not drug induced...